Chael Sonnen: “Jon Jones is the Best Fighter I’ve Ever Fought”

April 30, 2013
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Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen UFC 159 weigh-478x270Chael Sonnen says Jon Jones is the best fighter he’s ever fought.

There are three fighters that have fought both UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva: Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort and Stephan Bonnar.

Bonnar is the least relevant in comparison to the other two because he faced Jones in Jones’ second fight in the UFC in January 2009. He took the future champ to a decision.  He faced Silva in October 2012 and Silva dismantled him inside the first round.

Belfort was finished by Silva in the first round at UFC 126 by front kick to the face.  Jones submitted Belfort in the fourth round of their UFC 152 match-up.

Sonnen took Silva down at will when they first met at UFC 117 in August 2010, but Silva was able to pull off a come-from-behind submission victory in the fifth and final round. In the rematch at UFC 148, Sonnen was able to take Silva down in the first round, but was finished by a barrage of strikes in the second after he slipped attempting to land a spinning back elbow.

Jones easily finished Sonnen late in the first round of their UFC 159 bout in a one-sided main event.

So who is better?  Sonnen says Jones.

“He’s a lot better than I thought he was.  To beat a guy is one thing.  To beat a guy at his own game is a whole another,” said Sonnen during the UFC 159 post-fight press conference.  “He’s the best fighter I’ve ever fought.”

And Jones may very well be the toughest fight of Sonnen’s career, but a Silva vs. Jones bout is a drastically different stylistic match up.

“It’s tough, and the last thing I want to do is disparage Anderson Silva.  It’s tough for me.  I whipped him for 30 minutes.  He whipped me for less than 30 seconds.  I whipped Jon for zero seconds, and he whipped me for the entire fight.  It’s just tough.  If you’re asking me for my opinion, Jon’s better,” said Sonnen.

Silva is scheduled to face Chris Weidman on July 6 in the main event of UFC 162 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  If Silva can get past the undefeated Weidman, a superfight with Jones seems likely.  When that happens, and only then, will we truly know whom the better fighter is.

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  • There you have it. That makes Anderson 2nd place to Jon Jones. You heard it from the gangster himself.

    • Sir_Roy

      No it doesn’t. It means Sonnen’s style and only real chance in a fight (i.e. his wrestling), was neutralized by a bigger, stronger wrestler than himself.

      Silva’s style is completely different and he is bound to have a harder time against ‘wrestlers’ than Jones is.

      Sonnen had a tougher time stylistically against Jones than Silva is all that means. Nothing more.

  • Jj

    Who the better fighter is. Not whom. Is it amature hour at MMAWeekly? So many typos on this site. Chael deserves better.

    • beavis


      • Colin

        Touché. Nice catch on the critic.

        • urdooomb

          that is so dumb. Fact of the matter is, MMAweekly has horrible writers. Blahafox is not a professional writer. Jeff Cain is a professional writer.

          Why can’t you understand the difference?

          • ursmart

            Urdoomb is a professional. He can’t even start his paragraphs with a capital. If MMAweekly is so horrible then stay of the site urdoomb/bajafox/Jj

          • ursmart

            *off-My bad wouldn’t want urdoomb getting excited.

      • JSC


    • Blahafox

      I hope that he doesn’t do this for a career job. Cause he obviously is an idiot. amature. Seriously who cares this is not a formal writing site. Jj go play in the freeway.

      • urdooomb

        Dude..these guys get paid to write. They get paid for the ads here.

        Who cares???? Most educated people do. Only the uneducated morons and young kids on this website are happy with what they read. No wonder some of you say doomb stuff. You can’t even read!! Your reading comprehension sucks so much that you think a horribly written article is perfectly fine.

        • ursmart

          I know where Blahafox is coming from. I know that mistakes are made and there is no need to get bent out of shape. I so am tired of the idiots on the comment area that is all they can say is how someone missed spelled something or missed a word. Lets worry about the discussion and not each others grammar and punctuation. Besides there is not anything wrong with them using whom in the article. This is the writers active voice in the article. If you were educated you would understand this.

    • urdooomb

      HAHAHAHA!! The MMAnerd 3rd rate journalists on this site make me laugh.

  • Koehler

    Yea Chael hates Silva.. Of course he’s going to say Jones is better.. Ask Jon Jones who the best fighter on the planet is. If I’m not mistaken I believe you can still catch that article on B&R

    • Sir_Roy

      Just because Jones says it, doesn’t mean he believes it. The PR game is not to be underplayed and it’s kind of silly to take all comments fighters make to the media at face value and ‘official’.

      It was a smart PR play. That is all.

      • urdooomb

        Umm.. Jones was asked if he thinks he is a better “pound for pound” fighter than Silva.

        Jones said “no.”

        How do you get from this to Jones thinks Silva would beat him????

        First, this is like quoting the bible to prove the existence of God.

        Second, who knows if Jones was telling the truth?

        Koehler is a naive ignorant dweeb.

        • Sir_Roy

          Why do you start every second retort with “umm” – you think it adds pizazz to your comments or bespeaks a somehow superior intellect? It really doesn’t.

          Nor does calling folks “naive ignorant dweebs”.

          Silva was also asked if he thinks he’s the #1 p4p fighter and his answer often changes. Sometimes he’ll mention B.J Penn, other times it’ll be another name he’ll shoot out.

          GSP … same thing. Rare that a fighter will outright proclaim themselves the p4p king. It’s considered bad form, gauche and terrible PR. Folks like humility – especially Americans – even when it’s an obvious pretense thereof. Obvious is obvious.

  • Super Fight is really needed. Jones vs Silva. That’s more exciting than Silva vs GSP.

    • dgs

      Absolutely agree. From the get go I thought Silva vs GSP was not nearly as intriguing as Silva vs Jones. I’m happy the fans and Dana are finally coming around to the idea that the better fight is Silva vs Jones. For a while there all you heard about was Silva vs GSP, but the “real” super fight is Silva vs Jones.

      I think Silva will beat the self-hype, nine professional fight blowhard in July, and then I believe Silva vs Jones will be a big year-end mega fight.

  • kbroesq

    People are going to look at this and say: well, Jones demolished Sonnen, and Silva had trouble with Sonnen in both fights! Therefore, Jones = better than Silva. You cannot use that logic. If you could, then I could just as easily say that Silva demolished both Bonner and Belfort in the first round, and Jones had trouble with both of them. In fact, Silva played with Bonner like it was a game of cat and mouse. The reality is that the only way Sonnen could have beat Jones was to over power him, because that’s how Sonnen fights. He cannot over power Jones, so he’s losing that fight, and he’s losing quick. Yes, I think Silva (if Jones and Silva fight) is really going to have to watch out for being taken down and beat up, but Silva has a whole different set of skills on his feet, and his back. Sonnen has only been on his back a few times.

  • gnodeb

    Why is Sonnen talking about fighting. I would respect his opinion about best clown in business.

    And that was not a fight but beating…

  • Duxan1

    I still don’t understand why Silva is being dubbed the greatest p4p. GSP and Jones haven’t lost a single round since becoming champions. Silva has been owned by three different wrestlers. Yes, the guy won in the end, but he got lucky twice with Sonnen who was dominating him in both fights. The greatest p4p has to ne the most dominant fighter as well. And because of that the gold goes to JJ, the silver to GSP and the bronze to Silva.