Cheick Kongo’s Contract Complete with Roy Nelson Loss; No New UFC Deal Expected

May 1, 2013
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Courtesy of Damon Martin and official content partner Bleacher Report.

Cheick-Kongo-UFC-137-Post_1271There has been more than a little bit of confusion surrounding UFC heavyweight Cheick Kongo and his status with the UFC following his loss to Roy Nelson at UFC 159.

Reports began to surface on Wednesday that because his profile on had been removed, Kongo had been released from the UFC following his recent loss.

Since the defeat, Kongo has made no public statement about his future with the UFC, but speculation ran wild that he had been cut from the roster.  The loss at UFC 159 moved Kongo’s record to 2-2 over his last four fights overall.

UFC officials confirmed with Bleacher Report on Wednesday via email that Kongo’s fight at UFC 159 was actually the last bout on his current contract.   At this time, it appears his deal with the promotion will not be renewed.

Kongo began his run with the promotion all the way back in 2006 when he had his first fight at UFC 61 against Gilbert Aldana.

Throughout his time with the UFC, Kongo amassed a 11-6-1 record overall while picking up wins against fighters such as Mirko “Cro Cop”, Pat Barry and Matt Mitrione.  His victory over Barry is considered one of the greatest comebacks in UFC history—Kongo was knocked down twice in the first round only to battle back with a knockout punch that won him the fight and the “Knockout of the Night” bonus to boot.

Kongo also went to a draw with current heavyweight competitor Travis Browne in a closely contested bout.

While always a competitor in the heavyweight division, Kongo struggled to ever reach the heights of the weight class, falling just short every time he appeared to be on a run towards contender status.

Losses to names like Cain Velasquez, Frank Mir and Mark Hunt always seemed to keep Kongo from getting into scenarios that would lead to title fights.  His most recent loss last weekend at UFC 159 ended after former winner of The Ultimate Fighter Roy Nelson connected with a huge overhand right that sent the French heavyweight crashing to the canvas.

With all signs pointing towards the UFC not renewing his contract at this time, Kongo will likely fight for a new promotion when he signs his next deal at some point in 2013.

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  • Lawdog1521

    Not really surprising. When he first got started he had no ground defense but great striking. By the time he got his take down defense decent, his striking wasn’t special anymore.

    • ned sto

      That pretty much sums it up.

      Not sure if his striking skills were ever special considering he circled into Nelson power hand, with his guard down, and did not have the footwork to avoid being pushed back to the fence. ( very disappointing fight )

      He’s an imposing figure for sure, but that doesn’t cut it anymore. He’ll make a great addition to another organizations HW division.

      At 239? I wonder if he could make LHW. Looks like he might be able to lose a bit of muscle weight and then dehydrate.

      • dan

        It’s that Wolflair’s camp that sucks ass. Bisping circled to Hendo’s power shot too. And lets not forget how bad Rampage fell off when he moved there.

  • I think we’ll probably see him in the WSOF. Not that many decent heavyweights outside the UFC but I think he’ll be able to get a few decent paydays before he retires. Maybe a Bob Sapp vs Kongo superfight in ONE FC 🙂

    • Sir_Roy

      Bob Sapp. Lol. That name belongs no where near any respectable fighter’s. He’d probably tap or quit to a simple backhand to the nose; “ah man, ref, my eyes are all watered up, I can’t continue this fight!”

      Bob “the circus clown” Sapp. Nice.

      • Joe

        I loved watching Bob fight top fighters. His sized overwhelmed a lot of people he did not belong in the ring with, but when he lost it was an epic David vs Goliath, and made a legendary fight.

        • Advance*

          Apparently you haven’t seen him recently

        • Sir_Roy

          Which top fighters? The only “top fighter” of his generation he stepped into the ring with was Mirko Cro Cop. Sapp took one kick and crumbled like a cookie. As soon as Bob takes any damage at all, he wusses out. He’s a 300lbs baby. He fought outside of his weight class and overwhelmed third rate smaller fighters at best with his sheer size … unless I’m forgetting a few here …

          • Superbozniak

            Actually, this is not true. Bob Sapp also fought Minautoro in an epic fight and other big names back then like Fujita, Rolles Gracie or Minowa. Bob Sapp was never a real threat in MMA but he was feared like no one in K1 after he dismantle one of the greatest kick boxer of all time in Ernesto Hoost. But you are right, he is a 300lbs baby.

          • Sir_Roy

            True. But he outweighed all those blokes by 100lbs of muscle too.

  • Derek Lemaster

    I would love to see him and Arlovski!

  • DamianCross

    One less gym rat in the HEAVYweights. Our coup of beer belly butterball domination is going exactly as planned! MWAHAHAHHAHA!!!

    • Yannick Messaoud

      Dana said it there will be at least 100 more release, to be honest i was surprised he was not release before that.

  • Kongo vs Alexander Emelianenko. or Andrei Arlovsky or Barnett.

    • Sir_Roy

      I would tune in for those.