Chael Sonnen Master Class – How to Goad Jon Jones into a Twitter War (Video)

August 16, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 weigh-inLove him or hate him, believe him or not, hardly anyone can deny that Chael Sonnen has one skill that can’t be denied: getting under his target’s skin.

After announcing that he is moving up to light heavyweight to fight Forrest Griffin on Dec. 29, Sonnen then took aim at his true target, UFC 205-pound champion Jon Jones. He got so far under the champ’s skin that Jones fired back on Twitter, kicking off an afternoon of entertainment for MMA fans on the popular social media platform.

Sit back and enjoy the Chael Sonnen Master Class from Tuesday’s episode of UFC Tonight with Kenny Florian.

  • MMAGod

    I say Dana grants him a special exemption to bypass the top fighters and get a shot at Jones right away. Feed him to Jones, watch him get KILLED, and then have him leave the UFC. This guy is such a pain in the ass with his WWE style and loud mouth. Somewhat entertaining? Yeah. Very annoying? Hell yes! Ever going to be a UFC champion? Never.

  • MKE_AR

    He doesn’t deserve a title shot. But I’d still like to see him get wrecked by Jones. Make it happen ASAP!

  • bajafox

    The first two posts in this article confirm that Chael can definitely sell a fight, even if it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    • markrenton

      Exactly! This is the same thing he did with Silva, so I guess he is figuring…it worked once, why not try again? After the last Silva fight he had to have realized that he wasn’t going to get another title shot at 185, which means no more big PPV money and back to $35k to fight. He knows Jones is the last chance he has for a big pay day, and that without getting everyone ralled up he will never fight him.

      Go to the top of this webpage and click on TOP 10. Then go to LHW TOP 10. IMO, every fighter on that list would beat Chael Sonnen. That being said, if Chael gets a title fight after beating Forrest (IF he can) it would be an absolute insult to other LHW fighters. On top of that, it would let every fighter know that all you have to do to get a title shot is talk trash on the champ via twitter. This is getting old. Chael is turning this sport into a soap opera.

      • MMAGod

        I agree with you markrenton.

      • lawrensco

        No one said he’ll get a tittle shot after he beats Forrest, Forrest is just the first guy on the list. Let Sonnen talk his game, he won’t get a shot at Jones unless he wins fights.

  • KBEsq

    I love the assumption on Sonnen’s part that if he beats Griffin, that is worthy of a title shot. I think the reality is that Sonnen knows if he faces Jones right now, he will lose – then what?

    I don’t know why Sonnen doesn’t just lay low right now, get some fights, make some money, and then start talking. I think the worst thing he can do for himself right now is talk himself into another title shot, lose, and then be irrelevant in two weight divisions. What’s the saying? You can skin a sheep only once, but you can sheer it many times. Sonnen is trying too hard for huge money fights, but those fights will only be once, and they will most likely end his career.

    • Lesnardo

      Because Sonnen is getting old and he wants big fights.

      Losing to Lil Nog, Alex Gustafson, or Forrest Griffin means that you are not even top 15 in the division. At that point you either get cut by the UFC and get placed on the undercard.

      If you lose to Jon Jones, you still have fights left. It’s not a big deal to lose to Jones. All four of the top six guys (excluding Jones and Hendo) have lost to Jones but are still top fighters.

    • Ememay

      I respectfully disagree. Chael is not getting any younger, or any better a fighter for that matter. The time for Chael to strike is now. If he can get past Forrest (and no one on these boards is saying it won’t happen), he may just talk himself into a title shot after Machida. There appears to be a shortage of marketable contenders: Jones beat everyone. Up and comers like Gustafson and Texiera are still a few fights away from that status (though wins over their next opponents will put them close). Chael losing would put him at the end of the line. Trash talking and a win over Forrest may put him right behind Machida.

      • Ememay

        Correction: that’s spelled “Gustafsson” and “Teixeira”.

      • Lesnardo

        Exactly what I had said.

  • OMG i love this guy he is amazing.