Chris Weidman: “I’m a Nightmare Match-up for Anderson Silva”

April 27, 2013
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UFC-on-Fox-2-workouts-Chris-Weidman-081-460x270If UFC middleweight contender Chris Weidman had his choice to fight any fighter past or present, he would choose Anderson Silva.

Weidman will see his dream fight come to fruition on July 6 when he faces the middleweight champion in the main event of UFC 162 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  It’s a fight he’s been training for his entire career.

“When I started MMA about four years ago, (Silva) was the champion at 185.  When I made the decision to go to 185, I had to believe I could beat the champion of the world, or there’s no reason for me to do this.

“So from the get-go, no matter who I was fighting coming out of Ring of Combat at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, I wasn’t only training to beat those guys who I was paired up against, I was training already at that point to beat Anderson Silva and become the best in the world,” said Weidman during a question and answer session prior to the UFC 159 weigh-ins on Friday.

“Now I’ve finally earned the opportunity to get that and I’m not going to let it slip through my fingers,” he continued. “I think I’ve got my dream match-up right here on July 6.  I really think I do.”

Weidman believes one of Silva’s best attributes is his ability to defeat opponents mentally before the fight ever begins.

“I think the best thing Anderson Silva does is mentally destroy people before they even get in the cage with him,” said the 28-year old New Yorker.  “Once you get in the cage with him, he does a great job of making you feel like you do not belong in this cage with me.  You’re terrible.  I’m the man.  You’re going to find a way out of out of this fight.”

Weidman doesn’t see that happening to him.

“I think the biggest thing is just – I’m very confident.  I know my skill set.  I’ve seen what Chael (Sonnen) has done to him.  I’ve seen his weaknesses and I think I can expose them again and look for a finish or a good performance,” he said.

Confidence, he believes, is the key.

“You’ve just got to be confident.  And you can say anything you want before the fight, but it’s all about when you touch those gloves do you still have the confidence, and I’m going to make sure I do.  It’s all mental.

“I really feel like, on paper, I’m a nightmare match-up for Anderson Silva.”

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  • Tim

    Would love to see him win, I really would. But I just think Silva will win, by tko in round 2.

    • Sir_Roy

      I think Silva wins via submission after taking Weidman to championship rounds. Weidman may even dominate in top position, in similar fashion to Sonnen, till that happens. But he’ll tire, Silva won’t, then he gets tapped.

      But yeah, every round starts on the feet so Weidman may go via TKO as well.

  • kwandak

    What wekterwight?

  • Denny Swain

    Anderson believes weidman is a nightmare matchup for him also, thats why anderson tried everything he could to duck weidman

    • Sir_Roy

      Please enumerate everything Silva tried to do, exactly, to “duck” Weidman again?

      Personally, I think Weidman has a heck of a chance … but I also believe Silva only ever wanted the more lucrative fights. He’s at that point in his career where he’s most interested in cashing out, optimally, before retirement.

      That includes GSP and / or Jones far more than it does Weidman.

      He’s not ducking anything, he’s managing his bank account.

      • Lucas Freire

        You’re as right as one can be. Ducking Weidman?? He was ducking a guy that has less fights than he has title defenses. I mean,he must be VERY afraid. He NEVER faced any top wrestler,only Sonnen and Henderson. Never faced any top grappler,only Lutter,Leites and Maia. Never faced any top striker/heavy hitter,only Belfort/Marquardt…Weidman is bringing lots of new things to this fight huh…a grinder with some striking skills

        • you lost credibility when you said anderson beats jon jones

          • Lucas Freire

            I lost credibility when I stated my opinion about the 2 greatest fighters active. Damn right,I mean, WHO is Anderson to beat someone like Jon Jones right?
            Please. As an MMA fan you should have at least heard about things like Napao KTFO of Crocop,Mark Hunt taking away Wand’s invincibility,and we are only talking about underdogs. Why would a fight between two great fighters in their own aspects be something so easy to read? The difference is I give my opinion but also understand the reasons you may have to think the opposite. While you,as you like to show,just dislikes Anderson Silva and thinks that any bum like Weidman would be able to snatch a win against him.

          • urdooomb

            No.. just sounds like someone picking BJ Penn over GSP.

      • Duxan1

        He’s playing it safe. If he looses to Jones, all his ball-lickers will say he lost to a much bigger guy. If he beats GSP, those same ball-lickers will say this proves he is top p4p even though GSP is a much smaller guy. If he looses to Weidman… Wait a minute, there’ll be no excuses!

        • Sir_Roy

          With respect, your comment doesn’t really make sense. How is he playing it safe when he actually took the Weidman fight. He didn’t have to if he really didn’t want to. He took the fight. He’s fighting Weidman. We need to get off his case already. Damn, some fans just want to find any excuse to gripe (not a comment necessarily directed solely at you).

          Silva was pushing for GSP or Jones beforehand because there’s a fortune to be had there – win or lose, he could have fought Weidman at his leisure afterward. The inverse is not necessarily true. Weidman presents less profitable risk upsetting Silva’s future options should Weidman garner a win (and hey, anything’s possible).

    • MMAreality

      Weidman will prove that he is not even close to the number one contender in the weight class in about the first 30 seconds of the fight. That is why Silva has no desire of fighting somebody with no credentials to be fight him. Its like a NBA player playing a high school basketball player. They are in different leagues.

    • Brian Furlano

      Weidman is the one who is recovering from surgery and Silva is the one waiting for him. How does this make you believe Silva is ducking Weidman?

  • Joe

    And after this fight it will be Anderson doesn’t face any legitimate competition, why doesn’t he fight Jones

  • rolando mota

    I think every poor sap thinks that they have a legitimate chance until the bell rings and then they dont know which way is up….marquardt..cote..chael..lutter..franklin..leben..maia..bonnar..leites..irvin.vitor .all of these guys were at the top…and all thought they had the prfect game plan and the im “the one ” mentality.and then…poof.! No cigar my friend..cant wait til anderson puts his foot on chris weidmans cute chubby thats a nightmare match up rigght there..haha. anderson aint ducking nobody but a goose

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Silva is always dangerous, you never know what he is going to do either which makes him even more dangerous. Going to be a great fight. I really like Weidman too he has been impressive in all is fights.

  • Derek Lemaster

    Weidman is gonna win.

  • sexbomb

    Weidman needs to shut the f*** up already

  • CurtisBallard

    He sounds like Chris Leben before his fight with Anderson Silva.

  • Santz

    Weidman beat a very heavily overrated fighter to earn his title shot and is nowhere near the level of Anderson Silva. This is going to be another embarrassing easy match up for Silva.

  • dgs

    I am sick of listening to this guy run his mouth all the time. I hope Silva crushes this dude, a fighter who’s had all of nine pro fights or something and thinks he’s on the same level as Silva… please, enough already with this guy.

    • Duxan1

      I am sick of listening to all those Silva ball-lickers. Jon Jones had 7 or 8 UFC fights prior to taking the title, Brock Lesnar had even less. The number of fights doesn’t mean much when talent is there.

      • Lucas Freire

        Jon Jones manhandled Bonnar,Matyuschenko,Vera,Hamill and the up-and-comer Bader.
        Weidman defeated a small Maia,in an AWFUL fight. And an overrated Munoz.

        He didn’t face any Okami,Bisping,Belcher,Lombardi,Sonnen,Boetch,Phillipou…That on an already thin division.
        Jon Jones may have jumped ahead lots of guys,but he won all his fights in an extremely dominant fashion.

        • urdooomb

          Weidman is clearly being given preferential treatment. He may be the only new face in the MW division that has enough skills for the silva fight to make sense.

          It would have been nice if all the things he said were said in a post-fight conference after his victory.

  • Blahafox

    Hey we only will have to see Weidman for a few minutes the night of the fight. Then he will be off to the hospital for evaluation and no press conference. Then Dana will see that he doesn’t belong in the UFC and cut him.

  • chunkymanbjj

    Wiedmen is far better grappler than silva, and has the crudentials to prove it. Do ur research

  • joeshmoe2000

    He says confidence is the answer. After he gets beaten I want to hear
    what he has to say. “Uh I guess I didn’t have enough confidence!?!?!?!?”
    Dude is dreaming. He has to know that when he enters the ring that
    there is a paradigm time shift and he is suddenly in the Matrix, right?

  • Luis Romero

    weidman is a good fight for anderson silva,silva is smart,he wants bigger fights for a bigger pay check,but every fighter must do the same,cause its all a matter of time before king pin anderson silva,gsp,jbj,taste defeat,sooner or later some fighter will get lucky and defeat a top talent,no one is invisible

  • WEB_DaBoyz

    Weidman really doesn’t bring anything that Silva hasn’t seen before.