Charlize Theron is ‘Completely, Completely, and Utterly Obsessed’ with UFC (Video)

June 7, 2012
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Charlize Theron talks UFC on ConanShe’s an Academy Award winning actress, an active member of PETA, and, oh yeah, Charlize Theron is also “completely, completely, and utterly obsessed” with the UFC.

“I was originally introduced to the world of UFC by one of my best friends, who is like a five-foot-seven, really hot, very feminine, girly, girly, girly Asian girl who turns into a foam-at-the-mouth monster whenever she watches UFC,” Theron explained on a recent edition of Conan on TBS.

She wasn’t just hamming it up for entertainment value either. Theron is a fan with a lot of admiration for the fighters.

“I think it’s such an incredible sport. These guys are such incredible athletes.”

Check out highlights from Charlize Theron talking UFC on Conan…

  • Towers66

    I was considering going to see her new flick. Snow white and the Huntsman, but now I’m going for sure. I love Charlize!!

  • Lost me at PETA.

  • Mike_Oxafloppin

    So she’s one of those people that are “fans of UFC” and have no idea what MMA is?

  • Mike_Oxafloppin

    So she’s on of those “fans of UFC” and has no idea what MMA is?

  • b-soc

    And another video not available in Canada.

  • JDM

    Thanks for coming out with this story. If you guys turn this website into celeb gossip storys ill be pretty dissapointed

  • BlackDog2009

    saw that interview, she’s a dumbass, kept saying how she screams her lungs out and that she loves ufc, kept saying ‘ufc’ in the context as if it was soccer or basketball, like: “yeah, I love sports, basketball, soccer, ufc” … i wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t know that the sport is called MMA.

  • ArboledaDru

    all that money, fame, and friends and not one of them corrects her that it’s “MMA (mixed martial arts)” and not “UFC”?! ugh.

  • Ememay

    Relax, she’s a chick. As if most girls that watch football actually know plays and formations. I wouldn’t expect most people, let alone her, to know the difference between a triangle choke and an arm triangle.

    • RubeKegal

      Inexcusable, even the dumbest girls, you don’t hear them say “I love NFL”, they say I love football.

  • I’m with Ememay she is a chick. Plus any chance MMA can get mentioned on main stream tv show like Conana can only help the sport. Plus she is fine as hell so she gets a pass in my book….

  • RubeKegal

    Yeah ok slut.

    “I Like sweaty hot men bleeding all over each other”

    Congrats, you’ve spoken like a true whore.

  • RubeKegal

    This bitch does NOTHIng for me.

    Acting slutty doesn’t make you hot.

    Brooke Burke I would impregnate
    Leeann Tweeden the same
    Jessica Alba the same

    Charlize Theoron, not so much

  • MaritalArtist

    Sorry guys, Charlize is hot. Are we talking about the same girl here?? We need to get her into televised mud wrestling pronto.

  • charlize theron one point in time was part of the ufc right?..she’s the one doing post fight interviews with the winners just like joe rogan is doing,.if my memory serves me right…