Chael Sonnen Says Jon Jones Could Beat Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali… In the Same Day

April 24, 2013
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Jon Jones at UFC 136UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones has already accomplished more in combat sports at the age of 25 than most will in two lifetimes.

He’s the youngest fighter to ever win a UFC championship and the youngest fighter to defend a UFC title.  He’s defended his title four times, which ties him with former light heavyweight titleholders Frank Shamrock and Chuck Liddell.

He is tied with Lyoto Machida with most consecutive wins in the UFC’s light heavyweight division.  In his 12 fights in the UFC, he has earned Fight of the Night twice, Submission of the Night twice and Knockout of the Night once.  Nearly every other time he steps into the Octagon, he’s takes home a performance based bonus.

And he’s not just beating people, he’s destroying the competition.  He has beaten five former UFC titleholders… in a row.

His accolades are gaining him recognition and comparisons to some of combat sports’ biggest legends.

Jones faces Chael Sonnen on April 27 at UFC 159 in Newark, N.J.  A win will tie him with Tito Ortiz for the most title defenses in the UFC’s light heavyweight division, and surpass Machida for most consecutive wins.

The New York native dreams of fighting in Madison Square Garden one day, a venue that’s hosted events headlined by the biggest names in combat sports history.  Mixed martial arts isn’t legal in the state of New York, yet, but UFC 159’s open workouts will take place at the Garden.

“Muhammad Ali got to fight there.  Mike Tyson got to fight there.  And I think it’s like – I just think it’s a surreal place to be.  I’m actually honored that I get to do the open workouts at the Garden because it’s just a dream of mine, so to fight there it would mean a lot to me and I can’t wait for the possibility,” said Jones on a recent UFC 159 media conference call.

Jones will go down in history as one of the greatest fighters of all time regardless of where his career path takes him from here, but his UFC 159 opponent believes that Jones has already passed the likes of Ali and Tyson as the greatest fighter in the world.

“As great as Jon is, I don’t think that he understands how good he is,” said Sonnen.  “For him to pay tribute to Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali earlier was a very nice thing for him to do.  The reality is Jon Jones could beat up Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali in the same day.”

Jones stated that he wants to defeat Sonnen and get another title defense under his belt to surpass Ortiz’ title defense record.  Then he’ll entertain the possibility of superfights or a move up to the heavyweight division.  Sonnen feels that Ortiz’ record is just a number and Jones is already the greatest 205-pound fighter the world has ever seen.

“When he says he wants to be the best ever, Jon, news flash buddy, you are the best.  And as far as tying Tito Ortiz, yes, maybe had a couple more wins, but he hasn’t had the competition that you’ve faced.  That’s not a secret,” said the challenger.

“I’m not going to degrade Jon or what he’s done.  He’s the world champion.  He’s the best in the weight class and he’s the best the weight class has ever seen.”

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  • Different sports but his boxing will never be anywhere close to Ali’s or Tyson’s.Since he joined the UFC he’s never had a knockout,and that’s what fans want to see the most.

    • brian

      do you not know how to read??

      ” In his 12 fights in the UFC, he has earned Fight of the Night twice,
      Submission of the Night twice and Knockout of the Night once.”

      • brian

        pretty sure it say knockout right in the article??

        • Lucas Freire

          KO of the night can be a TKO.

          All his TKOs weren’t one-punch/kick/knee/elbow blasts. He for sure is an amazing fighter,I can’t see anyone winning against him on the LHW division,but he doesn’t have that KO power that Shogun,or Dan Henderson or even Lyoto has.

      • Do you not know how to read? I said knockout not tko.Learn how to read and spell 🙂

    • pontez

      He would take both down n’ grounded pouned both till death.

  • HunterLionheart

    Yeah. Tyson and Ali could punch, but boxing is not fighting. James Toney showed what happens when a boxer tries to fight a fighter. They get embarrassed.

    Edit: A smart fighter. I’m ignoring -THAT- heavyweight.

    • LikeLukeSouthworthCanFight

      Go tell a boxer to his face that boxing isn’t fighting and see what happens. MMA is just superior.

      • HunterLionheart

        Boxing is the sport of punching. MMA is the sport of fighting. Boxing is a contact sport and I suppose if you really want to call it ‘fighting’ you have to accept that at the very most it’s a greatly limited form of fighting.

        • alan

          yea limited so much mayweather is worth 300 million and john jones is worth 5

    • Lucas Freire

      Huh…a boxer is a fighter. You just can’t judge two guys that train differente things by the same aspects.

      A solid striker with a great takedown defence is one of the old recipes to be a champion.

    • candelario

      Same thing would happen if a MMA fighter would go into boxing. They would be KO’d. “Fighting” as you say is limited by rules. IN a real fight I would kick to the balls, eye poke and kick a grounded opponent.

      • HunterLionheart

        Well yes. If you take a fighter then remove 4/5 of their skillset, you will lose to someone who only trains that 1/5. That’s like saying a Decathlete isn’t going to win the 200m.

        The point is that boxing’s is one very limited facet of unarmed fighting, whilst MMA contains almost all of them

        • candelario

          comparing apples to oranges isn’t effective in making a point. I think you are mistaking a “real” fight with mma fighting. IN real fights there are no rules. You could be the best mma fighter in the world but in a fight with different rules or no rules, one could say mma is very limited.

      • alan123

        your a idiot there both sports thats what matters and lets be truly honest jones will never be known like ali or tyson internationally also james toney showed nothing you put a overweight old retired boxer and put him into a octogon thats a joke lol boxing is boxing ufc is mma niether is fighting but ill tell you this much you put a mma fighter in a ring he gets killed put a boxer in the octogon he has a punchers chance

  • Marc Livingood

    thanks for letting us know you don’t stand a chance no s*** talking this time. But is this part of a diabolical scheme to throw Jon of slightly will see.

  • bdono555

    Smart! instead of pissing your opponent off inflate his ego and hope he overlooks you! I hate the s#$thead but he’s not Dumb!

  • JonJonessucks

    he sucks

  • judoskeleton

    Very smart… go out with humility to pad your commentator career. Smart dude. We all pay him very well. Remember that.

  • Luvigj Camaj

    Muhammad Ali’s foot work is on another level from Jones. Ali would crush him in a boxing match but Jones wins with take downs and a submission. Its the know how that puts him on top of that match. Ali wouldn’t know how to defend him self. Just like Couture vs James tony. Tyson is a peekaboo sledgehammering animal. He just has to land one decent shot and your doing the bambi dance but still same out come. Jone Jones wrestling and know how wins that one also. Mma wins hands down!

  • In the ring Jon is done and Vice-versa if Tyson & Ali step in the octagon.

  • Tim

    Chael knows he can not beat Jones, And by saying all this, he can say hey the best guy in mma beat me, nothing to be ashamed of lol. Thats why Chael is going on and on about Jones