Chael Sonnen vs. Shogun Rua Headlines UFC on FS1 1 in Boston; Several Bouts Announced

June 5, 2013
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Chael Sonnen vs Shogun RuaChael Sonnen offered up his services to fight Mauricio “Shogun” Rua when the Brazilian’s UFC 161 co-main event opponent, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, had to drop out of the fight due to back problems.

Shogun immediately accepted, but the fight isn’t going to happen at UFC 161 on June 15 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It will instead be the headlining bout at UFC on FS1 1 on Aug. 17 in Boston.

Sonnen announced the bout on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight.

“Shogun and I are going to be the main event on FOX Sports 1 on Aug. 17. We were going to fight in Winnipeg, and they pulled it,” Sonnen proclaimed before getting his digs in at his original target, Wanderlei Silva.

“I like Shogun. I admire him a lot,” he continued. “I wanted to fight Wanderlei. He’s the worst fighter in the UFC. I couldn’t get him. I figured I’d get the guy who destroyed Wanderlei in the practice room for all these years.”

The Sonnen vs. Shogun main event was just one of several bouts announced for UFC on FS1 1 in Boston.

Top 10 bantamweights Michael McDonald and Brad Pickett will square off, each trying to get into the title picture, although both UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and interim champion Renan Barão are currently injured.

In further bantamweight action, former WEC champion Urijah Faber faces Yuri Alcantara. Both of these fighters are also trying to solidify a shot at the belt once there is a champion to challenge.

Last but not least, light heavyweights Cody Donovan and Ovince St. Preux will each be making his sophomore start when the two fight in Boston.

For more on the UFC on FS1 1 fight card, stay tuned to the UFC Rumors section.

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  • Timothy Malone

    Dana White promised us this would be the “best television card we’ve ever done.” So this main event is better than heavyweight and/or lightweight title fights we’ve gotten in the past? WTF

    • Adam K Vogt

      I agree 100%. After all the hype Dana was talking, I assumed he would have something special for the main event, not a replacement fight. I thought this was a decent match up on short notice to salvage the Winnipeg card, but as the main event of what he stated would be a monster card, this is a joke. I still think it is a decent card with some good fights for sure, but this main event sucks!

    • Sir_Roy

      Rest of the card looks very promising though IMHO.

  • Phael Sonnen

    Brutal headliner! Why is Chael still fighting?? Give Shogun a real opponent, not someone who wants to lay on him and throw pillow punches for 5 rounds. Stick in the analyst’s booth Chael, you suck!

    • Sir_Roy

      Why shouldn’t he still be fighting? He’s entertaining and he’s beaten some top tier competition outside of his title fights.

      So, every fighter that loses to the GOAT should, by default, retire? The 185lbs division would be a ghost town by your logic. And even blokes like yourself who can’t seem to stomach the guy will tune in if for nothing else than to see him lose.

      I’m starting to think you might be Chael logging in anonymously to hype the fight with a little reverse psychology. I mean, you’re absolutely everywhere, in every thread, with Chael’s name attached. It’s just weird dude and more than a little compulsive.

      • R


      • Lucas Freire

        He defeated top competition at 185.
        This is 205. At 205 he didn’t achieve anything,other than a fake title shot.
        185? Top contender.
        205? A nobody.

        • Ian Price

          I’m going to reserve making my decision about how he ranks in the LHW division after this fight and maybe another LHW one.

        • Sir_Roy

          A fake title shot … yes and no. It’s not ‘fake’ because Chael stood up to save a card when no one would. In that sense, he earned it.

          • Lucas Freire

            I know it was an “honorable” thing to do…but still, the title shot is supposed to be based on achievements.
            THIS fight right now should be able to put Chael on title contention run, on the top10. Then…in a distant future,with two or three wins he should get the title shot. Just like Ian Price said above in answer to my comment THIS is the fight that should tell how Chael ranks at LHW.

          • Sir_Roy

            Again, I don’t disagree per say … I just don’t 100% agree either. I see the merit, and the message, in the UFC having given Chael the fight after a fiasco like that. While not completely justifiable, it makes sense.

            If it weren’t for that, then I would have probably been among the most vocal and outraged on these boards.

          • Baller31

            I think Dana gave Chael the title fight as a message to the divas at 205, and in other weight classes, who like to pick and choose who and when they fight..ahem, cough..Machida….and in that sense he deserved it. If you are a fighter, say yes to fights. Simple message. If you step up when the UFC needs it, Dana will remember that.

          • Phael Sonnen

            The fight was made for one reason…. $$$$. Simple enough.

          • Baller31

            Every single fight, in every organization, is made for that same reason…money.

            MMA is a business, whether it’s UFC, Bellator, or some small local fight promotion.

          • Phael Sonnen

            That’s what I just said….

          • Sir_Roy

            Yeah … you spin it with a negative connotation, and I think you know you’re doing it too. As though making money somehow pollutes and degrades the purity of the sport which is completely distorted. Money motivates, as money is food, money is shelter, money keeps us alive in the modern age. So money being part and parcel of MMA entertainment is perfectly acceptable … as are the athletes actively running after their fair share of it in the short time allotted to them. Including Chael Sonnen. Good on him for having smart business sense.

            If that’s not what you’re implying, then fine. But the impression is most definitely there.

          • Sir_Roy

            I 100% agree.

          • Lucas Freire

            I agree that fighters shouldn’t choose fights,but let’s face the facts: All top contenders at LHW are on a long time struggle to become a title contender.

            More than a fight,this is a profession, assuming Gustafson or Lyoto reall y wants to get the belt,and not just be a top guy WHY would they throw away 2 or 3 years of climbing on a fight with 7 days notice?
            Also, I disagree that Machida picks fights, right now he’s going to fight against Phil Davis, and before he was going to fight Gustafsson even though he already had guaranteed his title shot.

          • Baller31

            Carpe Diem. When they are offered a shot, because they are supposedly trying to become champion, they need to jump on it,, because they may not get offered another when it is more convenient to them. I think that’s true in mma and in life. So if they say no and end up not getting a shot in the future, they only have themselves to blame. And by the way, Machida turned down a fight with Gustaffson when originally offered and Gustaffson moved on. Machida also turned down a fight with Jones. Also turned down a fight with Rashad Evans. Machida picks and chooses all of his fights.

      • Phael Sonnen

        Entertaining how? By throwing pillow punches and laying on people for 5 rounds? Or do you enjoy watching him make a fool out of himself and then taking a beating? And I just think Chael sucks, glad everyone is taking notice!

        • Sir_Roy

          While I wouldn’t bill him as the most exciting fighter, Chael is, without doubt, entertaining.

          • Phael Sonnen

            Exactly, so you’ve pretty much billed yourself as a “UFC fan” while I am a “MMA fan”. I enjoy watching the best fighter’s in the world compete and who’ve worked to fight the best. Not the circus show that the UFC runs and which Chael is the head of.

          • Sir_Roy

            You’re saying you like MMA, but dislike the UFC, while I like the UFC and dislike MMA because I find Chael Sonnen entertaining?

            What a bullsh!t comment. You’re going to find sports personalities in every single sport out there. People love to hate certain athletes and take enjoyment rooting against them, just as much as the inverse is true. It’s part of sports entertainment.

            While I used to find your posts more or less interesting, I must say, your opinions are getting less and less relevant and more needlessly antagonistic of late. Too bad.

          • fsunoles10

            that actually makes no sense, you’re saying he isnt a mma fan but it sounds like to me he finds grappling entertaining and the last time i checked grappling was a part of mma so to me it sounds like you would be the one that is a ufc fan and not an mma fan. the ufc only wants exciting fights thats why they been cutting people that dont fit the bill, that sounds right up your alley doesnt it?

          • Phael Sonnen

            Wow your dense… I was clearly stating I do not appreciate Chael’s circus antics that gets him big fights without the product of his skill. I clearly state I enjoy watching the best guys fight each other whether they are wrestlers, lay and pray fighters, submission experts, strikers or etc. That is “MMA” not the circus show antics the “UFC” promotes where Chael runs his mouth being a racist and etc. So in turn, you make no sense… fool.

      • Mike mckinney

        I’m curious, what exactly is a “bloke?”
        I’ve seen that term used a few times on here. Maybe all from you. I’m not sure.
        Just curious if you know the American equivalent. (That’s assuming is a non American phrase)

        • Sir_Roy

          “Bloke” is Australian in origin (New Zealand / England as well).

          It’s like “dude” I guess, “guy” or “bro” only with far less adolescent undertones.

    • gnodeb

      He is even more fake as a commentator…

      • fsunoles10

        you’re an idiot dude, chael, florian and mir are 3 of the best commentators ive ever heard.

        • ned sto

          Florian is not one of the best commentators. Not by a long shot.

          • Baller31

            I think that Florian is by far the most knowledgeable commentator in the UFC. I also like Mir and Sonnen as commentators,

  • solo

    Chael is taking advantage of every opportunity to make tone of money. Especially now when retirement is near. Simple!
    At least this is probably gonna be more competative bout than his last one.

  • Dan

    I understand Sonnen, of course he want to make ton of the money but I don’t get UFC for making all this fights with Sonnen, is it possible that we steal have morons who r buying Sonnen s*** and after that buying for real dolars PPV

  • S

    Sonnen will tap out to strikes in round one.

  • adice89

    Very very good fight card. Should this have been the main event? I dont think so. Anyways. I think if shogun doesnt catch him early than chael is going to GNP shogun. Should be fireworks within the first 2 mins of round 1 though lol.

  • Baller31

    I like this fight. It give Sonnen more time to prepare, and I think he’ll do much better than people think.

  • Cereal Killer

    If Chael loses, I will leave this forum forever. Shogun’s only quality UFC win was over Machida. A UFC record or 5-5 is not even close to impressive.

    • Phael Sonnen

      Yea and a record of 6-6 without any titles is great, and Chael gets more title shorts than Urijah Faber! At least Shogun won the belt… And realistically Shogun’s record should be at least 6-4 maybe even 6-3-1, as the first Machida fight was a complete robbery and the Hendo fight should have probably been ruled a draw.

      • Cereal Killer

        Chael is 5-4 in the UFC, which we all know about three of the loses. His 5 wins were all over highly ranked guys. Shoguns wins are over Coleman and Chuck, the retirement club, Vera and Griffin. Big deal. I did give him credit for Machida. Never been impressed.

        • Sir_Roy

          We’re saying you can’t just cite loses, and leave it at that as though it tells the whole tale. You have to consider the competition he’s lost to, the quality of the fight and the manner in which he lost. Those are all taken into consideration when rating a fighter. Two of his losses, he redeemed with a win (one of the two he was robbed IMHO). Henderson was arguably split decision more than anything else and a hell of a way to lose and Jones, well, nuff said.

        • Phael Sonnen

          He’s 6-6 in the UFC. He fought 3 times before being released and then coming back.

    • Sir_Roy

      “Only” Machida? “Only” the number 2 ranked … ? That’s a huge “only” IMHO. Let’s look at his losses;

      Shogun went to war with Hendo in an awesome back and forth in what I can only refer to as the most spectacular way to “lose” a close decision war. To me, that established him in spades as a top LHW – that fight was win/win. There was no “loser” there in any real sense of the term.

      Finally, losing to Jones is no mark against his top 10 status either. Jon Jones is easily the #2 pound per pound fighter in the world. Some have him as #1 already over Silva.

      I will agree that there are potentially two completely different Shoguns that step into the Octagon come fight night – and the difference is whether he comes in top shape or not, and whether his cumulative injuries have completely robbed him of his edge. The first Forrest fight, and his most recent against Gustafsson, highlight that fact perfectly.

  • Cereal Killer

    OK, fine. Can we all agree that this is the win or go home fight for Shogun?????????????

    • Baller31

      I agree that if he still has title aspirations, he needs to be able to beat Sonnen. But even if he lost a close decision I’d keep him around. If he beats Sonnen, and Machida wins, I think it would be a good time to complete the trilogy.

  • DanielH93

    Cant wait for Sonnen vs Shogun. It should be a war! Am picking Sonnen but I could see Shogun winning my TKO. I think Sonnen’s aggressive style and Wrestling will win him a UD victory.

  • encoro-encuero

    this guy is damaging Dana White and the UFC image. How can Chael keep getting main fights after losing?

    • Mike mckinney

      I would suppose that he’s only damaging the image that you think they’re trying to get across. Otherwise you’d be correct. He probably wouldn’t get a push.


    There are some great match ups for Rua that the ufc could make instead of this crap! So sick of Nonnen!!!