Charge Against Jon Jones Elevated to Felony

April 27, 2015
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The situation involving UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones continues to develop at a rapid pace.

Initially being sought for questioning due to his alleged involvement in a hit-and-run car accident that could have seen him charged with a misdemeanor for Leaving the Scene of an Accident, the charge against Jones on Monday was elevated to a felony.

Jones was allegedly driving a rental car, ran a red light, and struck a vehicle driven by a 25-year-old pregnant woman. After causing the accident, Jones, who was identified as the driver by an off-duty police officer, fled the scene. The woman went to the hospital. Although her pregnancy was not believed to be threatened, she suffered a broken arm, according to Albuquerque police officer Tanner Tixier.

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With the woman suffering an injury, the charge against Jones for leaving the scene was elevated from a misdemeanor to felony Leaving the Scene of an Accident. Officer Tixier informed of the change in the charge and said that an warrant for Jones’ arrest was being prepared.

Jon Jones UFC 182_1679 750Albuquerque, N.M. police have been trying to reach Jones since Sunday, but as of Monday afternoon, Officer Tixier said that there had not been any contact from Jones or anyone representing him.

Facing a felony charge certainly leaves everyone questioning whether or not the UFC’s current 205-pound champion will remain in the UFC 187 main event, where he is supposed to defend his belt against Anthony Johnson. But as of the time of publication, UFC officials had not responded to a request for an updated response to Jones’ situation.

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The promotion’s original statement, released Sunday evening before the charge was increased to that of a felony, said “we are in the process of gathering facts and will reserve further comment until more information is available.” will continue to follow the story as it develops.

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  • Guest

    First in 🙂

  • snapdad

    jones is a scumbag. cant wait to hear dana’s reason for “fully supporting” him. as much as I want to see him get fired, i think it would be more enjoyable to see Anthony Johnson put a beating on him.

    • OhComeOnSon

      That would be amazing 🙂 The victim could even witness it 😛

  • Darin

    So now he’s a felon, a fugitive, and a he broke a pregnant woman’s arm.
    Someone owes me an apology…..

    • Youin Anotherform

      Do you know what allegedly means?

      • KJK

        That is has not been proven in court….but it’s pretty clear here his actions are doing the confessing for him!

      • taylor2008

        How will it be allegedly? They will get his fingerprints off everything. End of story!

      • DamianCross

        He’s not a felon yet. He is a fugitive that probably broke a preggos arm though.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Now he’s in big trouble. It’s probably going to get worse as the details come out.

  • Tom McElroy

    He is obviously delaying turning himself in to flush his body of THC

  • Rob

    According to a police spokesperson there were no drugs found in the car.

  • Sir_Roy

    Good news is, I doubt he’ll be forced into a bottom bunk in prison.

    • prisonsucks

      Nah, 5 Mexican mafia members in for life for multiple murders staring you down with shivs about to take your life will make any man piss s— and cry

  • Wardsize

    2nd DUI while UFC champion. Weed and pipe in the car. Running away from the scene, then running back to get your wad of cash. Think Dana having anxiety problems today?

  • mmalive

    Man, Jones a a great fighter. But VERY STUPID!! He can not stay away from legal troubles. Hopefully Uncle Dana supports him with those HIGH POWER lawyers. Jones will defend title. As of right now, when? Who knows.

    • mmalive

      on a side note. I wanna suck jon jones’ balls

  • Juice

    that man is currently doing everything possible to cleanse his system before he turns himself in. GUARANTEED!! Then we’ll get the statement – “i was scared and made a regrettable decision to run but I promise I was not under the influence while driving.” And the PD will have no proof to the contrary. He’ll pay some fines. Lose his driver’s license temporarily. Enter rehab. Comeback and keep making millions. end of story.

    • taylor2008

      Doesnt matter. THey will get his prints off everything. HE will be slapped with a criminal case and possibly a civil lawsuit from the pregnant lady. He is toast!

      • Muaythai4life

        not possibly, he WILL be slapped with a civil lawsuit from the pregnant lady. I’m an attorney who does defense work for civil cases (lots of car accidents) and I can’t imagine many things worse than if my client did a hit and run on a pregnant woman with drugs in his car. No jury on the planet will find that behavior appropriate. Add to the fact that she has real injuries (fractured wrist) and that means he was going fast. She’ll get an undisclosed settlement for sure.

        • taylor2008

          Good! Jones deserves every penny that is taken from him. The guy worked so hard for everything just for him to screw things up. I honestly hope the UFC cuts his ass. Lots of good fighters with their heads on straight that want that belt….and the money that comes along with it.

  • KJK

    Aside from the pregnant women being injured this is great…..dude is the gift that keeps on giving! I would pay PPV prices to see Dana and Greg Jackson on 60 minutes responding to questions about this one…..Someone else said this but I totaly agree……JJ = idiot savant of the MMA world!

  • lindro88

    I remember when he first came on the scene. Quite a different character now than he appeared to be then.

  • Mark McDowall

    Another tragic case of a young, talented athlete being pushed to the moon and then cracking under the pressure. If his people and the UFC were smart they would have had someone with him 24/7 after that stint in rehab. The cops are going to throw the book at him to make an example of him…and he will loose it all. Bye Bye UFC…Bye Bye Reebok etc etc. On the brightside he will probably get a chance to fight for the Bellator title early next year if he doesn’t end up in prision!!

    • Daniel Gilmetti

      Nah. He generates too much revenue. If this was some poor black kid from the streets then your statement would apply. But Jones will get out with a slap on the wrist and he’ll be back to doing stupid things in no time.

  • Seth

    Obviously it works for the UFC – same as his other stupid things. He generates more buzz and of course they will say “Oh, he’s just a kid, he makes mistakes, who didn’t make stupid stuff when he was 23 or 24?” and society will think its normal for young guy to be like that, same as that coke case, or his DUI or anything other that he did…

    • Bill Dorey

      Except he is 27 now…

  • Jon Doe

    Nothing will happen but with that said, this guy is dangerous to the public. This isn’t the first 2nd 3rd and sure as heck won’t be the last time he has shown zero regard for the well being of others. Any man who knowingly causes that amount of damage and shows no concerns for the people he injured is a monster. People will make excuses to come protect him as always but how can you justify fleeing a crime scene, than return to get his cash without being self aware? You were sober and alert enough to care about getting caught, cared enough to get your money but could care less about breaking a pregnant woman’s arm? Couldn’t even check to see if she was ok? this Monster needs to be banned from MMA and tossed in jail.

  • TheMod

    An off-duty police just so happen to be there? This sounds like some kind of bulls—.

  • Sir_Roy

    Doubt it. (Maybe if they jumped him in a small cell. Maybe.).

    Honestly, a highly trained MMA fighter (talking UFC level), let alone one of the best, if not THE best in the world who walks around at 230 + lbs; taking him down, even for 5 hard dudes, is still a tall order. Shivs need to be well placed to be effective. I reckon he’d eat a few, do hospital time, but each and every one of them 5 blokes will be eating from a straw for months. Maybe even a fatality or two.

    He would one shot KO most dudes … He really would. Weight lifting fit just doesn’t cut muster in the MMA world. In any case, doubt any would truly mess with him. He’d have a certain modicum of respect for being an elite fighter from the get go.

    Besides, lets not believe Jones would be in anything other than a minimum security prison with cable T.V and a private cell.

    • James Williams

      have you ever watched videos of knife attacks?

      anyone who thinks defending against one knife attack is easy is foolish. Anyone who thinks that defending against FIVE guys with knives is possible is a complete and utter idiot.

      • Sir_Roy

        Not knives. They’re shivs. HUGE difference. Only one movement you need to be wary of. Slashing is a non issue. But I agree, 5 hard cases with shivs is a tall order. Missed the part where they ALL had shivs TBH.

        Still, they leave relatively small & shallow puncture wounds. With Jones’ distance / reach, speed, movement, wrapping a shirt around his arm to block … but yeah. 5 is too much.

  • Muaythai4life

    As I see it, here is the problem the UFC faces with respect to Jon Jones. they can bumble and flail all they want, the fact is the guy sells tickets and wins fights. So obviously they want to keep him if they can. His personal life sucks, he makes a lot of dumb choices, but they will claim that is for the Athletic Commission to handle (which is dumb because they have their own policies they use when it suits them).
    However, lets just say, for arguments sake, that Jones goes in and really messes someone up. Like breaks their face, rips their knee, etc. and then he fails a drug test, for anything, cocaine, marijuana, PED’s, whatever. With all of these mistakes, you will be HARD pressed to win a law suit against from that fighter against the UFC because the UFC is now officially on notice that Jones has problems, he’s already fought once with a failed drug test. If they run that risk again, Jones doesn’t even need to kill someone, if he just messes them up badly (which he has done on numerous occasions to a lot of fighters) his opponent will have a REALLY good case against the UFC.
    He’s now a liability. And lets be clear, fighters are 100% replaceable. Georges St. Pierre was EVERYTHING to the WW division, and it’s doing just fine without him. Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell sold tickets, the UFC did just fine moving on. It’s more about marketing than about the individual in this sport. Mayweather sells tickets because he’s Mayweather, same with Pacquiao, but that’s boxing, in MMA the UFC can find another young stud at 205 (Anthony Davis) and watch him go on a tear for a while, or, like they’ve done so many other times, shift the focus to a different weight class. Nobody gives 2 craps right now about the HW division because it’s been so damn boring since Brock left it, they can do the same with 205.
    Plus what is Jones going to do? You really think if Bellator got him that it’d really make that big of a difference?

  • James Williams

    You could see this guy’s weak character for years now. Jones on camera and Jones off camera are two different animals.

    Daniel Cormier is laughing right now. He was right. He called Jones a ‘terrible human being’ or something like that, and he called it correctly.

  • Hallur Dam Joensen

    Leave hin tha f— alone. He is is just a human. He gor my respect as human being after comier firghy

  • clem wilson

    Put Jones in Prison for the felony. Cut him from the UFC. Make a statement Dana-Trash is not wanted in the UFC.