Chael Sonnen Says Rivalry with Wanderlei Silva Sparked by Jealousy

May 27, 2014
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Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva will finally settle their score at UF 175 on July 5, but really, who can remember when, where and why the rivalry started?

Chael can. And he says this whole thing started from his own jealousy.

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  • lowlb

    I think Sonnen has done a great job improving on his weaknesses and getting a job with fox. After the Maia fight, he obviously learned new tactics to deal with JJitsu. A few wins later he was offered a title shot against ASilva, dominated! and then was busted for having elevated testosterone levels. With his TRT regulated he went on to barely win a fight against Bisping (CHael has mentioned that he barely won that fight.) SO! Chael is a great athlete who has done his best work while on a performance enhancing drugs.

    • Ian Price

      I like Chael. I think he got a bad rap for no good reason. The only knock could be maybe easing up a little on the Brazilian jokes, but that’s about it. He’s a class act and a great fighter.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        Youre right no good reason at all, someone MADE him take TRT and cheat his title shot (and still lost), someone MADE him classlessly insult the people of the arguably the nation of the worlds best fighters, and someone MADE him commit real estate fraud .

        • FrazierStoneInc

          If you think Wand wasn’t juiced to the gills in his PRIDE days your insane and if Brazil is really “arguably the nation of the worlds best fighters” why is it that they only have one belt out of all the weight divisions in the UFC?

          • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

            Everyone was juiced in PRIDE , but he didnt take it in the UFC when it was a rule not too. DURRRRRRRRRRR. And Brazil started MMA, Vale Tudo , etc. know your history DURRRRRRRRR

          • frazierstoneinc

            Are you 12? Durrrrr?

            Don’t bring up Chael’s TRT when your Pride hero juiced his whole career fanboy.

            Also this isn’t 1990 anymore, Brazil has 1 belt out of 9 title divisions.

            Looks like they were left in history.

          • Ryan thompson

            How dare you bring facts and logic into this!
            Voted up for common sense.

          • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

            They started MMA. Period.

          • $84275998

            They only hold 1 UFC belt. Period. Some progression.

          • Matt

            Actually, no. It was started almost 700 years before Christ.

          • Ryan thompson

            Are you thick in the head?

          • Austin Miller

            The Greeks started MMA (Pankration) in 648 b.c. Know your history DURRRRRRRR

          • Gilbert West

            Just because they’ve exhibited a few good fighters doesn’t mean everyone else is unqualified. They just lost a belt last week, and they lost a belt about 8 months ago. They’ve still got to be competitive.

        • Ian Price

          Glad we agree then!

        • Ryan thompson

          Yes I’ll argue that all day considering Brazil has one champion in the UFC now.

      • lowlb

        He’s pretty funny… He should have stayed clean though.
        Beating Wauderlea (pardon my spelling) will be no great accomplishment but he’ll say he’s beaten another legend.
        He’s getting better as a commentator but his voice is kinda high.. He’s entertaining and attempting to be professional on fox but as a fighter, when he ain’t on the juice he’s not champion material.

      • lowlb

        why is being busted for taking PED not a good reason? You like him so your willing to accept the fact that he cheated. It’ s ok that his best fights were when he was on TRT. It’s ok because you like him…

        • jay

          You think Wand wasn’t juicing in all his Pride fights?

          I wonder why he hasn’t won 2 back to back fights in 7 years since he’s been fighting in the states.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Well Silva is a real fighter and has given up his mind and body for over 15 years fighting as a real fighter and earning his legacy. Sonnen is a WWE gimmick with lame babble that got him into the spotlight. In case you dont believe me, look at Chael’s first run in the UFC before he was cut, he was unheard of.

    • GLDTrader

      Look at Silva’s first run in the UFC before he was cut. Blasted by Tito and Vitor. He went on to pad his record with underweight Japanese guys in Japan and has had a shitty record in UFC since he came back. Chael will likely dominate him like he did his former training partner Shogun.

      • The Best Eva

        You are completely correct, don’t let butt hurt fake fans tell you otherwise.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        I agree with the padded record, but he did beat some big names like Sakurai and Rampage. But at least Wanderlei was exciting and KO’d people, Chael is just a lay n prayer

        • Ryan thompson

          Yes like when he laid on shogun and made him tap!

    • Matt

      It must suck for Wandy to get his ass kicked by a WWE gimmick…

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        I cant even defend Wandy anymore. Unbelievable

  • peeter mans

    I look forward to the day when we hear the last of this intelligent but very, very mediocre fighter called Chael Sonnen.

    • $84275998

      Not happening.

      He’ll stay with FOX sports and likely transition into UFC commentating.

      Get used to him, he’s not going anywhere.

    • Ian Price

      Mediocre, as in, top 5 middleweight and top 10 LHW on the planet. Yeah, sure, he’s mediocre…. If you’re comparing him to the champion!

  • Bob Sacamanto

    Sounds like chael’s overdoing his fight pass “prescription”.

  • Tony B.

    Chael is definitely one of the most entertaining fighters of all time. He may not be able to stand with the greatest fighters but this is mixed martial arts and ground n pound is part of the sport. Beat up on Wande.