Chris Weidman Doesn’t Want to ‘Share the Cage’ with Anderson Silva; He Wants to Finish Him

July 24, 2012
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Chris Weidman at UFC on Fuel 4Sometimes it’s the quiet ones you have to worry most about.

That seems to be the case when examining the short yet impressive UFC career of middleweight contender Chris Weidman.

Undefeated as a pro and now 5-0 in the UFC, Weidman has put together a decisive string of victories capped off most recently with a dominant TKO win over Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel 4.

Prior to the fight almost every viable middleweight was calling and shouting for their name to be the one to face champion Anderson Silva next. From Munoz to Michael Bisping to Alan Belcher, middleweights were shouting left and right about how they should be the choice to face Silva next.

Meanwhile, Weidman was just putting his head down, focusing on training and getting ready to make his impact in the Octagon. On the Richter scale, Weidman hit with about a 9.0.

Now with five wins in the UFC, three finishes, and two wins over top ten opponents, Weidman believes he has the resume to make the case that it’s time to face Anderson Silva right now.

“Before the fight, there was literally five or six guys that were all trying to petition to fight Anderson Silva next, and I just kind of stayed quiet. I mean, I did just beat Demian Maia, who was a top five guy, and none of those guys have even beaten a top five guy I don’t think for the most part. Bisping hasn’t even beat a top ten guy I think,” Weidman said when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio.

“I was just really focused on making a statement in this fight. I really wanted to make it blatantly obvious that I was ahead of the pack, and I think I did jump past those guys that were a little bit better at talking before my fight than I was.”

Last weekend, UFC president Dana White said that there was no clear cut No. 1 contender to face Anderson Silva next, but if they had to declare someone it would be Chris Weidman.

Now the former Division-1 All-American is doing his part to put it in everyone’s ears that he not only is at the top of the list, he is the list.

“I feel like I really deserve it. I beat two top five guys and I think I’m a stylistic nightmare for Anderson Silva. I would love to get that shot. No one else is on a five fight win streak and beat the quality of guys I’ve beaten. I’m ready to speak up a little bit, just be confident in my abilities and respectfully call out Anderson Silva,” Weidman declared.

There is a certain honor and prestige that goes along with fighting for a title in the UFC because so few fighters actually get to that level. Add to that the fact that Anderson Silva is by far the most dominant champion to ever step foot in the Octagon, and as his career starts to wind down the selection of opponents to face him will get even slimmer.

Of course Weidman would consider it an honor to face Silva, but he’s not looking to slap gloves, get knocked out and say “I stood in the cage with Anderson Silva once upon a time.”

No, Chris Weidman wants to be the fighter that dethrones, chokes out, knocks out, and just plain finishes Anderson Silva.

“If I’m fighting Anderson Silva, I’m going in there knowing I belong in there. I’m not going in there to beat him, I’m actually going in there I’m going to try to make a statement. I’m going to try to finish him. I know a lot of people who can’t imagine that happening and think I might be crazy, but as a competitor that’s the way I compete, that’s the way I train to really be the best, and I think I am,” Weidman stated.

“On paper, I’m definitely a stylistic nightmare and he’s going to be going against a guy who’s in there to beat him, and not like some of these other guys that he’s fought that just want to share the cage with him.”

Since Silva’s last victory over Chael Sonnen, the champion’s camp have listed a few possible names of opponents that could interest the middleweight king. While the UFC ultimately makes the decisions, Weidman understands why his name may not be mentioned when it comes to Silva’s team.

Sure, he’s not the most well known guy in the sport, and he won’t sell a fight like Chael Sonnen by talking trash and building up a rivalry.

Weidman knows he would be a huge underdog, he knows he might even be the unlikeliest of contenders, but there is one indisputable truth that the New York native also truly believes.

He can beat Anderson Silva.

“I’m the only guy on a five fight win streak. I’m undefeated. I’m young. I want to be a young champion. I want to have this belt for a long time,” said Weidman. “You have to build names, you have to take risks as far as a company, as far as a promotion. You have to take risks with guys and I’m a good guy to do that with.”

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  • WarriorScholar

    Really doesn’t deserve a shot just yet,maybe after two more quality opponents.

    • phrankthetank

      2 more?? There aren’t two more quality opponents between Weidman and silva. At most he’s one win away from his shot.

      • MaritalArtist

        He is zero to 1 fight away. So is Evans.

  • soboc1

    be careful what you wish for grasshoppah

  • BlackDog2009

    I was thinking Weidman needed one more win. But he is in a good position to claim number 1 spot to face Silva. The one that was best postured for a title shot was Munoz and Weidman dismantled Munoz. Bisping can’t claim that, he couldn’t beat Sonnen, so back to the end of the line he went. Maia can’t claim nothing, Weidman beat him. Sonnen got two title shots, and could not get it done. Boetch is hurt and plus he didn’t look convincing on his win over Lombard. And Lombard who was making noise, hushed the crow and the hype with his horrible performance against Boetch. With all that said, at this point Chris Weidman is the man to get a title shot imo. But again, it looks like Silva wants to duck him. Not only that but Weidman is young. He loses to Silva, it’s not that bad, he can make a comeback. He’s in a great position right now, Weidman is.

    • youre 100% wrong if you think a close loss to sonnen (many would argue he won that fight) puts bisping in the back of the line…that loss actually boosted his rank up…people gave bisping no shot and he shocked almost everyone w/ how well he performed…w/ that being said, i do think weidman has made the best case for a title shot…belcher is very close behind him tho…if belcher fights and beats belfort (as rumored for UFC 153) and impressively IMO hed be neck and neck w/ chris…your claim that silva is ducking weidman is completely rediculous…the kid hasnt been offered the title fight so how on earth can silva duck a guy he never once was in line to fight? silva has faced fighters with far more impressive resumes so why would he be afraid to fight a green prospect whose best win is over mark munoz? a guy who wasnt anywhere near a top tier MW? what was his best win? maia? a guy ran out of the MW division…lets be dead serious here…there isnt a MW in MMA that looks even remotely close to posing a real serious threat to AS…

      • phrankthetank

        Silva’s camp already said they have no interest in fighting Weidman. Silva absolutely tries to pick and choose his fights, he calls out smaller GSP but wants nothing to do with bigger jones, if sonnen hadn’t talked so much, silva never would have fought him a 2nd time. Now he’s saying he wants nothing to do with Weidman because he doesn’t have a name… But he’s saying he’d like to fight luke rockhold. The guy either needs to fight who’s put in front of him, or retire.

        • fishboard

          You are totally wrong.
          Silva did not want to fight because Sonnen has no respect. Look what happened to Sonnen. TKO, round 2.
          Jones said he did not want to fight with Silva.
          Weidman is not anyone if you compare it to Silva. Silva has more title defenses than the winning streak of Weidman.
          I also agree that Weidman needs one more fight.

          • phrankthetank

            No, jones and silva both said they didn’t want to fight, how can silva possibly call out the smaller guy for a super fight, but want nothing to do with the bigger guy? He didn’t want to fight sonnen because he lacked respect? No, he didn’t want to fight sonnen again because sonnen exposed him. Thats why he greased himself up before the fight. Sonnen talking that much trash is what got him the rematch. Anderson silva absolutely said he wouldn’t fight Weidman because he doesnt have a big enough name, but said he’s fight Luke rockhold who way less people have heard of. The sonnen issue is my opinion, (aside from the greasing) but everything else is fact. How could I possibly be totally wrong?

      • MaritalArtist

        I agree with you that bisping-sonnen was a close fight. And true, silva isn’t ducking anyone. But to say that no one is a serious threat to silva is a bunch of bs, IMO. First, I really do think that sonnen, Weidman, belfort, hendo and Evans are all 2:1 to 3:1 underdogs vs silva. Not 6:1 or something silly like that. In his last 15 fights, Silva has only faced 3 great “top 5” fighters IMO. Hendo, vitor and sonnen. I think Dana needs to make a decision now. No more waiting. Even though he’s really 1 top 5 win away from title contention, and no, stann is not top 5, they’ll probably give bisping the title shot with a convincing win, ahead of Weidman. Weidman should fight belcher or sonnen or Evans.

    • elguapo

      How on earth do you figure Anderson is ducking Weidmam? It’s absolutely ridiculous and there’s been no news to suggest thats the case. He can’t be accused of ducking Sonnen either, he beat him the first time (yes he was losing until he pulled off the sub) and then he humiliated him second time round. I’d say silva has two, maybe three, fights left before he retires and he wants to fight the biggest names possible to earn as much as possible. Right now, I think he’d want to fight Belfort again , then someone else, then finish his career with Chael again.

      • Triggerman99

        Yeah I agree. If anyone is trying to claim that Silva is somehow ducking Chris freakin Weidman, they either need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and try to figure out why they insist on inventing reasons to hate on Silva or go and get their head checked. That’s absurd and clearly biased Silva-hate.

        • MaritalArtist

          I pretty much agree. I’d say he should fight twice a year for another couple years and call it quits. That’s 3-5 more fights. Here’s my wish list, mr Anderson: GSP or jones, vitor, another top 5 fighter from the mix (Weidman/belcher/boetsch/bisping), hendo at MW, and of course sonnen. Even though i don’t expect all these fights to occur, at least a few of them would be great. A vitor, hendo, and/or Chael rematch would be just awesome. And of course an elusive “superfight”.

      • phrankthetank

        The champion doesn’t fight who he wants to fight, he fights whoever earns a shot at the belt.

        • Triggerman99

          And he will. He has never done differently in the past, even with Sonnen. Anyone who says different is hate-mongering and nothing more.

          • phrankthetank

            What do you mean? He’s done nothing but talk about what fights he’s interested in and not interested in since his last fight ended.

          • Triggerman99

            What I mean is it doesn’t matter who he says he wants to fight; he can say whatever he wants to say. It’s his right. But in the end, he will fight who ever is put in front of him. To try and crap on him for choosing opponents is ridiculous, because it’s ultimately not up to him. To try and slander him by claiming that he picks and chooses who he fights is uninformed and ignorant. It’s a biased stance to take, because Silva has always fought the top guys – always- and he has always defeated them. Of course he has an opinion, but that’s not reality. The reality is that he will and has always fought who was put in front of him, and for the last several years, he has been victorious against every one of them.

          • phrankthetank

            He hasn’t always tried to do it, but it does seem that in the last couple of years that he’s been trying to get the fights he wants. My biggest point in that aspect is the whole super fight scenario. How can he call out GSP, a much smaller fighter who’s never fought above 170, yet he refuses to fight jones, a much bigger fighter, in a division in which silva has been successful. Yes, jones doesn’t want the fight either, but GSP not wanting the fight never stopped silva from asking for it. Yes, silva is a phenomenal fighter who’s laid waste to an entire division, but he calls out fighters he thinks he can beat and makes excuses for not wanting to fight certain fighters. How can you not want to fight Weidman because he isn’t established, but you want to fight Luke rockhold? It’s nonsense.

          • Triggerman99

            I think this is a matter of taking peices of facts that you like and using them to help your arguement, while disregarding the rest of the fact. The GSP superfight is the wish of the fans. Silva didn’t call him out. He merely said he would fight him if the opportunity presented itself. Also, GSP has never said he absolutely doesn’t want the fight like you’re making it sound. he just said if he accepts it, he’s going to stay at MW, and he’s not ready for that yet. It’s not like Silva is hounding him about it and trying to bully him into it.
            But whatever. If superfights are your only sticking point in your arguement about Silva picking his opponents, it’s really not even worth debating.

  • zap

    Belcher first. Then we’ll see

  • dathump

    He is in need of another big name fight first, Wanderlei or Franklin, or even Leban (although not contenders, well known) to up his PPV draw before Dana will give him his shot. His name isn’t big enough YET to carry a PPV main event. Put him in a slug fest with Leban once he is back or a win over another vetern should put him in a postition to fill Dana’s wallet er… I mean a PPV main event.

    • phrankthetank

      As much as I like leben, he is nowhere near a fight with Weidman. Wanderlei isn’t a contender. Franklin could be an option.

      • dathump

        I know neither are a contender, but people who really follow mma are already going to watch, it’s the casual fan that Weidman needs to boost his audiance. Leban has a huge following because of TUF and his fighting style, and everyone knows the Axe murderer. A couple of highlight reel moments would help his name. Talent isn’t his issue, ticket sales is.

        • shakejunt

          pretty sure there are better ways to boost his ppv hype than to put him against guys who are coming off losses

          • MaritalArtist

            I’m gonna go off on a limb here and say it won’t matter much who Anderson fights. The ticket sales will be great. That’s why I’m saying give the title fight to bisping in jan/feb 2013 if he manhandles the marine (even though others may deserve it more). Then Weidman/Evans winner can fight Anderson in the summer. Vitor/belcher/Franklin/sonnen can do a little tournament thingy to determine who fights Anderson at the end of 2013. GSP can also enter in the mix after november’s fight with condit, if he wants to. He can pretty much guarantee an immediate MW title shot if he calls out the spider. Jesus that would be a hyped fight, maybe even more so than 148.

  • rodrigogomes

    Weidman I think that you cannot win Silva, of course that this fight will be interesting but Silva will win it.