Chris Weidman Discusses Anderson Silva’s Broken Leg and Facing Vitor Belfort Next (Video)

December 29, 2013
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UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman discusses his UFC 168 win over former titleholder Anderson Silva, Silva’s broken leg and putting his title on the line against Vitor Belfort next.

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  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    Next up for retirement Vitor im a cheating ass Belfort.

    • Doc

      Belfort doesn’t cheat stupid, if you knew anything about TRT which is NOT steroids or PED’s if used the proper way ANYONE can use it! Stupid Fckng moron!

      • Ron Bidelman Jr.

        Well my response didn’t get accepted so I’ll give you a tamer one sfbs. He cheats like a bitch and everyone knows it but you. Why the fk do you think he only fights in Brazil now dumbfk?? Cuz when he fights in the states he can’t have the required amount of drugs to keep his old ass going past the 2nd round. Ignorant fkn goat!!!

      • Nate

        How can u say it’s not cheating stupid. If he can’t fight in Vegas because of failed drug test with his tr levels. Look at him now and 3 yrs ago. F****** cheater is going to take a pounding

  • james j

    TRT is a farce.

  • james j

    I still laugh at Vitor’s piss performance when he lost to Tito. Hence, TRT and he is winning as he ages. Right.

  • George Burkhardt

    chris just needs to weather the first 2 rds of the vitor blitz n he will dominate vitor from there on imo, vitor has been known to gas out after 2nd rd, i dont think vitor will b able to take down chris n i think chris can take vitor down,it will b hard but he can do it n then he can gnp vitor nicely