Chris Weidman on Anderson Silva: “He’d Be a Fool Not to Respect Me as a Fighter”

June 22, 2013
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Chris Weidman at UFC on FoxAt UFC 162 on July 6, UFC middleweight contender Chris Weidman will attempt to do what no UFC fighter has ever done and that’s defeat Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

The undefeated Weidman (9-0) watched Silva’s dominance over the 185-pound division, while he worked his way up the ranks.  Through all those training camps and workout sessions, the fight with Silva was what he was ultimately preparing for, and now the match-up is before him.

“I’ve been dreaming about this fight with Anderson Silva since I started MMA,” Weidman told

Silva is patient and methodical in his approach. One mistake and you’ve been caught in “The Spider’s” web.

“He makes you pay for any mistake you make.  He’s opportunistic,” said Weidman.  “Probably his biggest threat is his confidence.  You make one mistake and he’s got you.  He’s in there to win and so am I.”

Weidman feels that he’s a bad match-up for the champion, and believes Silva knows it.

“He’s a great champion for a reason, but he knows that I’m a really bad match-up and a tougher opponent than some people might understand,” he said.  “I’m a pressure-paced fighter.  I’m going to be walking forward and using my length and mixing it up between my takedowns and punches.  I’m not going to be going backward too much.

“He’d be a fool not to respect me as a fighter,” added the 29-year-old challenger.  “On July 6, when we step into that cage, he’s going to have respect for me.”

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  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Respect or not Weidman leaves the with a loss!

    • Timothy Malone

      Have to agree. He does indeed have just the right skill set, but he is just too inexperienced to be in there with arguably the greatest ever. Weidman being undefeated is actually a disadvantage. Fighters learn from their mistakes. Weidman has never had to do that and I guarantee you Silva wil be able to spot his errors. I don’t think anyone is going to argue Weidman is a perfect fighter. Silva obviously isn’t either, but he has a heck of alot more time in the cage and seen everything there is, flying heel hooks and all.

      And yes I know people bring up Weidman’s wrestling experience but that’s like saying since I’ve been driving my car around town for ten years I’ll probably be pretty good at NASCAR. It’s not the same thing. He should have taken a few more fights before facing the GOAT.

      • You said it right my friend. Silva also learned from that Chael Sonnen fight. He gained some experience with fighting a high level wrestler who comes forward and pushes the pace. Weidman has only fought 1 guy that Silva has faced and toyed with. Anything can happen in there though; I just don’t want to see Silva beat. Plenty of competition for Chris if he wins though, but if Silva wins there’s really nothing left to do.

        • Asa

          silva didnt show me he learned from the 4 1/2 rounds of domination from chaels wrestling. fight 2 chael did the same thing witj ease till the second rnd when the idiot descided to do a spinning backfist haha. anythings possible, i will. not be suprised if silva wins, but i do believe chris has the tools and im picking him for the upset.

          • Lucas Freire

            It didn’t look like Anderson really cared about being taken down on the first round.
            And then on the second he stuffed the attempt easily. I think it was more like Anderson was trying to prove a point on that first round. lol

          • Of course Chael did the same thing, that’s his biggest strength. He’s an olympic caliber wrestler, just on another level, but Silva had a different fight on his hands with Chael then with anyone else. I’m not hating on Weidman, it’s just I can’t say he has the tools to beat Silva b/c he hasn’t faced enough competition in the UFC to showcase his skills against other high level wrestlers (Other then Munoz) or high level strikers. He faced Maia, one guy that Silva has faced. It’s not that I don’t think he’s talented because he is, but I just don’t like the disrespect Silva is getting in this fight. Weidman says he should be taken seriously by Silva but goes and says he’ll give Silva a rematch and such.

          • John Bunch

            I was really starting to like this kid but he’s gone overboard in the last few months. He talked his way into the fight and I respect him for accomplishing that. Now he needs to learn to ignore media questions that are intended to stir up controversies. Maybe he’s been watching old Ali footage and talking himself into believing he can beat the modern era Foreman, idk. It’s getting annoying for sure. Still…I would like to see Weidman pull it off, if only to see how Silva responds in a rematch.

          • I’m sure we’re all nervous b/c it will be a very historic moment if Silva is defeated. I was nervous the with Bonnar b/c he was at LHW and durable, and I was nervous the second Sonnen fight, and Silva wrecked both of them. I can’t wait for this fight.

          • silvas daddy

            Thats not disrespect, thats always saying the same respect stuff.weidman aint gonna disrespect himself and say he believes silva will win cause he believes in his own and malone need to come up for air

          • solo

            I must say, i read all this comments, but when i read yours i agree on everything you write. The best thing is that youre not hating, thats just hard to find these days. Isnt it?

          • Thanks. And yea I try to not state my personal opinion to much and use only facts to make a point. I don’t want to hate on any fighter unless they have done something to hurt the sport.

          • Asa

            Hahahahaha! I said it all the time chris would win, so many ppl kept dogging my opinion buy looky look NEW MW CHAMP!

  • Asa

    all these ppl who say he hasnt fought enough to fighy anderson are fools. anderson fought 1 fight against a medipcore leban to get his shot at rich franklin. we all know how that turned out lol he shocked us all, so remember suprises canhappen. not saying its def chris will win, but he def has a good chance.

    • Stephen Quadros

      I think most people are talking about the amount of fights he has had and the quality of his opposition,yes Maia and Munoz were ranked in the top 10 but one was on his way out of middleweight and the other coming off surgery.We will see if Anderson can still hold off father time because that is the only way he will be beat.

      • ronbo

        you also need to mention he lost all that wieght for the damian fight on short notice and still beat him.

        • Werdoomb

          Maia is horrible at MW. We’ll see whether he can do well in WW.

          So beating Maia on short notice does nothing for Anderson. It’s like beating Travis Lutter with one arm or Patrick Cote with both eyes closed.

    • Lucas Freire

      Actually back then Chris Leben was on the “top” of his game, and Anderson came to the UFC as a champion from the Cage Rage,having defeated Stout and Rivera on his Cage Rage run.
      Leben was on a 6-win-streak and Franklin was the most dominating champion the UFC had, having almost cleaned the division.
      I guess that’s a different scenario when compared to the MW division today. We have at least 6 names who could achieve a title shot by merits. And yeah, Weidman is one of them, but while the others fight among each others to define who is the next Weidman comes out of a Boetsch fight and fall on a Silva fight?

      • silvas daddy

        And your point is?

        • Lucas Freire

          My point is there’s no way he can compare Silva’s title shot and Weidman’s title shot.

          • Werdoomb

            that is true.

            This, however, doesn’t mean that Lyoto should fight JBJ three times a year.

            Right now no one in the top 5 at MW poses a new threat to A.Silva. Belfort, Sonnen, and other dudes have already fought with and lost to Silva.

            So from a promotional perspective Silva vs Weidman makes a lot of sense. Besides, Weidman isn’t exactly an uproven noob. He beat the crap out of Munoz. Oh are gonna say that Munoz is/was overrated. Whatevers man.

          • Lucas Freire

            No I’m not. From the promotional perspective, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

            And I’m not gonna throw the “Munoz overhyped card”, I’m just gonna say that the promotional perspective doesn’t always look for the best fighter, but the best way to make someone look like the best one to take the belt.
            I don’t think Weidman is a B-list, I think he’s a great prospect and may be the future champion of the division. I just don’t buy the hype sold by the UFC to make this fight rentable.

            Just take a more in-depth look through the promotional perspective, man. Isn’t it the same hypetrain they were building around Munoz? He defeated Maia and Leben and was put at the #2 of the division. Right after that, he started to say that he dominated Silva in training. Isn’t it a lucky coincidence for the promotion that right after Silva defeated Belfort at the “Fight of the Century” Munoz rose to the top with a win against Leben?

            If it wasn’t for his injury he’d be the one to fight Silva instead of Okami.

  • diazfan209

    Someone is cracking one of Anderson’s ribs before this fight to level the playing field, right?

    • the last time he fought with cracked ribs he lost multiple 10-8 rounds. You call that level playing field?

      • diazfan209


  • demonangel

    Anderson better get ready to start holding shorts like he did in the second fight with chael cause that’s the only way he will stop the takedown.

    • Lucas Freire

      I guess haters gonna hate

    • Weidman said he would be wearing spandex

  • Santz

    This guy seriously needs to STFU already. Every guy they put against Silva is the “bad matchup” or the “guy to beat him” and always turns out an embarrassment. Okami and Vitor just stomp all over everyone and look what Silva did to them. Weidman is all hyping himself up as being a bad matchup and next best thing, but he’s so damn inexperienced and nowhere near the top yet. You have all these Weidman bandwagon fans and Silva haters trying so hard to convince themselves that Weidman is the one, but that is a damn joke. He’s a very good wreslter but quit saying he can strike…he’s average at best. He beats an overrated Munoz with a short elbow strike, and suddenly everyone thinks he’s some sort of muay thai world champion…get your heads out of your asses people! Weidman will get better and be really good later, but he’s nowhere near the top yet.

    • ronbo

      i wish id be right beside you when chris submits him so i can pull your head out of your ass.

      • Oswald Cobblepott

        Who is Chris…a no name no win challenger? Oh ya it is, follow the empirical evidence not your emotion young one.

        • Baller31

          No name? He’s the number one contender in the largest MMA promotion in the world. Google him and see how many articles come up. He is also undefeated in that organization, and was champion of the previous promotion in which he fought. He is only no name to those who have no interest in mma.

    • Baller31

      It remains to be seen if he’s near the top yet–we will find out in two weeks. I don’t think his striking is near Silva’s–no one in mma strikes as well as Silva–but Weidman’s stirking is definitely above average. He ko’d Munoz and Uriah Hall, and has outstruck every single opponent he has faced. Trying to diminish his victories by calling Munoz overrated is absurd. One could diminish many of Silva’s victories in the same manner, but the fact is all the fighters in the UFC are elite mixed martial artists. In reality there is great interest in this fight because Weidman is an amazing prospect with great skills and potential, and in every sport spectators want to see the champion challenged by deserving contenders.`

      • noleafclover

        Both Munoz and Weidman are overrated. Look at opponents. Weidman’s first 3 wins are fighters under/at .500 in the UFC. Both he and Munoz share a victory over Maia due to being a nightmare matchup – they were able to use their wrestling to keep the fight standing, and Maia’s standup doesn’t compete @ 185 (thats why he’s @ 170 now). Then you have Weidman’s win over Munoz, who when you look at who Munoz has won against/lost to, you should rightly put him above average, but nothing to brag about.

        Now I’m not saying Weidman stands no chance, I like his psychological mindset going in to the fight and think Anderson’s aura and ability to bait fighters into mistakes is a huge weapon. But technically, he’s not as good as Chael was it seems to me just from watching/looking at records. As chael said, “better sub game than me” notice: not striking, not takedowns, not holding down.

    • silvas daddy

      Get your head out of silvas must stink in there

      • Fred Harlan


  • Milos Rackovic

    Im rooting for Weidman cuz Silva has been champ for too long,always nice to see new faces on top

  • ronbo

    you fools give anderson way too much respect. he has the tyson mentality to intimidate opponents before they get in the ring and thats it. if you really watch anyone who has ever fought him they get out of thier game plan before the first minute of the fight. thier all scared. chris is gonna sumbit him. watch. and remember who said it!!!!!! Ronbo

    • Werdoomb

      oh yeah…the Tyson effect is the ONLY reason why a top fighter stays as a top fighter. Yeah…the Tyson effect. yeah…so pretty much make your opponent believe that you are the best and you will always win…yeah….

      Okay dude.

      The way I see it, the Tyson effect may have some effect on the outcome of the fight. “may have some effect.”

      U sound doomb.

  • The Best Eva

    Everyone says the same thing to Anderson if he wasn’t ready for everyone he would have lost his title by now.

  • iamrozylo

    Munoz just had surgery, was 35lbs. over a week out and had a broken foot. he was also overrated.

    goodnight Weidman

    • did he also get run over by a truck on his way to the arena?

  • silvas daddy

    Weidman will ko silva 1st rd by vicious gnp

  • Edgar ontano

    Relax Weidman, every fighter has to respect their opponent, regardless who it is.

  • Cereal Killer

    Again, if Silva doesn’t ass clown him then I will never post again in this forum!

  • David

    I’m not sure if people understand how good of a fight this is? Anderson is a great fighter but he’s going to fight a guy that has the best ground game he has ever fought, and on top of that this guys stand up is top 3 in my opinion of Silva’s opponents. Plus he has youth on his side. I personally think Silva will pull it off but man this is Silva’s hardest opponent to date. I agree will Chael Sonnens comment “if Anderson Silva wins this fight, the debate ends. He is the best fighter of all time.” I believe Anderson is the best fighter of all time and this will solidify that fact to all the people who watch mma.

  • silvas daddy

    Weidman had to chase the “chicken silva ” down for over a year to get this fight even though he was clearly number one contender. Silva sees in weidman the next champion.

    • Mirkus

      Silvas not dumb, He is the best pound for pound fighter in the world and he wont sign any contract they put in front of him just like that. Not only that, but hes got a point. Weidman is been fighting for what… 4 years?!? 2 years in the ufc?!? you cant even say that cause he didnt want the second fight against chael either and refused to do it for some time and when it finally happened.. he beat the crap out of chael..

      • Werdoomb

        u sound dumb. Fighters in the UFC sign multi-fight contracts. You can’t avoid signing a contract for a single bout. In other words, there is no room for negotiation after a contract has been signed.

  • solo

    Dont know what Chris is trying to get by saying this?
    Horrible interview IMO!

    I can almost guarantee that Silva watched his fights a lot and saw some mistakes that we all gonna see on July 6.


    • Chris saw some mistakes too. His wrestling and jiu jitsu

    • silvas daddy

      The debate wont be over in 13 days, “chicken silva ” will come up with an ( fake) injury before then

  • Darin

    I’m not sure the first paragraph is correct. Chonan beat Silva AND Chonan was a UFC fighter, just not at the same time.

    • Werdoomb

      The article is not too well written. But what the writer was trying to say was no fighter beat Anderson when that fighter was a UFC fighter.

  • funkygringo

    I think Weidman is a legit contender ( who else if not him ??) has the skills set to beat the spider however I think he will struggle to deal with the gap in the striking area as he will have to expose himself to take the fight to the ground. More importantly I see “championship experience” being a huge factor… for that particular reason I see Silva winning and I don’t think the fight will go the distance.

  • Chris Benfield Mini

    Wiedman stands tall! Hand is raised in victory!