Chris Weidman is Sorry, Sorry That He is Going to Derail Anderson Silva

March 17, 2013
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Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman and Georges St-PierreAny time that Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva or Jon Jones fights and wins lately, the superfight talk ignites.

One man that doesn’t want to hear any of that talk is No. 1 UFC middleweight contender Chris Weidman. He is slated to square off with Silva in the UFC 162 main event on July 6 in Las Vegas.

He knows people really want to see fights like St-Pierre vs. Silva or Silva vs. Jones, but all Weidman has to say about that, at least according to UFC president Dana White, is sorry I’m gonna upset your apple cart.

“I talked to Chris Weidman myself. Guy looks me right in the eye and says, ‘I’m telling you, I apologize that I’m going to (expletive) up all your superfights,’” said White following Saturday night’s UFC 158 in Montreal.

Weidman is undefeated in his nine professional fights, including five trips to the Octagon.

A student of former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra – falling under the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu lineage of Renzo Gracie – Weidman has a strong submission game, but is also known for his knockout power and vicious ground and pound; not to mention he was a two-time Division I All-American wrestler in college.

In short, he is a well-rounded fighter; perhaps one of the most complete fighters that Silva has ever faced. The only thing he really lacks is experience, which he’s bolstered to some degree by amassing more than half his fights to this point in his career under the brightest lights in the MMA world, defeating the likes of Demian Maia and Mark Munoz.

It’s a big step up – for him or anyone else – to face the man regarded as the top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, but Weidman isn’t lacking for confidence and believes he can make a mess of the superfights that the UFC has penciled in for the coming months and years.

If he defeats Silva, those superfights all go away.

“If you take Anderson Silva out of the mix, the superfights are all gone,” admitted White.

And that is exactly Weidman’s plan.

“He says, ‘I’m gonna (expletive) up all your superfights and I’m gonna be your next champion,’” White continued, relaying what Weidman told him. “’But what I will do for you is I’ll give him an immediate rematch in Madison Square Garden as soon as he loses.’

“It’s verbatim what the guy said to me.”

St-Pierre – one of the men whose financial future could take a hit if Weidman follows through on destroying the superfights – doesn’t doubt his friend.

St-Pierre trains often with the Renzo Gracie camp alongside Weidman, and he believes that people shouldn’t be too quick to write his sometime training partner off.

“Chris Weidman, don’t count him beaten. He’s amazing guy,” said St-Pierre on Saturday night. “I know the odds are not in his favor, but you could have a surprise.”

It might be a surprise to everyone else, but not to Chris Weidman. As far as he’s concerned, the fight that he has longed for is his for the taking and he’ll finally be the guy to derail the Anderson Silva bullet train.

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  • win or lose, we wont see either super fight. Silva’s afraid of Jones and GSP’s afraid of Silva.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Weren’t you the one saying Anderson was afraid of Weidman?

    • Azumpire

      Yup, and I think we will have seen the last of Anderson Silva as soon as Weidman beats his ass

      • MuayThaiFood

        Yeah, Silva has no chance, that’s why he’s a -350 favorite.

        • he opened at -200 the line got deeper cause fans don’t respect weidmans skills

      • car

        You know nothing about mma moron…LEAVE

      • tyrone

        Totally agree! Never has silva fought this hard to not face a guy. Silva through his own actions has proven hes doubting himself against “the spider crusher “weidman

    • 11johny

      Afraid?? Wow lol

    • chris

      You are correct on this

    • BRAD

      Funny you make this point considering theres plenty interviews where Anderson said he wants GSP then Jones if the UFC wants it and will make it a catchweight for both fighters if they dont want to put their belts on the line. Get your facts straight youngin

      • “Get your facts straight youngin”

        Reading comprehension, homie: He didn’t say Bones was afraid of Silva, but that Silva doesn’t want Bones. Silva wants GSP, but GSP isn’t anxious to face Silva.

        He’s sayin GSP and Silva don’t wan’t to fight ‘up’ in weight class, not that Bones and Silva don’t want to fight ‘down’. You may still not agree with him, but at least make sure you understand dudes post before you try to play him.

        I think Silva smokes GSP. GSP would be giving up too much range to a faster fighter. Bones-Silva would be more competitive, but it ain’t gonna happen. Cormier will screw that up.

        • shakejunt

          how about we wait until cormier actually decides to make a safe cut before declaring he’ll dethrone jon jones.

          • Chub rock actually belongs at light heavy, but there shouldn’t be a ‘cut’. He really has a smaller frame than Jones, and someone with his medical history shouldn’t ‘cut’ water to try and make weight. It should be a lifestyle change. His coaches SHOULD just snatch the sandwich outta his hands more often, so he doesn’t walk around looking like the Michellin man.

            There is absolutely no reason for Fedor Emelianegro to carry that amount of flab. He’s a world class athlete, but he is handicapping himself by walking around bloated, and fighting up a weight class. Most successful champs (Aldo, GSP, Spider, Jones, Benson) have good ‘size’ for their divisions.

          • Lucas Freire

            Fun fact that among those you mentioned,only GSP,and maybe Benson are “normal sized” for his category.
            Aldo weighs almost 175 pounds with his belly full. lol

          • I’m not (sure) that you got my point. Cormier is undersized as a heavyweight. He’s really a very fat Light heavyweight. If he got into great condition, he would be a light heavyweight. So he’s making his own life harder by fighting ‘up’ in a division with bigger men.

            Guys like Aldo, GSP, Spider, Benson and especially Bones do the exact opposite. Most champs are in great shape and STILL have good size for their respective divisions. None of those champions are fighting bigger men, even though they could. Spider occasionally fights up at light heavy, but he cherry-picks his opposition.

            IMO this is EXACTLY why (I think) Anderson would rather fight GSP than Bones, but GSP is reluctant to take the fight. Moving up a weight class makes the job harder.

          • BRAD

            on point

        • Ian Price

          I agree that Silva is favored against GSP, but not because of increased reach. Silva has a 1 inch reach advantage, but because of the height advantage, it’s more like 2-3 inches, which is not huge. Silva’s advantage is striking, combined with new improved TDD. Imagine a GSP fight against nick Diaz, but with fewer takedowns, stronger punches, and lots of elbows, kicks and knees. Lots of muai Thai. That’s why, not because of some huge reach advantage advantage like with Bones.

          • I said: “Range to a faster fighter” . Speed is a big factor, and ‘range’ involves much more than arm length, because not only is kicking ‘reach’ more important than arm length, but Silva can COVER GROUND faster than Pierre. GSP is used to being the faster fighter and throws an effective jab. Neither of those will be true against Silva. Silva can easily attack Pierre from a distance where Pierre isn’t a threat.

            Bones throws elbows kicks and knees too, but the main (striking) difference between Silva and Bones is speed. Silva doesn’t have Bones’s strength (TDD), but he’s probably a hell of a lot stronger than Diaz, so I definitely agree with you that GSP will have major problems.

        • Sir_Roy

          I don’t know where you get your facts from either. Silva’s not a faster fighter than GSP. He is the better striker, with phenomenal precision that’s on a completely different level, but he’s definitely not faster than arguably the fastest and most explosive welterweight in the division.

          As to reach, Silva has a reach of 77.6″ whereas GSP’s reach is a little over 76″. Not a huge advantage by any stretch.

          While every fight always starts standing up, Georges will see Anderson to the mat sure enough. Anderson is (and justifiably so) the favorite to win, but Silva does not ‘smoke’ GSP. I think GSP’s style and tool-set are very dangerous for Anderson … more than many seem to believe.

          And none of these fighters are afraid, or anxious, about fighting the other. They are all endeavoring to make the best decisions with regards their respective careers. They’re business men … GSP has a game plan to make the most profit out of his tenure that does not, for the moment, include going up weight to meet a bigger champion.

          • I’m not sure why you would use the word “fact”. Their relative speed is not a fact. You have an opinion (which I respect) and I have a different one.

            Also I said “range” not reach. A lot of people confuse the two things. Range includes more than just arm length. It also includes kicking and how much distance a fighter can cover in a step as well as speed.

            I think Andy is faster (sorry) and has way more range. I’m not trying to knock GSP. Anderson irritates me (not a fan of his), but Anderson is one of the best ever. After watching GSP eke out numerous hard-fought five rounders, I just don’t think he’s on Anderson’s level.

            Staying at 170 IS a smart call.

        • BRAD

          what are you talking about. Speaking of reading comprehension what I’m saying is Silva will fight either fighter and he’s stated it in interviews. This guy said CLEAR as day “GSP is affraid of Silva and Silva is affraid of Jones”…. What did you miss? Nice try though

          • BRAD

            oh and incase YOU didnt comprehend that. I’m saying Silva isnt affraid of either fighter. I’m arguing against him and you are making the same argument as I am. lets make it clear for everyone… Silva isnt affraid of JONES he will fight EITHER fighter and he’s said it HIMSELF in interviews that can be found ON THIS SITE

          • Silva seems much more open to the fight now than before, yes. Which is good. I’d like to see it.

          • BRAD

            Quite frankly I’m sick of salivating at the thought of these potential fights every time an article brings them up only for it to get shot down some time later…. btw I’m only 2 days late on these replies. I’m getting better *pats self on back*

          • I think if Silva takes Weidman apart very impressively, then there’ll be a huge push for the Jones fight. If Anderson struggles a little with Weidman (even though he still wins), we’ll might start to hear more about Belfort, who probably took Bisping’s ‘next’.

          • BRAD

            after watching the 159 post fight conference according to Dana apparently right after the main even Silva called and “asked for a fight” but Dana wont say who it was. This coming after Chael said they were chicks for not calling each other out. Common sense would dictate Silva called about Jones no? Just a lil news update case you didnt hear 🙂

          • Wow …one month later ..Okay. I’m docking you five points for tardiness 🙂

            Well Brad, initially Silva DID refuse the fight. And told Dana no. He was focused on GSP, so Chase BB’s opinion seemed very possible. Andy has changed his mind LATELY. I think he realizes that the chance of fighting GSP is low.

            After Andy destroyed Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153, he was immediately asked about a potential super-fight with Jones. Silva responded that he was done at 205 pounds:

            “No, this is not my goal,” said Silva, of facing Jones. “My goal is to stay in my class – 185. This is not my goal.”

            Dana White then said MONEY would make Silva change his mind, to which Silva responded:

            “Let’s ask him to see if [White] will give me 50% of the UFC,” Silva said. He definitely seemed VERY reluctant initially.

            IMO, Silva always knew Jones is a much harder matchup than GSP, but GSP is dragging his feet, so Silva now has little choice (if he gets by Weidman). I’m not a Jones or Silva fan, but I would root for Silva. However, I think Jones would rag-doll Silva.

          • BRAD

            hahaha I agree punctuality isn’t my forte, but yeah anyway I almost forgot even the point of this. I remember exactly those articles and statements and you kinda put them out of order though. After that fight he said in a press conference that he wants GSP first offered a bunch of different options as far as weight even saying he’d make 170 then he said so the belts arent on the line if thats what everyones worried about He’ll fight GSP at a catchweight and Jones at a catchweight, but in a separate press conference some time later when he was asked about superfights he said he wants GSP first and has no goal of fighting Jon Jones, but if thats what the UFC wants he will do it. Think that just about sums it up. Pleasure debating friendly with you 😉

          • OK. I hope it happens. I’m glad he’s excited about the idea. 🙂

    • richard duncan

      no one is scared. this is not street fighting. super fights are all the same. there is a winner and there is a looser. nobody wants to loose a super fight.

      • shereko

        I completely agree with you… Except you meant “loser, lose” loose and loose is Chase’s lil sister

        • shereko

          Thats loose and looser

    • shereko

      So he’s afraid, thats why he’s asking for it and Jones says, “I’m not sure about that fight, its not positive for the losers brand”… Silva wants his legacy not his “brand”

  • dgs

    The future for getting title fights in the UFC is to talk a huge game, regardless if your record shows you deserving of such a fight. Guys like Weiderman and Sonnen talk huge smack to Dana and are granted title fights, yet the quiet guys who’s records indicate they deserve title shots get the shaft (think, Johny Hendricks).

    There is not a damn reason in the world Weiderman is getting a shot, other than having a huge mouth piece. That and the fact Silva has cleaned out the 185 lbs division and there are very few people for him to fight. That’s okay, like all of Silva’s other opponents who talked up a big game about how THEY were going to be the one to beat Silva, the outcome with Weiderman will be no different. I have seen nothing from him in any of of his UFC fights that indicates he is at the level to beat Anderson Silva, not a damn thing.

    The lesson learned here come July, be careful what you wish for. I’m thinking a KO for Silva in the first round, maybe the second…

  • I like Weidman he has potential but he’s doing some big talking and so are some fans. Anderson is going to get his *** beat? Since when did Anderson become just another guy in the division? I’m sure it’s always the other way around at the end of the fight. It’s crazy how a guy can accomplish what Silva has by defending the title and even going up in a weight and still get looked over by some fans. I want to hear what people say if he beats Weidman and possibly Jones if they ever fight. I’m so tired of the guys who put the time in getting disrespected. And I’m not saying it’s okay to disrespect Weidman b/c he’s on a roll and has talent but he only has 9 fights and that’s a fact. Plus I would have liked to see Weidman vs Tim B/Vitor/Rockhold or Sonnen. Those are big fights he skipped ahead of.

    • richard duncan

      good point

    • Truth

      really, Weidman should be thanking Anderson, b/c Silva’s the one who cleaned out the division and matchmaker Joe Silva was looking for a non-rematch fight.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Really? Was that before or after he suggested Cung Le?

      • I would have rather seen Silva fight the likes of Tim Kennedy or Jacare Souza b/c those guys have been around for a while now and a lot of fans know those are top level fighters and have been dying to see them in the UFC.

  • Weidman has a strong submission game, but is also known for his knockout power and vicious ground and pound….Knockout power?

  • Adam Bianski

    My favorite part of this fight will be when Silva drops his hands and knocks down weidman, then helps him up. My prediction for this fight is AS wins as soon as he decides he is done with this kid. Not a good idea to talk smack to AS, he will not outpoint you he will knock you the f*** out, and make you look foolish while doing it. I used to be a Silva hater then I woke up, maybe it is time for the rest of you to do the same thing because he is the best fighter in the game right now, and quite possibly ever.

  • Adam Bianski

    hmmm you want to talk smack to Silva huh? Not a good idea buddy, get ready to be made a fool on July 6th, my prediction KO of the night right when AS decides to put this young man to sleep.

  • Bwade

    Ok weidman does not have vicious gnp. Who couldnt lay down the heaviest punches they could to someone 90%out. The elbow pretty much did all the damage, then he proceeded to use all his might on someone already out. All his other fights his gnp is weak

  • Adam Bianski

    I am not interested in seeing GSP and AS fight, GSP would get dominated, he would not be able to get the fight to the ground. His face would look like hamburger by the end of one, if the fight reached the end of rd one.

    • Sir_Roy

      Explain how AS’s take down defense is any better than the other elite fighters (D1 wrestlers included) GSP has taken down with ease.

      You can’t, because it’s not.

      I think GSP has a good chance at avoiding the majority of stand-up with Anderson via take downs because he’s done so again and again and against others with far better take down defense.

      The only way Silva stops the take downs, is by catching GSP in the stand-up via strikes before Georges gets the chance. And just for the record, I think the chances of Anderson KO’ing GSP and catching him like that in one of the 5 rounds is highly likely given his near superhuman precision.

      But saying GSP couldn’t get the fight to the ground at all is, as I stated before, delusional and accentuates the fanboy in you.

      • Adam Bianski

        O.K. i will digress, I do believe that GSP will be able to take down AS, but I do believe in your fourth paragraph much more.

        For the record I am not a fan of AS at all actually I cheer against him every time he fights, but I do respect him and I understand that he is the best on the planet. I used to beat my chest for the underdog on a regular basis but I learned it is much easier to brag up the guy who has never ever lost in the UFC.

  • MBFoxxxy

    Weidman has the tools to beat Silva. He has a very similar skill set to Chael Sonnen and as long as he can keep Silva on the ground and not give him a chance to keep the fight standing, he could do the impossible. Weidman has finished every opponent when he has had a full training camp. Silva is still a man and can be beat so why couldn’t Weidman be the one to do it? That being said, I wish Weidman had maybe 1 or 2 more big name fights to give himself more experience but he is on a tear and has got the momentum to cause an upset. But Silva is always dangerous and though I would love to see him get beat, I don’t see it happening easily. Weidman better get his ass ready. I’m hoping for a war.

    • Adam Bianski

      No disrespect, but a similar skill set as sonnen leaves him hurt and finished. First fight Sonnen was on roids if you think that does not have an effect, try them and tell me how YOU feel, probably like superman. Also AS was hurt (he still won). Second fight AS beat Sonnen down like he was his little brother. I think Weidman has a good skill set but AS is walking on water right now. I agree with you also that Weidman should have at least one more big fight. After reading your post a few times I think I know were your money will be placed and it is for the Spider, dude is a beast.

      • MBFoxxxy

        Actually I would bet on Weidman. I love an underdog and would love to see Silva get beat. Steroids aside, the Sonnen fight showed that Silva has weaknesses that can be exploited. Even the second fight between the two showed that as well. Chael got caught and that ended the fight but that doesn’t mean he still couldn’t have won. But Weidman has to, and I’m sure he does, realize that Anderson Silva is dangerous at all times and he has to be prepared for that. The great thing about MMA is that anyone can win on any given night. Honestly though I think Weidman is much more dangerous than Sonnen. He has more power in my opinion and has a better chance of stopping the fight. That and he actually has BJJ which Sonnen doesn’t even bother with. Anyway none of our opinions really matter. It is all speculation. That answer will come when we see these two fight in a few months and I can’t wait to see it.

        • Adam Bianski

          I am not interested in this fight at all, AS will dominate him. The only way this fight would be fare would be if AS fought four different guys in first four rounds (different guy a round) then this young man (who is yet to really get a big win in the UFC) steps into to the ring to get flattened as soon as the greatest fighter on the planet decides to put him down.

      • Um, ya …I’d just like to point out that Chael was STILL roided up for the second fight, he just didn’t dislose his TRT crap properly the first time.

        Something was up with Spider that first fight (maybe a training injury). That being said, Chael did control Silva, before gassing even the second fight. He was on rubber legs when he threw that backfist, and Silva caught him.

        Weidman definitely has a good chance if he fights smart. I think Weidman can be more effective on the ground, longer than Chael without gassing, but if he tries to stand with Andy, He’ll still be horizontal when Buffer is reading the scorecards.

        • Adam Bianski

          “Sonnen was on rubber legs” YES YES HE WAS do you know why? Might have something to do with getting punched in the head. Did you watch the superbowl and say the only reason the Ravens won was because they scored more points? He was gassed from getting rocked.

          • Gonna have to disagree with you on that. If you watch the fight again, at the end of the first round, when Chael has Anderson mounted and gets his hands free, Chael is already too tired to punch. It looked pretty pathetic. Then he stumbled out of his corner for the second, in zombie mode.

            Not trying to take anything away from your boy Silva, but Chael ran out of gas. I dunno if it was the fabulous Dolce diet (Chael admitted to being heavier than ever going into the fight) or too much long term steroid abuse (see also Alistair), but Chael was done pretty early.

            When you mess with steroids over a long period of time you can get an enlarged ‘stiff’ heart and arterial blockage. You might be very strong, but after enough time on that crap, athletic endurance goes out the window.

            PS -Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco irritate the hell out of me. Thanks for bringing them up 😉

  • dgs

    In addition to the points I made in my first post about Weiderman not being deserving of a title shot, I also forgot to mention it will have been a year since he last fought when he steps in the octagon with Silva. Yeah, good luck with that buddy!

    I think when Weiderman wakes up after his KO loss to Silva, he’ll come to his senses and realize there was a huge experience/skill level gap between fighters like Mark Munoz, Jess Bongfeldt, Tom Lawlor, Alessio Sakara, and Anderson Silva.

    I know in MMA anything can happen, but I don’t see any way Weiderman wins this fight. Actually I don’t see anyone in the 185 lbs weight class that is capable of beating Silva.

    • Adam Bianski

      Funny these people are trying to make a point for him, either very foolish or just hater. AS knockout of the night.

      • Sir_Roy

        You need to calm the fanboy in you Adam. We’re discussing for the most part here, while your overall tone is antagonistic. No one is defaming Anderson Silva.

        GSP is the best wreslter in MMA at the moment, and Anderson the best striker. Both hold black belts in BJJ. No one is intimating Georges has a chance in a striking match. However, conversely, what the heck has Silva done to suggest he’ll stuff GSP’s take downs and completely neutralize his wrestling??? Both Hendo and Sonnen took him down with relative ease.

        The comparison between Jake out grappling Hendo, then GSP stuffing Jake (and taking him down) was a just comparison to show that there is far more to show GSP has the strength and skill to likewise take Anderson down.

        Not saying GSP wins the fight, but to say Georges style is not a threat to Silva at all really is slightly delusional.

  • Giovanni

    LOL poor Weidman, I don’t dislike him, but I think he’s being delusional. How many people have said the same thing about Silva, “Oh, I’m gonna beat him, I’m gonna do this or that” and none have made it out of the first round (except for Sonnen with his “fluke” on the first fight due to Silva’s injury and two other lack luster performances from fighting guys who would not engage Silva).

    Sorry Weidman but you are in denial. You’ll just be another fly in the Spider’s web who will get annihilated just like the others.

  • Giovanni

    By the way, Weidman has knock out power? LOL Since when? Ever since he came to the UFC he’s never had an impressive win over anybody in the MW division. And please, don’t even bother to mention Muñoz ’cause every body knows that guy is just plain over rated!

  • Sir_Roy

    After seeing GSP’s lackluster performance, against an equally lackluster and stumbling Diaz (who couldn’t get over his own attitude to throw a simple combination GSP’s way), I’m not sure GSP should be running into a fight with Silva.

    GSP’s lost some pep. Don’t know where it’s gotten to. Or, perhaps the top tier welter weight competition has simply ramped up a notch.

    But hey, Georges is caught between a rock and a hard place because while Hendricks may appear the lesser of the two evils, he’s definitely the least lucrative.

    I were GSP, I’d take the Silva fight. Far less to lose, far more to gain (and this win or lose).

    • kbroesq

      I totally agree with the ‘lost some pep’ comment. Even before GSP’s recent performances, I thought Silva had this. He’s just too big. However, now I really don’t see how GPS can win that fight. Don’t get me wrong, GSP is beating amazing fighters, but to compete with Silva, I would expect GSP to just be destroying a guy like Diaz. If Diaz (a guy who we don’t even really associate with good take down defense) can stop your take downs, then a guy who is 6’2” and and much bigger than you is going to be able to stop your take downs.

      • Sir_Roy

        Well, I think GSP gassed himself against Diaz after the first two rounds, due to having to hold Diaz down from his back without actually and fully committing to taking his back (a lot harder to do than GnP from guard insofar as energy expenditure is concerned).

        GSP needed to decide whether he was going to take Diaz’ back or not … and if not, turn him over or let him back up. But the way he was trying to out muscle him like that from the side or from behind, exhausted him far more than he should have let happen in the early rounds.

        4 & 5 (starting in 3) GSP was just plain tired and wary of Diaz’ bizarre ground approach making his take down attempts likewise lazy, wary and tired.

      • Sir_Roy

        Also interesting to note is Diaz is just shy of 6′-1″ and has fought at 185lbs before as well. Condit is 6′-2″ tall himself.

        Point being, I feel GSP has fought the far tougher competition than Silva has. Seriously. Jake Shields, a man GSP threw around with ease, out wrestled and beat Dan Henderson … who gave Anderson arguably the closest thing ressembling a real challenge outside of the Chael Sonnen.

        Granted, Anderson dominates his competition, GSP does not. But we really do need to consider the competition first.

        We do agree that Silva is an uphill battle for the smaller GSP though, and that his fight with Diaz did not help his case.

        • Adam Bianski

          Maybe you missed AS fighting Forrest Griffen, or any of his fights he finishes his opponents, and humiliates them in the process, GSP takes guys down and outpoints. Not saying GSP is not the second best fighter in the world but I am saying AS is the number one fighter and he would put a hurting on a much smaller fighter. Please stop comparing guys like Diaz and Condit to AS that is embarrassing

          • Sir_Roy

            My point stands. There are more than a few welter weight #1 contenders Georges has beaten that have fought at 185lbs and / or have the height, reach advantages shared by many at 185lbs.

            Carlos Condit has more skill in his pinky finger than 90% of the opponents Anderson has “humiliated”. Including Griffen. Even Diaz would likewise defeat a significant portion of Silva’s competition thus far at 185lbs IMHO. Take a gander at who Anderson has really “humiliated” and compare their respective records and fights with GSP’s top competitors.

            Not taking anything away from Anderson. Silva destroys and toys with his competition (exceptions; Henderson & Sonnen). That’s fact. However, on a whole (with few exceptions), he doesn’t fight the same level, skill-wise, that GSP is consistently faced with at 170lbs. That’s also fact.

            There is an equalizer to be considered therein. Anderson, quite simply, has not faced the same skill level of competition that GSP has. The fact Silva dominates his competition the way he does though, admittedly, more than makes up for that.

          • Lucas Freire

            I really don’t understand what you use as a base to say that Anderson’s competition isn’t as skilled as GSP’s.

            Almost all the guys that Anderson defeated were dominant in the division,going from Franklin,to Belfort,to Okami,to Sonnen,and going to Hendo…their records are as good as the WW top contenders.
            The difference is Anderson has finishing power,while GSP often proves that he has not. Alves was submitted by Kampmann,Koscheck was knocked out by Lawler,Hardy was knocked out by Condit and submitted by Lytle…

            That’s what in my opinion makes GSP’s divison more “challenging” than Anderson’s.

          • Sir_Roy

            Right. Let’s break them down then;

            Franklin was dominant in the Hughes / Liddell epoch of fighters. He couldn’t keep up to the modern talent in the division. Franklin’s principle strength is striking. He’s fairly one dimensional that way. Too bad for him, his strength plays directly to Silva’s.

            Okami is no where near as skilled as today’s upper echelon of welterweight fighters. Period. He’s stepping stone at best.

            Sonnen’s a top tier wrestler, like a Koscheck or a Hendricks, but with pillow punches, unlike a Koscheck or a Hendricks. Still, gave Silva quite a bit of trouble for the better part of 7 rounds in their two fights.

            Belfort & Hendo are the two more interesting opponents. The only respectable wins IMHO. Belfort got caught early, it can happen to anyone (especially against a godly precision striker like Silva). So it’s really tough to judge whether he could give Silva grief were they to really mix it up. And Hendo was giving Silva trouble as well, but highlighted Silva’s strong BJJ game.

            Of those two, Jake Shields has defeated Hendo, as aforementioned, and yet Jake is now delegated to a stepping stone himself in the welterweight division. So I really don’t see Silva as having faced the same ‘skill level’ of opponent as Georges. Though, as already admitted, his complete domination does abridge that distance.

          • Lucas Freire

            This kind of MMAthematics doesn’t work. Jake Shields defeated Hendo and now is a stepping stone at WW…Demian Maia was utterly humilliated by AS,and now is a top contender at WW(Rick Story and Jon Fitch are two highly valued WWs)
            But,other than that,I have to agree with Franklin/Okami situation.
            But then again,Marquadt should also be considered a good opponent,just like Forrest,that as clumpy as he may be,already were a UFC champion on the division above.

        • Adam Bianski

          YAY mma math. Here is some of mine. Shields beat Hendo, Hendo beat Fedor, Shields is better then Fedor. GSP won a close decision against Sheilds I missed the throwing around part maybe we watched a different fight, Ellenberger knocked out Shields in ten seconds, Ellenberger is better then GSP. Nick Diaz knocked out Robby lawler in second rd+ Robby Lawer knocked out KOS in rd one +GSP beats KOS by decision=Nick Diaz is better the GSP.

          • Sir_Roy

            Problem with your “MMA math”, is you’re making silly blanket comments with it that, while convenient, are completely unrelated to the topic at hand and miss the points made by a mile.

            Shields beating Hendo via grappling, tells me nothing with regards a Shields versus Fedor fight, as Hendo won via striking power & GnP more than anything else. As Shields lacks Hendo’s striking power, and as Fedor is a Sambo master, it’s highly unlikely Shields would likewise win in similar fashion against Fedor. Kapeesh?

            Ellenberger knocking Shields out in ten seconds tells me he has better knockout power than GSP “in all probability”. Doesn’t tell me he is “better” than GSP. That’s a blanket comment without basis in fact. Can you see the difference there Adam??? Cuz you’re just being a little silly TBH.

            However, GSP stuffing Jake, while Jake out grappled Hendo, has direct correlation to GSP’s wrestling having any effect on Anderson Silva. With this, we cannot draw conclusions, but we can sure as hell postulate.

            Point is, I’m not using ABC logic – I’m making just comparisons, pointing out specifics (not generalizing as you did) to discuss probabilities … not absolutes.

        • Lucas Freire

          I don’t think the problem is the competition,but the abism between the skill of Silva and the others.
          It’s not like 185 division has only bums,it’s Silva that makes them look like amateurs. lol
          You guys gotta admit he makes everything looks easy,and that’s not a demerit from his opponents. It’s just him that is almost supernatural.
          And yeah,call me a nuthugger,but I have yet to see someone be able to toy around with the opponents like he does.

          • Sir_Roy

            Nah … you’re not a “nuthugger”. Silva’s performances speak for themselves. He is without doubt the GOAT.

    • huntingmark

      GSP has a goal in the UFC. He doesn’t want to be the baddest man on the planet. He wants to be the p4p king. And losing to SILVA will put him at #2 best of all time whereas avoiding SILVA and waiting until SILVA gets old and gets 4 losses in a row would give him the perfect moment to claim the p4p title.

      • Sir_Roy

        Not at all the case IMHO. GSP may very well fight Silva next. We’ll all have to wait and see. But his reasons for postponing are clear and are threefold;

        GSP’s immediate goal after returning from injury was to break Hugh’s record for title defenses in the welter weight division before even thinking of moving forward from there. Which he has now accomplished. The only way he would have fought Silva before this was if Silva were to move down to 170lbs.

        Secondly, Georges needed a few “feeler” fights before taking on someone of Silva’s caliber and stature after a 19 month layoff. And certainly before endeavoring to change his body weight and then move to a new weight class (which may be what will happen if recent interviews are any indication should the Silva/GSP fight take place).

        And, finally, and most importantly, the dispute at which weight they will meet at remained unresolved. GSP’s stated clearly since the beginning that he would fight Silva at 170 without hesitation and at any time … but that should he be tasked with a catch weight, or moving up to 185, the implications of such a change would be career changing for him and contingent on many factors (like the two delineated above).

        There’s no way GSP will wait, let Silva (or he himself) defame himself with losses before fighting him. Georges has far less to lose and far more to gain (financially included) fighting Silva while he’s at the top of his game, than wait until the fight no longer matters (i.e. until either one of their winning streaks comes to an end).

        Your theory doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • celica421

      Long layoffs from injury. Lesnar was not the same after diverticulitis, Mir was not the same after his shattered leg, GSP remains to be seen. The possibility of him losing that edge is real.

  • Simon Says

    Calm down children. This is called selling a fight. Or some would call it, hyping up a fight. It’s par for the course. A true UFC fan knows that it’s about business and not about competition.

    A true MMA fan would realize it’s about competition.

    Before you comment, realize there is a difference between being an MMA fan and a UFC fan.

    So calm down.. realize you’re drinking UFC-koolaid. The UFC has you exactly where they want you. Excited about watching the fight and buying PPV.

    • johnnyh

      So true! UFC fan vs. MMA fan, LOL!

    • gnodeb

      As an mma fan I want this circus to stop already… When was the last time we saw real title challenger in any division. I do understand that for Weidman is much better to lose one fight against Silva then to win 3 fights against top 10 in the division. I do understand UFC. Is easier to hype a fight with media then to organize 3-4 events to find out real challenger and then spend a money to educate masses. But I don’t understand fans. What is wrong with proper title runs? How this can be exiting when we already now that next AS challenger will call Waidmen a nobody…

      • Simon Says

        I personally think Weidman has the stuff to defeat AS. Thanks to Chael, AS’s weakness (if any) has been exposed.

        As a UFC-fan, the superfight is the ultimate money maker. Hanging that carrot is THE best way to promote the company, but not necessarily the fight. Both GSP and AS can keep dodging because the prospect of the fight is promoting the UFC.

        That fight will probably not happen and if it does, the guys will be past their prime. The record keepers can then put an asterisk on the one who loses – stating their age to emphasize how past their prime they were on the loss.

        • Ian Price

          I really really really hope you’re wrong (but fear that you’re not)

      • Ian Price

        I think Dana wants Weidman to fight Silva now because if he puts him in front of a Vitor or Bisping first and he somehow loses, now we have no fight against a new opponent. And in all fairness, no one else besides Bones or GSP is as favored against Silva…. (Read: “is as little of an underdog to”)

  • Simon Says

    Calm down children. This is called selling a fight. Or some would call it, hyping up a fight. It’s par for the course. A true UFC fan knows that it’s about business and not about competition.

    A true MMA fan would realize it’s about competition.

    if you think the UFC is only about competition, they have you right where they want you. It’s about money. Selling fights. Weidman is doing his part to sell this fight to UFC fans first and MMA fans second. Money is always first. Just like boxing.

  • DamianCross

    I think the Weidman/Renzo relationships, combined with their recent roundtable discussion, is solid evidence that there is no personal beef between GSP and Matt Serra.

    • shakejunt

      i think the only guys that have real issues with serra are hughes and phil baroni

  • james j

    Talking trash about Anderson Silva shows how smart Chris is. Meaning he is not.

    • shakejunt

      i see we have a psychologist in the building

  • rapidfire

    what do you expect these fighters to say?
    stop being so sensitive like a lil girl here.
    you want chiris weidman to say “i respect silva and it’s honor to fight him.he’s the best ever and i will do my best.”
    he mind as well say he will lose..
    i’m sure that’s gonna sell alot of fights.

    • Matte

      The really dumb thing is you are right.

      The world really is upside down. In a sensible world, why would it not be a good thing saying your honest opinion and doing your best?

      Instead you have to boost and lie in true WWE fashion.

      I don’t buy the boost talk anyway, many people don’t. So why even do it?

      It is ridiculous that kind of talk sell fights. Even though it does.

      • Lucas Freire

        Because it isn’t only boost talk. It works for himself. I don’t know if you ever competed or not,but you already gave half of the fight if you go at it with the fought of “ok,he’s the best ever in the whole multiverse,but I’ll do what I can”.

        Sure,they can get a lot disrespectful,I think statements like these are unecessary,but to be able to do it,he got to believe in himself. But I don’t think he can do it anyway. lol

  • Bayik

    I know AS will win PERIOD. but what if Weidman threw a f****** wild haymaker and somehow hits AS square on the jaw and got KO’ed. f*** MMA world will go crazy and Weidman will be surprised as f***.

    • Ian Price

      Weidman won’t win by KO. Unlikely. More likely by decision or submission, or GnP TKO.

  • shakejunt

    where is everybody getting this notion of trash talk? is it blasphemous for someone to think that anderson can be beat?

  • ions82

    Like Weidman, Chael Sonnen is also a well-rounded fighter. Accomplished wrestler. Silva had no problem handling him (when he wasn’t hopped up on PEDs.) I don’t foresee him rolling through Silva. Let’s hope for a good fight!

    • huntingmark

      BUT…Weidman can pack a punch. Chael can’t. That is the biggest problem in Chael’s game. That he can man handle guys with his world-class wrestling but can’t knock people out.

    • celica421

      Chael P Sonnen well rounded?? don’t make me laugh. He’s nonstop wrestling yes, but he has horrible standup. The only reason he caught AS the first fight is bc he is awkward and got lucky. I am a Sonnen fan, but he has half the standup talent Weidman has.

  • Orville

    Thats a pretty bold statement for someone with only 9 pro fights.

    • huntingmark

      JDS and Cain only had 10 or 11 fights when they fought for the HW belt. Brock Lesnar is not exactly AS but Weidman vs AS makes sense.

      Weidman is a strong wrestler who (unlike Chael Sonnen) can pack a punch. AS will be running for his dear life.

      But then again…if AS beats Weidman I seriously think AS should (a) retire (b) fight GSP or (c) move up to LHW.

      • Ian Price

        I think if AS wins, he should fight GSP at 170, move back to MW and fight Rockhold and maybe Vitor or Visping. Then move up and try to take Jones’ belt. If successful, defend that belt once, maybe vs Cormier, and try for the HW belt. Hell, if any undersized fighter can take the HW belt, it might as well be Anderson the GOAT

        • I’d much rather see him fight Jones now. After watching GSP have such a close fight with Condit, and get tagged a little (3rd round) by Diaz, I think the Spider will kill him. He admitting to getting tired against Diaz. Holding Anderson down will be much harder and he can’t stand with him.

          I think Andy vs. Jones is the best match-up right now. Then I’d kill to see the winner face Cormier.

  • Adam Bianski

    I love how people make big claims, about how the big underdog will win every time AS fights, so when he finally does lose you can beat your chest from the top of a mountain. Weidman needs to understand that you do not smack a lion in the nose, because he will bight you (Put your Chaell Sonnen joke here) in the second rd and you will look like an amateur throwing spinning back fists. Please people that really think this young man has a chance start throwing your money down so the line moves.

    • Ian Price

      I once threw a coin 12 heads in a row. Doesn’t mean the next one won’t be tails.

  • tyrone

    Weidman wins by 1st round ground and pound ko. If silva fights half as hard as he did in trying to not fight weidman, he may make it to 2nd round.

    • Ian Price

      I’m sure you’re exaggerating, but I really do feel Weidman has a slightly better chance than Chael did. And Chael did have a couple good chances!

  • tyrone

    Before munoz was destroyed by weidman, he was #2 middleweight in world. He also regularly trained with anderson silva and was regularly dominating silva in sparring so much so that munoz called out silva, and was next in line for silvas belt. Then weidman destroyed him. This is why anderson “the hider ” ducked weidman as long as he did.
    Weidman has battle half won, by instilling silva with so much fear that he was basically forced to fight rightful #1 contender “the spider crusher “weidman!

    • Ian Price

      Not sure if Silva is afraid, but he is aware. I don’t think many of these guys (if any) have much actual fear, especially in a cage where they have had so much experience and success.

      Silva is thinking “well, eventually somebody will beat me if I don’t retire, and it could very well be against this young hungry guy who will make me less money than any of the last 5 fights I’ve had”!

  • ktrp

    Yeah, if weidman beats silva, they’ll be sobbing all the way to the bank on weidman-silva 2 and weidman silva 3

  • huntingmark

    Just cut the cr@p and put on the superfight that everyone wants to see.

  • It will take Anderson no longer than 2 rounds to figure out the elementary level equation that is Weidman…. Two words Weidman CHAEL SONNEN

  • ratfink

    For Silva, as seen with Chael, it will be a challenge to fight a ranked wrestler. As Sonnen said, those long legs are asking for a takedown – and that he did. I want the Spider to win but I have definite concerns re his weak wrestling skills.