Che Mills: Ready to Shock the World

April 19, 2012
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Che Mills
Being the underdog is something UFC 145 fighter Che Mills embraces, and he doesn’t mind that everybody seems to be picking Rory MacDonald ahead of their showdown on Saturday night in Atlanta.

Mills knows that being called the favorite or even the next star at welterweight brings a certain level of pressure with it.

The British heavy hitter says that all the presser is on MacDonald, and at UFC 145 he gets to shock the world:

  • adam1848

    Yes, I will be shocked.

  • mmachoman

    Stranger things have happened. Rory needs to get this fight to the ground.

  • elguapo

    This guy has been on the mma scene over here in Britain for a few years now, and has never been outstanding. I’m pretty sure he failed to get into the TUF house for the USA vs uk season. This fight will be the usual stuff script though, Brit is good at stand up, Brit can’t wrestle, Brit gets taken down repeatedly etc etc. That said, I can’t recall a fighter taking such a step up in competition before in the UFC, going from Chris Cope to McDonald is a heck of a step up in competition.

    • lawrensco

      Agreed, it’s a huge step. All I’ve ever seen of mills was his one fight in the UFC. He looked good though, I don’t see him coming out with a W in this one but let’s hope he rises to the challenge and at least puts on a good.