Chael Sonnen Supports UFC’s New TRT Testing, Has Already Been Tested

February 20, 2013
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Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen

UFC president Dana White said during the UFC on Fuel TV 7 post-fight press conference that the Las Vegas-based promotion would implement a new testing policy for fighters using testosterone replacement therapy.

Any fighter under UFC contract exercising the therapeutic exemption to use TRT will be tested throughout their training camp to ensure they’re not abusing the therapy to cheat.

White suspected that some fighters may be raising their testosterone levels well above acceptable levels during training to reap the benefits, but then taper off in time for their levels to come down enough to meet athletic commission standards come fight time.

TUF 17 coach Chael Sonnen, who uses TRT, supports the organization’s new stance on the controversial treatment.

“First off, I admire Dana on many levels. But for me, this is his crowning moment, both as a leader, but also with his integrity. You are never going to find a chief executive of any corporation, be it sport, business or otherwise that shines a light on his own organization and says, ‘We have a problem.’ Guys, we’re not talking about testosterone use, we’re talking about testosterone abuse,” Sonnen said on UFC Tonight.

Sonnen was suspended for elevated testosterone levels following his UFC 117 loss to Anderson Silva.  He appealed the decision.  He was fined and suspended, but granted a license to compete, as well as a therapeutic use exemption, when he applied for a new license once the terms of the suspension were fulfilled.

Sonnen claims the new TRT testing has already been deployed.  He should know; he’s already been tested.

“The testing has already started. I can tell you firsthand, I have already been tested since this announcement,” said Sonnen.

Sonnen faces Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight crown at UFC 159 on April 27 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

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  • nadillon

    Good job Dana. There are now far too many athletes claiming they have this rare disease.

  • Hunter

    Its not always a rare disease. It can happen due to age or taking shots to the head.

  • judorich

    I think it’s great that Dana has put this policy into place, but it’s just as easy for someone who isn’t on trt to elevate their level of testosterone during training camp and then lower it before they need to test. There are plenty of athletes using testosterone, but only the ones who have been approved for trt use are catching the heat for it.

  • Darin

    My God, Chael is an a$$ kisser

  • bajafox

    The less Chael talks out of his ass and more with his head the more I come to respect him.

    Good job Dana, I hope you have plenty of back up fighters to replace the one’s who will fail the test

  • George Sperry

    Sonnen is an butt kisser that gets on his knees in front of Dana everyday.
    He probably has to push Rousey out of the way to get his share too.

  • MuayThaiFood

    I like how having less testosterone production as you get older is looked at as a treatable deficiency when in fact it is a normal part of aging.