Chael Sonnen Waxes Poetic on How He Landed the Jon Jones Fight (video)

March 20, 2013
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Chael SonnenAs he is prone to, Chael Sonnen took to poetry to explain to fans how he landed the UFC 159 bout with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Check out Chael Sonnen’s UFC Tonight video below…

  • emanon

    Does it matter? I dig Chael, but he’s spending much too much time on T.V. and very little time training…. seems to me, he is taking us for a ride. Really, how can you prepare for a title fight when you are literally on tv. ALL THE TIME… he isn’t training much, that is why..

    • DamianCross

      Are you implying that Chael Sonnen is attempting to sell us wolf tickets sir?

    • shakejunt

      actually, the episode this aired on was the last one chael would be on before his fight. i’m sure he has been training hard and now he has over a month to focus solely on that. you’re acting as if other fighters don’t have media obligations that pull them away from training leading up to a bout.

      that said, it doesn’t really matter because he’s fighting jon jones. my thoughts are that he wants a nice payday and then help train jones to beat anderson and bask in the combined glory.

  • gnodeb

    He got that fight not to fight but to promote it… that is why he is on TV… to do his job. It’s funny that everybody knows that, I don’t see any delusional fan who expect him to win, but people still enjoying the show… like it is not about MMA…

  • K

    “he’s so boring he made Machida fall asleep” hahaha funny

  • MMA

    Please Jones end this clown’s career… enough of this idiot

  • Jack Burton

    Chael “Machiavelli” Sonnen does it again.

  • love sonnen or hate him he can make anyone laugh and no one in the ufc does better promo’s then sonnen

  • #1 – fighters are REQUIRED per their UFC contract to do media. this isnt their choice, it is the decision from above.

    #2 – chael trains exceptionally hard at his camps and is known quite well and respected for his dedication to training, diet, and work ethic

    #3 – AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – if you were handed a contract and told that you would get paid $3 PER BUY if you hit a 500,000 buys on the PPV what would YOU be doing? Hiding out in your training camp so that a bunch of keyboard wanna-be fighters can give you props for working hard? Here is simple math – at over 500,000 buys the fighters can get about $3 per buy. At 400-500 they can get $2.50 and 300-400 they get about $2. So lets see, his last fight with Silva got a buyrate of 925,000 which gave him a BONUS PAYDAY of $2.7 million.

    Yeah, you’re right. He should forget promotions and just stick to fighting. That worked out great for Frankie Edgar who, for his 352,000 buyrate earned a whopping $650,000. But hey, he was working hard at camp right?

  • Justanothersoul

    Dana White is a clown for letting this guy even talk this way in public. Dana is losing respect for the sport and turning it into a circus and Chael should just be ashamed. He is the joke of the MMA and is out classed by most of his competition…..nursery rhymes on national television? Again a joke. From one fighter to another…walk away or respect what you do.

  • badninja9

    Chael Sonnen, the closest thing MMA has to Rick Flair… or Dr. Sues

  • Madmaax9

    That was actually very amusing

  • Sawyer

    I feel like these two guys really dont have a problem with each other..its just agreed between both dudes to talk s*** before the fight..i mean look at TUF they were buds pretty much..sonnen said a toast at thanksgiving (ep 9) calling jones a gentlemen..i love a good beef before a fight but this seems like cheesy WWE smack talk imo