Chael Sonnen’s Manager Says Let Dana White Decide if Sonnen vs. Silva 2 Should Happen

October 17, 2011
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

On the surface it would seem a rematch should be brewing between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and top contender Chael Sonnen, but are there forces at work that are trying to prevent that fight from happening?

Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, recently made comments in response to Sonnen’s challenge of the champion following his win at UFC 136 over Brian Stann.

Sonnen has said time and time again that he doesn’t believe his loss to Silva in 2010 was a real defeat, and he wants a rematch sooner rather than later.

“Take a number and get to the back of the line,” Soares told HDNet’s Inside MMA last week. “You had your opportunity.”

Following Soares’ comments, reached out to Chael Sonnen’s manager Mike Roberts of MMA Incorporated to get his feelings on a potential rematch between the two fighters in 2012.

“I think there’s no question Chael’s deserving of a rematch with Anderson,” Roberts said. “I mean he pushed him as far as anybody ever pushed him. It was one of the best fights of the year, but the biggest thing is this is the fight the fans want. Dana and everyone are all about giving the fans what they want, and there his no question that this is the fight the fans want to see.

“People love Chael or they hate him, but they want to see this fight.”

As far as the “get to the back of the line” comment, Roberts has his own opinion about Sonnen’s likelihood to get a second shot at the champion, but ultimately he says it’s not up to him if the rematch gets made or not.

“It makes no sense at all. Chael is as deserving as anybody for that next title shot. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what I think and it doesn’t matter what Ed thinks. It matters what Dana (White) thinks. Ed’s not the matchmaker, I’m not the matchmaker, you’re not the matchmaker. Joe Silva and Dana White make the matches,” Roberts commented.

There’s no question that throughout his time in the UFC that Silva has never ducked a fight, and he’s even gone up in weight class twice at the promotion’s request when they needed him to step in for a fight. Still, with all the recent talk about Sonnen getting back in line and comments about Silva only having about four more fights left in his career, is there a real question about this fight actually coming together?

“I don’t think Anderson’s scared of Chael at all. I mean Anderson may be the greatest fighter of all time. Do I think he wants to fight Chael? There’s probably other people he’d rather fight at this point in his career. Chael poses some problems that a lot of these other guys don’t, and we’ll see,” Roberts said.

Beyond the fight talk, Sonnen has never been a fighter to hold his tongue when it comes to opponents or an entire country like his comments about Brazil. Soares fired back at Sonnen recently, discussing his conviction in Oregon following Federal money laundering charges as well as his suspension from the California State Athletic Commission following his fight with Silva in 2010.

Roberts, who has known Soares for many years, believes that he’s taking up for his fighter like any manager would do, but it’s not really their place to respond. He leaves that up to Sonnen to decide what he says or doesn’t say.

“Ed’s saying some personal things about Chael and I don’t think Ed or I are in a position where it’s good to throw insults at anybody. I think Ed’s a good guy that’s maybe got caught up a little emotionally himself with some of the things Chael has said about Anderson. It’s just better in my opinion if we leave that to the fighters,” Roberts stated.

“Chael is who he is; who am I to stop Chael from being who he is?”

All signs are pointing towards an explosive showdown between Silva and Sonnen in 2012, once the champion’s ailing shoulder is back to 100 percent. The talk will likely continue however and that will only build what is already one of the most anticipated rematches in MMA history.

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  • julianmoran

    I do not want to see this fight.

    Chael Sonnen lost to Anderson Silva by way of tapping. He was then caught to have been cheating during the fight. He later comes back and beats a one dimensional striker and deserves a rematch for the title? I think not. No one does actually, except for newbies who do not understand the game and fall for Chael’s never ending bullshit.

    First give Chael Sonnen Rousimar Palhares or Vitor Belfort, if Chael beats one of them (which he will not), then give him a title shot.

    Chael Sonnen vs Rousimar Palhares, make it happen.

    • PappaK

      ^ 100% right

    • phrankthetank

      Sounds like someone has a thing for Brazilian fighters. Are you scared to watch silva get pounded on again? The fact of the matter is this: sonnen beat the hell out of silva like no-one has been able to. Silva managed to throw on a triangle in the 5th and get the tap. He won, good for him. I want to see this fight because I want to see how either of them will handle it differently. Sonnen wont let silva dick around and put his hands down, he’ll hit him with an overhand and go for a takedown. I would imagine that silva would have changed his strategy since the last fight and I want to see what happens this time. The fact that soares and silva are trying to avoid this fight makes me more intrigued.

      • MrAdidas

        phrankthetank: Very nicely said, I think alot of Silva fans & Silva himslef are worried about the Sonnen fight. I never said Silva is scared or anything like that, that would be stupid, but I do think after Sonnen’s last performance/SPANKING of B.Staan, many including Silva are worried. Sonnen Vs Staan was the BEST Sonnen we have ever seen, he is a completely diff fighter (reminds me of GSP’s loss to Serra & what that did for him). I dont think I’ve ever seen Sonnen look as in shape as he did Vs Staan & then to man handle him like Staan was a child is SCARY! To own a guy/Staan who NOONE… NOONE wanted to fight & to embaress him the way Sonnen did, makes Sonnen one very very BAD man.

        BTW: Explain to me how Sonnen fighting Belfort or Palhares makes any sense at all? Sonnen just embaressed guy who was embaressing EVERYONE he fought @ MW, not to mention NOONE wanted to fight Staan. Even Wanderlei gave his “chicken shit” excuse/reason for not wanting to fight Staan… “b/c hes too popular” WTF does that even mean?!?

        Sonnen embarssed Silva for 23 mins – Belfort got KTFO in the 1st round, Y would Sonnen need to fight anyone else after embaressing Silva for 23 mins & then embaressed Staan for 2 rounds. As for Palhares he barely beat Dan Miller & you losers think Sonnen who beat a future #1 Contender in Brian Staan, easily, while noone has been able to do anything Vs Staan @ MW! Both your logic’s are flawed & STUPID! I think u Silva bitches are SCARED to death of Silva having to fight Sonnen again, but I dont blame you b/c Sonnens the real deal. If Sonnen can do that to a bigger, stronger man (Silva) I’d hate to see what Jon Jones would do to Silva @ LHW – OUCH!

      • rezsurfer

        Yea pounded so bad he had NO facial injuries or anything on his face after this so called pounding.. get the fuk out of here newbie… chael came out looking ruffed up and a L , and the chael fans act as if silva was all battered . stupid new fans got no sense.

      • suckmeupagain

        They fought once, Anderson beat him, Chael tested positive for banned substances. He doesn’t deserve a rematch. Enough said.

    • lonniebatt


  • BigGuy

    Personally, I don’t care either way if there is a rematch or not. I will either order the fight if it interests me at the time, or I will take a pass on it. No big deal.

    What I don’t understand is how people actually believe Sonnen won the fight against Silva. I realize he was winning until he tapped out, but he tapped out! He gave everything he had for nearly 5 rounds, Silva took it all, and in the end, Silva made Chael tap. If you look at that objectively, it says a lot more about Silva than it does about Sonnen. Chael couldn’t finish Silva…Silva absorbed the beating…Silva made Sonnen tap. That is why the match isn’t over until the final horn sounds, or there is a referee stoppage.

    Again, either way, rematch or not, no big deal. I just don’t understand Sonnen’s logic.

    • MrAdidas

      Noone not even Sonne actually believes that he won the fight, thats the thing. I cant believe people actually think Sonnen is seriouus & that people are still commenting & talking about how Sonnen taped, so he lost blah blah blah. Sonnen has you right where he wants you & you are still talking about what he said last week. It’s called wake up & think for 30 secs… Sonnens been in MMA for yrs & yrs, do you honestly think he believes he “won” the fight Vs. Silva? Of course not you morons, hes just getting publicity & he wants to piss people off by claimiing he’s the “Champ” & that he should have won bc he beat Silva up for 23 mins and so on. People need to think for a min, so that you can realise what Sonnen is doing -I’m more blown away by people who still comment about “nothing” & how upset they are about Sonnens funny comments.

      As for a rematch, why the hell doesnt Sonnen deserve one? Only man to embaress Silva for 23 mins, only man in the UFC to have won more than 1 round, only man to knock Silva down in the UFC, only man to out strike Silva, only man to manke Silva look ordinary etc. The list can go on, yet some people think Sonnen should have to fight Belfort who was KTFO in the 1sr within 2 or 3 mins & Palhares who barely beat a guy\Dan Miller by decision, who took the fight on short notice. Yeah Staan isnt a much better fighter\tougher task than Belfort or Palhares… wink wink! Get the fuck out of here – julianmoran & PappaK

      • darrylreyes

        “Yeah Staan isnt a much better fighter\tougher task than Belfort or Palhares… wink wink!”

        Ehhh…no. Frankly I would take either Belfort or Palhares to beat Stann whom is a MUCH easier task than Palhares who honestly would sub him in the opening round and slightly easier than Vitor who has superior BJJ.

  • BigGuy

    @ Adidas: Thanks for stating the obvious about Sonnen’s comments. I was talking more about the people that have made the comments on here and other sites as well. Of course Chael knows how to work the angle for a rematch…A third grader knows that. It’s the people that continue to insist that Chael should be the chamo right now. Maynard “should be” the champ too, but Edgar put an end to all of that nonsense too. Silva will destroy Sonnen the next time they fight. I say the fight doesn’t go three rounds.

  • The fight is going to happen so you might as well accept it and move on. Either watch it or don’t. Complaining about it is pointless at this stage of the ballgame.

    • lonniebatt


      • cracker.cheese

        Enough with the caps, makes you seem like a retard. And second how do you like a fighter who takes roid’s and still loses…what happend when brian stann fought krzysztof soszynski he submitted him in the first round. I don’t see how Chael deserves a title shot, does this mean since shogun stopped Forrest he should be able to fight Jones instead of Machida. Chael ground and pounded and rocked silva, got caught. One thing that hasn’t been established is Chael is a whiny b*tch because he can’t deal with a loss.

  • shereko

    I guess I don’t care if the fighters are from Brazil or Mars, but I don’t think a fighter that did test positive should be immediately rewarded. I know people want to see it, and Chael controlled the first fight (I mean who can deny that) but, also Chael did lose. Also, I don’t care if Anderson had bad ribs, if they were too bad, then don’t fight. Chael isn’t fighting with a bad shoulder, I just think he can’t immediately come back and get a shot, only because people want to see Anderson lose and Chaels the best chance at that now. I could take or leave that fight, I just think Chael should wait and defeat another opponent just for testing positive.

    Though I’d admit, I’d rather see GSP and Anderson fight… at least over the Chael fight. Anderson won’t fight much more and we’re in a small window where this could happen.

    Also, Chael does say some pretty stupid shit that nobody really wants to hear. But, he’s a good fighter.

  • DGfishingtime

    Yeah, I see it as Sonnen lost, and had high testosterone levels. Not to mention not filling out the right paperwork. He had his chance. I’d rather see him fight Belfort, or someone before he gets another shot. You shouldn’t reward bad behavior. Chael cheated, and lost.

    • darrylreyes

      This, VERY much this. If it were just that he lost then yeah alright, but the fact is he had a 16:1 testosterone ratio, lied about it to the NSAC, and gets busted for housing fraud.

  • One can tell easily how much of a politician Chael Sonnen is. Jesus. This guy won’t shut up!! Then, you get all these idiots who eat everything he says up. Anderson Silva is not ducking Sonnen. Was it a difficult fight for Anderson? Yes. But, the fact of the matter is that Chael Sonnen lost!! No matter how much people say he gave Anderson a beating for 24 and 1/2 minutes, he still lost!! Nobody ever talks about Carlos Condit giving Rory McDonald a rematch after the slightly questionable stoppage. Nobody talks about Nate Marquardt giving Rousimar Palhares a rematch after the “slipping” incident. Nobody is talking about a rematch between Anthony Johnson and Charlie Brennemann after a questionable stopage. The fact of the matter is that Americans cannot stand that a Brazilian has beaten their guys for years and they would like nothing but to see Anderson lose!!! Just like Americans would like to see GSP lose. That’s all it is!! People in this country keep buying the “marketing” bullshit in every sport. What a bunch of dumbasses!!! Chael Sonnen tapped like a little girl to the better fighter that night. That’s it!! After so many years and so much experience as an mma fighter, Chael Sonnen still got caught in a fundamental BJJ technique. That’s it!! He was the loser!! And then, you got some imbeciles say, “oh, well, he could have won.” But HE DIDN”T!!!!! Live with it!!! Accept it like men and let’s move on!!! There are way better matches in the UFC for Anderson than this!!! What if Anderson beats Chael again, will we still be subjected to all this crying and whinning!!! Please. Grow up!!

    • darrylreyes

      COMPLETELY agree on all counts especially the listed examples.

  • lonniebatt


  • johnbartholamule

    Put me down as well as I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS REMATCH!! IN FACT I DO NOT WANT TO SEE CHAEL IN THE UFC at all if the child cant learn some respect for his elders like Silva. He needs to realize he is NOT an elite fighter as elite fighters do not behave the way he does. After all he did say the equal to “Uncle” in the first fight. Instead of being embarrassed and shamed by such a HUGE way to lose, he comes out with this BS about not really losing the fight?? SERIOUSLY??? Hate to break it to you baby Chael, you lost bigtime bro!! YOU SAID UNCLE!!! LOL!

    All bs aside, I do not think he is worthy of a rematch and I really do not want to see it. I mean for gods sake, Chael beat on Silva with ALL his might for almost 5 straight rounds and could not even put a SINGLE bruise on Silva!! Holding someone on the ground does not constitute ANY kind of win in my book!! Not what school of MMA Chael is from, oh wait, NONE HAHA!!! He is from NO MMA school. Maybe the WWF has an opening. With all his BS talk that is EXACTLY where he needs to be! This is the UFC, not the WWF~~~

  • BigGuy

    Brazilian, Canadian, whatever…Even if you don’t believe that Silva was injured during their last fight, the FACT remains that Sonnen was on PED’s. He lost then and he will definitely lose this time, if they fight again.

  • jbeamazing

    you wanna know the real truth silva should be at light hev there is no one left at mw thats the truth but he wants nothing to do with jones so if he was to fight anyone at mw it should be the only guy that even gave him a fight and if any of you guys watched that fight he gave anderson all he could handle lets face it besides vitor nobody else has a chance anyone that dont under stand that ed wants easy fights explan to me who else at mw should get the shot

  • jbeamazing

    sonnen is on the same thing as dan henderson so I guess Rafael Cavalcante should still be strikeforce champ

  • jbeamazing

    Rousimar Palhares vs anyone is lame who cares about the first fighter on the under cards who has Rousimar Palhares ever beat you guys must only read mma sites and never watch mma fights

  • SeanG

    Okay….. just one more opinion…but Sonnen is full of isht….First of all c’mon dude….you got caught using steroids for the first fight…
    Got suspended for a year…. Came back and fought inexperienced ass Brian Stann..who basically fell on the belt in WEC against Doug Marshall…(over the hill)
    When at the same time Sonnen was b*tching about Filho not making weight for their LHW fight and how the belt should be stripped from him because
    “Chael promised his dead Dad that he would win the belt and Filho robbed him by not being a admirable champion and making weight…” blah, blah, blah..
    Sonnen is a BUM. Yes, he took Anderson down for 4 rounds….Was he ever in jeopardy of having the fight stopped? NO. Did he ever have Silva hurt so bad he couldn’t intelligently defend himself? NO. Chael hits like a B*TCH, outside of a flying knee ( that was lucky ) and a few ground and pounds (which had sketchy refs) all his fights go the distance….because all he does is take you down and hold you down and throw *ussy shots to make it look like he stays busy. WHEN THE UFCK did Stann become the man @ 185? I MEAN FOR REAL HE LOST TO SOSZYNSKI ?? Cuz he knocked out Leben’s old a$$? C’mon SON! Silva is the best P4P fighter in the world and Sonnen will always be a John Fitch or a Kenny Florian…besides Sonnen lost to Jeremy Horn 3 times got choked out by Maia in the 1st round ? He even got choked out by Forrest back in 03….? And this is the guy you mugggfuggas swear is the best @ 185? I’m just sayin… I been a G in this MMA game…. Ya’ll gotta know your history.

  • jbeamazing

    I dont know if you watched silva vs sonnen 1 tho mma g but before sonnen took anderson down he rocked him he even knocked him down so say what you want but nobody in the ufc yet besides sonnen has even knocked him down

  • jbeamazing

    I dont think sonnen will beat silva in a rematch but at least he isnt scared of him who else calls silva out in the ufc and all this sonnen talk would stop if silva maned up and went after lw gold but oo wait he said he is too good of friends with jon jone even tho they meet 1 time lets face it vitor and sonnen and hendo are the only real fighters anderson has matched with

  • jbeamazing

    and looking up fights on wiki dont make you a g but if you realy follow mma you would know some fighters get better with ever training camp and the guys that you were talking about that beat cheal beat him a long time ago so go back to cheals wiki and see who he has beat since d maia you might be surprised lol

  • fhael

    I it’s funny that Chael says he was dominating that fight. He didnt do much damage to Anderson and Chael GAVE UP by way of TAPPING. MOST IMPORTANT fact is Chael LOST and was using PEDS. Chael did not almost win, he was never close to any type of stoppage and if it went to the judges he maybe would have gotten a decision via hug-fest of Anderson or decision due to throwing the most amounts of love taps in 23 mins.(I only say that because Anderson did not look like he was hit 300+ time.)

    I say we put more energy and hype into Anderson vs Jones or Anderson vs GSP.

  • SeanG

    @jbeamazing: your right he was so hurt by that overhand right that Silva fell to the ground and wasnt able to get back up and Sonnen got on top of him and finshed the fight….LMAO. Sonnen is a WWF steriod taking polotican who just happens to be a good wrestler. Not sure if you watched Silva vs. Sonnen but Chael’s face was wayyy more fugged up than Anderson’s…plus Sonnen was on roids and Silva had 2 broken ribs…. you wanna talk about a handicapped match? what about losing 3 times to Horn? What about getting choked out by Griffin and Maia? the same guys that Anderson literally toyed with…as far as Anderson getting knocked down…ok…? who’s finished him? no one, and you wanna give Chael credit cuz he exploited that Silva isnt a wrestler? everybody knows that… but you know what that Nog black belt he got seemed to topple all that collegiate wrestling… The rematch would be boring simply because Chael has the same game plan, i dont want a champion that takes people to the ground and rides em for 25 minutes… i want a true top of the line mixed martial artists who conducts themselves as a champion would not a trash talking junkie… I would take Sonnen more seriously if he was running for VP under Sarah Palin. Anyone who defends Sonnen is just a Anderson Silva hater… point blank, but until you beat the best…you’ll just be Kenny Florian. LMAO. Good but not good enough.

  • jbeamazing

    anderson is one of my fav fighter I dont know if you have realy watch mma that long but scar tissue from past fights open u up quick you know like when ever forest gets jabed he bleeds like he was shot by a ak but people do get better when they go to real camps like sonnen did im not saying sonnen is the best of all time but he did knock silva on his ass I guess it doesnt matter that the last guy that got a shot at the silvas title got owned by cheal not that long ago I mean we can go back to 2006 when horn beat him and call him a bum but that wouldnt make since I mean look at who fedor has had matches with and they called him the best lolololololol even that bum big foot silva owned fedor and fedor beat big nog so fedor should be able to beat shaub right?no mma math dont make since the truth is sonnen is a bad match up for him and sonnen wasnt on roids he did testosterone replacement therapy the same thing dan henderson has been doing the last 3 years and yes dan will be on him when he beats shogun do you think that fight should count????

  • SeanG

    LMAO!! Dan Miller, Nate “the fake” and Yushin Okami? really…? i mean c’mon i didnt wanna go this far but outside of Silva this guy has faced mediocore muhhhfuggas his whole career…dude your almost starting to look like a bigger joke than Sonnen….that might be impossible…but i’m just sayin…. really? suprised..? ok….so Sonnen trains Okami…. what was Okami’s excuse for getting killed by Silva? The only thing Sonnen has going for him is that he’s not scared of Silva…but….. just cuz you step in front of a train doesnt mean the train isnt going to kill you… #imjusssayin.

  • jbeamazing

    and your watching the wrong sport if you dont want to see wrestling go watch k1 were clowns like mark hunt and mirko cro cop look tuff

  • SeanG

    and as far as the roids thing goes…you and I werent there when results were determined and we didnt test him….all i know is that something was illegal and they suspended him…if Hendo does the same thing why hasnt he been susupended recently? Sonnen looks like a cheater and talks like one too.

  • jbeamazing

    real talk if you even read what i said you would know I said anderson will beat him again and I also said he already cleaned out the mw class just a reminder if you speed read and I also said he needs to move up and fight jon jones or ever rashad both would own anderson probly with that wierd thing that owns mma I think its called wrestling

  • jbeamazing

    testosterone replacement therapy not just pumping that shit like hulk hogan its a controled thing google it there even doctors there if you can beleave that

  • jbeamazing

    I dont know if you cant understand the brazilian never made up the triangle,leg lock,guillotine, or any sub these techs go back thousands of years they just pretend there style is better to use these moves and a pure brazilian jiu jitsu champ in the ufc in 2011 lol lol lol lol there isnt one

  • jbeamazing

    all I was saying is if anderson is too scared to move up who else is there for him to fight tim boetsch lol

  • SeanG

    i think jones and silva makes the most sense… but we never started debating about jiu jitsu…i know it didnt come from Brazil…they just modernized it… Royce was a pure Jiu Jitsu champ…? so they have exsisted.Owning & winning are 2 different things ask ya boy Chael bout that sons… i think GSP would get killed the same way BJ got killed by GSP…just too much size and mass.
    you didnt answer my ?…if it’s SOOO LEGAL why did he get suspended? and the last time Hendo was suspended?????? rigggghhht.

  • jbeamazing

    google hendo and testosterone replacement therapy shit just google mma testosterone replacement therapy and you might gain some knowlege in what im talking about cal said sonnen told them to late about his treatments but he did tell them before his fight with silva shit even before the wiegh ins im not even the biggest cheal fan he is funny as hell tho but there is nobdy else at mw I want to see silva fight who else should he fight? and royce never held a title in 2011 and 2011 is what I typed up there mma g

  • SeanG

    i know fool…that’s why i said….it has exsisted before….speed reader. we can agree to disagree but i’ll never defend Sonnen never.

  • jbeamazing

    so who do you think at mw shold get the shot over sonnen

    • wonggfan

      Most UFC fanboys don’t think about that obvious question.

      “Oh!!! Lyoto should NOT get a title shot!!!” Who should then?

  • SeanG

    that’s the problem… unless Hendo goes back down…or Rockhold if he switches over…. i dont think anyone else can provide a fight for him…but all the more reason all Silva should have is mega fights… ( GSP, Jones, Machida, Fedor, Rua, Evans ) Sonnen is not Mega nor will he ever be, but i guess he’s all that’s left when you clean out a divison you get left with some kinda trash…guess Chael will be that. Bisping asking for a shot is hillarious… !!

  • jbeamazing

    well anderson wont fight rua or machida,and fedor will never be in the ufc shit Im not sure if fedor can even beat brain stann

    • wonggfan

      At this point, it would be a good match. I think Fedor could pull it off but will get his nose broken/cut and win via armbar.

  • jbeamazing

    gsp would be a lame fight gsp’s stand up couldnt put jake shield down in 25 minutes of stand up I don’t even think gsp could out wretle sonnen to be honest

    • wonggfan

      Yeah, Sonnen is too big for GSP. GSP cannot out wrestle elite wrestlers that are bigger than him. For example, King Mo, Chael Sonnen, Ryan Bader..etc.

  • Whole lotta sandy vag in the comments section of this article. MMA Weekly should contact Summer’s Eve or Massingil and see if they can work out some sort of partnership / sponsor deal as there seems to be large numbers of their key demographic in these parts lately.

  • Eldirte

    Every one keeps bring up the what ifs.. what if Anderson didnt catch chael in the triangle then he would be champ… Silva landed 64 strikes in that fight and we all know that he can finnish a fight with 1(sonnen not so much) so doesen’t that mean that silva “could” have finnished the fight 60+ times??? it sure does, but he didn’t, he DID however finnish it with a triangle. PERIOD!!!

  • natpaukar7

    Eldirte and Bigman are making some real sense here…It is a fact about who won and IMO who will win again. If Silva comes in hungry and healthy (not with a broken rib) for this fight and Chael Sonnen comes in not drugged up on superman pills …(or IMO even if he does) Silva will KO him at will. This is a joke…I NOW very much want to see a rematch strictly because of the way people are talking about this fight…Anderson will annihilate sonnen except with no controversy this time…Look at Chael Sonnen’s W/L record…there is a reason he is not the champ…I agree he is a good fighter and do believe he would probably handle Belfort and probably Palhares…but neither of them (partially displayed) are in Andersons class of fighter…neither is Chael…bring on the rematch…and I believe Silva would KO Jones at 205 if they fought as well. Just saying…and no disrespect to Jones but you are only good until you fight better….perfect example BJ Penn vs. GSP …clearly 2 different classes of figthers

  • lvtrchvs

    I just don’t understand why Anderson would not want to take this fight. Professional fighters are in the perfect business to shut “co-workers” up. He should take this fight and embarress Chael. It doesn’t matter who’s ranked what. If a man talks junk about you, your country and your wife…..sign the dotted line and beat the purety piss out of him. Plain and simple. Anderson needs to take this fight, point blank. it’s a matter of pride. Chael made it personal. Nothing else matters.