Chael Sonnen Will Fight at UFC Fight Night 26; Commission Votes Unanimously to Grant License

August 8, 2013
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ChaelSonnenUFC109Pre_4053Chael Sonnen, as expected, will be fighting Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the UFC Fight Night 26 main event next week in Boston.

Sonnen cleared his final hurdle on Thursday when the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission voted unanimously to license him for the fight. The decision came after the commission’s Medical Advisory Board reviewed Sonnen’s physical condition and medical information.

Mike Roberts of MMA Inc., Sonnen’s manager, had told after meeting with the commission earlier in the day that it appeared “likely” that Sonnen would be granted a license.

Massachusetts Department of Public Safety spokesperson Terrel Harris on Thursday informed of the commission’s approval.

Unite Here, a faction of the Culinary Union, that has long been battling the UFC’s continued expansion efforts, filed a complaint against Sonnen stemming from his January 2011 money laundering conviction. Unite Here was trying to stymie Sonnen’s attempt to gain licensure, but that bid failed as well.

“The State Athletic Commission voted unanimously to license Chael Sonnen in Massachusetts for the Ultimate Fight Championship contest scheduled for Aug. 17, 2013, in Boston,” Harris told “The decision followed the recommendation of their Medical Advisory Board which considered Sonnen’s physical condition and medical information.

“The Commission also considered complaints regarding his reputation and character, but concluded no information the Commission received should preclude Sonnen’s licensure.”

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  • Prince James

    Suck it Unite Here!!!!!!!

    • Mark McDowall

      The people on the voting board wont be around for long now that they did this. The union’s run deeeepppppp in the NE. But I agree…F Unite Here!

  • Woot! I hope Sonnen wins, love this guy.

    • Michael

      sonnen will win. shoguns career is done. machida is also done. rampage is done. but i like rampage. but shogun even though i like him, he is done. machida i cant stand. but his career is finished anyway. shogun will spend all his time on his back.

      • I have never seen shogun fight but I heard he gasses quick, so yeah.

        I like Machida, the way he fights, but then it can be a little boring.

        • p3ezy

          “I have never seen shogun fight but I heard he gasses quick, so yeah”

          Just a word of warning, possibly the worst thing you could have said on this site. I myself don’t actually give a f*** but hey, just letting you know.

        • Dragon Kid

          It’s best you watch Shogun’s fights vs Hendo, Machida (II) Griffin (II), Liddell or Coleman first before you watch his upcoming battle then.

        • Fritz

          Shogun is going to pick sonnen appart. he is no competition to shogun… even wanderlei would run over sonnen like a train… he gasses quick?? when he fought jones, hes was standing KO from the first knee he took from jones… everyone would have been laying on the ground after that knee… against hendo he did really good. he took a lot of beating but in my eyes he won that fight.. and the fight with gustafson he tried to knock him out… bad idea but he went through all threee rounds. so i dont think he gasses quick… he is just facing the best competition in this division. sonnen is not a part of it and shogun is going to proof that sonnen doesnt belong to this division.

        • Michael

          if you really like shogun? watch his older fights in pride on youtube. you will love them. that was when he was in his prime and at his best. the guy was just amazing….back then…..

      • Dragon Kid

        Shogun will KO Sonnen or either submit him on his back. He’s got a very underrated submission game

  • Michael

    the guy who said shogun will knock him out or submit him? please get in here sunday the day after so we can chat about your ability to pick fights……i respect your opinion. you are not alone in your thinking. but this is not ten years ago. shogun’s career is done. sonnen will put him on his back and beat him until the ref stops it. im looking forward to talking to you about it the next day. oh, and machida is done as well. i love rampage but he is done. and even davis as good as he is? he will never ever win a belt in that division unless jones vacates it. but the older fighters? they are done. frank mir who i love is done. i thought rashad might make an interesting part 2? but he has not looked good in his last two fights. so he might be done as well. can they still fight? sure. but not worth the money we pay to watch. try not to pick winners with emotion. i love mat hughes. one of my favorites of all time. but when i heard he kept his camp at home and stopped the three a day workouts? i knew his career was over. gsp beat him in the next fight. hughes never won the belt again.

    • reckless fox

      Sonnen has no power in his ground’n pound. He may well get Shogun down and grind out a decision win but he has no chance of a TKO win. Even this late model Shogun is way too tough

  • Glad to hear Sonnen was granted a license. Also happy to hear the Culinary Union fell short on this one.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Sonnen destroyed Silva 6 of 7 rounds, but people think Rua is going to destroy Sonnen, b/c Rua looked (terrible) vs. Jones/lasted longer than Sonnen, when Sonnen fought Jones! Rua barely beat Vera & it took him 4 rounds I think, WOW!
    Sonnen still has a few good fights left, while Rua is DONE! I liked Rua, when he wasn’t injured & in shape, he was the best LHW, even better than Liddell when he was LHW Champ. But Rua, Rampage, Wanderlei, Hendo & maybe even Lyoto & Evans are pretty much done. MMA is not an “old” mans sport, it’s a young man’s sport which has evolved far beyond their skill sets. Rampage is basically 1 dimensional (even though he has wrestling, but never uses it anymore). All the wars these guys have been in, all the punches they’ve absorbed over the years are taking their toll.
    None of the above mentioned fighters would last 5 rounds vs. Jones, except maybe … maybe Evans (b/c he’s the only one who did), but he’d get owned for 25 mins, if he did. As for Hendo …. he’d get embaressed like Sonnen did! I’d like to see Jones vs. Texeira, Moussasi & maybe Cormier if he can make LHW & not look like death!

  • fsunoles10

    wow what a bunch of p.o.s. unite here is.

  • Michael

    sonnen has no ground and pound? really? go to google and look at his record and how many times a ref had to stop a fight. as for his punching power? do you remember the first fight with anderson silva? yes sonnen was a moron for not just laying on him for the last 30 seconds in the fight so he would have won. but in that fight he dropped the champ once, and staggered him about four times where andersons legs went rubber. sonnen has very good ground and pound and as for knocking out shogun? i would have to say most likely no. he wont knock him out. shogun does have ability to take shots. but covering up and having your face look all busted up at the end? i think that shows ground and pound. so many people like shogun that they cant see past the fact that he cant fight anymore. he is done. has been for a long while. remember his fight less than a year ago against Vera? Vera does not fight anymore and shogun barely got by him. i know with sonnen you either love him or hate him. but even if you hate him, you have to respect the man for his ability. the only thing i will say now is that this is MMA. so ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. that is what makes this sport the best. anything is possible. but most likely sonnen will end shoguns career that night. i will also add that i do respect everyone’s opinion…..

  • Tom Jolley

    Shogun by KO