Chris Weidman Was Not 100-Percent When He Defeated Anderson Silva at UFC 162

September 24, 2013

Chris Weidman UFC Champion-478x270UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman was able to do what no other 185-pound fighter could before him, hand former titleholder Anderson Silva his first UFC loss in seven years of competition when the two fought at UFC 162 on July 6.

The 29-year-old New Yorker secured an early takedown in the title fight.  He attempted two submissions and knocked out the greatest of all time with a left hook in the second frame.  It was an amazing feat, but made more incredible by Weidman not being in top form for the fight.

“I think I went out there and worked hard and went for everything that I felt.  In the first round, I went for the heel hook and knee bar.  I didn’t get it, but I went for it.  I felt a little sluggish in there,” said Weidman during the UFC World Tour: Weidman vs. Silva 2 Press Conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Prior to the UFC 162 showdown with Silva, Weidman was sidelined with a shoulder injury and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

“I had a year off.  I had two back-to-back surgeries.  So I didn’t feel 100-percent, but I still felt good enough to get the win,” he said.

Weidman was well prepared and in excellent condition when he stepped into the cage to face Silva at UFC 162.  Conditioning and training were not the issue.  Weidman was experiencing ring rust.

“I was prepared to go five rounds in the last fight.  I didn’t necessarily feel tired.  I just felt off.  I felt a little sluggish, a little slower,” said Weidman.

With the time off, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, and the nagging shoulder injury behind him, Weidman looks forward to the Dec. 28 rematch with Silva.

“I’m excited to have a full camp and be able to not have to nurse an injury and I’m excited for this next fight,” said the champion.

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  1. Seems like a megomaniac.. Didnt feel 100 per cent yet stilll won.. Anderson is the GOAT.. U got lucky with a punch.. Anderson was bored and complacent.. No motivation anymore.. But he will KO u next time in All probability


      • Double fail. It’s “megalomaniac”

        • He can’t even spell “JIMBO” correctly, let alone Megalomaniac! I wonder if Jombo’s going to get the sarcasm here….?!?

    • im a silva fan myself but stop making excuses for silva, if he was really complacent being the champion than he deserved to lose and lose he did. weidman looked good though he took him down was going for submission and was hitting him with good shots from the top, it wasnt like silva completely outclassed him and got caught.

    • You still crying?

      • Apparently YES he is. Snif snif, someone call the WAAAAmbulance!

    • Yeah, well Weidman was supposed to get KTFO in the 1st round of the 1st fight, anything aFTER THAT IS advantage Weidman (sorry for caps). If Silva does win the re-match & I doubt he will, depending on how the fight goes, we may see a 3rd one, but I doubt Silva will want to see Weidman ever again.
      BTW: A “KO is lucky”?!? WOW you must be new to MMA/figthing, I’ll just let your comment speak for itself.

      • yes these lucky ko’s are becoming more and more popular in mma. it is almost as if weidman didnt mean to throw the hook and anderson just happened to fall on his fist.

  2. I don’t know how much I like the way the media spins every comment into a headline. Stuff like this just brings the delusional die hard Anderson Silva fans out of the woodwork. Being honest doesn’t always make a person a bad guy, Chris Weidman is not trying to insult Anderson Silva by pointing out that he wasn’t 100%. Anyone who has been following this sport for a long time knows that most fighters don’t go into fights 100% anyway. To go into a big fight at 100% is a luxury. I think the main point here that Chris Weidman is trying to make is that we haven’t seen the best of Chris Weidman and there is better to come.

    If Anderson ends up KO’ing Weidman, all of the Silva fans will be running around saying obnoxious stuff like “SEE I TOLD YOU, THE FIRST FIGHT WAS A FLUKE. WEIDMAN GOT LUCKY”. If Weidman ends up winning again the Silva fans will be forced to eat similar words from the Weidman fans. The outcome of the second fight does not make either group of people right or wrong.

    The first fight was definitive in itself and the second fight should not have the ability to define the meaning of the first fight. If you are an intelligent person and follow this sport, you know that anything can happen in there when you have two guys like this fighting. I would put my money on Weidman but I don’t believe it’s a guarantee or a safe bet. I am not delusional enough to think that Weidman has this in the bag. If some of you out there like Jimbo Nagasaki are so confident then go out and bet a few grand on Anderson and make yourself some money, otherwise your opinion is just meaningless dribble which will never be proven regardless of any outcome. I imagine the odds will be opening around even for both guys and there is a reason for that.

    • Very nicely said, Silva nut huggers (NOT Silva fans), but the nut huggers are claiming Weidman’s making excuses……?!? WTF? What does that even mean? He KO’d the best MW EVER & one of the top 3 P4P fighter on the planet, so why is he making excuses for?!? He’s stating FACTS! Weidman didn’t look that great vs. Silva & anyone who knows anything about MMA, would already know that, being out for a year, after having 2 major shoulder surgeries, being broke & losing your house all before the biggest fight of his life, but I guess that wouldn’t faze most of you Silva nut huggers right?!? Ring rust is a FACT, and Weidman had it vs. Silva & it showed! Guess you’ll just have to wait & see how he does come December!

      Though, I can see the nut huggers already….. Silva took the fight way to early after his KO! Blah blah blah, blabla blabla

    • Not arguing with your overall point, but I just want to point out that when fans tell me to put my money where my mouth is I want to scream. Betting on sports in NY is like trying to smuggle cell keys into a prison. I’d bet the house on Weidman IF I COULD DAMMIT!! 🙁

    • Andersons odds on favourite again unless ur worth 50g theres not much point… Dribble or no dribble..

  3. I’m not a huge Anderson fan, but I do think Weidman got lucky. Anderson was just being Anderson and he got caught. He deserved it. Now I don’t think this time he’ll be pulling that crap so we’ll see who really is the better fighter this time.

    • Got “lucky” – Such a stupid comment dude, how’s a KO “lucky” – like you said Silva has done that for years, but Weidman wasn’t buying thye s*** Silva was selling, and b/c he didn’t fall for Silva’s “tricks” he got the KO instead. Like Weidman said, and I even said this before the fight, if Silva losses, he will not win a rematch. No ring rust, no shoulder rehaqb/concenrs whether or not it will hold up vs. the best MW ever and he doesn’t have to worry about being BROKE!
      I don’t think Weidman will KO Silva again, well not standing, but I can see him taking Silva down & getting the TKO or submission. If Silva doesn’t keep his hands down, he has no chance of stoping Weidman’s shot/double leg! Can’t wait to see this rematch.

    • If Anderson aligns his hips to strike with Weidman its going to be a long night of takedown after takedown.

  4. So he beats Silva because Silva goofed around during the fight and Weidman caught him after the third or fourth punch and caught Silva and he’s still saying he wasn’t 100% percent when he did it? I don’t think he said that exactly. Weidman has to have more class then that. He must want this rematch just as much as Silva. But let’s all be real now, SIlva and Weidman fans, Anderson says he trains with his hands down and changing levels and playing games but he wasn’t just doing that with Weidman he was dancing and goofing around more then ever. He paid big time. Chris is a talented fighter but let’s see how he does this rematch and then match what Anderson has done. I’d like to see Weidman against Henderson, Griffin, etc And for the young and new fans don’t hate me for my comment I’m just stirring up conversation because I love talking to all the fans. Never personal.

    • well as chael says anderson uses that goofing around as his set up- in that the fighter gets pissed off throws someone wild and leaves himself exposed to be knocked out. think anderson will not want to go to the ground with weidman as his bjj looked a level below weidman. would like to see anderson go chasing the knock out himself like a jds instead of waiting for opposition error and capitalise.
      Still building up hype for this fight and its over 3 months away, cant wait

      • Yes as well hope Anderson comes out aggressive and looks to finish. I’m sure SIlva is going through so many emotions since the loss. I just wish he lost based on a very good back and fourth fight and not in the fashion he did.

        • ah to be fair, the way he lost the fight is the way you would think he would, people have have been saying he was going to get caught eventually dancing around. the only thing that will stop anderson seriously persuing the ko is the fear of been exposed to weidmans take downs, and weidman just might have a serious tough jaw so who knows. still cant wait to see how he responds to the defeat

    • You realise the reason Silva has his hands down so low is b/c if he doesnt, he wont be able to stop Weidman’s takedowns. The rematch will prove that, and if Silva does keep his hands up, we’ll see how long it takes for Weidman to take him down & keep him there, landing bombs!
      Also, Weidman didn’t look that good in the 1st fight, it was clear RING rust was a factor, he almost looked better vs. Maia & he took that fight on 11 days notice. Maybe the reason he’s telling the TRYTH about not being 100%, is b/c of the Silva nut huggers who cliam Weidman looked like “s***” in the 1st fight & they actually think that, that was the “real”/best Weidman. Boy will you guys be sorry come DEcember! I guarantee you Weidman will be a lot better, faster, better timing & more accurate in the 2nd fight.

  5. I love Anderson Silva’s striking and think Weidman is great (check out his The Fight Nerd video where he shows how to do a perfect belly to belly suplex) but Silva really tainted the fight with his antics making both himself look bad with the loss and Chris look bad with the win.

    If the Weidman who does perfect suplexes and throws and the Silva that knocked Rich Franklin out twice, submitted Henderson and submitted and TKO’d Sonnen both show up then it’ll be an amazing fight. Period.

    • I agree. I would add however, that if the old Silva shows up, I don’t see the version losing to any version of Weidman. I saw nothing in the previous fight that leads me to believe Weidman can beat Silva at his best, regardless of how much better Weidman feels this time out.

      I still maintain Silva is on another level from every other middle weight division, and that includes Weidman. I do not suspect we will see any mugging, or hands down antics this time from Silva. I think he’ll take care of business quick this time around. Which means we’ll unfortunately have to endure a trilogy…

      • Reading between the lines i would have to assume you are crying still that weidman destroyed your hero

        • BAHAHAHAHAHA agreeed, nicely said! I’m pretty sure if the Silva that showed up vs. either Sonnen, shows up against Weidman, Silva’s going to get DESTROYED! Give Weidman 20+ mins on top of Silva & see how long Silva lasts from Weidman’s GnP?!? DGS: you funny! If you didn’t see anything that showed Weiman is a HUGE threat to Silva with no ring rust, no worries about his shouler, no more rehab & plenty of cash in his bank account….. you are going to have a very, very terrible start to 2014.

    • I totally agree with this. You don’t have to be a ‘Silva nuthugger’ (as one commenter says over and over and over and over again) just because you think the result was tainted from the first fight.

      I totally blame Silva for that and don’t blame Weidman at all, but my first thought after the fight was: so…whose the best middleweight?

      I won’t make any excuses after the second fight. If Silva acts like an idiot again, that’s on him. I just want to know who the best middleweight is, and I don’t think we know that based upon that first fight.

  6. If you watched the fight AGAIN you guys would see things you might have missed the first time around. For example, I noticed Anderson trying to hit Weidman. He was not standing around the whole time. He blitzed him once. He tried to punch him several times. He tried to kick him. When it wasn’t working, then in the 2nd round he reverted to his usual antics, but not because he was bored. Because the other stuff wasn’t working.

    My opinion. But do re-watch the fight.

    • safe to say the latter didn’t work either.

    • WOW – an actual educated comment based on FACTS! But don’t tell Silva nut huggers, they’ll give you thumbs down =(

  7. to be fair I thought he looked a little sluggish at one point in the fight but put it down to an adrenaline dump! He did look good but as someone mentioned he wasn’t beating Silva up, its an MMA fight ad that’s what we saw. Silva even admitted he needed the loss as had become complacent and bored, he took the fooling round to a level where he deserved to get caught. hopefully the Silva that beat all the greats with no messing around comes back and we will see a great fight! All said and done I’m just excited to see the rematch!

  8. Silva is getting old fast. Dropping 35 lbs before each fight is catching up with him. Second fight will have same result as the first one.

  9. I say so what! A lot of fighters arent 100-precent going into fights. I think we dont know the half of it. As for me, this is a inessential article.

  10. Too bad Weidman seems to be the kind of athlete that is constantly plagued with injuries.
    I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the Owen Hargreaves of mma!

  11. Matthew stone in the house!! Plus u dont say it like megalomaniac u say Meglomaniac… Jimbo jambo jombo peace put A town chi town