Chael Sonnen Moving Back to Middleweight: “I’ve Always Struggled at 205”

November 18, 2013
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Chael SonnenChael Sonnen announced that he will move back to middleweight following his loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 167 in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

“I had one problem tonight and that is I fought someone who’s a better fighter than I am,” Sonnen said on the UFC Post Fight show on Fox Sports. “I thought there was spots I could beat him. I come up short in my last three fights in that exact same position. I gotta work on that.”

Sonnen’s last three fights have been at light heavyweight with a record of 1-2. It is unclear what weight his scheduled match-up with fellow The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil Series 3 coach Wanderlei Silva will take place at.

“I’ve always struggled at 205 to get used to the weight. I can do better than that, but I’m going to have to go back to 185,” Sonnen continued. “That’s where I can do my best work; I can scramble and not get held in these positions.”

Despite the loss, Sonnen was in good spirits following the fight, and was pleased to have been a part of the UFC’s 20th Anniversary celebrations.

“I’m not singing the blues as much as I should,” he said.

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  • Shaeboogie78

    Rashad was too strong and quick for Chael, seemed as if he was confused during the match to me on how to find an opening. I believe he we smother wandy when they fight and get a decision.

  • Tyme_5

    The was a bad matchup for Chael from the start. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone he got handled like that by Rashad. But with that being said, Chael will OWN Wandy regardless of what weight it takes place at because he is a bad matchup for Wandy.

  • will

    I’m glad he realizes that. I’m not saying his win over Showgun was just luck, but he was lucky to get that win. He’s not strong enough to fight top lhw’s.

  • robc

    Isn’t Rashad going to 185 as well? We have heard him talk about it many times. Not like he is going to ever beat Jones. It would be ironic if he follows Chael to 185 and they have to go at it again at some point. I’m not a Rashad fan but he looked the most ripped I have ever seen him for a fight and I think he would do really well at 185. 185 is where Chael belongs. Jones and now Rashad were both able to easily overpower him. Given how tough he is, it’s clear the differences between the two weight classes. Rashad looked huge beside him at the weigh ins.

    • Lucas Freire

      That’s the reason I think he’ll never be able to go MW.
      He was a HW on TUF, he’s as shredded as ever at the 205 mark, he’s 5’11” but not a chubby “small” guy, he’s one of the most muscular guys on all the divisions. I don’t think he can make it to 185, and if he does he’ll lose a lot of his power on a division where there are a lot of big guys

      • Matte

        He said on The MMA Hour he can’t reasonably make 185.

        • Lucas Freire

          That. Or you meant that he said he CAN? I believe he’s a gifted LHW fighter, on a division where only Jon Jones stands as a giant, he has the power, the technique, the speed and the raw strength to be a top contender for as long as he fights

  • Big Tuna

    He struggles at every weight class, he gives up in the heat of battle. Biggest fraud in the sport. Sonnen quit in his WEC title shot against Filho and keeps quitting the big stage

    • Phael Sonnen

      Dead on! Chael and Dana can sell and talk all they want but the fact is he is an average MMA fighter and always has been. Stick to what you are good at Chael…. being a clown.

    • bizrlee

      Uh… You do know they had a 2nd fight, of which Filho did not make weight. And, Sonnen won.

      You also realize he beat Marquardt, Okami, Bispbing, Stann, and Rua, who were all top 10 guys.

      You can hate the guy if you want, but don’t deny his victories and his talent.

  • jake snod

    Chael got a big fricking mouth but cannot back it up.

    • fuzznarf

      bwahahaha… says the internet toughguy known as jake snod. get in the cage loser lol

  • BobLemons

    I’m prepared for the abuse here. BUT, I would like to see Chael stand a little longer, he’s looked really loose on his feet recently for the few seconds he’s stayed there..

    • D’angelo Smith

      He could use his stand-up to transition into the clinch or to a takedown but when he tried that in the 2nd Silva fight he slipped and ended up on his ass and lost . Possibly why he abandoned that style .

      • fsunoles10

        the reason he found himself on the ground in the silva fight is because of that spinning backfist, it wasnt his striking as a whole that made him lose his balance he just chose to use a technique he obviously wasnt comfortable with.

    • Wolf Ticket

      I think the main problem was, that Chael obviously did not train as much as he should have. His body did not look that good, and we all know he spent a lot of time doing other things – he was on fox all the time. He never took this fight seriously IMHO, just wanted to collect a big paycheck that comes with GSP PPV card.

  • Doesn’t matter, Chael WILL DESTROY WANDY

  • fsunoles10

    im a huge chael fan but i knew as soon as they announced the fight that this was a bad matchup, evans being as athletic as he is with the wrestling background that he has it would be hard for anybody to beat him strictly wrestling. i still think chael can beat anyone in the mw division though.

  • Butt Hole

    Translation: I get bullied at 205. I need to be a bully against smaller fighters and get my victories, so 185 here I come. I can’t win any other way obviously without a size advantage. It’s fun to pick on small guys for “victories”.

    • Aliiovavega Klaus Tunufai

      OR Im too small at 205 which is why Im not effective and I need to go back to Middleweight where I had success.

    • Mr Pete

      But…. Jon Jones is P4P GOAT! Right?

  • jake snod

    Chael talks a good fight until he actually fights and then crumbles like a potato chip and gives up. Big mouth nothing else for Sonnen. all talk little action

  • jake snod

    Sonnen is more WWE than UFC. More of a fake clown act.

  • say to his face puterboy

    chael is all heart in one of the best wrestlers in the bizz rashad a stud in can beat anybody u guys saying he a clown is crazy he got beat own up to it like a man nothing clownish about that

  • Mr Pete

    Chael never does good against anyone when he’s on his back. He’s one dimensional to the fullest.

  • jake snod

    Sonnen takes a beating and submits as well as any fighter in history of the UFC. Just a fricking loser. average at best. Big mouth though.