Chris Weidman Expects War, Hopes to Finish in Rematch with Anderson Silva

October 2, 2013
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Chris Weidman UFC Champion-478x270A lot of people picked Chris Weidman to defeat Anderson Silva at UFC 162 on July 6, including several fighters, but no one predicted it would end the way it did.

Weidman did what he said he was going to do and took the fight to Silva.  He pressured the former champion.  Early in the second round, Weidman landed a left hand that ended Silva’s title reign and set up one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history.

The two will do it again on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and it’s important to Weidman that he finishes Silva again to prove it was no fluke the first time.

“Very important.  I want to go out there and shine.  Obviously, there’s been a lot of doubters out there,” Weidman recently said during a UFC World Tour: Weidman vs. Silva 2 press stop in Brazil.

The success of his first title defense begins in the gym.

“The biggest thing for me is to train every single day.  It doesn’t just start when I walk into that cage,” said Weidman.  “Every day I’ve got to train as hard as I can, and just go out there and go as hard as I can.  Any type of instincts I’m feeling at the time, I’ve got to go for it, otherwise I’m going to have regrets.  And I’m going to be going for the finish the whole time.  That’s just the way I fight.”

Weidman doesn’t plan to change his strategy for the rematch and believes he’ll be an improved fighter when he steps in the cage at UFC 168.

“Pretty much the same strategy.  The only difference is, around this time before the last fight, I was nursing an injury and I wasn’t able to improve.  Right now, I’m able to still workout and improve every day,” he said.  “That’s really the only difference.   As far as strategy, it’s kind of the same for every one of my fights; walk forward.  It’s a chess game out there.  If he thinks I’m doing one thing, I’m going to do the other.”

While the first fight was one-sided, Weidman is expecting a war in the rematch.

“He’s as good as everybody thinks he is.  He’s known as the greatest of all time for a reason,” he said. “It’s no fluke.  He’s a stud.  I’m expecting a war in the next fight, and I’m hoping for a finish.”

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  • Scottyp7

    ring rust from 2 surgeries and a year away from the ring, dealing with the loss of his house and still Weidman dominates the majority of the Match and gets the KO. Healthy with a full 100% camp. should be fun.

    • Jonas

      Not taking anything from Weidman, but I believe this time it’s gonna be even harder to him to defeat Silva. Although Silva says he didn’t underestimate Weidman, I do believe now he’s gonna come up as we used to see him performing, like his first UFC fights. In the begining he didn’t play with the fighters, he used to destroy them instead. The first seven Silva UFC fights lasted less than two rounds. Somehow I think he got bored and this loss was something that he needed.

  • Should Weidman win again I look forward to reading all of the excuses Anderson Silva nuthuggers will make

    • MuayThaiFood

      I have a hunch that a large percentage of people who describe other people as “nuthuggers” hang truck nuts off their bumpers to define themselves.

      • marcus miles

        If your a silva fan your considered a nut hugger. if your a weidman fan, your a nuthugger. whats the difference?

      • Michael J Wilding

        i can already hear you making excuses, hes way past his prime, i been saying for years hes slowed down, he was injured, he let chris win again etc………..

        • MuayThaiFood

          It’s going to be more interesting to hear your excuses since you think it’s a foregone conclusion that Weidman wins again. You’ll have to make excuses for the loss as well as defend the legitimacy of the first win.

          • Michael J Wilding

            legitimacy of the first win??? hahah he put the great legend anderson silva out cold i think that speaks for its self and weidman is undefeated something silva has never been hes lost more then just 1 fight so i think the legacy of silva is already wrote. A guy who has to cut 40 pounds to win and inviting lyoto machida down to his weight class says it all. Silva has all but given up, why else would lyoto be in the same class as him when they wont fight eachother?? Silva plans to retire plain and simple.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Please post a pic of your truck with 44″ tires and truck nuts.

          • Michael J Wilding

            yep butthurt little silva fans get over it little kid your hero got destroyed hes an old fragile man he cant hang anymore.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I wish your other comment hadn’t gotten censored so everyone on here could see what an insecure little child you are. Psychologists call that projecting and it’s a defensive measure. You said I would make excuses for Anderson and then you make one by calling him an “old fragile man”. You’re not going to drag me into a war of wits with the witless.

          • Michael J Wilding

            you need to get over it kid the p**** brazilians are done none of the guys from pride are any good now they have all been dethroned.

          • Michael J Wilding

            and just so you know creamofsomeyunguy isnt muay thai food lol

    • Kenny Powers

      And I hope when Anderson KO’s him you Weidman bandwagoners realize the first fight was Silva’s mistake, not Weidmans skills.

      • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

        You’re only as good as your opponent’s mistakes.

        • Ian Price

          Don’t worry, this time Weidman will finish Anderson without any accidental opening. It will be a submission or TKO.

      • jose

        I am a proctologist, and you are showing all the signs of a butt hurt fan. I got some ointment for you

      • Michael J Wilding

        silva is gonna get dominated again and go to sleep hes already planned his retirement.

  • Derek Lemaster

    I like both guys, and assuming Anderson learned gis lesson, we will get to see who really is the best 185 pounder. Cant wait!

    • Matthew Stone

      Haha I love the banter on here but some of it is just silly! I think both Weidmen and Siva are great, not sure how anyone can deny Silvas talent but then again you have to respect Weidmen, he kept his composure where everyone before him crumbled. I am very excited for the rematch and as I have said before if Silva fights like he did when he first entered the UFC (no fooling around) its gonna be interesting! I have to agree though that if he wins he will then only take super fights as wont fight Machida or Jacare. once his contract s fulfilled he will retire.
      I do think Silva needed to lose to make him re focus! Weidmen is a smart, hard working individual so will be hard to beat

      • Conrad Gonsalves

        most sensible comment so far..