Chris Weidman Knew He’d Have to Beat Anderson Silva Twice to Silence the Doubters

September 26, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman faceoffHeading into the UFC 162 middleweight title fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, it was known that if Silva lost there would be an immediate rematch.

“Guy hasn’t lost in the UFC ever; has beat everybody. He loses that fight, he’s the guy for a rematch if he wants it,” said UFC president Dana White during a media luncheon days prior to the July 6 event.

Silva initially indicated that he didn’t want a rematch, but changed his mind after some reflection.  Weidman always knew he’d have to defeat Silva twice to prove it was no fluke the first time.

“He’s the greatest of all time.  People can’t fathom the fact that he lost.  I knew going into that fight we were going to have to have a rematch.  I was going to have to prove people wrong again,” said Weidman during a press conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Almost as fast as Silva’s body came crashing to the canvas following the left hand of Weidman in the second round of the UFC 162 main event, critics were saying Silva beat himself.  Doubters were voicing their opinions and the criticisms have served as motivation for Weidman.

“I have a lot of motivation just stemming from myself and family and other things like that, but definitely, it motivates me,” he said.  “I want to prove people wrong.  I like being the underdog.  I like having that feeling where people think you’re going to lose, and I’ll prove them wrong.”

The rematch is set for UFC 168 on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  And while Weidman wants to prove people wrong again, he knows he won’t ever be able to silence them all.

“Even after this next fight, when I win, there’s still going to be a lot of doubters out there.  No matter what, there’s always going to be excuses out there for why you got the W.  That’s just part of the sport,” said the champion.

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  • Kbroesq

    Well, it’s true that he will have to beat Silva twice to silence the critics, but only because Silva acted like a complete idiot in that fight (more than any other fight).

    Had Weidman got the victory while Silva wasn’t clowning around, I think people would have given him his due after only one fight.

    Personally, I think Silva has got this, but may the best man win. I hope Silva doesn’t act like a child in there, because if Weidman does win, he deserves the recognition for it.

    • Ian Price

      No matter what, there would have been doubters, mostly because Anderson has completely dominated most of his opponents. Except of course for the greatest fighter ever, Chael P Sonnen.

      • rodrigofl100 .

        Pretty sure that their second fight was a complete domination.

        • Ian Price

          I was kidding about I the greatest fighter ever bit, but I don’t think it was complete domination by Silva. We all have our opinions. I think the lubing, shorts grabbing, and quasi thigh to the chin were a bit suspect, as was the shoulder strike at weigh ins.

          Just my take. I was at the fight. Paid a lot of money to see it, and I wish Anderson had done things differently. Why leave a seed of doubt if you’re so much better than the other guy?

          I also know of no other fighter who has had more 10-8 rounds against Anderson.

          • Ian Price

            I think uncle Chael is sitting on 3 of those rounds, against arguably the GOAT.

            Not bad for pretty much just a gangster from West Linn

    • silvas daddy

      Silva wasn’t clowning around for 1 and a half rounds and he was being pummeled.silva actually was doing better when he clowned, except the getting ktfo

  • Brian badonde

    He has been blessed. And should be happy he is the champion for now, anderson will most probably beat him in the rematch and the subsequent remtch again. He wont catch anderson like that ever again….

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      You are delusional if you think that Anderson has the next two fights with Weidman locked down. You speak as if Weidman should be grateful for his one title victory and just move aside quietly because Anderson wants his title back. Too bad that’s not going to work for Weidman and it is most probable that Weidman will win against Anderson in the rematch.

      Weidman “will most probably” not catch Anderson like that ever again but here’s the part you failed to mention. The reason Weidman won’t catch Anderson like that again is because Anderson would have to be out of his mind to close his eyes and move backwards with both feet planted side by side for a second time. Anderson already stated that he made a huge error with his footwork and has nothing negative to say about his fighting style that you all call “clowning”. But guess what, if Anderson were to make that same error and set that up for Weidman a second time, Anderson is going to be waking up from a short nap and wondering what happened again.

      • Sir_Roy

        You dream.

        • Jay Mcgarrity

          Not really sure what that even means but my post is composed of almost all comments made by Anderson himself mixed with my opinion that if anyone has an advantage in the rematch it is Weidman. Neither fighter is a huge favorite in this fight and like I said before, the odds will probably open around even. No matter how much some of you guys love Anderson Silva, your love and undying devotion will not help him win the fight.

          • Jjacko

            Jay macray u CRAY!!! U need ur medication now pal…

          • Sir_Roy

            The “You Dream” comment is obviously in direct reference to you claiming Weidman will win against Anderson in the rematch.

            You dream.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            OOHHH I GET IT. My bad for not obviously realizing what someone has done once before can now only be done in “my dream” because it’s so unlikely to be done again. GOTCHA! Well I guess come dec. 28th you will find yourself living in my dream world.

          • Sir_Roy

            We’ll see.

  • Weidman can win again and still there will be haters who pose as doubters making every excuse in the book. Silva’s age caught up to him, Silva wasn’t fighting seriously, Silva doesn’t want it anymore. Those aren’t doubters those are haters who can’t and won’t give credit where it’s due.

    • shakejunt

      there will always be “those people,” but this is a case where they may have a legitimate claim. it’s a shame because of how well chris fought and how something as simple as a backhand could leave anderson exposed.

      those people aren’t disrespecting chris’ skills as much as continuing to have extreme faith in anderson’s.

      • Teerizzle

        I can’t blame any of you for your comments. They’re all well-informed. I think Anderson was trying to put “on a show” and the show got in the way of the ‘fight’. He lost sight in that moment and it cost him. I very interested in how he responds. I think if he retired then I’d believe that he doesn’t want it anymore but since he agreed to the rematch, I think it’s fair to say he just needed a fire lit under his ass cuz it’s been too easy for him too long – not saying he hasn’t had close calls – but he’s been mocking too many guys. Now that Weidman’s earned some respect I’m hoping Silva brings his best. Neither guy will have any excuse this time – that’s the determining factor in this one. It’ll be great to watch.

        • Ian Price

          Nice comment. I myself cannot wait for the rematch. Weidman was also not 100%. Now hopefully we’ll get a slightly less clowning Anderson vs a confident and shoulder-healed Weidman. I’m not even going to try to predict who’s going to take this one !
          Maybe Silva -150?

        • silvas daddy

          Weidman dont need an excuse and he didnt need one the first fight. It may be a sport but its still a fight, believe me, silva knew he was in a fight and fought his best.why would he have been so verbal during fight, because he was frustrated, cause he tried his best and it wasn’t working, cause he was being manhandled everywhere. Silva admitted, “i couldn’t hit weidman “

          • KC52

            If you honestly think Silva was trying “his best” you literally haven’t ever seen him fight before.

  • Kenny Powers

    Honestly, I’ve been an Anderson fan forever, but I like Weidman, and I think he’d beat most of the other MW’s but I think it’s ignorant that ppl say Chris dominated that fight. He won the fight but Anderson was clowning worse than Maia & Bonnar combined. Not saying Chris couldn’t win the next one cuz he could, but an Anderson that’s all business…that’s gonna be tough for Chris.

    • No it won’t. Once Anderson commits to his strikes it’ll be that much easier to take him down.

      • bajafox

        That could very well be the problem for Weidman, Anderson actually committing to his strikes…

        • Yea, thats why he was kicking back and not moving forward yelling ‘no wrestling, stand up fight’ once he moves forward Weidman’s shooting in on his legs

      • Sir_Roy

        Anderson, y’know, the one that dismantled Franklin in his prime with frightening ease in the first few minutes? Yeah. That Anderson. He will destroy Weidman in their rematch. Mark my words. We haven’t seen killer Anderson in a long, long while. Because he’s been able to play with prey (save, perhaps, Sonnen … though jury’s still out on that last minute save fiasco). All we’ve seen is bemused Anderson. The Anderson who scoffs at being thrown meat like Maia and Cote.

        If Anderson goes for the kill, and takes this fight half seriously, then I wouldn’t want to be in Weidman’s shoes.

        • Ian Price

          That’s exactly the reason this fight might be the fight of the century.

        • Scotty_O

          Fight fiasco? Elaborate on that if you would please.

          • Sir_Roy

            I’m one of the blokes who finds Silva’s comings and goings in the sport of MMA suspicious. Nothing can be proven, but re-watch his fight with Maia, then watch him dismantle Franklin right after … then look up the odds at the bookies of Maia lasting in the stand-up for 5 rounds with Silva (for example). Tell me you’re not left scratching your chin.

            Unless Silva is just plain terrified of grapplers. I dunno.

            There are plenty of other telltale signs … it is a business he’s in after all. But yeah, it’s all just hearsay. I’m sure.

        • silvas daddy

          You couldn’t fill weidmans shoes

          • Sir_Roy

            So full of wit and win eh? Someone with a tag name “silvas daddy” is coming at me like I’m placing myself above a championship level fighter? Lol.

            I’m here stating my opinion on who wins the rematch. When did it become demeaning to a fighter to show favor for Anderson Silva winning I wonder. I’m not on here insulting Weidman or knocking his obvious skill as a fighter.

            I made valid comments. You, well, you’re just flaming anyone and everyone who dares acknowledge the skill-set of one of the most dominant fighters and champions in UFC history. Which is just weak.

        • Austin, TX

          “Captain, sensors are picking up a Silva Nuthugger Class 1 vessel.”

          Anderson has faced questionable competition his entire career in the UFC. 80 percent nobodies vs other UFC and Pride champions who had reigns filled with champions or ex champions every fight or every other fight. He’s defeated a plethora of over the hill, weak, nobody fighters in the UFC’s weakest of weak divisions. Highly overrated fighter. He likes to challenge St. Pierre. 4 or 5 inches smaller. 40 lbs lighter. He likes to challenge people like Bisping, Luke Rockhold. Roy Jones Jr. 45 year old man. He declines Rua, other dangerous LHW’s. He picks and chooses. Please. He’s maybe the 4th or 5th best p4p ever, not the 1st. Maybe not even that soon. He got exposed his last fight. It wasn’t a fluke. Why does he get an auto rematch? Why can’t they do it like they always do. You go down 1 notch, other fights somebody else. then, with 2 wins maybe you fight each other again. Something about it is nauseating. Like Weidman didn’t even win.

          • Sir_Roy

            You went off on a complete rant that had nothing to do with anything I said. So, there’s really nothing there that I need to address. A few comments are just plain silly and wholly out of context.

            Buy yeah, looks like we’ve got another who’s chalk full of wit and win. Seriously, while you’re struggling to calm yourself (Silva seems to be a sensitive issue) and breath through your nose, ponder how completely tired, overused and juvenile the term “Nuthugger” really is k?

    • uncle

      soon as he takes it serious like he fought hendo
      and vitor he will win

  • KevStinx

    The antics of Silva seriously devalued the way in which Chris won. It is one notch away from winning via cut or poke to the eye. Although it was a finish, which no one has managed to do which you have to give credit for that, even though Silva was taking the mocking and pissing around to a new level.

    Silva must of understood that a loss would guarantee a rematch so I do not believe he took a dive. I believe Silva was too complacent and his usual tactics did not work.

    Without the antics of Silva, Chris would get 100% props for his win. Am curious to see what Silva turns up next time and how the loss has effected him.

    On the up note, the loss of Silva shuffles the division. I would like to see Bisping against Chris.

    The TRT users need to f*** off too. I can’t stand how cheating in the past can how provide fighters with a pass to cheating to complete. This is a serious lack of professionalism on behalf of mma.

    I feel a rematch is deserved in the circumstances of the win and due to the length of Silva’s time as champion. Chris won, but Silva handed it to him on a plate which makes Chris feel like the interim title holder, its sad that Chris is unable to receive full recognition for his achievement in the sport, but a second win will guarantee he is fully acknowledge for beating Silva. I just hope Chris doesn’t f*** around, either way if Chris loses he will get rematch.

    • truthslinger

      How about Bisping actually has to win against a top 5 opponent to get a shot? Just because hes been around forever doesnt mean he deserves a shot. This is fighting, not an office job. You dont get anything based on senority here.

      • KevStinx

        Bisping is improving and has impressive against Sonnen, I expected Sonnen to dominate position. If Bisping beats Munoz via finish :s He may have 1 more fight against a top 5 guy before a title shot.

        I personally want to see how Bisping’s style will match with Chris’s. So i hope Bisping defeats Munoz with flying knee, this will have the KO compared to Chris’s and hopefully get Bisping a match against Chris, regardless if Chris still has the title, I find this match interesting.

    • jeremy

      Chris gets 100 percent props for winning and finishing the former champ. He beat him and FINISHED him.. if Silva wants to act like a jackass and KO’d because of it that’s his choice. the outcome will be the same.

      • KevStinx

        The outcome is the same. I do not doubt Chris could beat Silva, again. But the half arsed antics of Silva indicate Chris did not a beat a focused Silva. Everything leading up to the fight was out of character for Silva, even his o.t.t. taunting. Chris gets 80% from me, only because Silva was not defending himself, he has become to confidence in his chin and Chris clearly hits harder than those he has fought prior.(not sure if Chris matches Hendo’s power though, he was a beast). The focus of Chris’s win has shifted from all about what Chris did to all about what Silva did or didn’t do.

        If Chris did what Silva did in the rematch and lost, i would not be able to give Silva full props.

    • Ian Price

      I don’t think Anderson clowned around because he wanted to. I think he felt Chris’s wrestling and relentless submission attempts that he realized it was a foregone conclusion that Chris had the advantage on the ground. So he was forced to try to keep the right standing.

      At any expense. So he figured, if I give Chris a few free shots with my hands down, maybe he’ll be nice enough not to put me on my prissy little ass.

      • KevStinx

        No doubt his antics where to get Chris to strike. Chris appeared focused and disciplined in his striking, he was not taking the bait.

        Silva in his last fights has shown signs of sloppier footwork, is the age becoming a factor for Silva? Chris is young + hungry and it will be interesting to see how long Chris holds the title for and who will be the guy to defeat him.

        I do not believe Chris is a one hit wonder like Serra, Chris has potential to hold that title for a long time. I see the middleweight division lacking serious opponents for Chris.

    • rodrigofl100 .

      That very much depends on how he loses.

  • jump

    Everyone with this “clowning around” thing on Anderson. I bet if Anderson would’ve won that fight doing it no one will have a problem about him winning right? That’s Anderson style of fighting and he lost using it. Weidman is the champ now and on Dec. He’s gonna do it again

    • TAnkAbbottlIVEs

      That really isn’t Anderson’s style. Although he does seem to get complacent at times, or does odd sh!t that I’ve never seen any other fighter do.
      I don’t believe he’s losing it skill wise. He may lack motivation, or act like a nut-bar and say odd stuff, but his age doesn’t mean a thing at this point mainly because in his entire career save for the first Sonnen fight he’s hardly taken any damage. Your right no one would’ve said a thing about his acting the fool had he smashed Weidman. Thats just because people would say he’s just that good that he can clown around and still dominate, but isn’t that the way things are? If you a coach decides to have his team fake a punt and throw a touch down pass and win, he’s a genius and the play was executed perfectly but if he fumbles the snap or over throws the receiver and they lose the game then he’s an idiot that takes unnecessary risks and lost the game for the team. So when silva clowns and wins its because of his genius in the cage and the one time it back fires on him, holy sh!t he’s finished put him out to pasture, what a moron.

  • silvas daddy

    Silva going to be so gunshy, silva may try to take fight to the ground. Tha all american will put silva to sleep again similar to the munoz gnp. Silva will then state, “i already said i didnt want a rematch but dana and my psychologist and peer pressure forced me into rematch with the true champion, the all american weidman

    • rodrigofl100 .

      How many years did you hold that in your chest to finally be able to let it out? BRAZIL has brought hate into your heart, young soul.

    • UncleJunebug3

      I am in 100% agreement with you in that Silva needs a therapist. However when he fights aggressive and smart he’s one of if not the deadliest fighter in MMA. I’m interested to see what his demeanor in the ring will be after a loss?! I doubt he’s gonna be gun-shy, it’s not really his style. Even if Silva did take the fight to the ground he’ll have an advantage in experience alone. He’s faced better wrestlers, and jits guys than Weidman. Everyone wants to put Weidman on a pedestal for catching Silva square on the chin, while Silva was already pretending to be hurt from a previous punch that barely grazed him, and Silva wasn’t protecting himself at all. I give Weidman credit for taking advantage of Silva acting like an asshole, while other opponents have bought into the clowning and backed off Weidman didn’t. If a non-clowning Silva comes to this next fight people are gonna feel bad for Weidman.

  • Bimby

    Anderson will surely knock the hell out of him! Believe it or not! Suckers!!

    • KevStinx

      People surely thought that the first time, in MMA nothing is a sure thing.

      As for respect I believe Silva respects them as a person but displays disrespectful antics to get inside the head of the opponent and to force them to engage in striking.

      Maia + Leites fights…. what the f*** where they all about? Taking clowning around to a new level.

      Silva’s fights have turned into exhibits rather than fights.

      • rodrigofl100 .

        And still, the most anticipated fights of the UFC, happens to be the ones Anderson is in. Also the most profiting UFC’s for Dana are the ones in which Anderson is included in.

        • KevStinx

          easily, Silva vs Sonnen II was the quickest sell out if am correct?

          From a business pov Silva losing is good for the UFC.
          The gates will be overflowing for the rematch.