Chael Sonnen Means “Nothing” to Anderson Silva

December 2, 2011
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Chael Sonnen takes digs at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at every turn. His mission seems to be to goad Silva and anyone who will listen to him into making a rematch between the two.

For many people, Sonnen would be driving them to the brink of sanity.

But what does all the goading mean to Silva? He shook his head as he responded to on Wednesday night, saying simply, “Nothing.” Chael Sonnen’s antics mean nothing to him.

“I’m in the UFC for fights,” Silva explained. “Chael, Mark Munoz, Vitor Belfort, Brian Stann, Chris Leben, I’m staying here for fight. This is my work. It’s my life.”

He appears to have no preference who he fights, Silva just wants to do his job.

But for now, sidelined with a shoulder injury, Silva is taking some time away from fighting to be with his family over the holidays. He’ll likely not return until early summer, perhaps to headline a mega-event in Brazil.

Until then, we leave you with Anderson Silva’s one-on-one video interview with Ryan McKinnell for…

  • Anderson Silva is a true martial artists. He get’s the connection to mortal combat and you body and soul. I truly believe he is on the road to Bruce Lee level legendary status. It is always a pleasure and honor to watch him work…even his (crappy) fights are something to view. I know that Sonnen and Silva will eventually get the rematch and as much as I hate to admit it…I can’t wait for it. Silva needs to kick Sonnens ass into next week.

    • MrAdidas

      Yeah… I’m not sure about the Bruce Lee “level legendary” comment, but to each their own. I dont know about nayone else, but I could not get paid enough to watch Silva’s “crappy” fights EI: Silva Vs Cote = ZZzzZZ – Silva Vs. LEites = ZZZzzzZZZ – Silva Vs Maia = ZZzzzZZ. But I feel the same way about GSP’s fights, I think all his fights are impressive, even Vs. Hardy, Koscheck 2, Shields etc. I think GSP’s overall skill set is by far above anyone else’s, including Silva (b/c Silva doesnt have the great wrestling skill that GSP has), the only thing GSP needs that Silva has, is…. POWER in his striking. If GSP had the power Silva has, GSP would never be in a decision.

      I do agree with you 100% about wanting to see Sonnen Vs. Silva 2, very badly. Hopefully Sonnen can beat whoever he fights next & then figth Silva in early summer. Should be a very interesting fight, e specially if they fight in Brazil. I think Sonnen will need to get a loan of the POPE Mobile while he’s walking to the OCtagon.

      • KBEsq

        Silva is the champion. Obviously, I cannot defend the last few rounds of his fight with Maia, but don’t blame him for the Cote or Leites fight. Silva is a counter puncher and so is Cote. It’s a recipe for a more boring fight. Do you expect Silva to deviate from the way he fights so he can risk getting knocked out with one punch by Cote when he has the belt? NO, that’s Cote’s job, which he did not do. Cote was so proud of himself for making it to the third round, he wasn’t focused on trying to get the belt.

        And Leites? Please, that guy literally fell on the ground 5 times trying to get Silva to follow. Silva beat the guy up when he could, but it was clear that Leites was so scared of Silva that a fight wasn’t going to take place. How on earth people blame Silva for the Leites fight and not Leites is beyond me.

        What happens when you put Silva in with an aggressive fighter (Griffen, Leben, Sonnen, etc.) you get fireworks.

        I really don’t think GSP beats Silva, either. What you don’t get is the size difference there. Silva walks around at almost 220. I don’t care how good your wresting is, Silva’s take town defense and size are enough to keep GSP from doing any significant damage. You’re left then with a striking match. No way GSP gets Silva down, and keeps him down. Silva is too big.

        Ohh, and with regard to story, and I cannot say this enough, Sonnen is a criminal, cheating loser. Someone should be making fun of him. The only immature douche bag who would do it, however, is Sonnen himself.

        • Exactly @KBEsq, “Sonnen is a criminal, cheating loser” – He’s lost my respect and think he needs a lesson in a thing called “HONOR”

        • clarkw901

          Funny as people mention it’s the challenger’s job to take the belt for Silva, but then people say GSP is boring because he doesn’t press the action. Double standard i guess. As for Silva, a true champion would go in there and handle his business, not make excuses. The more he talks, the more is looks like he’s scared, ducking, etc.. I don’t buy the whole shoulder injury, why would you help train Shogun for Hendo with an injury you are saying is keeping you out of action. I highly doubt they were slapping each other like 2 little kids, so the shoulder injury really sounds suspect. He apparently has fought injured before, so why all of a sudden is Silva not wanting to fight now? When your manager is throwing Bisping’s name as a viable challenger, really? How many of you Silva fans bash the heck out of Bisping, then all of a sudden believe he deserves the shot over Sonnen (who controlled Silva and got caught)? Sliva doesn’t have honor. Think about, with all the crap Sonnen has said, how many of you “honor” people would let it go? Really, think about it. I think Silva is too scared to fight Sonnen or move up and fight Jones to see who the best is. GSP sux because he won’t move up, so Silva needs to move to prove he’s the best.

          • RubeKegal

            Cmon Clark!! GSP never runs away like Silva did against Maia! I agree w/ Bisping comments though.

  • RubeKegal

    Chael beats Anderson second time around. Fer shizzle

  • Zomb711

    To The GSP lover above, I didn’t know GSP 5 round decisions were so great to see. Thank you for defining what entertaining fights are. I hope your not one of the judges who votes for fight of the night. BTW, who got Knock out of the year for 2011? GSP got the most decisions of the year! LOL! Many people who follow this sport dont know what talent is. To say GSP fights are more entertaining and calling anderson silva boring. WOW! Read up on MMA kid.

  • Eudo

    … should probably be a fan of Chael Sonnen to talk so much nonsense as he speaks … or drugged is to say that Silva fights are bad, the opposite: the struggles of the GSP is a real sleeping pill for those who want to sleep ! You can expect your buddy Chael take a beating, but tell him not to use steroids, because using lost … imagine if not using punch with that girl he has. kkkkkk

  • afk

    lol@people who still cry and complain about anderson v gsp and their respective decision wins

    it’s a sport, it ain’t scripted

    get good and quit your bitchin’

    • chrislovely

      well you are right about Silva’s decision fights. Silva lost alot of fans when he fought Cote, Leties, and Maia. Because those guys where scared to death when they had to get in the ring with a guy that is on a different level then they are. But GSP now he plays it safe and doesnt take any chances. Hes a really good fighter but dam show the world how good u really are. I think he has apologized for hes performance after hes last 6 fights. I hope Diaz pushes him to the limit. Or GSP shows the world how good he really is!!!!

  • eyedea

    Eudo, you must be 10 years old, you know (nothing) about MMA. 1st off striking has nothing to do with beating Anderson, it’s all about wrestling. Chael by far is the best wrestler in the division, he can beat Anderson and will next time. 1st rd of the silva vs hendo fight, hendo won. GSP would beat anderson with his wrestling alone.

  • RonnieV

    Anderson Silva is flat-out scared of Sonnen. The last thing he wants to do is get his ass kicked again for 23 straight minutes.

    • KBEsq

      This may be a controversial comment, but I don’t care. Silva didn’t get his ass kicked. Sonnen likes to go around quoting the number of strikes landed at like 300 or whatever.

      Do you want to know why Sonnen landed 300 strikes? Because the “punches” he was throwing were so weak, Silva didn’t even bother to move his head. Seriously, even the most ardent Sonnen fan cannot deny that he was literally tapping Silva with some of those hits.

      I won’t deny that Silva got controlled on the ground, and yes, he did get hit hard a few times. However, it was not an ass kicking. Sonnen was the one who looked like he got his ass kicked after the fight with only a few punches from Silva.

      And Silva is not scarred of Sonnen. I’m sure Silva knows he’s going to face Sonnen at some point. God forbid he want to be completely healthy to face a guy who is admittedly on testosterone replacement therapy. You really think he’s scarred because he’s delaying the fight a few months so he can be healthy? No way.

      • RubeKegal

        KBE, your little essay is completely assinine. Sonnen dominated 23 minutes of that fight, dropping Silva twice, taking him down at will, taking the BJJ black belts back on several occasions. People bitch about Shogun deserving a 10-8 round for his 5th against Hendo. Each of the first four rounds of Silva vs. Sonnen could have been 10-8 for Sonnen.

        Argue if you believe in something, don’t argue for the sake of being confrontational. Saying Anderson wasn’t being manhandled is something that is simply un-arguable. Shame on you for even posting such a ridiculous statement. MMAWeekly should ban your account for a week for such a disgraceful comment!

        • RonnieV

          In KBE’s defense, if MMAWEEKLY banned disgraceful comments, these boards would be empty. I’ve had the same beef with you guys about the Diaz/Penn fight. Penn had one takedown, and landed 13 more punches, and one of you guys said Penn should have won 10-8. Yet Diaz landed a 100 more punches the next two rounds, and they were scored 10-9. Sonnen dominated 4 1/2 rounds there is no argument with that.

  • RubeKegal

    Silva does fear Sonnen. Sonnen kicked Filho’s ass 1st time around then got caught in armbar cuz he was too cocky and stayed on ground too long in last round. Second time around, Sonnen beat Filho about as bad as anyone can. His second fight with Anderson, I believe he will expose Anderson more than he did in the first.

  • Sonne talk to much,just look his record fights compares with silva’s,there is a big diferences,numbers talks,I don’t know what his problem,but sonnen needs to go back in time and look his fight with damyan maya,he lost the same way. He diid with why he never said something to maya scare or what.the spider is the best fighter ever,truly champion.sonnen you’re absolutely sucks.

  • Eudo

    I follow the UFC since 93 when it came my dear, you probably were not even born to be so stupid to say that chael sonnei is the best in his division, what good be good at wrestling, you have the hand of a gay, Chael can not be better or the Damian Maia. Unlike the GSP is a top fighter, I would like to see this fight even though Anderson would gain by having a greater invergadura, but can expect a spanking for Chael will learn to keep your mouth shut …. but even so idiots like you still talked to Chael is the best, that is, to you who is the winner loses, Chael … Hendo … and others. kkkkkkkkkkk

  • chrislovely

    Listen guys Sonnen knows exactly what hes doing. He knows this fight is going to be the biggest fight in UFC history. They are going to announce it tonight after Mayhem and Bisping fight. Go Mayhem!!! Anyways Sonnen wants to make all kinds of money and he really thinks he can take the belt. Hes the only man to push Silva to the limit. So yes he deserves another title shot. Even though he tested positive for steriods. There is 80% of fighters that take something to help them recover from injuries, for there endurance, and to be stronger. So u cant say hes a cheater. cause they all do it.