Chris Weidman Coach Believes Anderson Silva is Going to Have a “Bad Night” in Rematch

July 24, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman UFC 162 staredownUFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman ended Anderson Silva’s seven-year reign atop the middleweight division at UFC 162 on July 6 by knockout.  The two are set to rematch on Dec. 28 at UFC 168, and Weidman’s coach, Ray Longo, thinks it’s going to be another bad night for Silva.

“This guy had a highlight reel that would scare the crap out of anybody.  Now, knowing that he can knock this guy out – you’ve seen it in boxing a hundred times, guys don’t come back from that type of knockout.  On top of that, the guy is 40 or 39 or whatever he is.  I don’t see it,” Longo told content partner Shameless Radio about the rematch.

Longo expects Weidman to have even more confidence heading into their second fight, now equipped with the knowledge of what to expect.

“I think Weidman is going to go in more confident than he was in the first fight.  He knows what to expect with all the mugging and all the antics. I think it is really going to be a bad night for Anderson Silva again,” he said.

Following the stunning knockout win for Weidman at UFC 162, reactions ranged from disbelief to conspiracy theories.  Excuses flew, blaming Silva’s clowning.  Some even alleged that Silva threw the fight, but not many gave Weidman his due.

Longo believes the skeptics, excuse makers and conspiracy theorists will further motivate Weidman.

“If you know Chris, it is just going to motivate him.  It really is,” he said.

UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva 2 is expected to be one of the biggest events in UFC history.  The fight card also features another high profile rematch between UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and former Strikeforce titleholder Miesha Tate.

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  • MMAfan74

    Weidmans coaches best go back and watch GSP/Serra 2. If they think for 1 second Silva will play with this guy again. lm not saying the 1st time was a fluke for Weidman but in Andersons case if you play with fire you’re bound to get burnt, which he did. I just think we’ll see a completely different Silva in the rematch.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Weidman, a wrestler, strong jj skills, impressive knockout accuracy, good chin, young, full of confidence. Silva isn’t gonna fare differently next time I gather.

    • Milosc


    • Nethypla

      MMAfan74 – I’m glad you referenced that GSP/Serra fight. People are acting like Weidman beat an Anderson Silva who was fighting at his best level. If you watch the replays, Silva was jerking around a got ko’d when his eyes were closed. That has yet to happen when he’s serious and the wrestling aspect, Weidman was less effective than Sonnen’s was so again based on experience and weapons, I believe Silva is gonna tune him up. No disrespect to Weidman as I am a Long Islander too.

      • Werdoomb

        This is NOT GSP vs Serra. What are you talking about?

        Serra: Was a nobody prior to the GSP fight and was a major major major underdog.

        Weidman: Prior to the Silva fight he was undefeated promising prospect. He was an underdog but not a major underdog. Pros had him winning.

        So quit with his GSP vs Serra bs comparison.

        GSP got “caught” in that fight. Silva wasn’t “caught” since he lost the first round.

        Had Silva beat Weidman 10-8 in the first round, I would have said Silva got “caught”. But no. Silva lost the first round 10-9.

        • Nethypla

          Okay, let me ask you this….do you truly believe that Weidman beat an Anderson Silva who was fighting his absolute best? If you do then I have nothing I can say to you. The pros based their verdict on Weidman’s wrestling and his lack of fear of Silva, those are the same attributes that Sonnen had against Silva. Sonnen grappled and beat the garbage out of Silva for 4.5 rds and still lost. Weidman did not beat Silva because of his wrestling, he beat him because he stayed focused (respect for Weidman) and took advantage of an opportunity created by Silva’s clowning. The GSP/Serra comparison IMO will be about the mindset of Silva, that he will come in to destroy just like GSP did that second fight. If Weidman, who has my respect btw, can beat a focused non-clowning Silva, then the debate will be over and i will simply been incorrect in my assessment.

    • afansinceufc1

      Take silvas nuts out of your mouth and face the facts, he got used the start of first round on the ground so had to resort to trying to make a mistake by doing the clowning around act and it backfired and he got ktfo. He dont clown the next fight he will get taken down and abused. Anderson is a great fighter but he has met his match with weidman

      • ufc expert

        Trust me “he back” if anderson said he back, he back. I can’t believe u guys, u
        Think Weidman can beat silva if he decides to turn up the oven on is ass
        U guys know ufc kiss my ass. And f*** usa. Weidman is going to get stomped
        This time trust me. That man never faught In that fight. And I’m not taking
        Nothing from weidman. But he can’t beat

        • t

          Believe me, you cant take anything from weidman! Weidman is such an inspiration

          • joko

            Weidman is an inspiration? The guy is the most boring champ in history. He has the personality of a rock. He looked like a confused little boy in that first fight until one of his flailing desperate punches landed. Respect for Weidman for doing what he did, but a stricklty business silva will send Weidman back to high school wrestling.

          • t

            You sir are truly butt hurt.someone call a proctologist please!!! So very sad. Reading between the lines, i can see your admiration of silva is on the verge of worship. You probably cried when weidman connected with that picture perfect left hook. I cant imagine your estrogen filled feelings you went thru when weidman put the final touches on silva via gnp

          • mma pioneer

            No actually I said good for him. because now, silva will stop all
            That clowning s***. And get back
            To business as usual, stomping out the ufc. And koodos to his
            1 loss so far in the ufc. Everybody
            Loses nobody had went unbeaten
            in the ufc so far. They all lose eventually.
            Its how u come back after a loss.
            And weidman will lose in the ufc
            Too just give him “some more” fights. And every fighter gets caught with those gloves its ufc.
            And how much man anderson served
            Before he got caught “toying”
            With weidman.

      • t

        Finally someone who knows the truth

    • drkdisciple

      excellent point…cant wait to read all the excuses the Weidman nut-huggers2.0 will come up with after the rematch!

    • Lamont

      I bet you thought silva was gonna win first fight too. You were wrong then and you are wrong now.

    • Lamont

      First of all, silva always fights like that and in pre weidman bouts he was labeled a defensive wizard who let his opponents swing freely and hit air thus destroying them mentally , but when weidman maintained composure and got the ko, everyone wants to take all the credit from weidman saying silva was clowning,but i thought he was doing the defensive wizard stuff not clowning.another thing, when silva wasnt clowning, he was on the ground getting pounded

      • Matthew Stone

        watch how Silva fought Belfort, Leben, Franklin etc, did he clown around, noooooo as he meant business. Total precision I think Weidman is very good and mean no disrespect but he didn’t capitalise on taking Anderson down and only had success when Anderson started messing around. I could have knocked him out the way he was acting. I think as long as Anderson can get over being knocked out he will maul Weidman within 3

    • Mickey Forbes

      I agree. If Silva has that fire lit up inside it could be a short night for Chris.

    • silva says

      Silva said before fight, i trained 4 months for chris (silvas longest training camp ever), i feel better and in shape now than ever before. I will win fight to secure my legac,i had the best training camp i ever had.
      After fight, I COULDN’T HIT CHRIS, chris champion now, respect champion, i no more fight chris, chris is best in world.
      After dana and psychologists talk to silva, I back .lol.dana has talked silva into another beating. Weidman is such an inspiration!!! A real role model for kids especially, unlike silvas disrespectful a..

  • Joe

    I like how he compared Anderson to boxers who lose and are never the same, People seem to forget that Anderson has lost before, and always comes back better. I look forward to the rematch and I’m torn on who I want to win.Anderson who is one of my all time favorites since the Steibling fight, or my fellow countryman, as I do like Americans holding the titles.

    • Werdoomb

      Anderson lost to guys nearly ten years ago. And yes, he did get “caught” against Ryo Chonan.

      The loss to weidman definitely affects him.

      • MikeyMic

        Once again you’re right… it did affect thehSpider… after loosing to Ryo 2004 ge basically rebounded and went undefeated for almost 10 years, not counting the Dq to Okami.

    • pop

      Always!!!! Always want your country man to win

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Next time Anderson may not clown, but that means as he strikes, Weidman can counter with takedowns. Silva doesn’t want to be taken down by Weidman, which is why he started clowning. People say clowning lost him the fight, we’ll he wasn’t clowning at the start of the first round. He got taken down and Weidman landed a couple big shots. The alternatives will be the same for Silva next time around.

    • Werdoomb

      I see Weidman getting more confident and Silva more timid.

      • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

        Exactly. Anderson was keeping his hands low to counter the grappling of Weidman. The only way he could get away with his hands so low was by clowning. And he paid for it. In the rematch I see Weidman GnP and grinding Anderson down, and winning by RNC in the 3rd or 4th.

    • Brazilianjim

      A couple of big shots that did absolutely nothing to Anderson. People keep thinking that Anderson is weak on the mat, but he is actually far superior than Weidman himself. If Anderson never learned properly how to defend takedowns, he became a master in deffending himself once he is on his back. Last night I watched an interview in brazilian television with AS, and when he was asked what will be different in the rematch, first thing he said is: “My hands will be up here all night”(and raised his hands to the level of his forehead). That, for me, is all it takes for him to beat Weidman in devastating fashion.

      • Matty

        I agree. This is the reason Weidman is the underdog already for fight#2. Silva will destroy him. Didn’t everyone notice how much slower Weidman was in the first fight.

        • fo

          No only rogans dunbass thought that Weidman was slower.I certainly did not

  • MikeyMic

    Longo is an idiot… No one cares that Longo thinks his fighter is going to win and give the Spider a bad night. No one even knew who he was until UFC162. As soon as Chris looses his belt Longo will fade back into the abyss that was once Serra career.

    • Werdoomb

      u r an idiot.

      • MikeyMic

        Wow that is an intelligent comment/retort . Does the word bias mean anything to you. The point i’m making is simple , so lets hope you can follow along . First of all anyones coach is suppose to be biased for his fighter and against his fighters opponent. Secondly, Longo hasn’t been news worthy since Matt Serra. Thirdly coaches opinions don’t win fights.
        That is all!!!

        • man

          I doubt you ever made news.who are you?

          • MikeyMic

            Wow, I offer my opinion, supported by facts, and all you have to say is “i doubt you ever made news, who are you? ” LOL stop wasting my time, and live up to your name, “man” up and engage in an intellectual discussion supported by the use of facts. Otherwise keep studying … you can start by telling me any other active UFC fighter that Longo currently coaches other then Weidman… when you realize in “combat sports” fighters make coaches, you’ll understand why Longos opinion is irrelevant when talking about his own fighter!!!

          • pop

            You threw a stone, saying longo hasn’t been news worthy since serra. Man asked you, when have you made the news at all? It seems that is the standard you set to say that someone is successful. Please elaborate.

          • MikeyMic

            You seem incorrect in your understanding of my point. To clarify, success was never brought into the discussion by anyone other then you. I do feel, however, to elaborate Longo is a “successful” coach of a former and a current Champion. My point is and always will be this, any coach is biased towards the success of his own fighter. Therefore his opinion regarding the outcome of a fight should not be a surprise or even news worthy , unless a fighters coach said ” I think My Fighter is going to have a bad night.” To be specific, in the case of Longo, he only started making headlines after Chris had won the belt. Where were all the Longo headlines after all the Weidman fights.

            As for me making the new, only a handful of times. But I see your point. I only offer my opinion, as an avid MMA fan. Just like you and everyone else dropping comments.

            And just to hammer in what my point is yet again,”should we care that any of the coaches on UF or FM think that there team/fighters are going to win?”… that’s like someone parent saying “I think my child is the best!”

  • Manuel Lopez

    Weidman will not lose that belt. Silva will be devastated after a second loss.

  • MikeyMic

    FYI people Silva has never lost to fights back to back. It took the best Chris Weidman to beat Anderson, and it will take the best Weidman to beat Anderson a second time. We have yet to see the best Silva face the Weidman. This is Weidman and true MMA fans want the rematch. Anything can happen.

    • Werdoomb

      You could have said the same thing about Fedor. But he lost to Bigfoot.

      Lol at your doomb logic.

      • MikeyMic

        You’re right, I could have said it then… and I did. I would have loved to see Bigfoot rematch Fedor to see if could happen again. Especially since Bigfoot wasn’t as highly regarded as Weidman is. You clearly don’t remember the fight with Fedor and Bigfoot. Fedor came out to fight and was swinging for the fences like he usually does. Bigfoot beat Fedor for two whole rounds in all aspects of the game and Fedor never came out for the third. You can’t even compare Fedors effort that night with A.S. effort against Weidman. Get an MMA IQ and then come talk to me about my logic.

        • fo

          Bigfoot did not beat Fedor in the first round bafoon

          • MikeyMic

            Read my post again you illiterate wannabe MMA fan. “Bigfoot beat Fedor for two whole rounds in all aspects of the game and Fedor never came out for the third.”

    • Baller31

      Actually, that was the best silva. He said he had a great camp, he came in injury free in great shape, and he still got beat in every aspect of the fight.

      • MikeyMic

        People say alot of things. If what you say is true about Anderson being at his best, other then money, why have the immediate rematch? If Weidman truly beat the best Anderson Silva, a rematch would be pointless. Taking nothing away from Weidman, but he has said he wants the rematch to prove to himself and to the world that it wasn’t a fluke.

        • Baller31

          I would have liked to see them both have another fight before a rematch, because to me immediate rematches only make sense in a split decision victory

          • MikeyMic

            I agree whole heartedly.

  • L

    The Silva Conspiracy Theorists give Conspiracy Theorists a bad name.

  • Connerjames00

    Please stop sckn Silva sack..weidman will have his hand raised then you can all start whining and making excuses cause your mom s didn’t hug you enough

  • silva says

    Silva said, respect chris, chris new champion, chris best in world, i couldn’t hit chris, i no fight chris, i fight anybody else but chris, chris hit hard, he no play, he make me poo on self.
    I think that says it all, silva really dont want to fight chris. Dana and psychiatrist are prepping silva for another beatdown.

  • anderson

    Chris hit me hard, im scared to rematch cause chris make me poopoo on self. I said i didnt want to fight chris again but dana make me, i scared

  • VanillaGorilla

    MMAfan74……Silva said himself that he will do it again because it’s part of the “game” and part of who he is as a fighter.

  • MMAfan74

    Let me clarify my post to those who think im nut hugging. I referenced the GSP/Serra 2 fight because it showed how different a rematch can go. Maybe i shouldve mentioned Cain/JDS 2….but im sure i’ll catch heat for that too. Nowhere in my statement I said Weidman didn’t fight a smart fight, he did. Its not a secret that Silva has had problems with wrestlers in the UFC, Lutter, Henderson, Sonnen, so for those saying Weidman took him down and dominated on the ground, it’s not a shocker, the 3 fighters i mentioned did the same thing and lost. All fighters make a mistake in a fight and a smart fighter will make them pay for it which is exactly what happened. Could Weidman win the rematch? Sure he could, he has the tools however, he better be prepared for a different Anderson Silva.

  • Marc Livingood

    I agree I called the 2nd round K.O for those who follow my blog. It wont matter what Silva does if he comes out too aggressive he will be taken down and smashed don’t expect any knee bar attempts this time. Also Jon Jones will be destroyed in his fight you heard it here first fight fans. Guys are impressive when their mush taller and longer then there opposition. Match them up with some one their own size with equal or greater skills it will end badly.

    • t

      I do believe this to be true

  • levitate


  • Piss Off

    You guys critique their fighting so much, but none of you could win a fight against either of these guys. So keep running your mouths like your opinion actually matters.

  • hahahahaha