Chael Sonnen Granted Therapeutic Use Exemption; Clears Path to Fight at UFC 148

May 21, 2012
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Chael Sonnen at UFC 117Chael Sonnen, following a couple contentious years with the athletic commission in California and Nevada, on Monday was granted a license and Therapeutic Use Exemption in Nevada for his July 7 bout against Anderson Silva at UFC 148.

Sonnen went before the Nevada Athletic Commission on Monday, providing testimony about his past failure to disclose his hypogonadism condition in Nevada and other states, pointing to his belief that it was unnecessary, as was relayed to him by his manager at the time, Matt Lindland. Sonnen is now represented by MMA Inc.’s Mike Roberts and Jeff Meyer.

“Male hypogonadism is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, the hormone that plays a key role in masculine growth and development during puberty,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

Sonnen also provided testimony as to his treatment of the condition, which requires that he take two self-applied testosterone injections per week to maintain normal testosterone levels.

Nevada’s consulting research physician, Dr. Timothy Trainor, having reviewed Sonnen’s medical information regarding hypogonadism, also testified. Although he was critical of Sonnen’s doctor, it was Dr. Trainor’s opinion that Sonnen appeared to have a legitimate condition that required treatment. He recommended that Sonnen be granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption for his testosterone treatment, although he did offer conditions.

“If someone has a TUE exemption, they should be tested the morning after they fight to get what their serum levels are in case they take something right before fight,” said Trainor, explaining that taking an injection too close to the fight could conceivably become a performance enhancer.

He recommended that injections be stopped several days prior to the contest, and then resumed following the contest, and that a morning after the bout test be administered and required to return a result indicating normal testosterone levels. Such a test should be required of any participant granted a TUE exemption for testosterone treatment, in Dr. Trainor’s opinion.

The Nevada Athletic Commission voted unanimously to grant Sonnen a Therapeutic Use Exemption with conditions. Those conditions, as delegated by the commission’s executive director, Keith Kizer, are that there would be restrictions imposed on injections for a period of time prior to the event, and that Sonnen would be tested, at his expense, the morning after the fight, as prescribed by Kizer.

Sonnen must also provide the official paperwork from Illinois and Texas that prove that he revealed his condition to those states, as he testified, prior to his two most recent fights, which took place in those states.

If there are no discrepancies between his testimony and the paperwork filed with Texas and Illinois, Sonnen will move forward with his UFC 148 bout with Anderson Silva, under the conditions the commission set forth.

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  • DrkDisciple

    I guess Alistair Overeem should also get his Therapeutic Use Exemption as should Josh Barnett and everyone else that tested positive…this is such bs.

    • leugim41004

      Listen up mental midget, Chael has a medical history of testosterone issues dating back to when he first started fighting. You sir are BS if not understanding and researching the situation.

      • gary

        lol ya he clearly has the look of a guy who is just sustaining normal lvls with treatment. but hey money talks right, so are all the other juice heads good to go now?

      • You are right, his last PED test from CASC was 6.05 to 1, yes that is over the limit and that is the law, but give me a break that’s very far from abuse. He and Randy Couture have the same injury from the Greko days and it has been disclosed from the first license they ever received. Chael messed up on his application in the last fight, the hearing is public.

  • hollafront1314

    so theyre giving out license to cheat now..

    • leugim41004

      Listen up mental midget, Chael is not cheating if there are medical conditions that allow it

      • obuchons

        So Diaz “Who I cant stand” can not smoke marijuana even with Drs permission but Sonnen can take roids with the Drs permission? Seems like a double standard to me!

      • the truth

        Listen up, mental moron. Try using something other than the offensive “midget” okay, stupid?

        • RubeKegal


  • shereko

    This is a complete joke… cut his nuts off and then let him use this… that should even it up then.

  • Iamrozylo

    I guess he won look like shit, as he did in the fight against Bisping. He’ll be back to his regular old super cranked self!!
    Anderson will KO this cheating loser in 2.

    • macgrubber

      “Anderson will KO this cheating loser in 2”
      keep dreaming

  • Sonnen is an effing clown who belongs in the WWE. Will enjoy watching Silva KO or submit him again.

  • jonnypatrick

    How is this cheating? If he goes in front of the commission and has evidence that he does have low testosterone? I agree with the suspension on their last fight, he disclosed the info. I have never used but have friends that were body builders that have and they all say that while you are on them you have a lot more power but 2 days after not taking them you lose a lot of power. My buddy said he could put up 385lbs 5-6 times while on HGH, but 2 days after taking them he couldn’t bench 315 once. It sounds to me like taking that shit would be a disadvantage on MMA guys.

    • leugim41004

      Its cheating to the dumb people that do not understand the situation or dislike Chael

      • Brian

        I’m not hating on Chael, but I find this whole situation suspicious for the simple fact that he is injecting himself twice a week. As an athletic 45 year old male I have low test levels. I’m prescribed test, and do just one injection of 1/2cc per week which gives me normal test levels. I know everyone is different, but I just don’t see how a professional athlete like Sonnen in his prime would have lower test level then a middle aged guy like me.

      • shereko

        leugim sounds like you want to give him injections yourself… and you want to inject it in his ass.

    • adam1848

      He has low testosterone from juicing so much in the past. There is a reason he needs this, and it isn’t natural.

      • RubeKegal

        Oh really, and you know that how? Last time I checked Sonnen looks nothing like Overeem, Cyborg Santos or Thiago Silva. When you get older, you produce less testosterone, some people have worse cases than others. Chael’s body type suggests no past steroid use, he’s just not a youn guy.

  • jonnypatrick

    Sonnen is the man! He’s crazy but he is gonna bring the belt back to the US where it belongs. Silva has been to busy filming commercials with Steven Segal. Sonnen will finish him this time.

    • Brian

      Guess you didn’t see the Bisping fight did you? Silva is putting Sonnen to sleep.

    • adam1848

      why exactly does the belt “belong” in the US?

      • macgrubber

        Cuz the US is the greatest country on gods green earth. You live under a rock or something?

  • jonnypatrick

    You guys are the clowns that buy into his antics! The last time they fought he made 35k and Silva made 200k. Let’s see what Sonnen makes in this fight. It’s called earning a paycheck, even if he get’s KO’d in this fight he will make a killing compared to before.

  • I dont agree with this at all. Eventually his body will start to produce Testosterone. There are things he can take that will help produce more.

    The biggest beef I have with this, is the “Natural” levels of Testosterone are BS that they listed. The “Natural” level of Test in a 21 year old is going to skyrocket over a guy who is 35. Now, Sonnen is going to have “BOOSTED” Test levels like he is 21 again. Im a Sonnen Fan too, but I completely call Bull$hit on this. His Test levels are low because he didnt do Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after he juiced in the past. Now he gets a free pass to Juice up to fight day…

    • leugim41004

      Thank you Dr.Travisbecker maybe Chael will read this comment and take it into consideration… or just laugh like myself

      • pauly12

        What are you going for the douche of the year award? Congrats, you win!

        • macgrubber

          I see what you did their pauly. Douche of the year award LOLOLOL what a good one you are so witty.

    • RubeKegal

      Illogical statement, as I said previously, Sonnen’s body type appears to be nothing like Thiago Silva or Overeem or Cyborg Santos. He’s just an older guy and like you said a 21 year old will for sure produce more, but if Sonnen is deficient then I understand the TRT. If it raises to higher than 6-1, then we have a problem, but if not then it is what it is.

  • smill0313

    This is an effin shame. Open the flood gates. His levels should still fall within the 6-1 ratio that nv requires because its ‘replacement’ therapy. If it falls outside that ratio, which is still way above avg persons ratio, it should be considered testosterone enhancement therapy and deemed as cheating. I can’t wait for silva to knock him the eff out (james irvin style).

    • Anthony

      Heres something interesting, ill bet few people on this site know–the 6 to 1 ratio people refer to is epitest–(thats test in the blood stream or unconverted testosterone )vs test thats converted testosterone or usable.An example would be if I injected 1000mgs of testosterone and was tested the next day. My epitest vs test levels would be around 20 to 1– the reason being is all the injected test has not been converted to usable test in my blood stream so they would know I used an outside foreign substance and this is not a natural body function. A way to get around this ratio involves the use of a drug called “sten” –sten actually has DHT in it which in effect is coverted testosterone along with a small testosterone blend as well.An oral version of this is the mexican drug Stenox or halotestin– this is pure DHT or converted test.By using both a fast acting testosterone like a water based suspension and sten or stenox you can keep your ratios at 6 to 1 but your actual test level will soar through the roof. Also there is no test for HGH. In my opinion I think a combo of these drugs could produce a significant advantage in athletic performance while sliding under the radar of the testing commision–Id bet my bottom dollar this is what Bobby Lashley has been doing .

  • TKD

    Wow! I really hope Silva kills him in the middle of the ring this time!

  • adam1848

    So, Nick isn’t allowed to smoke herb, which he is medically prescribed by a doctor for ADHD, but Chael is allowed to inject testosterone??

    Come on. That is disgraceful.

    • Brian

      lol prescribed for ADHD now thats total bs. I wonder if all these so called medical herb smokers will give it up now that the Europians have created a marijuana drug that has all the medicinal perks of marijuana without all the side effects.

      • adam1848

        Actually, its not total BS. I smoked all through college and graduate school because it helped me concentrate and kept my mind from bouncing all over the place during 3 hour lectures and while writing long papers.

        Also, there are a host of reasons why various versions of Dronabinol don’t have the same effect on people as smoked THC.

        And why should someone buy a processed pill from a billion dollar pharmaceutical company rather than visit the organic farmer down the street? Especially if they can do it legally like Nick and other residents of Cali do?

        My wife is a psychiatrist and I flip through about three different medical journals a month, and although there are a lot of differing opinions about this and very little conclusive data, I have never read anything that makes me think Nick is lying, and from my own personal experience and that of several other people I know, I have every reason to believe him. Again, not saying I’m right and you are wrong, but I personally disagree.

        • RubeKegal

          and weed is currently being linked to schizophrenia and seizures according to WebMD. Medical marijuana is the biggest f’ing joke going on these days. Weed is worse than cigarettes period…it’s 4 times the amount of unfiltered smoke plus all the dangerous effects….

          Honestly Adam, I don’t believe for a second that weed “helped you concentrate” during 3 hour lectures….my experience with weed and absolutely everyone I know is that it makes you want to do JACK SHIITTT!!

          • adam1848

            Thats because you don’t have ADHD. Drugs effect people differently based on their physiology, which is why stimulants like Ritalin calm people with ADD down and amps up people without it. I know people who use to take Ritalin before they went out partying because it kept them up like speed. All it made me do is want to read a book.

            And I have worked with young people with early onset schizophrenia, and cigarettes and marijuana help them cope with the symptoms as they work through the terrifying and inexplicable changes that occur throughout the onset of schizophrenia, which is often in ones early twenties. Mom and dad say, “he was a perfectly normal teenager, and then he started smoking pot and now he has changed,” but it simply doesn’t work like that. Schizophrenia effects people globally, it has nothing to do with drugs like marijuana. If it did, there would be a substantial increase in the number of cases as marijuana has become more and more popular over the last 50 or 60 years, and that has not happened.

          • RubeKegal

            Adam, seems you will say anything to support Diaz. I call shenanigans on your statement, “And I have worked with young people with early onset schizophrenia”

            This is a highly touted medical journal VERSUS some f*ck on an MMA forum named adam1848 who claims to have worked with people with early onset schizophrenia.

            It is the virtual equivalent of you saying “Beer only gets certain people drunk….for others, they can drink 18 beers, and it helps them become more alert”…or like you saying “When I down 12 shots, I just feel like reading a book.”

            Another one of Adam’s gem quotes…”Schizophrenia effects people globally, it has nothing to do with drugs like marijuana”

            ^^ Possibly the most retarded statement I have ever seen in a desperate attempt to make marijuana seem like there are no side effects.

            The people I know who habitually smoke marijuana are the biggest bunch of out to lunch space cadets, and Adam you fall into that group.

  • johnt

    #1 – testosterone has a half-life of about 10 days so stopping injections 2-3 days beforehand would not do a single thing. #2 – for the guy who said his bodybuilder friends told him that 2 days later they couldnt bench 315 for one- your friends are jackasses. I was a steroid user and abuser for 15 years. I am exceptionally well versed on the topic and have also in the past been on HRT.
    FACT- strength losses are no more than about 10-15% after stopping steroids if you still train and this process takes up to 30 days
    FACT – self-administered injections is prescribed in less than 5% of low “T” or hypogonadism cases. 95% of people are given the testosterone patch which raises your natural hormone levels without giving the side effects and raw power of steroids.
    FACT – UFC fighters, WWE wrestlers, NFL players, MLB players all know the right doctors who can get them the allowance to SELF MEDICATE steroids.
    FACT – test levels in a male 30-35 range from 400-1200ngl. Dr’s can either put you at 400, or as high as 1200. For athletes they just find doctors that will get them to the highest level allowable rather than the mid-level that most people have.
    FACT – hypogonadism is very very easy to create. I did it 3 times to beat the tests. I will not disclose how but I can say that its really quite easy.
    FACT – MOST fighters are taking gear. Whether that is HGH, IGF-1, or steroids. They are taking it. Not all. There are some very fair players in the game. But higher level elite guys, nearly all of them get some ‘help’.

  • johnt

    i almost forgot my other point. that 5% of cases i mentioned above where a person is allowed to self-inject steroids? well that 5% is comprised of AIDS sufferers, Cancer patients, and those with muscle-wasting diseases.
    Oh yeah, almost forgot the one other group given self-shot steroids.
    TRANSVESTITES. Women that get sex change operations and those who truly live their lives as men (ie- Chaz Bono). They get to take their steroids home with them.

    So basically its AIDS victims and trannies and Chael Sonnen that can get to self-inject legally.

    • shereko

      Very well written, and as you have, if others research this you’re 100% correct… this decision makes some what of a mockery of the sport. Try to get this to pass in the MLB, NFL or Olympics. Maybe Chael is a tranny.

      • TKD

        I vote tranny on this one…

  • lowlb

    I remember watching the Sonnen and Maia and Maia just destroyed the guy. Sonnen had nothing for Maia. Then a year later Sonnen’s fighting A. Silva and dominating the him on the ground. It’s hard to fathom. He either learned a lot from the Maia fight and improved 10 fold or he started taking testosterone. If Sonnen wins, the UFC loses…
    This is bad news for a growing sport. At least Sonnen wasn’t stoned on pot, that’s a crime….

    • adam1848

      Nick Diaz has a Rx from a doctor and legally buys his pot in a state that allows marijuana to be used medically. How is that a crime?

      • RubeKegal

        The UFC doesn’t allow it….go to a drug forum Adam you mental midgit dwarf toddler pothead!!

        • adam1848

          I started to respond, and realized you are just not worth my effort. Isn’t it time for you to get on the school bus anyway before mommy and daddy take away your iPad?

          • RubeKegal

            Isn’t it time to evacuate your parents basement?

  • z999

    They compete to see who is the best and having high testosterone obviously is one of many significant natural qualifiers in determining this.

    To those that support this ridiculous legal cheating, would you also accept someone with soft bones having steel bars inserted into their limbs? How about someone who is prone to being KOd having a steel plate inserted into their head? Need I go on?

    Friggin cheater, he’ll certainly lose to Silva. KARMA ALWAYS PREVAILS (Chael vs Silva 1, Overoid, Barnett losing to Cormier, Tim Silvia, Kimo, Belfort not winning a championship in forever, Bonner, Cope, Baroni, Sherk, Hermes Franca (lol), Antonio Silva, Ken Shamrock, James Irvin, Thaigo Silva. No champions and all of them just not ding well.

    The only champ was Cyborg and she is finally getting what she deserves. F***** cheaters.

  • fightfankevin

    Even if Chael uses low-t therapy, he will be regulated. His levels will not go above what they will deem unnatural. Its really no big deal. And you guys should climb out of Nick Diaz’s butt, he beat a largely unmotivated BJ Penn, blew his chance at GSP out of stupidity, lost to Condit, and failed to appear at his BJJ match. He’s really not that great.

  • RubeKegal

    I don’t think half of you guys get it. Even with TRT, Chael will not elevate higher than 6 to 1.

    And lowlb, are you retarded? You do realize that Demian Maia is light years ahead of Anderson Silva in the game of Jiu Jitsu don’t you?

    Travis Lutter made Anderson look bad on the ground for the 1st round in their fight. Anderson avoided the ground vehemently against Maia and Leites.

    WAR CHAEL!!!! F*CK DIAZ!!!

    • gary

      well we will see. i think the guy is a cheater. he is using to train and lowers his lvls for fight day and claims he has low test. this is probably from prior abuse. i just hope that money wont be the deciding factor with the commissions decisions to protect the athletes safety(the non users) and hope to keep some integrity for the sport. my opinion if sonnen test posative again he should be fired as quickly as anthony johnson did for missing weight. this is far worse, johnson showed no self control or disapline as a professional. if sonnen were to fail then he got caught cheating when he intended to get away with it.

  • jasondecipher

    No wonder hes always jacked up running his mouth during interviews. Is it the elevated levels of testosterone talking? Well hormone replacement therapy is legal given the doctors prescription & the NSAC approval so talk crap all you want cause testosterone actually has more negative side effects than advantages. People think getting jacked up is the ONLY way to get stronger & build lean muscle mass are only hurting themselves in the end. I think Chael is a good fighter & his interviews are funny but once his body gets like Canseco with his hormones depleted I dont think his interviews will be the same

  • So sonnen and his need for testosterone is approved…but Cannabis for Diaz is NOT…what. the. ****. This is just more proof that these commissions are made for business and commerce NOT the health and safety of athletes. I can not stress enough the fact that cannabis works WITH your bodies system and relieves many different types of stress that effect the body. This Testosterone is manufactured and man made not naturally grown like Cannabis…ai yai yai…This is what is fundamentally wrong with us as American citizens…

    • RubeKegal

      I saw the name Gabriel Ramirez and i immediately knew before I read it, it was going to be a racist tirade against a white guy and saying weed should be ok for the spanish guy.

      Great post racist!!

  • Drock420

    Yeah this makes perfect sense! Let someone who abused PEDs be allowed to use TRT.

  • lowlb

    Don’t forget…

    Sonnen pled guilty to charges of money laundering in connection with mortgage fraud on January 3, 2011.

    I think the UFC should be concerned with their image.

    Stoner, inarticulate, angry, ghetto Diaz gets the welterweight belt.
    Money laundering, no-testicles, juicer Sonnen get’s the middle weight belt.
    Drunk driving, ego maniac Jones continues his reign.
    Then we get roid freak Overeem insisting he’s getting the heavyweight belt.

    I guess this is just pro sports. Gotta love it.

  • lowlb

    If SOnnen has no testicles, does he still need to wear a cup?

    • RubeKegal

      WAR NO NUTS!!

  • spidersilva

    sonnen wont make it out of the second round. Just go away then. He is so wwe and brock needs an antagonist. bye bye