Chael Sonnen Reacts – Nike Slogan with Jon Jones Will Be ‘Just Do Nothing’

August 23, 2012
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Chael Sonnen at UFC 148It was Wednesday night around 5 o’clock when Chael Sonnen saw Dana White’s name pop up on the caller-ID on his cell phone.

A few moments later Sonnen heard the bad news that his good friend and former training partner Dan Henderson had suffered a knee injury and was forced out of his scheduled bout against Jon Jones at UFC 151. White was calling Sonnen to offer him Henderson’s spot in the fight, and the self-proclaimed American Gangster gladly accepted the opportunity.

Unfortunately, Jon Jones opted not to accept the fight with Chael Sonnen.

“I just don’t know why he won’t fight me next Saturday, I mean what else does he have to do? Is there like a wine tasting at the local racetrack or something I haven’t heard about? I don’t know what his deal is. Maybe Dana didn’t make it clear enough that he was willing to fly Jones out, maybe Jon thought he had to drive,” Sonnen told ESPN on Thursday while taking a jab at Jones’ DWI conviction from earlier this year.

When questioned about the champion’s decision to turn down the fight because it was on only 8 days notice without much opportunity to train for an entirely new opponent, Sonnen, as expected, wasn’t very sympathetic to the UFC’s light heavyweight champion.

“You could give a guy 90 days and you can err on the side of caution. You could give a guy a year, that’s completely fine. We’re a volunteer army, nobody has to fight, nobody has to go with this company, go into this line of work. But when you choose to, and when you sign your name to a contract, when an industry is counting on you to honor your word, you’ve got to honor your word,” said Sonnen.

“Dan Henderson was on one leg and did everything he could to still make that date. Dana White flew him out had his own doctor look at Dan’s knee and he said you can’t go. So Dan Henderson was willing to do on one leg what Jon Jones who’s healthy isn’t willing to do.”

Sonnen believes this all points to the personality that Jon Jones possesses, and that he’s ultimately only out for himself and not thinking about anybody else his decision might effect.

“Jon Jones has his own way of going about things. This guy is an entitled brat, and when you get that way and you’re surrounded by people that tell you these things, you don’t think of anybody else but yourself. He’s now with Nike – Nike with Jon Jones is going to have to change their slogan to ‘Just Do Nothing’,” Sonnen stated.

“I’m the highest paid fighter in the UFC. Any time you talk about money you sound like a brat, I don’t mean to do that. I fought back when there was no money, but the reality is I’m at the top of the pay scale right now, I offered him in writing, I heard you read it on your show, I will give him my entire purse just so that the show goes on. Just so that the guys on the undercard who haven’t been at this, this long, that are counting on their $5,000 and $10,000 paychecks to make their mortgage and car payments next month, could have a job next week. I would do that for the industry and the company that I love, for the fans that I fight for and this little brat isn’t going to step in on 8 days notice? How much notice do you need?”

The answer to the question for Sonnen was that fighters in reality don’t get much notice at all, and Jones showed his true colors by not accepting the fight with him at UFC 151.

“Let me ask you a question, have any of you ever been in a fight where you get 8 days notice? No, that’s not real life! You think our soldiers over there get 8 days notice before somebody throws a bomb their way? You’ve got to be ready right now. That’s real life,” said Sonnen.

The always outspoken former middleweight contender didn’t let Jones off the hook for a future fight, but said he missed out on his golden opportunity to get him when he wasn’t truly prepared. Now Sonnen says Jones will fight a ready and well-trained American Gangster.

“This was his big opportunity to get me on 8 days notice. 8 days notice is going to turn into zero days notice because the final week all you do is make weight and do a media tour,” said Sonnen.

“This was his opportunity to sway the scales in his favor. Now when I come to beat him, I’m going to get a contract, I’m going to get 90-days, I’m going to have a normal training preparation, this was his big opportunity to slip one past the greatest icon this sport has ever seen and he missed it. He missed it like a chump.”

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  • bajafox

    LOL, I was never really a fan of Chael before but after this fiasco I can’t help but at least respect him.

    • triangle choke

      I 100% agree with you. John Jones is a douche bag for not taking this fight. he just screwed over thousands of people. Not to mention people like Charlie Brenneman who said he won’t be able to pay his rent now for his New Jersey apartment. Chael said it perfectly, his new Nike slogan should say “Just do Nothing”. Today I officially gained respect for Chael Sonnen and lost respect for John Jones. Damn, this would have been the perfect opportunity for Jones to shut Chael’s mouth and he blew it. I hope he gets booed big-time by the fans in his next fight

    • jaxpavan

      This whole situation is such BS. Why is it JBJ’s fault that the even got canceled and now all these other bums can’t get paid? The UFC could have just changed it from a pay-per-view to a free fight and the whole card would have cost them what maybe a total of like 30k. All these other bum fighters where probably only gonna make 3k to show and another 3k to win. The UFC is just making JBJ a scapegoat for their weekppv card

      • jaymorren

        Bum fighters? Even Jones had to start out at the bottom. Its not like he walked in and started making 60K a fight. Only one I can think of who did that was Lesnar.

      • MrAdidas

        You cant change a PPV to a free televised show genius, that’s why it;s called a BUSINESS! Do you think PPV will say okay UFC you go make millions along with a “network/FOX” (which probably wouldnt be able to have the free show anyway, b/c of CONRACTS & scheduled shows already). It’s not as simple as you think, or the UFC would have done it GENIUS!

    • onehitwonder

      I guess I should go read a UFC contract, but how does a belt holder refuse a title fight?

    • MrAdidas

      AGREED 100%!!

  • Triggerman99

    If I wasn’t already pissed enough at Jones for this BS, I’m all the angrier that he has now given Sonnen a freakin bottomless pit of ammo to go on these verbal tirades for the foreseeable future. I was really hoping that I would be able to enjoy a little Cheal-less peace and quiet for awhile, but quite the contrary; its going to be in complete overload mode for god knows how long; possibly even larger than his Silva campaign.
    I don’t mean this to disrespect Sonnen the fighter, or even the person really, because he without a doubt showed some serious sack in the way he stepped up, but I just can’t stand to listen to him spew out this endless WWE-type garbage. Unfortunately, its just beginning, and this time he’s actually JUSTIFIED!!!
    Oh, god help me….

  • “Maybe Dana didn’t make it clear enough that he was willing to fly Jones out, maybe Jon thought he had to drive”

    LOL This is Chael’s best line ever!

    Hopefully Jones can take Jackson’s balls out of his mouth long enough to respond.

  • triangle choke

    I’m just checking in to see if John Jones is still…….. Yep he’s still a douche bag for not taking the fight. I GUESS IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FROM NOW ON.

    • jonnypatrick

      That’s what’s so funny to me, he said he is a business man and fights for money and for his future. Is he so stupid that he don’t realize that Sonnen has the biggest ppv buys in UFC history? He doesn’t want to fight Machida because of low ppv sales but won’t fight Sonnen? I like Dana..i’m baffled by this

  • In all seriousness Nike has got to be angry. Their star has taken a huge PR hit. I was a Jon Jones fan and no longer am. (Was never a Sonnen fan btw. Dont think he would stand a chance against Jones. Doesnt have anything to do with this, and in fact only makes it worse)

  • KBEsq

    I can’t believe Jones is sticking by this decision. I really hope he changes his mind, especially after hearing from White that NO champion has EVER done this before. If that doesn’t do it for you, how about the guilt of knowing that you stopped a lot of guys on the under card from getting their pay, which isn’t much.

    I bet you there are going to be guys who won’t be able to pay their bills because Jones is acting like this. His head is too big. Jones needs to take a step back and realize where he came from and how lucky he is to be where he’s at. He’s not acting like a fighter; he’s acting like a business man.

  • how much different of a fight would it had been for jones to fight Sonnen? I mean here you are the champion of the UFC a title most of us could only dream about having and you think you can just pick and choose who you fight! what a fucking joke you are Jones! There are hungry guys out there trying to carve themselves a spot in this sport that will take ANY fight ANYTIME just to be in the UFC. I think you are a complete disgrace to the sport and the UFC , If I were Dana White I would tell you to put your nikes on and get to walking.And you call Sonnen a coward, you should buy a big mirror man.

  • Maine2Alaska

    Its messed up, Bones Jones is ready.. been training, in shape, on schedule.. And he wont fight Chael on 8 days notice? I tried to be a fan of Bones but i just cant now. As faras Chael not deserving the shot? Doesnt matter.. Dana offered it to him. I hope all the sh*t talk goes on and on so Bones never forgets how he screwed the UFC over. The UFC gave this guy everything.. and he acts like this? BOOOOO this man!

  • tom27

    Jones is a BITCH n is afraid Sonnen would take that title, thats all the breath I’ll waist on the subject, the world has see him as he truly is n I hope it kills his career.

  • Booker T

    I was a Jones fan. Not anymore!

  • TandmWarElephant

    Wasn’t Jones who said he was more man then Chael would ever be???? At least Chael talks crap and then goes in there and backs it up but seriously he isn’t THAT much of a difference from Henderson? It’d be a bigger fight because of the names, easier fight for Jones (Sorta) because Sonnen hasn’t had a camp for this, and Jones has already been training for a wrestler that hits hard which is essentially Sonnen? Instead he is going to opt to fight a Striker whom he hasnt been training for? I’m glad I’ve never been a fan of Jones but seriously? He probably would have beaten Sonnen anyways? now he looks like the punk that Sonnen called him

  • jonnypatrick

    I never was and now never will be a fan of Jones. He is the coward and he is cheating us (the fans) out of a fight I. 8 days and the other fighters out of their patchecks that they have been working for.

  • josephmartinez

    I have to say Sonnen surprised me… he backed up his talk. Sonnen came out of this a winner and because of Jon Jones, Chael has picked up many ( to include myself) fans. I think its great to have someone like Sonnen who is willing to talk his mind but more importantly back it up.

    Jon Jones has lost respect and fans. As a side note, I believe this is more about his contract with Nike and looking good than having to fight in a sport that made him.

    Shame on Jones, Nike, and Dana…for not screening people. Not all people in the UFC are fighters apparently.

  • samflchr

    Who ever said the guys on the undercard are bums is stupid why because they don’t make as much money as Jon jones who cares they fight when there asked too and your probably some zitty face nerd who lives with his mom trying to act like you know something so just be quiet go cyber or something freak

    • TKD

      Q: What do these things have in common: A period…a comma…any signs of intelligence…

      A: None of these ever appear in the postings of samflchr.

  • sc_98b9351859744002a96162c6ecc72512

    I will never buy a JJ card. When u have been training, are in shape, and have a chance to fight a guy out of shape to save a card, and u dont…pretty lame. I think JJ is scared that chael may outwrestle him and actually win.

    Jackson thinks hes the king of gameplans, and I suspect he didnt have time to prepare for chael. If its all about the money, maybe we should show Mr. Bones that WE are the reason he has a bently to crash. Stop buying his shirts and his ppv and maybe the UFC will grow a pair and make him defend that belt. IMHO he should be stripped of it for refusing to fight.

  • sofhanson

    Shogun didn’t have 90 day camp and still took jbj on, what does that say about jbj character? Will no longer watch or buy any Jones fights, the guy is a coward. Dana should suspend him for a year and let jbj remember how and through what company he got that bently and his Nike contract from. Let’s see how long Nike sticks with him then. Nike needs to cut this pathetic excuse for a man…

  • tomasarellano

    Sad sad day in mma a UFC champion turned down a fight because it was short notice. In result an entire ufc event was cancel. A true champion understands the responsibility to the organization the belt the other fighters and the fans. Jonny boy you still have lots to learn.

  • muleyaddict

    Go to to sign a petition for Jon Jones to lose his Nike Sponsorship for refusing to fight Chael Sonnen and cancelling UFC 151.

  • SuperNate-AO

    Wow! Jon Jones found a way to make Chael Sonnen look like a stud. Disappointed in you Jon. However, don’t fool yourself about Chael. It’s not like he actually believes he can win. He just realizes that Jones was a no-lose fight for him, and the only way he was ever going to get a title shot. Now Dana loves Chael and will probably give him a title shot after beating an over-the-hill F Griffin. Oh well, Chael is fun to listen to…at times.

    • MMAGod

      Great post!

    • MrAdidas

      Sorta agree, but I think Sonnen cannbeat several top 10 LHW’s, but let’s see how good he can do vs. Forrest, if he does half as good as most people expect, then Sonnen could be a gret fight for Jones. Remember, Sonnen likes to attack, attack, attack which is why he made Silva look bad 6 out of 7 Rounds. I think he would come to Joones as opposed to waiting & giving Jones time to feel out his oponent, their speed, the distance & their movement. But it was a “win – win for Chael, but apparently there were onlt 2 fighters interested in fighting Jon Jones on 8 days notice … and they were 2 MW’s, now how funny is that?!? Sonnen & Mr. Short Notice Killer Weidman. I believe Sonnen will eventually fight Jones, but can he win ..?!? absolutely, will he win … ? probably not.

  • SuperNate-AO

    Oh and Tom27. I know you are pissed at Jones, I understand. But you really see Sonnen beating Jones? How?

  • smill0313

    Its funny Sonnen says that because “just do nothing” is exactly what he has done to earn the title fight he was hand delivered on a silver platter.

    • Drewsiph87

      You mean just like Jones didn’t earn his shot at Shogun? Sometimes guys are just in the right place at the right time.

  • chuckalugk

    I’m tired of hearing people say someone hasn’t done anything to deserve a title shot. It is a business, so they can pick who ever they want. It’s about the money, and not about the rankings.

  • obuchons

    Hey I know I just got DESTROYED by Anderson at 185! But can I PLEASE fight for another title I do not deserve? Gimme a break! I wouldn’t of paid 10 dollars to watch that nonsense! I do feel really bad for the other guys on the card! It really sucks for them to get cancelled. I just hope they get to fight soon because at least they deserve it!

  • Karbo

    If i were Addidas, I would sign Sonnen and run a campaign right now. Strike while the iron is hot.

  • Karbo

    If i were Adidas, I would sign Sonnen and run a campaign right now. Strike while the iron is hot.