Chael Sonnen Joins UFC Tonight Line-Up

January 16, 2013
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Chael Sonnen UFC Tonight Jan 29Many people were surprised when Chael Sonnen was granted a UFC light heavyweight title shot and coaching position opposite current champion Jon Jones on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, but his latest career move shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

UFC president Dana White has often said that Fox executives love Sonnen on camera, and they backed that up by signing him to become the newest member of the UFC Tonight line-up on Fuel TV.

Sonnen on Jan. 29 will join Kenny Florian, Leeann Tweeden, and Ariel Helwani as regular cast members.

UFC Tonight played a message from Sonnen on Tuesday night’s show to announce his addition as only Sonnen could:

“I was offered 60 Minutes, I was offered The Today Show, I was offered The Tonight Show, they even told me they would change the name to The Chael Sonnen Show if I signed on to any of those sinking ships. The X Factor said I could judge and compete in the competition at the same time, but I have signed on the only dotted line with the only show that mattered. I am going to join you in two weeks on January 29 on Fuel TV for UFC Tonight. I am going to bring the wisdom and the wit and we are going to sit side-by-side. You are going to be with the often-imitated, never-duplicated.”

UFC Tonight is the official weekly news and information show of the UFC, broadcast on Fuel TV, one of the Fox family of networks.

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  • MMA

    Guess I’ll stop watching from now on… not a big fan of clowns

    • Roberto Ferral

      Your loss is most peoples gain.

      • MMA

        Definitely not a loss for me…

  • Cuntlick

    Chael maybe a clown but he sure knows how to attact attention – good or bad doesn’t matter, ratings matter

    • Joey

      ^^ This. People that don’t like him, don’t seem to understand that Chael Sonnen (the person) and Chael P Sonnen (the personality) are different and he uses his schtick to make people dislike him enough to want to watch him to see what he says next.

      He is so damn entertaining and he brings a different level of personality to MMA. I, for one, will be tuning to watch this just because of him.

      • MMA

        For a person to come up with this “ulterior” side, has had problems with drug issues and has committed business fraud…. doesn’t seem like his “real” personality is that different from the “fake” one that he puts on even if he acts respectful to the other fighters when the are “off camera”

        • Joey

          His “over the top, say whatever it takes to sell a fight” persona has nothing to do with his ethics.

          Him committing business fraud and using TRT, while not exactly commendable, doesnt take away from the fact that many find him to quite entertaining and admire his intelligence in knowing what to say and to whom to say it to get people excited about his fights and MMA in general.

  • nadillon

    I find Chael hilarious. And while I dont get fuel currently I may have to look into getting it to catch this show. I guess that means mission complete for Fox.