Chael Sonnen in New ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Season 8 Promo

September 26, 2012
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Everyone knows Chael Sonnen is a multifaceted entertainer, and now he’s adding a little bit of acting to his resume.

The self-proclaimed ‘American Gangster’ stars in the new promo for FX series ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ for their eighth season.

Check out the promo below to see how Sonnen does:

  • Most haters would say he’s only in this b/c of his big mouth but he’s a world class fighter who puts on great fights with a big mouth. If he was just a novice fighter with a big mouth he wouldn’t be were he is today.

  • dathump

    On fighting skills alone, he would not be anywhere close to where he is today eihter. Not to say he is a novice fighter, but he is far from the greatest thing to ever step in the octagon as his mouth would want you to believe. He is a world class wrestler (not fighter), who looks busy on the ground, but rarely does any real damage and any good BJJ fighter seems to be able to submit him at will. He is one of the dying breed of one dimentional fighters that the young guys are plowing through. I have no problem with someone hyping a fight, but this guy just sounds like a grade school bully who can’t come up with a better comeback then, um… well… “you suck” Did you ever notice he never badmouths the guys who can talk smack back. Sorry for the rant but we need more Sonnen on the tv like we need more honey boo boo

    • MaritalArtist

      I don’t remember Chael having lost to anyone recently except Anderson, and it’s not like he didn’t put up 2 very entertaining and fun fights.

      He is much better at BJJ now that he’s trained with Magalhaes, and he’s also a golden gloves boxer. He doesn’t go for the knockout punch because he doesn’t have to. He’s probably a top-3 P4P wrestler in all of MMA, so that’s his forte, just as striking is Anderson’s forte.

      Sorry, guys are not going to be plowing through Sonnen. I’d love to see Weidman or Belcher try, though, but now Chael’s moved up.

      • dathump

        What i am saying is his longest winning streak in the UFC is 3 wins in a row. hardly impressive enough for his mouth. He wasn’t good enough to beat silva, and I dont really see him as a top 5 in LHW, but he shoots his mouth off like he is undefeated. And the top 5 LHW will plow through him, why do you think he is mouthing off Jones, he knows he can’t get past Machida, Rua, Belfort and Evans, so his only chance at a title shot is to mouth his way into one.

  • TKD

    Very well said, dathump!

  • adriana

    I could not care very much or at all about Mr. Sonnen. I am STOKED about the new “Sunny” season though. That show is hilarious 🙂