Chael Sonnen: “I Think Jon Jones is Considerably Better Than Anderson Silva”

April 22, 2013
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Chael SonnenPound-for-pound rankings are subjective, but there’s a uniform consistency among pound-for-pound rankings that UFC middleweight titleholder Anderson Silva is at the top of the list.

Unless you ask Chael P. Sonnen.

Sonnen (27-12-1) has faced Silva twice and lost both times.  He takes on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in the UFC 159 main event on April 27 and believes Jones is much better than Silva.

“Look, here’s the reality with Anderson.  I stomped that guy, and you can pick up his little arm as many times as you want and call him the winner, but the fact is I whipped his ass for 30 minutes.  He got to jump on me for less than 30 seconds.  He never knocked me down.  I fell down.  They say Anderson’s the best pound-for-pound.  He’s not the best round-for-round,” said Sonnen during a media conference call on Monday.

“I have three 10-8 rounds my entire career.  I’ve fought 49 men.  Three rounds of my whole life are 10-8.  That’s gymnastics’ equivalent to a perfect 10.  It doesn’t happen in this sport. I doubt anyone on this call even has a 10-8 round (Jon Jones, Michael Bisping, and Alan Belcher were also on the call).  I have three of them.  They’re all against Anderson Silva. So, if you think Jon and Anderson are even close, I will run through Jon because I ran through Anderson,” said Sonnen.

“I don’t think they’re close.  I think Jon is considerably better than Anderson.”

If the stars align with Silva winning his next fight and Jones winning his next two, a superfight between Jones and Silva could happen. Sonnen doesn’t subscribe to the thinking that Silva can beat Jones.

“Sometimes I hear that I don’t deserve this fight, or that I’m not the right guy, but then I hear that Anderson can beat him.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  I stomped Anderson Silva, twice.”

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  • BRAD

    okay Sonnen is a smart guy… He know’s he’s gonna do much better against Jones than he did Silva so obv he wants everyone to think “oh wow yeah Jones is better than Silva” that way when Jones cant finish Sonnen people can think “oh wow Sonnen is awesome. Jones the better fighter couldnt even finish him”… GTFOH bro he might be better who knows untill they fight but to just say “hes considerably better” without any fight with him just yet is marketing on his part. Anyone who doesnt think this is close or a reasonable hypothesis is just blinded

    • Lucas Freire

      What? I think Anderson is a better fighter than Jon Jones,but this fight for Sonnen is the WORST scenario possible.

      Jones is a bigger,better,stronger wrestler has a HUGE reach advantage,and is a better striker.

      • Supaman

        lol, i’m w/ u Lucas.

        u can’t pay too much attention to anything that comes out of Chael’s mouth. He’s the best trash talker in MMA today (maybe ever).

        “Pound for pound? He’s not even the best round for round.” LOL

        Chael dislikes Andy and is trying to pump up this fight w/ Jon Jones, that’s all his talk is.

        but i don’t agree that Chael will do better against Jon Jones than he did against Andy. Chael and Jones have similar strengths but Jones is better than him in those areas. Plus, Jones will have gotten a full training camp.

        I’d be shocked if Chael doesn’t get finished.

        • BRAD

          I mean like i said who knows what happens, but Chael wont be knocked out by Jones thats for sure. Anderson is much more of a pinpoint accurate striker with better timing than jones. Only way he finishes chael is by submission, but chael lately hasnt really been submitted unless he becomes complacent in the later rounds. You’ll see. Remember this post if Chael makes it out of the second round with Jones

          • Demian Maia

            You just started watching this sport yesterday, didn’t you.

          • BRAD

            ah yes says the guy who uses Damian Maia as his handle with no legitimate argument to back his pompous statement…. you fail

          • Ullysses31

            mmmm……not such an accurate forecast in hindsight. lol

          • BRAD

            lol agreed… cant win em all.

        • erreg

          well if he doesnt get caught or messes up then that means he will destroy jones since he competly ran threw anderson the first round

          • BRAD

            Ran thought how? By blanketing him? No damage was done from the top and his offense was completely stifled. People usually dont consider that they just see a dominant position and consider it rujnning through someone. You’re not the only one I dont mean to single you out. Either way it didnt matter much in the second.

      • jones is better than anderson

        • Lucas Freire

          You’re entitled to your own opinion.

          • $26909972

            Most of Silvas records will prob be beaten by Jones, and also, i think jones titlerun sofar is more impressive than Silvas.

            He has met better fighters

      • Chris M

        you really think jones has better stand up then anderson you have to look at tapes!

        • Lucas Freire

          I think Jones has better stand up than Sonnen,that’s what I said…

    • LogicalAnswer

      Nailed it.
      Pushing this agenda is a win-win for Chael. If he can convince people Jones is really better, even if he ends up losing to him, then “Well, I told you Jones was a better fighter.” Not to mention how it looks on him if he can pull off a win.

      • BRAD

        This guy gets it

    • falloniousWolf

      He is NOT going to do better in this fight. I see JBJ knocking him out silly in the first round.

      • BRAD

        Hey, anything can happen, but I cant recall the last time (if any) that Jon Jones has knocked out a high caliber fighter with the granite mug that Chael possesses

  • lou3914

    I think sonnen needs to shut his mouth and go out and win a fight.Every time he has ran his mouth he has lost.Earn the right to flap your gums sonnen but until then it makes you look silly and a loser

    • Rickson by armbar

      This man is in the UFC making more money this fight than you will in your life but he looks ‘Silly and like a loser’.. cool story bro..

      • lou3914

        no im just saying he needs to stop running his mouth and worry more about winning a fight.Should i define a ufc fan for you because without fans the ufc would not exist

      • lou3914

        So only professional fighters can respond…….ok rhonda

  • bajafox

    Only reason this fight is happening is to close up loose strings… If Jones would have just taken the fight when he had the chance (and most likely have the same results) we would most likely be discussing a fight between Jones and Lyoto this weekend.

    I still hope Chael wins

  • Cereal Killer

    Yeah, you have three 10-8 rounds all against Anderson, who admitted to having a rib injury going into the fight and he still beat you! No doubt, Chael is good, but I see Jones finishing him no later than the second round.

  • lou3914

    and what was that last silva fight where he looked like he was watching the fight from his couch right before a flying knee or whatever ended it,smh

    • Truth

      Against stephan bonnar who isn’t even a top 15 guy. Wow good job Anderson.. his 3 wins at 205 are again James Irvin, a future 185er and Ufc reject, Forrest, the slowest 205er ever, and Stephan.. yeah stephan.. At least andy doesnt lay on ppl every fight like Georges.. Matt serra ruined the ww division forever

      • lou3914

        i was talking about the last fight between sonnen and silva when sonnen decided to watch the fight laying against the cage for no apparent reason.You can hate silva all you want but he has made a lot of guys look silly and i am really not a silva fan

  • Timothy Malone

    Chael Sonnen is the Dicky Eklund of MMA: “I took down Anderson Silva! Did you guys see me take down Anderson Silva in that fight?!”
    “You lost Chael…”
    “I took him down! I’m a champion!”

  • Powdersama

    I think Sonny is really gay. This is it!

  • U mad bro?

    And still Chael Sonnes lost twice. Yeah Silva is such a bad fighter 😉 lol

  • I have always stuck up for Chael and I think he is an awesome fighter but he needs to drop this Anderson Silva thing. They already fought twice and he lost by submission and tko. Just let it go. Although it would be awesome if Chael beats Jones and Silva moves up for a title shot. I don’t know. I think Silva has done more then enough and no fan or fighter has any right to down talk him and what’s he accomplished. Whether you like the guys he fought or not they were still pro fighters with tons of experience in their careers. The guy has even gone up in weight three times. No offense to Jones I like him as a fighter but he still has at least 4 other guys to go through (Phil Davis, Gustaf, Glover Tex and Gegard) I’m not saying he’s hasn’t beaten some great fighters but he still has a long career ahead of him.

  • yeeee

    its true chael did completly dominate anderson both fights like if chael didnt screw up anderson was compeltly out matched and manhandled

    • Batto

      Not really. Chael did dominate most of the first fight. He lasted a round a half before he was TKO’d in the second fight. The reality is Chael was submitted and TKO’d by Anderson. What does a guy gotta do to prove he’s the better overall fighter?

  • TKO

    Can Chael be sucking on Jones’ d*** any more? Jesus, talk about getting humbled before the fight even happened.

    • Helgad3

      That’s the thing, he is NOT sucking Jones’ d***, he is hyping Jones up so if he wins it’ll seem like a bigger win for him and if he loses he can say he lost to the best in the world. It’s win/win for him the more Jones is hyped up.

      • BRAD

        This guy gets it as well

  • Elda

    Anderson Silva é o melhor do mundo! isso é fato!

  • Chris M

    what i dont get is people say jones is better but anderson finished people jones couldnt! yes hes bigger and has longer reach but sometimes against the right person wont mean anything!!

  • sdelfin

    Looks like Sonnen is trying to talk his way into a third payday against Silva even before he loses to Jones.

  • LogicalAnswer

    Look Chael, you need to move on. Yeah, you’re a great fighter and yeah you did some damage to Silva. But the guy beat you. He won. Twice. You couldn’t finish him and you couldn’t get to the end of the fight to make those 10-8 rounds matter. Any way you turn this, he still FINISHED YOU…. THAT is what makes legendary fighters. Nobody cares about “almost”. You’re starting to sound childish.

  • Aaron St.Pierre

    So if Jones is better why are you even taking this fight? You couldn’t beat Silva and that was probably the best matchup you will ever get in MMA. Jiu-Jitsu + Muay Thai vs. Pure Wrestling and G&P.

    Don’t get me wrong Chael, I love you outside the octagon but inside you fight like GSP and I hate pitter patter wrestlers. When you can finish 9/10 fights then you can qualify to talk smack to others. Until then you’re just a larger Sean Sherk with the steroid action accessories included.

    • gnodeb

      Did you just compare GSP to Sonnen? I’m not impressed with your logic…

  • marcelo

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Anderson silva campeão o sinturao esta com quem kkkkkkkkkk chael sonnen vai levar um pau

  • gnodeb

    The worst thing about Sonnen is that his game plan is L&P and way of finishing fights is quitting. If you are planing to watch his next fight in hope you will see how JJ is biting him, don’t bother. Sonnen will quit on first sign of danger.

  • The One

    Chael Sonnen, most boring fighter to watch in UFC, ever!
    Cant handle getting beaten by Anderson. Yea, you layed on top of him in some mintues of your life, but you still lost. Cool story bro!

  • $26909972

    Jon Jones is the better fighter, probably the greatest talent ever in MMA. At Jones age, Silva was busy losing to takase and chonan..

  • Helgard3

    Mind you, I like seeing Chael fight…I hate him outside the cage, it’s just obnoxious WWE style bulls*** that does nothing for the sport (only brings in money for the company and makes him look stupid).

    A- Chael is that kid that lost, can’t take the lost so he takes every little achievement in the match and hypes it out of proportion to try to make himself look better after the complete loss.
    B- Chael…is actually kinda smart with this statement. If he wins against Jones then those stupid enough to believe this will think Chael is better than Silva and Silva was lucky. But if he loses then he can just say that he lost to the best in the world.
    It’s kind of win/win for Chael here.

  • Dab2rew

    What people fail to realize is with the fight between jones and sonnen is this: people that jones has fought is some what scared to get in on the inside because of jones reach were as sonnen will get in on the inside even if he has to take a hit to do it! Sonnen is not scared to take a hit to get thru jones reach advantage. How will that effect jones? Don’t know we will have to see! No doubt silva is a great fighter but one thing you can not deny is that chael did dominate silva in both fights in many rounds. Jones is a good fighter but he never fought anybody that is willing to take that one hit to get inside his reach! Sonnen never turned down any fight and jones did which led to cancelling a ppv because of it!

  • drkdisciple

    If Chael says Jones is better then Silva then he is admitting he has no chance of winning against Jones.