Chael Sonnen Has Every Dollar the UFC Ever Sent Him (Dana White Scrum)

July 10, 2014
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UFC president Dana White weighs in on what is going on with Chael Sonnen, who has gone into radio silence since it came to light that he has failed two drug tests and lost his job.

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  • Blake Buckholts

    The man came out and retired. Why are we still hung up on this? Vitor fails a test, apologizes, and good to go. Some speculate he might have a shot at Weidman. The chance may not exist, but it hasn’t had any major information on it. So at this point who cares what Sonnen did anymore? For that matter who cares what White has to say on anything?

    • Yo Daddy

      Here’s one for ya Blake Buckholts, who gives a flying F%^& what you have to say!

  • james j

    Chael will be back. Just look at all the others who did worse: Ray Lewis, Bob Welch, half of the NBA, a quarter of the NFL, Manny Ramirez, the old Mayor from DC. Please no one cares about drugs, and these specific drugs were issued by a doctor.

  • Giveittome

    I predict Chael will soon be in the WWE making 10 times what he made in the UFC.

    • The White African

      naaaa he isnt big enough to wrestle and he would want to stick with MMA. i think he will be back like Marquart, and remember Dana banned Marquart ” for life ” 3 years back…

      • Heath Hamacher

        Ray Mysterio wrestles. He’s like 180 lbs.

    • aaron gustaveson

      cheating and lying are one thing but fake wrestling is unforgivable.

  • dandogood

    Chael was a louyd mouth self promoting lying average UFC performer who self hyped his meager career and duped the clueless morons watching him. Chael is a bottom feeder drug abusing scum bag period. good riddance addict.