Chael Sonnen Verbally Beats Down Heckling Fan at UFC Fan Expo (Video)

July 12, 2013
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Chael-Sonnen-2-UFC-Expo-2013-478x270Chael Sonnen is known for his epic smack talk leading up to fights.  Some say it’s scripted and pre-written but the former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight contender went impromptu on a heckling fan at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas leading up to the UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman Independence day weekend event.

Sonnen wins by verbal knockout.

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  • Real

    Lol. Chael pwned him.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Please fight Vitor. I want to see you get slapped silly again.

    • jd

      Vitor will get his butt whooped by Chris Weidman… Just like he knocked that chump Spider off the water spout. Chris used the same blue print Chael showed the rest of the world.

      • The Best Eva

        Chris actually used his own totally different game plan.

        You can’t beat Chael in a war of words especially when his mic is way louder than yours.

      • MuayThaiFood

        And what does that have to do with what I just said? Does Chael have Chris Weidman do his fighting for him now?

      • MMAMA

        Chris didn’t use that blueprint to beat Silva… he got sucked into fighting Silva’s fight, which was stupid, except he managed to hit him. His standup was the weakest part of his game, and he was tricked into using it. Not to take anything away from him – I’m glad he won! And damn, he deserved to. But he didn’t use the gameplan he wanted to… he was outsmarted… and it backfired.

      • Bugster

        Chael accepted a fight with Vitor but Victor didnt’ want anything to do with him.
        Vitor said he wants Jones not Chael.

  • Joe

    I just laughed my @$$ off

  • james j

    You have to be a moron to challenge Chael in a war of words. He just schooled that nobody. Lets not forget, Chael is an Olympian wrestler, he beat the hell out of Silva for 4 plus rounds, and is a damn good UFC fighter. Age might be catching him, but he is still a beast.

    • People may not like his personality, or stage personality but the guy trains hard everyday and is always willing to take a fight at MW and LHW. We all can’t have the best record and win titles but he never quit the sport and continues to take fights.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Chaels loses are almost all to big name fighters! Forrest before he was anybody, Jeremy Horn, Filho before he weirded out. He can still take on any top ten guy around.

        • That’s what I’m saying. He may get submitted but all of the guys I believe are legit high level BJJ Black Belts, minus Forrest, I don’t know if he’s belted, but he has a nice ground game. But the guy always comes in shape and brings it. This fight with Rua will be interesting. There will be a lot of trash talk about the guy if he losses that fight.

          • The best eva

            Forrest is a legit black belt. Maybe not as highly skilled at the time he submitted Chaell or as good as the others who did. But Chaell is always game for anyone any time

          • This is true, And at this level, pretty much anyone can beat anyone at any given time. I always like Chael for his work ethic and aggressive style. He really needs this win though. Same kind of goes for Rua to though. He’s never really looked impressive other then beating Machida. That Liddell victory was way past Chucks dominant time, no offense to Shogun. Nice rematch against Griffin as well. But both of these guys need an impressive victor.

    • MuayThaiFood

      I’ll take Joe Rogan over Chael in a war of words any day.

    • Dragon Kid

      It’s funny that Chael “beat up” Silva yet Silva didn’t have a scratch on him but Chael was all cut up. Even for 4 rounds Sonnen couldnt finish the job

      • james j

        I don’t think you are going to find many people who believe that Chael did not own Silva for 90% of the first match.

        • Dragon Kid

          Sonnen couldn’t even put the man away even if he tried.

  • dgs

    Sounds like a bunch of WWF crap.

    Chael, I respect your skills, meaning I respect you as a fighter, but you really are a tool as a person. I would say that to your face too.

    • TheCerealKiller

      World Wildlife Federation?

  • Milosc

    Who really had a problem with what this guy said, until he got to the Oklahoma part?

  • CS

    I love when someone who’s never won a UFC fight calls out someone who’s beat some of the top competition in the UFC. Yes he lost to Anderson Silva and Jon Jones…both of which may go down as the 2 greatest fighters of all time. Real Talk.

    • Dragon Kid

      Chael did talk a lot leading to both fights and couldn’t back up his words on fight night

      • C.S.

        What should he have said before the fight? “I’ll probably lose” It’s called building a fight, it what makes the UFC money, that’s the business side of it that some people don’t understand.

        • Dragon Kid

          *rolls eyes*

      • toom

        man it’s really aannoying when people think there fans but don’t have a clue what there talking about get out of here

        • Dragon Kid

          Why? Coz ur a Sonnen fan and like him but can’t handle the truth?

          If you’re gonna say outrageous things, at least have the substance to back it up. You can’t get away with it if you’re a loser in which case that’s Chael in his fight with Jones and Silva.

          • toom

            he couldn’t beat Jones or Silva yeah I could see how that makes you a.bad fighter smh

          • Dragon Kid

            Well all he did was talk and then he got smashed in both fights. Embarassing!

          • bizrlee

            There were 3 fights total with Jones and Silva. He didn’t exactly get smashed the first Silva
            fight. You can hate him all you want, but he’s good.

          • Dragon Kid

            yeah anybody can give someone a beatdown when they’re high on trt. look what happened when he didnt have trt, he got smashed in the latter two fights. he’s all talk but cannot produce a win. i dont mind if someone talks trash but can back it up but sonnen can’t seem to back it up and with his predictable fight style, its not doing him any favours.

  • ad

    Whats funny is the guy whos talking smack has a record of 2 wins and 3 losses. Lol, what a joke.

  • Manuel Lopez

    It’s true Sonnen keeps losing… But the real issue is why he keeps getting those high profile fights. Answer: his big mouth. People love it, DW loves it, tv network loves it. Sonnen is an asshole and America loves assholes. This vid is a prime example. The guy asking is one and Sonnen is another one.

  • Bugster

    Losing to Jones and Anderson isn’t really worth to be cut in any book. The fan really doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  • Dave d

    did i hear a little racism in that “son” at the end there?

  • Timbo_Slice

    some big mouth tool trying to be cool! awesome job Sonnen !!!!!!!

  • Phael Sonnen

    F*** you Chael

  • jaybird gorilla meat

    nevermind that he beat Brian Stann after Bisping, since Brian Stann is a nobody and all, what an idiot, everyone who says “real talk” should eat a penis