Chael Sonnen vs. Mark Munoz Set UFC on Fox 2

December 3, 2011
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UFC on Fox 2 has its co-main event and it will determine the next challenger to Anderson Silva’s middleweight title.

Former title contender Chael Sonnen will meet top ten ranked middleweight Mark Munoz in the co-main event of UFC on Fox 2 set for Jan. 28 in Chicago.

UFC officials confirmed the bout for the co-headliner, alongside Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis, on Saturday.

Chael Sonnen was gunning for a rematch with Anderson Silva after their hard fought battle in 2010. Sonnen controlled the fight and was up on the scorecards going into the fifth and final round, but Silva was able to come back and end the fight with a Hail Mary triangle choke to retain his title.

Ever since then, Sonnen has been seeking a second shot at Silva, but with the champion on injured reserve until deep into 2012, he’ll face another tough challenge instead.

Mark Munoz will be looking to earn his first shot at the UFC middleweight title when he faces Sonnen on Jan. 28.

A former NCAA champion in wrestling, Munoz has shown steady improvements in every fight including his last victory over Chris Leben at UFC 138.

Now he has the chance to earn a shot against a former training partner and friend in Anderson Silva.

Sonnen and Munoz have actually competed against each other before in a wrestling match in college. Munoz, a stand out at Oklahoma State, defeated Sonnen, who wrestled at Oregon. Obviously the MMA game is much different, but at least for now Munoz has a 1-0 lead going into the fight.

More bouts for the UFC on Fox 2 card are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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  • Chaels gonna rip through Munoz then all you naysayers will see why he deserves a 2nd shot at anderson

  • tsszaltax

    I dont understand why Munoz is so highly rated. He’s fought 2 top 10 guys and lost one of those. The one he beat, Maia, is just as overrated as this guy is, and had to take him to a decision. He got KTFO by Matt Hammill, beat Aaron Simpson, CB “Im even more overrated than Maia and Munoz” Dollaway, and Leben who isnt even top 10 and he’s 1 fight away from a championship bout? Never understood the hype around this guy.

    • Ememay

      It annoys me when guys say “(insert fighter name) shouldn’t be ranked, who has he fought?”.

      1. If Munoz doesn’t deserve to fight Chael, then who’s deserving?

      2. Unless you’re the champion or a former champion, you don’t really fight guys in the Top 10. You work your way up into the Top 10, then those fights come. Maia, Leben not good enough for you? Maia was Top 10 AT THE TIME, and Leben was coming off big wins. Fine, Chael will be Munoz test to see if he’s worthy of a shot. Consistency matters until a fighter gets a step up in competition.

      The Hamill fight happened more than two years ago. Do you think Munoz worked on his standup since? Moved down in weight, too. Recent matches hold more influence in rankings then stuff that happened years ago.

      • tsszaltax

        I didnt say Munoz doesnt “deserve” to fight Chael, I said Munoz doesnt deserve to be in title contention. He hasnt beat anyone top 10 material except Maia, who beat noone to be top 10 material! Neither one of those guys need to be in the top 10. The ONLY reason these guys are top 10 material is because they’re running out of other people that HAS beat stiffer competition. As much as I hate the guy, Bisping is ranked higher then both of these guys. Instead of offering him a “win and you get a title shot” bout, they put him on TUF. If Munoz wins this bout, Anderson Silva will embarrass him like he has all the other people who’s got their title shot way too early. Mark it down.

        • tsszaltax

          And for the record, your “Unless your champ or former champ you dont fight top 10” statement is ridiculous. Look at the weight class we’re talking about….Only 2 people on the list are champ/former champs, and one of those happened an eternity ago.

          • Ememay

            What I meant to say was champions, former champions and guys that have fought for the title are the only fighters that get to face Top 10 competition consistently. And it’s not ridiculous. Look at any division and we can pick a few guys apart. Donald Cerrone’s toughest fight was Dennis Siver, barely a Top 10 guy, and Cerrone is already being mentioned as a contender. And his next fight vs. Nate Diaz still isn’t against someone ranked in the Top 10. Jake Ellenberger is moving up the ranks, are you going to say Shields wasn’t a good enough test? Are you going to hold his loss to Condit against him from 2 years ago? Phil Davis is also being mentioned as a contender. His toughest opponent to date was Lil Nog, a borderline Top 10 guy. You get the idea now.

            If you want to say Munoz hasn’t impressed you in his wins, fine. But to fault him for his level of competition isn’t fair. All a guy can do is beat whoever is in front of him. Guys say the same about Bisping.

            We can both agree everyone at 185 looks second rate next to Anderson Silva. 185 only has Chael, Munoz and Bisping right now and the only way to settle who’s best is have them fight.

  • Honestly not that excited for this fight. No way this pulls in as many viewers as Santos and Velasquez.

  • Risky move. Zuffa is really going to be kicking themselves if they burn the money maker that is Sonnen – Silva II.

    • Well with Munoz-Sonnen and Davis-Evans contenders matches both on the card they seem to have a clear business strategy. “Hey that guy was awesome! He might be able to beat the champion! You should pay money to see that!”

      • Silva – Sonnen II is a huge money maker that markets itself, there is no denying that. I think they’re taking an unnecessary risk. Not only do they risk losing the rematch between Silva and Sonnen, they also eliminate a top contender in the process.

        Even if Munoz goes out there and runs through Sonnen like a gallon of strawberry ice cream through an 80 year old lactose intolerant woman, a fight between him and Silva won’t sell a fraction of the PPV’s Silva – Sonnen II would. It just won’t.

        While they’re both great guys, neither Silva or Munoz are particularly charismatic and neither one will do much to sell that fight. You can talk all day about the fight selling on it’s merit but it won’t.

        I would have had Munoz fight the winner of Bisping – Miller (assuming Bisping wins tonight) and had Sonnen coach “TUF Brazil” opposite Silva. Then have them fight in Brazil in June.

  • trevor

    Sonnen will destroy Munoz. The end.

  • In the end I think Chael takes this fight, I just think it’s an unnecessary risk.

    Speaking of risky…… What are they thinking having the top 2 fights on the card filled with nothing but guys known for their strong wrestling? It’s not like they stuck Fitch in there but this could spell disaster if they all decide to have collegiate flashbacks and grind out decisions. Hope I’m wrong.

  • RubeKegal

    Good job Zuffa, you must dislike money.

  • I think Munoz is overrated but Im tired of the Sonnen talk too… He has doulbe digit losses and keeps getting beat the same way.. IF he so ******* great why does he keep getting submitted…Maia beat Sonnen and Munoz beat Maia blah blah blah blah..Sonnen cheated the 1st time and still loss to Anderson get in the back of the line and earn your way back…Zuffa is going to make enough money off whoever Anderson fights because its Anderson he doesnt have to sell fights everytime he step in the ring with all the UFC records he will get his PPV buys.. I wish people would get off this Sonnen jock and remember he is a d-bag cheater who talks more than he fights…

    • I don’t think Anderson is as big of a PPV draw as you seem to think he is.

  • MikeMc1983

    The UFC has people blasting them reguardless of what they do. If put fights together before guys have “earned their way back” they get bashed for “only worrying about money, and being like the wwe. Pushing guys who don’t deserve it.”

    If they make guys earn their way back then they’re “taking to big of a chance, and not giving us the fights we want.”

    I think in general terms the UFC listens to fans. However, if they listened to us all, they’d never be able to put together a card.

  • Which fight does everyone want to see?

    – Silva vs. Munoz

    – Silva vs. Sonnen II

    Cast your vote

  • Munoz vs. Mayhem! No wait, Silva vs. Bisping! Sonnen vs. Sapp? I’m so confused! Just use common sense and entertain us!

  • Iamrozylo

    Sonnen beats Munoz.
    Anderson knocks out sonnen in the 1st round.

  • clarkw90

    Anybody wanna bet that Silva makes a miraculous shoulder injury recovery now that this fight is going to happen? Sonnen should have just waiting for Silva to “heal”.

  • jjbones

    All the business grads are chiming in about how Zuffa is doing things wrong, lol come on.

    So the UFC sticks to putting on great fights seemingly over the cash cow and people complain?

    Well I’d prefer to say nice fight to watch, interesting to see two high class wrestlers go at it.

    Munoz is facing title contention because 185 is a very weak weightclass, lets be honest. Silva has eaten it alive, spit it out, and now he’s eating it again.

    That said, I believe Chael will be a more powerful force in the fight which will give him the W.

    And Chael is smart to fight and not wait, the dude was just on the shelf for over a year, he needs plenty of octagon time before facing someone as talented as Silva.

  • afk

    It’s a sad day when MMA fans are talking about how this is a bad idea for fight fans because it won’t make ZUFFA money. LOL!

    Last UFC on FOX all everybody did was bitch about it being one fight. Now you get two ridiculous match ups and a third co main event and remaining fights that haven’t even been announced… and people are bitching about how Munoz doesn’t deserve a title shot and the UFC is making bad business decisions.

    The UFC is doing what’s best, and what’s right for the sport. They’re showcasing major talent on network television and anybody that says Munoz isn’t deserving of title contention is a retard because that is LITERALLY the point of this fight. IF he wins, he obviously IS deserving. If he doesn’t… ??? What’s the problem here? It’s the same situation as far as contender spot vs up-and-comer in Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis is it not?

    Fighters fight to further their careers and the sport. Be happy that these kinds of matches are taking place instead of having Chael Sonnen wait another year to fight. What if someone gets hurt again?

    Madness, you QQers, plain madness.

    • oden

      You make too much sense for the internet. Get out! (and I totally agree with you)

    • tjdania

      You should run for president. These guys think they know how to run a fight organization because they watch a few fight every now and then. I suggest you whiners all shut up and enjoy the fact that these proven professionals are willing to put their bodies, families and all other kinds of things on the line to entertainment you while you sit on your ass and say they’re undeserving. Smfh

  • fsunoles09

    why do people still say sonnen cheated, the suspension was not cuz of the that.yall dudes like truly hate some of these fighters and its pretty funny cuz half yall wouldnt say that **** to their face i like silva he a hell of a fighter but if u say anythin about sonnen not hanvin a chance then ur either really nieve or ur lettin ur love for silva blind u sonnen was whippin his ass and yes he got finished but silva was lucky to come outta that 1 with a w he slaped on a desperation triangle and ended up gettin it which hey good for him but dont sit there and down sonnen like he aint ****, we will just have to see what happens next go around and its not like me to leave people with no chance but my opinion is sonnen wrestling is to good and he will end up dominating munoz and pullin off the 3rd round tko