Chael Sonnen on Jim Rome Show Says LeBron James is a Nerd, Would Smack Ray Lewis (video)

June 13, 2013
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UFC-on-Fox-2-workouts-Chael-Sonnen-356Chael Sonnen is everywhere these days, or so it seems. And he’s no stranger to calling out other famous athletes, just ask disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Sonnen’s latest stop was on a panel on Jim Rome on Showtime, where he took a shot at NBA superstar LeBron James and later added that he would “smack” him and retired NFL great Ray Lewis.

However, with an Aug. 17 showdown with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua looming, Sonnen would probably be better served by shifting his focus from other sports back to his own.

  • MuayThaiFood

    I think we all know who the dork is.

    • Stenansiktet


  • Robert Heenan

    Love when Chael goes “Chael P. Sonnen” heel mode.

  • bullishtech

    I would love to see him smack both of them.

  • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

    I love LeBron and i love Sonnen, trash talking between athletes is normal.. No need to hate on someone

    • MuayThaiFood

      Correction, trash talking between athletes that compete against one another is normal. Bashing on a guy who has two Olympic golds and one NBA championship title and has accomplished more in his sport than Chael will ever accomplish in MMA is petty and low class.

      • Ashley Rodriguez

        Chael is hilarious and his comments are meant to be entertaining as opposed to cruel. Saying he would smack ray Lewis is hysterical!!! Ray Lewis is an intimidating man!! Who says that and can back it up? Not a lot if humans on the planet! Gangsta!!

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Uncle Chael is a witty man, no doubt about that. It just used to carry a little more weight a couple years ago when he was coming off of Silva Sonnen 1. Now, after getting KO’d by Silva and Jones and making a weak showing against Bisping, the bass has left his tone. He’s more like an ankle biting dog. Seriously Uncle Chael, what have you done for me lately?

    • Pickle05

      Lol! So true

  • UFCFan

    At least Chael has fought the best, win or lose. What did you do to earn your right to speak, Hugh, heckle some children on Facebook?

    • Collideoverme

      Love it!

  • Milosc

    “Chael P. Sonnen” is on a quest to get his ass kicked by the best in sports

    • Sir_Roy

      Sure. Name a sport with athletes outside of MMA that can kick a top tier UFC fighter’s arse please.

      Because I don’t give a rats arse how tall, strong and fit they are, Basketball players, even the best of the best, would get their arses absolutely handed to them.

      • Baller31

        yep. Ray Lewis wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the ring with Sonnen.

        • Rightly Soh

          Ray Lewis wouldn’t last 45 seconds in a ring with Chael. Murdering a man didn’t make Ray Lewis tough. He’d get his ass whooped solid.

          • Baller31

            Ray Lewis is pretty fast though…he may be able to outrun Chael for a good minute and a half

        • Sir_Roy

          Hope you’re not trying to pretend he would …

    • toom

      chael would slam these guys around like children he’s a professional fighter

      • Milosc

        Being trained to fight is definitely an advantage, but It doesn’t give you a cape

        I’d be interested to see the Sonnen/Lewis fight. Especially in a FOX Sports/Showtime parking lot..

        • toom

          chael is also a golden gloves boxer and Lewis is slow as s*** he doesn’t need a cape

          • Milosc

            Uh, I’ve seen Chael’s boxing..

            Let’s hope Ray Ray doesn’t catch another charge

          • toom

            LeBron would have a better chance ray is slow chael would destroy ray

        • toom

          chael is a golden gloves boxer and.Lewis is slow as piss he doesn’t need a cape

  • Phael Sonnen

    Chael’s a C***!

    • toom

      nah he’s great

  • Rightly Soh

    And Brendon Ayanbadejo showed what a complete moron he is. After Chael says winning a World Championship is really only a National Championship because the competition is held only within the US, Brendon goes on to challenge his with “It’s the highest level of basketball within the country…”. Exactly, Brendon. “Within the country” would be national, not world. Genius.

    • Phael Sonnen

      Same thing applies to the UFC, the UFC is an American based promotion…. and Chael couldn’t even win that with all the gift title shots he got. Chael makes no sense and is just trolling as usual. Why people still interview this loser and write articles about him is beyond me.

      • AreYouSerious

        except for that whole south american, european, asian, african, and australian thing right?

  • Roma

    Cheal S is a looser and a clown in this great sport. He should have come on the set with his fake UFC belt. What a compleat duche…