Chael Sonnen Podcast: Georges St-Pierre Talks About His Not-Quite-Retirement

October 29, 2014
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Chael Sonnen is back with his weekly podcast welcoming former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and WWE writer John Piermarini to the show. Sonnen was relentless, pursuing St-Pierre on the matter of whether he is retired or not.

Not only did Sonnen talk to St-Pierre about is career, the two also discussed numerous other interesting aspects of the business aspect of mixed martial arts. Oh yeah, they also got into a little chat about St-Pierre’s close encounters of the extra terrestrial kind… yes, we’re talking about aliens!

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This is a don’t-miss episode of You’re Welcome! With Chael Sonnen, so be sure to check it out!

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  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Nothing like two ole PED abusers getting chummy

    • Jason Priest

      What? Please me refresh me on when GSP has ever been busted for PED’s? The guy left the sport because he was advocating for more stringent testing lolz. I can’t tell if you’re trolling or just dumb.

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        GSP was suspected of using PED’s his entire career and he made himself look even more guilty after cleaning up for 8 months and showing up for the Hendricks fight weigh ins looking saggy and lost a ton of muscle and was all drawn out. That was not anywhere even close to the 2005-213 version of GSP and please don’t use the excuse that he just got old at 32n years old. GSP knew everyone suspected that he was on cutting edge PED;s that only he could afford his entire career so he thought he would clean up for his last fight and then cry that everyone else is JUICED but him. Problem was he picked the wrong opponent to get all cleaned up for with Hendricks. Hendricks beat the tar out of GSP. All you have to do is look up the weigh in video in GSP ‘s last fight and it it was so obvious he cleaned up for his last fight. He was shadow of the old GSP that looked like Dolph Lungren in Rocky. All GSP fans make such a big deal out of GSP having VADA testing when in fact he had over 8 months to clean up for that testing. GSP HAS NEVER had a TRUE random testing his entire career. IMO that whole B.S. VADA testing he did for publicity reasons back fired because he LIED and said he was paying for it himself when in FACT he was in bed with that scumbag Victor Conte and they just wanted to use GSP high profile name/brand on their website. All that testing was free and he had a business relationship which means the testing itself was a complete conflict of interest and never would have been used the Nevada Athletic commission. GSP was nowhere even close to the same fighter without PED’s and he proved it in the Hendricks fight

        • Jason Priest

          Haha… Your whole post is based on biased speculation. Your distorted views on Georges mean nothing in the real world lolz. Until you can provide some proof of Georges ever being busted or caught using PED’s, please so kindly SFTU. Your distorted opinion is just that, YOUR OPINION. There’s is no truth or proof in anything that you say. Unbelievable lmao.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            You may want to look up on and see for yourself countless fans that are convinced GSP not only got away with using PED’s most of his career but also think he went back on the juice after he ran for the hills from Hendricks. The article says GSP packed on 12 lbs of muscle since Hendricks fight and is now over 200 lbs and ripped.

            You just keep thinking its only me that is convinced that GSP beat the EASY/LAX steroid testing of his era.

            GSP made himself look guilty by cleaning up for VADA testing for 8 months and then showing up looking like a wrung out saggy deflated version of the ole adonis ripped GSP we were all use to seeing. GSP picked the wrong fight to clean up for because he got his brains beat in BIG TIME.

          • Jason Priest

            Haha, you’re just a guy sitting at home on his couch hurling accusations. Like I said, provide some proof i.e. getting caught and we’ll continue this argument. Until then keep your weird, distorted opinions to yourself. You sound like a mean, jealous, little, fanboy lolz. BTW, Here’s a newsflash for ya: GSP beat Hendricks. Get over it.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            every mma website as well as EVERY MMA writer all scored the fight for Hendricks. Even Dana,Fertitta, Rogan all scored the fight for Hendricks. Even the referee Yamasaki said Hendricks won the fight. Look up MMADECISIONS.COM/GSPVSHENDRICKS and you will see 70% of the fans scored the fight for Hendricks and easily half of them were diehard GSP fans

            GSP knows he lost that’s why he ran for the hills like a coward and refused a mandatory rematch. If anyone else would have pulled that same cowardly move they would have been run out of MMA.

            Too bad Matt Serra and Matt Hughes didn’t pull the same cowardly act and REFUSE a rematch. GSP damaged his legacy BIG TIME.

          • Kris-tyahn

            BAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Someone still buttHURT GSP spanked his favorite fighter(s)?!? GSP was rung out? Yet he was still standing and beat Hendricks in the 5th round after taking the savage beating he did in rounds 2 & 4, ate how many lefts from Hendricks that KO’d several fighters with jsut one left, and you’re talking about how GSP got “beat up” – He bruises easy, did you not see his face after he fought Condit & Diaz, but I guess those two fighters dominated GSP as well right?!?! BAHAHAHAHA OMG you’re so pathetic! You should do your homework junior, about the WADA & VADA testing, one sets the “limits”/rules, while the other does the actual testing, they’re not both the same thing like Pepsi and Coke.
            FYI: Check out Fightmetric and check out the stats on the GSP & Hendricks fight, then comeback & tell me again how GSP got his brain bashed in, yet was still able to “dominate” a guy who barely took any damage in the 5th round, not bad for a rang out whatever your pathetic opinion was. GSP not looking the same physically is b/c he changes his physique depending on the opponent he fights idiot, he doesn’t go in looking the same for a BJ Penn fight, if he’s figthing Hendricks

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            Yet every MMA website scored the fight for Hendricks. 70% fans scored the fight for Hendricks and since you somehow think GSP won then that makes you right. What a joke you are. EVERY MMA writer scored the fight for Hendricks and we all know they know 1000 times more about MMA than you do. The ref even came forward and said Hendricks won. What’s funny is even after Dana ordered an immediate rematch we found out who GSP thought won because he ran for the hills like a coward. GSP’s jab didn’t leave so much as scratch on Hendricks. GSP took the beating of his career and even admitted memory loss. Well at least one judge got it right and the other 2 were on the take and corrupt. I suppose it was the wind that made GSP look like he got run over by a BIGG RIGG. GSP will never have the b’alls to get in the cage with Hendricks. GSP knows he retired with a loss

          • Justin McVay

            Face it Jason, GSP lost to Hendricks. Dana even admits it. You delusional fat ass fanboy.

      • Will

        Just like Wanderlei Silva was NEVER busted for PEDs lmfao

        • Jason Priest

          What the hell does Wandy have to do with Georges!?