Chris Weidman Injures Shoulder Ahead of UFC 155; Teammates and Sponsors Stepped Up

November 21, 2012
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Chris Weidman has had some very tough times over the last few weeks, and it didn’t get any easier over the past couple of days.

The UFC middleweight contender lost his home earlier this month during the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Weidman’s Long Island home suffered major damage and flooding amidst the catastrophic storm that swept through the east coast of the United States.

Never one to be deterred however, Weidman and his family picked up the pieces and with help from his manager and friends, relocated to Arizona to continue his training for a scheduled bout against Tim Boetsch at UFC 155.

Weidman’s manager, David Martin of the Martin Advisory Group, also works with the team at Power MMA and Fitness headed up by UFC regulars Ryan Bader and Aaron Simpson, and they were more than happy to extend a helping hand to their friend for his training camp.

According to Martin who spoke to on Wednesday, it was friends like Bader and Simpson along with a dedicated group of sponsors that helped Weidman during his time of need.

Martin says the team at Bad Boy offered to fly Weidman out to Las Vegas with a free place to stay to allow him to train in the city, as well as MicroTech who offered to pay Weidman his sponsorship money ahead of his UFC 155 bout against Tim Boetsch. Martin also revealed that the team at American Ethanol and the Sanford Group also stepped up to help Weidman after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy cost the fighter and his family their home.

The support didn’t go unnoticed as Weidman was extremely appreciative of the sponsors that stepped up to help him as well as a personal call from UFC President Dana White, who vowed to stand by the fighter in his time of need.

Unfortunately in the midst of getting ready for his bout, Weidman suffered a shoulder injury while drilling his wrestling with the team in Arizona.

“Chris was wrestling and it just happened, his shoulder popped,” Martin told “He had an MRI on Tuesday and he’s flying home to New York as we speak while we wait for the orthopedic surgeon to make a final diagnosis.

“We just felt it was bad enough that there was no way Chris could fight at UFC 155, and to be fair to the UFC and Tim Boetsch, we didn’t want to delay the inevitable so we had to make the call to pull out of the fight.”

Weidman will await final word on just how bad his shoulder injury really is, and how long it will take him to get back in action in 2013.

  • To bad for Weidman this fight was his title shot if won in fashion. Best of luck to him in recovery, hope he gets a big name in his return.

    • JoaoLopes


    • dathump

      Might be ok for him, could sort out the division for his return, get the superfight talk out of the way. Its sucks to be injured but timing is good as there is so much contender, not contender, superfight, big name, not big enough name slowing the progress in the 185lb division that 3-6 months shouldn’t effect his shot greatly,

      • Yea but look at what happened to Rashad Evans. He was #1 contender forever b/c of being out, although it was a few injuries with him. But with that being said, your right, the division will sort itself out. And the guy only has 9 total fights. Silva already stated he doesn’t want to fight someone with only 9 fights, so we’ll see what happens.

  • Peter S

    Ducking the Barbarian

    • shakejunt

      guess someone had to be that jackass

      • Right? The guy who protested to fight Silva is ducking the barbarian? lol … stupid comment, where does these “fans” come from?

        • gnodeb

          I can not believe any professional fighter is afraid of fight itself. They are afraid of loosing a fight because that will have negative impact on their career. Weidman would earn more money and recognition with a lost against Silva then with a win against Barberian. Even if Peter was serious and I don’t think he was, there would be nothing stupid about that comment.

          • Kris-tyahn

            Ugh yes it is, to say Weidman who fought Maia on 2 weeks notice and KO’d Munox is afraid of Bketsch? That’s a very stupid comment, especially considering Weidman is only one win away from a possible title fight. Boetsch is a tough fighter, but he’s not that skilled, he was lucky vs Okami and looked terrible vs. Lombard. I find it funny that Weidman would challenge/beg to fight Silva, but scared to fight Boetsch?!? Bahahahahah

  • gabriel q

    There goes his title shot…

  • J-Money

    Talent like this doesn’t drop off the map very often.. He will see a decent fight on his return and if explosive and dominant he will be straight back into the top echelon of the division. He is amazing for his lack of experience. Jones is the only guy i can think of who looked this good after a handful of fights.. I know talent when i see it, this kids got it in bunches!