Chael Sonnen Says He May Reach Out to Anderson Silva for His TUF Brasil 3 Coaching Staff

October 24, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at the UFC 148 weigh-insWould Anderson Silva really take Chael Sonnen up on his latest offer?

“Who knows, I may reach out to Anderson and see if he wants to be on the coaching staff (of TUF Brasil 3) with me,” Sonnen said in an interview with Whoa! TV.

He then went on to explain losing twice to Silva and expressing his desire for a third bout with the former champ.

Sonnen is currently slated to coach opposite Wanderlei Silva when TUF Brasil 3 filming begins early next year.

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  • saywhat!?

    hmm…. maybe he would for the fighters, but why would he coach against a brazillian? anderson,will you coach with sonnen? “uh no, i train for fight with chris weiner(courtesy of ttths), thats it. i here for fight, it’s normal”

    • Wolf Ticket

      Also, he’s friends with Wandy, so he would probably not be coaching the other team, even if the coach was Brazilian as well. But all three of them may have a BBQ together once that fight is over.

      • Kenny Powers

        Yeah it would be kinda cool to see Anderson and Chael working together, but yeah I doubt Anderson would coach against his old Chute Box teammate.

    • Lucas Freire

      it’s normal.

    • uncle

      That was funny… maybe he should call
      Vitor and see if he is available lol

  • A fan of honest fighters

    Chael is delusional. It is embarrassing to witness him speak sometimes. The occasional laugh, but taking him seriously is impossible. Biggest liar, cheater, scab in the sport. He makes Barnett look like a saint.

    • Fern

      100% correct “fan of honest fighters”. Watching Chael speak makes me cringe everytime. He’s such a classless individual in everyway. He’s desperate to hold out an olive branch to the Brazliian people so that he doesn’t get jumped when he’s over there. He knows AS can play peacemaker once again for him and save his neck. Its a desperate move by a desperate person right now. Pathetic..

      • shakejunt

        both of you are too gullible. chael is so up front about what he does and people like you two just fuel his fire. you don’t like his schtick? then don’t acknowledge him. he knows how to get a reaction out of people and you two are giving him exactly what he wants.

        • A fan of honest fighters

          actually you are completely incorrect. i do not pay to watch cards he is on, i do not support his lying, stealing money, steroid use, and general abuse of your gullible mind. He was not upfront when he was brought to court (more than once) then lied in court and claimed ignorance. For such a smart person, he should know better than to play a child’s ignorance. If his ultimate goal was to get me to speak out against him on the internet, due to his checkered past and ignorant comments, than mission accomplished. The difference of my choice to speak against him is not from a FAN point of view, but from a sportsman ideal. He is a disgrace to honest people, and fighters as well.

          People like me do not fuel his fire, we extinguish it with the truth. He is a politician at heart, completely used to lying and being full of shart.

          Great handle though, hope you actually skate as well. As I do.

          • period

            You really are gullible.

          • Raymond Gonzalez

            You TOTALLY didn’t just go off on a giant rant about Chael. Way to avoid that.

          • shakejunt

            it’s the paris hilton effect. no press attention is bad press attention. he knows how to make people talk about him and whether you watch his fights or not, you support his employers by watching the rest of their product.

            and yes.

  • No matter how we feel about Chael you can’t dent having Sonnen and SIlva together coaching you is pretty awesome. If Silva had Chaels wrestling skills he would be even scarier.

  • Dragon Kid

    Maybe Sonnen has accepted Silva’s BBQ invitation after all.

    • tmac

      No gano

      • shakejunt


  • julian moran

    Silva would not coach against Silva.

  • Fern

    Anderson should except Chael’s offer to help him coach on one condition; and that is, now that Chael is married, Anderson should be allowed to go over to his house, pat Chael’s wife on the rear end and ask her to make him some chicken hearts.

  • tmac


  • George Sperry

    Is it possible Sonnen really doesn’t know what a dick he is?


    just b/c Anderson invited you to BBQ after he kicked your @$$… doesn’t mean he is your Buddy

  • Maddawgmar

    Wow you people are idiots. He was joking.

    • shakejunt

      glad someone here is awake

      • A fan of honest fighters

        Yes you are right, there is some of this going over people’s heads, but don’t feed the class clown. He is only good for being laughed at, not laughed with. He is a clown, through and through.

        Met him twice, had no opinion beforehand, and after both times I realize he is the worst actor I have ever met. Lies for no reason, generally not intelligent unless he is trying to insult someone. Heard him make a sarcastic comment about a fan to another training partner that was completely ignorant, after that I thought he was a scumbag in real life as well. He needs to shut his mouth and stick to fighting. The talk, the eggin’ on BS, the selling of fights by racist comments, it is all for the birds. The truly gullible american’s who think it is OKAY to say any ignorant thing you want, then hang Diaz for opening his mouth with a less graceful delivery. ‘Merica ! WHOA !

    • A fan of honest fighters

      His humor is completely arrogant, and not funny when you drop racist comments against brazilians, only to turn around and make another joke about your ignorance to the things that come out of your mouth. He is lucky other fighters are more respectful than him. This guy is seriously brain damaged into thinking he is a politician, yet he couldn’t even do that without being caught lying, talking nonsense, and being dragged to court like a child. Zero accountability, zero sportsmanship, racist, and arrogant.

      Yeah, hilarious joke.

      • Maddawgmar

        Yet he has dragged you into talking about him. Love him or hate him, your gonna talk about him. I guess you just as mindless as all the other sheeps.