Chael Sonnen Moves Beyond Anderson Silva; Targets GSP and Jon Jones

January 20, 2012
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Chael Sonnen, who is in a No. 1 contender’s bout against Michael Bisping at UFC on Fox 2 next week, believes win or lose, he’ll never stand inside the Octagon again across from middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“I can guarantee you Anderson Silva and I will never cross paths again,” declared Sonnen on Friday. “He’s not getting into the ring with me… ever!”

It’s difficult at times to tell if Chael Sonnen is being sincere, or if he’s gone into super-hyper promo mode.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t believe what he’s saying when he is in promo mode, it’s just that he’s good at working for fights, and he’s worked hard to get Anderson Silva back in the ring after his near-miss at UFC 117. But thus far, Silva hasn’t taken the bait.

Sonnen, after defeating Brian Stann at UFC 136, threw every verbal barb in the book at Silva trying to get a rematch locked down, but he hasn’t been able to get a commitment from the champ.

“I called him out publicly. You call out a Brazilian publicly; you’re going to be fighting that Brazilian. That’s in their culture,” Sonnen said.

“I don’t think he’s ever going to fight again. That’s my personal opinion. What I know for a fact is that he turned me down four out of four times. He personally said no to Lorenzo Fertitta’s face.”

Whether it’s in the vein of promotion or not, Sonnen surely sounded sincere on Friday, even though both he and Bisping have been promised a shot at the champ following next week’s fight.

“(UFC president Dana White) said if I win the fight, I’m fighting Anderson Silva in a soccer stadium in Brazil in the summer,” Bisping revealed on Friday.

Sonnen backed that up, saying he was told the same thing if he wins. He just doesn’t believe that Silva will get into the Octagon with him or anyone else for that matter.

He believes that the UFC’s most dominant champion of all time is ready to go down in the history books and call it a career at age 36.

So Sonnen is already making other plans if he wins at UFC on Fox 2.

“I think that (the UFC) is sincere. I think that they mean it. But I can tell you that behind the scenes, they’ve tried to put Anderson and me together four times and four times he said no,” Sonnen stated.

“I become the No. 1 contender and can get past Bisping, I’m gonna sit down with Dana and we’re going to have a talk about (Georges St-Pierre) or Jon Jones.

“I’m not under any illusion that it’s going to be Anderson Silva.”

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  • trevor

    Wow the first to post! Good I will happily stir up some controversy. Sonnen is an idiot but he gave Silva the best run for his money hands down and had he not been cocky he may have very well won. That is the only fight that makes sense in that weak ass division. Bisping is facing his second formidable opponent and will be done quick. St. Pierre isn’t coming up to 185 so unless Chael wants to hit the steam room for days that on is out. I would love to see Chael and Jones but again Jones isn’t dropping weight to fight Sonnen so he is likely gonna have to start lifting heavy and actually take out somebody relevant at 205. I can already hear the cries of “oh Silva was hurt” or “oh roids won the fight”get a grip ! Once he walks through Bisping, Anderson better man up and give hi the rematch he clearly deserves…idiot or not he can fight.

    • Lesnardo

      Wouldn’t necessarily say “weak ass” division but I agree that the division is full of fossils and 205lb rejects.

      Lyoto Machida would beat Sonnen. Not sure it is a good idea for Sonnen to fight at 205 given that he is a 205 reject.

      Jon Jones would just humiliate this guy.

      • 155 n aouta ya weight class

        lesnardo hit it on the head , really when jones is older he’ll be at HW , n machida needs a rematch, machida knows what to do now , trust me, 1.5 mil. bet on that,but punck butt as silva wont come up to 205,, learn from randy, he’ll fight any weight class n is twice as old,, man please all american all the way, sonnen knows what todo to, theres alot of “fossils” in 205 that will squach silva <__(i lost spelling be, got 2nd) n silva gotta retire being a biatcha or man up,all he fights is lil kids he's a 220-238 pound mann all day but, never mind every body knows, B4-REAL

    • demetrio1109

      Really? Really? Really? He’s a good fighter ill give him that much but beating a fighter for 4 out of 5 round and losing when the other fighter is hurt and brag about It that’s pretty sad if you ask me like I said if he wins silva will fight him for sure sonnen so full of it saying he won’t fight me blah blah blah he don’t deserve to even be in the ufc he’s a criminal, bad actor and a cheater but well see what happens after he wins if he wins

    • Prodigy815

      He can definitely lay but fight no

    • 155 n aouta ya weight class

      yeah, check my other post, i wanna see silva man up, he aint what he said he is, he shoudve went to 205 n machida shouldve went to 185 since they ”cant” fight each other but machida aint no punk n is clearly a smaller man than anderson, if anderson is the best pound for pound than fight some one his own dammmm size or bigger, makes the ufc look like a bunch of punks

    • opposition13

      you were the 1st and posted a retarded story…..WOW!

  • Bisping is being underestimated in this fight. I think he will surprise alot of people.

    • bajafox

      I highly doubt there will be any surprises here…

      • MrAdidas

        LOL – I concur 100%! Bisping is going to get beat DOWN! If Stann was made a fool, & Bisping is a smaller & weaker version of Stann, what do you think Bisping can do to win & beat Sonnen?!? I dont even give Bisping a “punchers chance”, hes going to get put on his back & ……… lights out or TKO/ Ref stoppage!

    • DrkDisciple

      Bisping might be able to surprise many people but not Sonnen. Wish I could say that this is an interesting matchup but its not. Horrible matchup for bisping with an obvious outcome. Sonnen will take him down at will ..pound him at will. Wish Munoz didnt get hurt because that would have been an interesting matchup.

    • 155 n aouta ya weight class

      bisbing saks

  • RubeKegal

    Erick Silva clearly hit Carlo Prater in the back of the head.

  • BlackDog2009

    I am glad that Sonnen is realistic. Look, the fact of the matter is that Anderson Silva just barely survived and beat Sonnen. Sonnen could have danced and slapped the mat ASilva style and he would have won that particular fight. But he got careless and Silva made him pay for it.

    But yes, at this point and I think more out of spite, than fear itself, Silva isn’t going to give Sonnen a rematch. Look, if a guy calls you out, you fight him and Silva isn’t doing that. He can’t even brag that he wiped the mat with Sonnen in their fight and he doesn’t want to bother doing so again, nah, he barely won that fight as I said before.

    I also think Bisping will lose, but that doesn’t mean he has no chance. One careless step by Sonnen and he could pay for it (again). Besides that, Bisping vs Silva sounds like a bad matchup, although I’m sure Silva would jump at the chance then.

  • lowlb

    He is a great self promoter. He’s chasing $$. He’s smart.
    Sonnen never mentions Maia and I’m sure he’s glad Maia isn’t very popular – otherwise there would be a rematch. Maia absolutely handled Sonnen with ease.. I really don’t understand how he looked so bad against Maia and the looked so good against Silva…???
    Is it possible that Silva was truly injured and that’s why Sonnen looked so good?

    • 155 n aouta ya weight class

      yeah yeah, silva aint pound for pound the best if eveyone he fights is smaller than him,, he 235 quit dreamin,, he wont mess wit machida cuz they train together n machida can whoop him (n he HAS had a light heavy weight belt not a lil girl one)annnnd if machida can do that what u think jones would do to him??? sonnen vs jones, loser goes to lhw, quit bein a punk R_E_A_L_talk FUKSWITme check my other posts CRANKitUP

  • Trollin trollin trollin…

    • 155 n aouta ya weight class

      what shroom n beans? oww lawd! stupid crunk

  • 155 n aouta ya weight class

    o shot,, yeah maia sux

  • Chael is a punk! Talks all that ish and the fact of the matter is that he lost to Silva and can’t get over it. Look, Sonnen was winning that fight but Silva caught him and choked him till he tapped. If he did not tap, Sonnen would have gone to sleep. Had this been a real fight Sonnen would have been KIA. A loss is a loss and Chael does not want to recognize it. I believe Sonnen should be fighting Hendo and then the winner of those two should get the rematch with the spider. If the UFC had any brains they would make that happen. But instead they will let Hendo go after Bones Jone and get destroyed. Hendo belongs in the Middleweight division not LH.

  • Chael,
    Get it straight. Fighting for the championship of the world is a privilege. As a champion (A.Silva), he ain’t scared of no one. No champion of THE WORLD is scared of another man. None. If he is avoiding you, it’s because he doesn’t want to reward someone of your moral character AN OPPORTUNITY. That’s what it is. You are a cheater, you are disrespectful, but most of all–YOU ARE A CHEATER. Why reward you becuase you cheated (you still got beat BTW)?

  • Fatty Turnbuckle

    Anybody that suggests that Sonnen or anyone else caught using PEDs is cheating is naive. With the exception of a VERY fewI professional fighters, the use of PEDs is not only commonplace but damn near universal. Both the US and the International Anti Doping Agencies are almost always two years behind the latest chemistry, meaning in 2012 they will be looking for 2010 dope. The ONLY time you get caught is when someone provides you with less than current product. Using PEDs is exactly like cutting weight – it is part of the game. Everybody does it, some do it better than others. (To my knowledge – which is vast on this particular subject due to my profession – BJP, N&ND, LtdM are some of the few high profile fighters that WILL NOT GO NEAR PEDs. Nearly every other guy you Luke, admire or root for is doping or has doped.)

    • kylesmith

      It’s still cheating, even if everyone else is doing it.

  • obuchons

    For a guy he got chocked out by Anderson he sure talks alot! And Jon Jones would DESTROY him!

  • obuchons

    And if him and GSP fought that would be a blast! They could lay on each other for 25 minutes!

  • mikemma123

    First I want to know how this guy think he’s at the level of Jon jones or GSP? Second I want to know why this guy got caught cheating, thinks he deserve another shot at silva? Even if he wins his next fight, I still think he need one more win for a title shot. That person being Vitor Belfort. But than again I would like to see silva shut him up soon

    • MrAdidas

      Silva actually needs to man up & fight Sonnen again & prove to everyone that his 1st win was NOT lucky! Though I honestly believe that Silva wants absolutely NOTHING to do with Sonnen! Guess we’ll see!

      • mikemma123

        Their’s nothing to prove. Sonnen testosterone/epitestosterone level was 17 times higher than an normal man. That’s make all the differents in the fight when your a wrestler. The point I’m trying to get at is that Sonnen is not a elite fighter. He’s has a good wrestling background but so dose a bunch of other fighters that UFC have on their rosters. GSP has fought and beating a lot of really good fighter in their prime and one of the toughest division to complete in. Jon Jones just broke through last year and beating 4 really good fighters, 3 of them former champs. Anderson silva is on a 14 win streak and hold a sh!t load of records and will go down as one of the best fighter in the company history. All Sonnen has going for him is that he ALMOST best silva and that’s pretty much it.

  • Mma fanatic

    Agree w Johnlee’s post all the way !!!!