Cheick Kongo Turned Down Fight Against Roy Nelson at TUF 16 Finale

November 16, 2012
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There’s always more to the story when it comes to a fighter stepping in as a late replacement after an injury occurs.

The story this time around involves the Ultimate Fighter 16 finale following Shane Carwin being forced out of his fight against fellow coach Roy Nelson after suffering a knee injury.

While the eventual replacement was found in former Ultimate Fighter competitor Matt Mitrione, the call did go out to some other heavyweights.

One fighter who was offered the bout against Nelson, but turned it down was French born heavyweight Cheick Kongo.

According to a Twitter message via UFC President Dana White, the call was made to Kongo to see if he would accept the bout against Nelson in December.

“Kongo turned it down,” wrote White in response.

Kongo last fought in July when he won a unanimous decision over Shawn Jordan in a largely lackluster bout. Kongo hasn’t commented about being offered the fight, but according to his Twitter account he’s currently at home in France.

Now it appears with Kongo turning down the bout against Nelson for the TUF 16 finale show, he will probably have to wait until 2013 for another fight.

  • Loser personified.

  • insane187288

    or do the better thing drop a fighter scared of a challenge. i used to love kongo but after this, drop a second rate fighter

    • JohnG

      Ya u must of really loved him to turn on him so easy. Lol you are a pathetic human being

      • insane187288

        do you even watch the UFC? have you seen how he folded against top fighters everytime. pathetic huh… do your homework before trying to get into it with me. and look what stepping up to fight gets you title shots so again do your homework first.

        • inyoface

          so your homework told you Kongo is scared??? First, hes lost 1 fight in his last six. Second, you have no idea why he turned the fight down. i dont think he even had a fight scheduled. Maybe he was somewhere on vacation, maybe hes healing injuries. Third, stepping up to fight roy nelson isnt going to get you a title shot buddy.

  • bendo’s abs

    One month’s time is not enough for Kongo. It doesn’t make sense to fight a dangerous opponent on short notice, especially when he could be cut with a poor performance. The UFC should give short notice fighters a break, mabey good fighters will take that chance and fight.

  • Joey

    My question is why does DW only throw Kongo under the bus when apparently others also turned it down?

    • reno

      cause he is a bully and an ahole

    • bajafox

      Cause he’s French? haha

  • the UFC rarely if ever releases a fighter for a loss on a last minute replacement fight. they realize it is a shorter camp so they are generally more understanding.
    though with that being said these guys are supposed to be professional fighters. in every profession out there you work at your job all the time. a fighter should be ready to fight within a few weeks at all times unless injured.