Chael Sonnen Wishes He Didn’t Like Michael Bisping But He Does

January 26, 2012
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Chael Sonnen admits that prior to being matched up with Michael Bisping at UFC on Fox 2, he thought what a lot of fans thought. Bisping was a four letter phallic word.

Unfortunately, once Sonnen met Bisping he actually liked the brash Brit and they ended up having lunch together.

Sonnen talks to in this one-on-one video about the disappointment of not facing Mark Munoz, what he expects out of Michael Bisping and how Dana White has been misled by Anderson Silva.

Check out this video with Chael Sonnen prior to UFC on Fox 2:

  • Madmaax9

    Begining to like Chael more and more. Not an Anderson Silva fan at all, but the guy is the legitimate champ. He’s beaten everyone they’ve thrown at him including Sonnen and my boy Belfort. Can not stand Bisping. Hope Chael runs over him and gets his rematch with Silva. Would be an amazin atmosphere in a soccer stadium in Rio!

    • ifighterc

      I am sorry I am not going to comment on your post, I only hit the “REPLY” button so my post could be one of the first ones you see. now with that being said why aren’t people talking a about Chail for what he really is, a COWARD my ass he doesn’t want to fight in Brazil, he is just scared of Silva, the first fight Silva had a broken rib, Chail was on Roids and he still couldn’t win he is just ducking Silva.

  • shereko

    “I am a competitor, I compete, the media gives the word “fight” I don’t, I just compete, whether we strike or don’t strike”…. “I have been tried to fight Anderson 4 times, and stipulations come up that I’d need to fight him in Brazil, I graciously accept, I will fight him any place anytime”… take it for what it is but, thats what he said.

  • TKD

    Whether he admits it or not, Sonnen does not want to fight Silva in Brazil. It will be too hostile an environment for that fight to take place there.

    • Enfo

      TKD, in my opinion that’s just you guessing. The brazilian fans in Rio may boo the hell out of Chael Sonnen, but as far as the environment will be too hostile for the fight too ever happen in Rio, I say you’re way off. The fans in Brazil are known for respecting the opponents of their champion when the final bell rings. Don’t make it sound like people will be storming the octagon to get a piece of Sonnen, because it won’t happen.

      • jared499

        Yes but do most of the other opponents constantly bash the whole country of Brazil and its people. Correct me if I am wrong, but at one point didn’t the UFC cancel an apperance for Chael to one of the shows in Brazil becuase he was getting death threats. Yeah respect goes a long way.

      • TKD

        Of course I am just guessing. That is what we all do on here. Pure speculation on all of our parts.

        Maybe I worded it wrong. I wasn’t trying to say that the people of Brazil are animals, or that they are going to be physically hostile. I am just saying that with all of the things Sonnen has said about Silva and Brazillians, there may be too many outside distractions or too much pressure for Sonnen to perform at the top of his game. A lot of emotion in this fight. Those things do play a significant role in a fight.

        As far as what jared499 said below, I didn’t even know about that. If it’s true, it only reinforces my original thought. But yes, I am only guessing.

        • Enfo

          TKD and jared499, maybe you guys are correct after all. After the things Sonnen pulled off at the pre-presser, with the fake belt and the constant trash talking of A.Silva it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets stabbed on his way to the ring in Rio.
          Although I like Sonnen and although the majority of the fans hopefully will take it for what it is, it’s really disrespecting by him and will certainly upset some people.
          Funny about Sonnen how he just said in an interview for MMAWeekly that he’s sick and tired talking about Silva, yet it seems all he ever wants to talk about…focus on Bisping ffs!

    • fsunoles09

      if i were sonnen i would worry about gettin stabbed more then i would gettin boo’ed.

  • MikeMc1983

    Sonnen has had a few bits where he’s discussed about how he doesn’t know what “mma” means. Where that is just some phrase people come up with. He’s said he works for the UFC the ultimate FIGHTing championship.
    It’s just Chael being Chael. He contradicts himself all the time. I don’t think it’s hard to tell when he’s genuine and when he’s not. (I could be wrong)
    He’s just trying to entertain people. He does that much more so then a lot of other guys do.

  • maddawgmar

    Sonnen is the master of publicity. Theres an old saying that goes, “Any publicity is good publicity.” Unless that publicity is a murder or some major crime, I have to agree. That is all he is doing when he ruffles feathers. Tito said it many times, “love me, or hate me, you’ll tune in to watch me.” As for him cheating we’ll never know if it affected his fight with Silva unless they fight again. As for the Bisping fight, I think Sonnen has his number. He has outstruck strikers and out wrestled wrestlers. His Achilles heel is BJJ, in which Bisping is good but no Maia or Silva.

    This interview to me seemed like he is trying to turn over a new leaf, and be a little more respectful. Either way Sonnen at his best is a very dangerous man.