Chael Sonnen Isn’t Playing Around

June 26, 2012
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Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva at UFC 117Anderson Silva won the UFC middleweight championship nearly six years ago. He’s defended that belt nine times. He’s held the belt longer than any champion in UFC history. At 14, he’s won more consecutive fights in the UFC than any other fighter. He’s got three Fight of the Night, three Knockout of the Night, and two Submission of the Night awards to his credit.

But, he’s done all this, and more, with amateur skills.

Well, at least according to his next opponent, Chael Sonnen, that is.

“I think Anderson’s a really good setup guy. He uses a lot of movements and motions to set guys up, but at the end of the day, his skills are amateur,” said Sonnen on Monday. “If you walk into a fist fight with your hands down, that’s amateur, and you know, I treated him like an amateur the first time, and he’s going to look like an amateur this time.”

Sonnen, at UFC 117, took the fight to Silva for the better part of four and a half rounds, but in the end, it was Silva – with an amateurish triangle choke/armbar submission finish of Sonnen – that walked out of the Octagon with a victory.

Regardless of what Sonnen thinks of Silva’s skills and what he thinks he’ll be able to do to Silva come UFC 148 on July 7 in Las Vegas, he has managed to do something to Silva that no other fighter has. He’s managed to drag Silva kicking and screaming out of his nice-guy shell and injected the “mean streets of West Linn, Oregon” in him.

Typically taking the side of professionalism and humility, Silva channeled two years worth of Sonnen’s vitriol and on Monday unleashed a verbal lashing like he’s never done before.

“People who live in the past and things that are in the past are in museums. Right now, I’m focused on what’s going to happen in the next few weeks, and right now, the playtime is over,” Silva said through manager and translator Ed Soares. “I’m going to beat Chael like Chael has never been before.  No more talking. I’m going to beat his ass out of the UFC. He’s never going to want to fight again after I’m done with him.”

And that is a rather small sampling of everything Silva had to say about Sonnen on the UFC 148 media conference call.

Sonnen, by contrast, had relatively little to say to or about Silva on Monday. Of course, much of his diatribe over the past couple years has been in an attempt to lure Silva back into the Octagon with him, a place he vociferously believes that Silva doesn’t want to be.

Now that he’s got the fight that he has wanted for so long, and it is on the verge of actually happening, Sonnen appears to have zoned in to the seriousness of the fight, putting his head into fight mode instead of promotional mode.

For all his antics and verbal gymnastics, Sonnen believes he is on the cusp of realizing his dream in becoming the UFC middleweight champion.

“I got serious about this fight a long time ago,” he declared. “I’ve been training for combat since I was nine years old, and I’ve wanted to be the UFC champion since 1993. I couldn’t think of a day in my life where this wasn’t serious to me.

“I’m not playing around.”

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  • Madmaax9

    Just to clear up. Anderson Silva does not typically take the role of humility or professionalism. Any one who speaks Portuguese can see the gu is a Brazilian version off Mayweather. Ed Soares, always translations are always made to be politically correct to make it seem like Silva is ” humble or professional. He’s a fake! In the other hand, all the trash talking Chael does is for the cameras, you know the guy doesn’t believe the crap he’s saying.

  • RubeKegal

    WAR CHAEL!!!! U S A U S A U S A!!!

    • jonnypatrick

      Damn right Rube! WAR CHAEL, I’m a redneck and proud american too. Let’s bring that belt back to the USA where it belongs. I’m glad you liked my post yesterday about Silva! What a d-bag & it’s a shame that the UFC champ considers himself a metrosexual. My money is on the ganster from West Linn, OR!

      • me vs you

        what does the way that silva dresses have to do with anything? very odd statement.
        so somebody that doesn’t dress or act or come from the same country as you doesn’t deserve to be a champion? i’m embarrassed that you call yourself an american, jonny.
        oh, and by the way, chael’s going to get knocked out in the first

        • jonnypatrick

          Me vs You, first off f*@k you, and second I never said that he doesn’t deserve to be a champion. He is the champion and is a great one at that. I just simply said that it’s a shame that the pound for pound baddest man on the planet is a metro. It is my opinion and my right as an “American” to voice how I feel. I assume you are a metro yourself so your opinion doesn’t mean sh@t to me. If you would have been reading rthe posts from yesterday my statemnt wouldn’t have been so odd. Rube said it was the 2nd best post of the year. Rube is always on this site, and I believe this is the first time I have seen you on here. Fu*k off and Chael wins by unanimous decision

          • me vs you

            you’re totally right and i’m sorry i disagreed with rube, i didn’t know you two were dating.

          • zacharydetal

            Johnnypatrick, you are queer. I know you think the girls Anderson gets with probably aren’t as hot as your sheep,but even as a metro i’m sure he hooks up with girl better looking than you ever seen in person. Chael gets knocked out and get off Rube’s nuts. F@ggot

          • jonnypatrick

            Zacharydetal, I’ve got your queer big boy.. It’s easy to be a internet tough guy. I’m not saying that because Anderson is a metro he would suck one… but I do think that he would hold it in his mouth until the swelling went down…

          • zacharydetal

            I’m an internet tough guy? you just ripped into Me vs You, bragging how you’re a hick and he’s a metro. I just think you sound queer because of how excited you are that Rube liked your comment.

          • jonnypatrick

            I didn’t rip into anyone, I said fu*k you to me vs you, because he said I should be embarrassed to be an American. I was referring to his odd comment statment, basically saying had he been posting the day before he would have known what I was talking about. Sounds like you are trying to be his big brother! I wasn’t bragging about being a hick, but yes I would rather be a hick than a metro. This is why we are becoming a nation of pus**ies, when the men are more worried about their looks than the women. WTF is that?

          • Cptmats

            Sorry Friend but GSP is the P4P king, Anderson isn’t even close !

          • RubeKegal

            jonny’s post yesterday was pure gold. me vs you, when Chael dominates, I don’t want you to vanish like macgrubber did the last time I was right and someone was wrong. I am the Ayatollah of MMA predictions….Could I be wrong? Possibly, but my 19-6 record WHILE ONLY PICKING UNDERDOGS ON THE BETTING LINE, is pretty spectacular.

            Jonny does have a point. Michael Jackson is a convicted sex offender. He is no better than Sandusky, I don’t give a f*ck if Thriller was a great album or not, the guy is a grade A pedo, and for Anderson to dress up like him is questionable at best. War Jonny!

      • silent_nick

        The belt “belongs” wherever the best middleweight fighter in the world wants it to be. That has been Brazil for the past 5 years.

        And your silly “patriotism” only serves to further the stereotype of MMA fans all being big dumb bros in $35 Affliction shirts and raised pickup trucks. This is not the US going to war with Brazil. Perhaps if Anderson Silva called out the entire United States (as Sonnen did with Brazil) you could make it into a “us vs. them” thing. But from our perspective, it should be “the top two middleweights in the world going at it” and leave the nationalism somewhere else.

        That all being said, go Sonnen.

        • adam1848

          hey…i like my Affliction shirts! 🙂 good post.

          • silent_nick

            thanks, no offense about the Affliction shirts… 🙂

  • pooby

    Sonnen doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC and he damn sure doesn’t deserve to have a title. He’s a phony, a liar, a cheater (at fighting and at the business of real estate), and an all around douche canoe.

    • MrAdidas

      What does Sonnen’s personal “choices” whether it be legal or illegal have to do with anything, especially with this fight? So who deserves to be in the UFC?!? A nice guy whos clean cut, works a 5-9 job & whos never gotten a speeding ticket, but doesnt know how to fight?!? Give me a break dude, look at every pro sport & tell me there arent worst guys/athletes out there who havent done alot more siht than Sonnen has & they still get to play & make millions. STFU POOPY pants!

      • KBEsq

        This comment is ridiculous. “What do Sonnen’s choices whether they be legal or illegal have to do with anything…”

        Are you out of your mind? You think that it’s not relevant that people commit crimes. Also, mentioning what other sport figures do or don’t do is irrelevant. No one is arguing that other sport figures who commit worse acts than Sonnen should be allowed to play their sports.

        Sonnen is a fraud and a cheater. I’m actually involved in handling real estate cases that involve similar acts to what Sonnen did, and it’s a very big deal. He breached his fiduciary duties and position of confidence and trust so he could make more money. Then he judges other people. YES that’s relevant.

    • RubeKegal

      I would gladly buy real estate from Chael Sonnen!

  • TKD

    I will throw in my opinion just for the hell of it…

    I don’t care what language you speak…I don’t care what country you’re from…If you are good, you are good.

    Like him or not, Silva has proven himself over and over. Sonnen has not. I think Silva is using harsh words this time to intimidate Sonnen a bit, but it isn’t necessary. Silva will win this time, and I think it’s because Sonnen will come in with the same game plan he used the first time around. That game plan was executed nicely in the first fight, but Silva isn’t stupid enough to fall into that trap again.

    I say Silva wins in three. In his current weight class, Sonnen will never be a champion in the UFC. Bisping showed us that in their last fight.

    • shereko

      Very well stated TKD

      • adam1848


  • JDM

    Lets not forget the fact that chael lost to Bispbing! We all now he lost that fight but was givin a bad decision win. He shouldnt even be in this fight but im really glad he is. Andys gonna smash chaels face into smitherenes. Smitherenes!!! And for all you rednecks, you guys can suck a fart outa my ass because a fighters fashion outside of the cage means nothing when hes the most dominant fighter inside. Im canadian but could care less what country the belt goes back to because im a fan of fighters not countries.

    • phrankthetank

      No, we don’t know that he lost to bisping.

    • silent_nick

      No, Chael didn’t lose to Bisping. I agree with the decision that Chael won as do a majority of fans (I’m going off of polls on MMA message boards). Just because it was a close fight doesn’t mean someone got robbed.

    • RubeKegal

      I agree Bisping lost to Hamill.

    • MrAdidas

      UGHHH I believe Sonnen got the W, noone cares what you think or ASSUME who won the fight, check the stats/history books junior, b/c the real life one says Sonnen won a very close fight, but won nonetheless.

      I believe Bisping won vs. Hammill, a fight where many people thought he lost (me included), but you dont see me stating that Bisping LOST the fight, b/c he didnt lose, he won. That’s also in the “real life” book of stats/ … FACTS! DuMmY!

      • JDM

        Heres a fact. Your butt holes so loose when you fart noone can hear it. Sonnen even thought he lost to bispbing till the decision was read. But your right he won on paper and once again im glad he did. I like sonnen actually. Guy cracks me up. But andys gonna crack sonnens face. And everyone knows he deserves it.

  • Jmoney

    I got two words for ya… MEDIUM RARE!

  • RonnieV

    I think the only person that generates more action on these message boards than Nick Diaz is Chael Sonnen!

    • phrankthetank

      Have you ever posted a comment without mentioning nick Diaz? Lol

  • The_Sheriff

    Chael Sonnen vs Nick Diaz! lol

  • joan

    Most of Sonnen fans are douchebags just like him.

    • RubeKegal

      and you joan are a homeless prostitute

      • Booker T


  • zacharydetal

    Chael Sonnen is going to get knocked out. I think he deserved the decision against Bisping, but it wasn’t impressive. It must have been one of his LOW testerone days. That’s why abusing your body with steroids is a bad idea.

  • whiteman17

    Even the oddsmakers recognize chaels beat down of Andy the first time..the odds have dropped a lot from the first time..and even though he does talk a lot everytime he fights he puts on a one had ever taken it to Andy like chael did..i can’t wait for this fight

  • whiteman17

    Zach do your reasearch bro testosterone isn’t a steroid

    • dathump

      he is stating his test is low from doing steroids in the past, non needs TRT to keep it up, follow along.

      • zacharydetal

        thank you dathump.

    • shereko

      Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group and is found in mammals, reptiles,[1] birds,[2] and other vertebrates. In mammals, testosterone is primarily secreted in the testicles of males and the ovaries of females, although small amounts are also secreted by the adrenal glands. It is the principal male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.

  • maddawgmar

    There is nothing wrong with loving ones country and wanting your countryman to win the title. Nothing against Silva or what he has done but just like I want USA to win gold medals at the Olympics, I want Chael to bring the title back to America. I agree with Rube and Johnny. WAR CHAEL…

    • adam1848

      funny we posted at the exact same time.

  • adam1848

    I understand why people hate Spider. Some of my closest friends can’t stand the guy. I get it. What I don’t understand is why so many people like Chael? The guy has finished one fight since 2007, and that was against Stann–who I respect a great deal–but he has almost no ground game. Chael is a world class wrestler, no doubt, but who wants a champion that doesn’t finish fights? How boring would the division be with a champ like that? I’ll take an exciting metrosexual from Brazil over a boring wrestler from the States any day, and not because I am unAmerican, but because this is an international sport and not politics or warfare. If we invade Rio, then break out the flags and chant USA all you want, but since Chael and Anderson are both d-bags in their own way, why not root for the more exciting fighter? And someone–please–say Chael is more exciting than Anderson…I haven’t had a good laugh yet today.

    • jonnypatrick

      I agree with you that Chael doesn’t finish fights. But to say that his fights aren’t exciting is ludicrous. I can remember Dana telling Anderson Silva after the Damien Meia fight that if he ever did that again he would be cut from the roster, now that was a boring fight. I wouldn’t exactly call Silva an exciting fighter, the only time his fights are exciting is when someone tries to stand and trade with him and he knocks them out. I prefer to see a war. I would have to say that in their last fight that Chael was the more exciting fighter, so I hope you can get a laugh out of this!

      • adam1848

        I guess we have a difference of opinion about what makes a fighter exciting. Chael whooped Anderson’s ass the last time, you’d have to be blind and deaf to deny that…but I didn’t think it was a particularly entertaining fight. The Bisping and Stann fights were okay, but not great. Anderson’s ability to close the distance; his accuracy; his submissions; his power…all make him exciting to me. But I’m not interested in a pissing contest so we can just agree to disagree. Cheers bro!

  • zacharydetal

    During Silva’s 13 fight win streak, he’s finished 11 of those fights, three by submission, including Chael. Explain what is not exciting about that. Anyone can trade and stand with Chael bc they know he can’t knock them out.Chael has ten UFC fights and only finished one of them, but out of those ten he’s been submitted four times.

    • adam1848


    • RubeKegal

      well, he finished 10. He didn’t finish Patrick Cote, Cote fell down and his knee buckled.

      • zacharydetal

        Cote wasn’t included in those finishes

  • julianmoran

    Chael = lame joke.

  • MaritalArtist

    What does “war Chael” mean? I get that it means “go Chael”, but I don’t get the war part. Where does that expression come from?

    • maddawgmar

      I basically means go to war…

  • Win lose or draw i will always be a Sonnen fan this guy cracks me up. I just hope that he got some good cardio going into this fight and will not get into a fist fight with Silva like he did with Besping. He barley won that fight and you could tell he was nervous has hell before the decision.

    He looked better against is first fight with Silva and when he came back against Brian Stann that was a one way fight.

    But i have a feeling that this time around its not going to be like the first fight with Silva.

    Silva is not an idiot he will have worked on is weak spots and train like crazy for that fight too.

  • somecokehead

    WOW A LOT of people are really interested in this… A roided Sonnen vs. best pfp fighter in the world … this is a good job of marketing … Who ever thought up this whole rivalry is a pretty smart guy. For Chael to stick with it and almost win is amazing. I think it will end here though. The UFC will be the winner on this one. Chael himself earned much more than he ever would have keeping his mouth shut. Anderson collects another championship cheque. UFC wins… Knock Out

  • Towers66

    Chael is going to beat Anderson. Might not be the most entertaining fight ever but Chael will win in my opinion.

  • shereko

    Like you said, if he does it won’t be entertaining… since he doesn’t finish

  • Jesse V

    @jhonny, The Damian Maia fight, Anderson was scolded for show boating. He does do that in fights and it isn’t needed in MMA. Now, Maia kept dropping to the floor and was afraid to stand with Anderson just as Anderson wasn’t wanting anything to do with Maia on the ground. Now on the subject of Chael and Silva,
    If Anderson let’s Chael get into his head and impose his will then Chael may get the nod.
    Now if Anderson is the Anderson of old (prior to the show boating) then he will give Chael hell.

    This fight in all honesty can go either way. Chael may not finish fights in spectacular fashion but he wins regardless. Look at GSP, he doesn’t finish fights on the feet but he still gets the job done. Anyone can get caught by a good punch, kick, elbow, knee, etc. Both of these fighters have the chance.

    I am a fan of Silva’s though and through, but I respect Chael (even with the non-sense) as a fighter.
    As far as the Country vs. Country stuff, to each his/her own but this is about the fight between Anderson and Chael, not the U.S vs. Brazil. Why not just stick with that?

    As far as the Metro comments,
    I have friends of all different types of creed’s, lifestyles, origins, you name it and every one of them can hold there own. We all train in MMA (non competitive, just for the health lifestyle) and I am a majority Metro but get will throw down if need be to protect myself, my family and defend my country in a heartbeat. I like to keep myself Clean and Healthy as well as looking good. At the same time, I am not afraid to get rugged and dirty. Either way, just cause someone is metro, don’t presume to think that they are some sissy boys.

    I like both fighters but my personal opinion is Silva will win this one (remember I like both fighters), he learned from chael that he is most definitely human and isn’t invincible and he should thank Chael for what happened to him cause he learned a lesson. Much like GSP did when Serra caught him. With that said Cheal does still have a chance. In all it’s gonna be a good fight.

  • I want Anderson to win, but I like Chael, the guy is hilarious and he’s doing he has to do, trash talking in exchange for huge amounts of money and popularity. However, I really hate the Sonnen **** *******, who actually believe the stuff he says. It’s so obvious the guy does all that just to promote the fight and himself, it’s almost common sense! I don’t see how a rational human being can take that stuff seriously. If you think Sonnen is gonna destroy Silva you’re obviously a dumbass who knows nothing about MMA. If you think the belt should be brought back to USA because that’s where it belongs and Brazil is a piece of ****, you’re nothing but a ignorant and stupid redneck who makes the rest of the world hate Americans.

  • Duke

    hahahahahahahahah did that rube guy really brag about his MMA betting record hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • rickygoldsmith

    Sonnen should win.. He deserves the belt