Chael Sonnen in Cahoots with Dan Henderson, Says Hendo will be a TUF 17 Coach

November 1, 2012
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Dan Henderson at UFC 139Chael Sonnen was rather reserved in an online alongside UFC president Dana White and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on Tuesday night, but 48 hours later, he’s once again unleashed “The American Gangster.”

Sonnen, in an interview on TSN’s Off the Record, said that he is “in cahoots” with Dan Henderson, adding that his longtime friend and training partner would be one of his assistant coaches during Sonnen’s stint as a team coach on season 17 of The Ultimate Fighter.

“Henderson and I are obviously up to something,” he told Michael Landsberg. “We’re in cahoots. Henderson will be one of the coaches on this show with me and he will be cornering me on April 27 when I take what is rightfully mine, which is the light heavyweight championship.

“So Dan and I are obviously up to something, the question is what?”

Perhaps Sonnen’s demeanor during the online chat and thus far during filming of TUF 17 should give Jones reason for pause.

“He’s not too bad actually,” Jones said of Sonnen during the chat sponsored by Metro PCS. “I thought it was gonna be all trash talk, but he’s actually being pretty decent and pretty classy.”

Perhaps there is something brewing and Sonnen is just luring Jones into an ambush.

It certainly wouldn’t be beyond him.

That, of course, remains to be seen, and probably won’t be seen until TUF 17 premiers on FX in January.

Henderson, of course, has been openly critical of the UFC’s decision to slot his friend into a light heavyweight title fight, especially since Sonnen hasn’t fought at 205 pounds for several years. Henderson was still supportive of Sonnen, however.

“And just to make it clear, I will always hv love for Chael and don’t blame him for saying yes to a big opportunity,” Henderson wrote on Twitter. “But giving him that fight rt now degrades the sport of Mma.”

It appears that there are no hard feelings between the two, since Henderson is now set to appear by Sonnen’s side both on TUF 17 and in his corner on April 27, 2013, when Sonnen challenges Jones for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

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  • Jason Decipher

    This squashes the notion that Hendo & Sonnen would fight. If Sonnen does have success with Jones it will be few & far between. I hope I’m wrong

  • octawhat

    I agree with Dan Hendersons sentiments.

    I grew up a huge boxing fan, and the woes that troubled boxing have began to lurk in the UFC. The titles begin to become meaningless if there is no ladder to climb. Trash talk, and egos, sell PPV’s, however the quest for the biggest prize (a title fight) should only be attained by fighting at least two top 5 (at that weight) guys, and beating them.

    Jones needs real competition, not WWE promotional tactics.

  • Love Hendo, Love Chael. Hendo got hurt, needs to rehab and go back to camp. The promotion has to move forward and promote another fight to make money and keep the division moving. Its just business. Chael is good at his job and pretty much got himself a promotion. Chael loss to Silva twice of all people and he gave him a hell of a fight. He’s still a beast and business wise this season should get high ratings, especially if Chael starts with the mouth. Hendo/Machida is an awesome fight still.