Chris Weidman Has No Doubts About Being Better Than Anderson Silva (Video)

July 2, 2014
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UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman spoke to the media on Wednesday about his UFC 175 title fight against challenger Lyoto Machida.  During the group interview, Weidman said he has no doubts about being better than Machida’s training partner and former champion Anderson Silva.

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  • Trevor

    I am no Anderson Fan but Chris needs to get real. He beat an aging and bored Silva who dominated for years. Chris did beat a clowning around Silva in the first fight but the second?? Serious fluke bad news. This guy will not be champion long 3 fights at best and then I am sure will fade away real quick. Machida the elusive (boring) dragon may have his number soon.

    • deepgrim

      he was dominating the second fight before the leg break and had clearly won round 1 of the first fight before finishing in the second. anderson was doing the same clowning around in plenty of his fights but when he won them people called it great head movement and counter striking, as chael said he uses the “clowning as a set up but then when he finally gets caught he is in your words bored. machida may well have his number but if he doesnt then its hard to see him beat for a while, his wrestling is the best in the division and his bjj is world class too

      • Kris-tyahn

        Deepgrim: Finally someone with some common sense, and most likely not an Anderson Silva nut hugger! You said it perfectly, Silva acs like a clwon & wins, he’s the GOAT, but Silva acts like a clown & gets KTFO he’s old, slow & bored?!? GTFO of here Trevor. Silva has not looked old or slow in any fight, but hes looked “avg” vs. world class wrestlers (Henderson in round 1, until Hendo tried to strike with Silva in the 2nd round), Sonnen who owned Silva 6 of 7 rounds & Weidman who won 4 of 4 rounds vs. Silva.
        Weidman almost KO’d Silva in the 1st round of the 2nd fight, and the 2nd round, Silva looked slow, barely even hit Weidman, b/c he was still “hurt” from that 1st round Knock Down & then he broke his leg. But let’s not kid ourselves here, Weidman practiced leg checks, and the point was/is to injure your opponent’s leg, to the point that the kicker no longer wants to throw another kick, and Weidman not only did that, but he made it so that Silva couldn’t walk for a few weeks. Checking leg kicks is a technique, just like anything else, it’s all about timing, when to life your leg, and how high so that your opponents shin strikes off your kne or shin. Anyone who trains MMA would know this & would certainly know that Weidman’s leg checks was no fluke! Just bad luck for Silva, b/c of the severety he throws leg kicks, siht happens!

        • DamianCross

          People like to joke about Weidman attacking the legs / training checks, but Ryo Chonan also had great success kicking Silva’s legs into powder. Oh yeah and he also pulled one of them or something? I dunno maybe you’ve seen that part.

          • deepgrim

            You must be talking about the heel hook submission at the end, it was out of nowhere. if you check out 5 best submissions of all time it will be in it

        • lowlb

          Meh.. checking a kick you cover up your vulnerable parts with less vulnerable parts. My mom would do the same move and she doesn’t train. It’s a knee-jerk reaction. If you watch the Weidman reaction, he doesn’t do anything tricky. He’s just covering up and then talking BS.. The guy’s a tool. I think I agree with you regarding Silva (and Machida) they don’t de well against wrestlers- that’s all… We’ll see if Machida learned from the Davis fight. And Weidman certainly dominated AS on the ground. He’s a tool but did very well against an irrelevant AS.

  • Joe

    Ok go ahead and beat Machida, Belfort, Souza, then beat whoever losses Jones Gus fight. You do that and fans will start to entertain the idea of you being better than Anderson.

    • Trevor

      Exactly! I love how so many idiots here are think Chris is the new GOD. Seriously he has had the luxury of beating a clowning Anderson (who deserved to lose for being a moron) but Chris Weidman fought a guy who would lose eventually and as far as I am concerned he was there when the time was right. Weidman wil not be around long ….and checking leg kicks IS STANDARD….not in a million years did Weidman believe that would happen to Silva’s leg but after the fight he has decided that was the plan.

    • $84275998

      No way Weidman could defend his belt against the likes of Travis Lutter, Patrick Cote,Thales Leities and Maia.

      Get off Silva’s nuts cheerleaders. Silva had his shot against Chris twice and couldn’t make it out of the 2nd round in either fight.

      Destroying a guy twice means your better than him.

  • Seth

    Duhh…He beat him twice, kinda obvious he’s better.

    People saying checking kicks is a fluke – go to muay thai gym and try to check kicks. It ain’t easy, huh? You can’t check kick WITH PURE LUCK. It’s not something that comes naturally as punching – anybody can put his fists up and throw a hook or a jab. But it takes a lot of time to develop a habit of checking kicks. You can’t go “Ow, I think Im gonna check next kick” during a fight. You can’t do that – you have to spent hours and hours in the gym, checking kick to make sure your body reacts on its own when someone tries to kick you.

    For every single fan that says “Ow, he won that fight with luck” or “that was a fluke” – again, I invite you to any DECENT muay thai gym and see how easy checking kicks is. But good advice – before that make sure you have some ice at home, so you can put it on your leg when you are done. Some crothces may come in handy as well for a few days…

    • put me in the sauna coach

      yup Silva danced around and clowned plenty of guys but Weidman was the only one who made him pay for it, Silva landed plenty of leg kicks but Weidman is the one who checked them to the point it snapped his leg in 2. Those wins are completely legit.

    • Macnlx

      tops to him that he won the first one for the clowning that anderson showed.. but the second fight weidman didnt prove thsat he is the better fighter.. checking leg kick is still a defensive manouver..

      • Seth

        Then like I said – go to muay thai gym and try it. Why do you think guys like Pat Barry have wins via leg kicks? If you can’t check them, you are done. Chris knows it – that’s why he trained how to check them and make sure that opponent won’t attempt them again. To learn how to perfectly check a kick, especially during a fight – it’s EXTREMLY hard thing to do. It’s not because of luck that we rarely see it – its because there is just few guys which can block those kicks perfectly.

        • mmalive

          Seth, MR DUMMY. More of your STUPID COMMENTS AGAIN?

          Chris won first fight due to Anderson clowning around and got caught.

          Chris won 2nd fight due to FLUKE leg break by Anderson.

          Unless Chris BEAT Anderson badly then it was FLUKE WIN.

          BTW, I like Chris, but Machida will put a beating on him UNLESS Chris catches him early.

          • Seth

            I guess I have my first fan/hater (depends how you look at it). Nice.

            And now, listen. Leg kicks – especially at UFC level – are too fast to react to them on your own. If your body wasn’t drilled for hours and hours to check them – you won’t check them. Checking leg kick is as much as a technique in martial arts, as that lovely punch which knocked Anderson out. If a KO win isn’t legit enough for you – then nothing will be. You are sure TJ BEAT Renan? Maybe that was a fluke too, hm? Mr. Smartass. You guys will always bring Chris down – when he beats Machida, you will make up another excuse for it “oh, Machida should drop to 170 as he said last week or so”, “he was small LHW and he is small MW” or something like “Oh, Weidman was lucky again” – last one sounds like most common excuse for people to deny his TWO BACK-TO-BACK wins over Anderson. If you want to see lucky KO – check out Duffee/Rusow fight. Rusow was getting the S— beat out of him till he landed that one punch.

            Besides, weren’t we there already? I mean, talking about how Machida will beat the champion, because Lyoto is just too much for a champ? Wait…YES! We’ve been! Right before he got CHOKED OUT completly by Jones. Hype him more, come on, let put him higher – because higher you are, the more it hurts when you fell.

  • brad king

    lyoto will school this weidman feller.

    • mmalive

      Great point Brad. Machida will school Weidman. BTW, I like Weidman. He is a humble guy.

  • Luis

    Weidman seems like a great champ and a really nice guy….but I don’t see him dominating as long as Anderson did…Anderson was the greatest ever until he got old and that happens to everyone eventually so its just time to move on. But I think it will be some time before we see another Anderson caliber fighter.

  • Jenny

    Chris may be better at 30 than Anderson @ 38 but who cares about the analogy ….Chris is probably better than my grandma too! Lets just see how long he last…..NOT TOO LONG.

  • Denny Swain

    Silva said that he had longest training camps ever when preparing for weidman and he was in greatest shape ever. He also stated recently that he wont fight weidman ever again because weidman beat him up twice now. Regardless, if anderson played around in fight or not, weidman was still supposed to fight his fight and do what he was supposed to do and that was to knock a f ‘n hole in silvas chin. Silva always “played ” with opponents thus discouraging most of them but it didn’t work on weidman. Most these people who didn’t like silva losing act as if he never “played “with opponent and he did it every fight. Go to local pharmacy and get some butt cream for that ache