Chael Sonnen Felt Anderson Silva Break in the First But He Got Destroyed in the Second

July 10, 2012
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Chael Sonnen at the UFC 148 press conference
There are two sides to Chael Sonnen.

Everyone sees the brash, unapologetic mouthpiece that spouts off rhymes and insults like it’s a bodily function. He fired off more quips aimed at Anderson Silva than CNN does news bulletins everyday.

But there is another side to Chael Sonnen and that is the true mixed martial artist who respects the sport and the athletes in it.

Sure, the louder more verbal version of Sonnen likes to blast away and say he’s just a fighter and not a martial artist, but when the gloves come off and the night is over, he can be as respectful as anybody that walks through the doors of the world famous Octagon.

Take for instance Saturday night at UFC 148.

Sonnen lost to his biggest rival ever in Anderson Silva. He lost his shot at the UFC middleweight title. But while so many were crying and hoping that Sonnen would call foul on Anderson Silva for an alleged illegal knee or grabbing his shorts during the fight, the former Oregon All-American wanted none of it.

Sonnen paid Silva his dues from the first question to the last question, and never morphed into the character he’s developed into over the last couple of years.

But there was even more to Chael Sonnen that night than just what was revealed during the post fight press conference.

According to UFC President Dana White who spoke to the Jim Rome Show on Tuesday, Sonnen let his guard down even more information about just how much he respects Anderson Silva inside and outside the cage, especially after their fight at UFC 148.

“Chael Sonnen, motivated, in great shape, injury free, couldn’t have been better, and wanted that title so bad. Goes in that first round, look at the way that happened, and this is what Chael Sonnen said to me after the fight, he didn’t say it at the press conference, but he said it to me,” White revealed.

“He said ‘I have so much respect for this guy, Dana. I’ve been competing in combat sports since I was 7-years old and in that first round when I was on top of him and I was hitting him with those big elbows, I felt him break. I broke him in that first round. He came back in the second round, and destroyed me’. He said ‘I’ve never seen anybody do that, ever.”

Silva has routinely made the impossible seem possible inside the Octagon. Undefeated during his entire UFC career and now riding an unprecedented 10 consecutive title defense streak, Silva even made a believer out of Chael Sonnen on Saturday night.

Say what you will about the Chael Sonnen that seems to say the craziest things to pick a fight, when it’s over he’s a smart man that can admit when he’s wrong.

There’s another Chael Sonnen that now respects the hell out of Anderson Silva after a second fight with the man routinely referred to as the greatest mixed martial artist alive.

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  • andthenisaid

    Chris Weidman will be the next middleweight champ. I hope he is a tremendous underdog when he does so.

    • RubeKegal


  • Lesnardo

    Horrible writing by Damon Martin.

    Damon Martin has problems with idiomatic usage of prepositions.

    There are obvious errors through out this article.

    “Chael Sonnen Felt Anderson Silva Break in the First But He Destroyed Him in the Second”

    Go look up any writer’s guide and see effective use of pronouns.

    “Most everyone sees the brash, unapologetic mouthpiece…”

    most everyone? That makes no sense.

    • Lesnardo? I hope your name is a pseudonym and not your real name. So you are the grammar police? Get the hell out of here punk. I know that you are hated worldwide, keyboard warrior. Where are your credentials to be in the position to to challenge a sportswriters musings in an article? Post them up if they exist.

      • TKD

        Say what you want about Lesnardo, and he very well may be a “keyboard warrior”, but he also happens to be correct. I read Damon’s articles daily, and I often wonder where this guy learned to write. His stories are often full of nonsensical quotes, and very, very poor grammar.

        • Lesnardo

          Damon just edited his article after reading my comment.

          I am not a grammarian.

          The thing is this. Some of the comments left on this site are horribly written garbage. But those comments are very very opinionated ones. So it is only natural that a reader would question the IQ of the writer.

          Damon Martin is a sportswriter. He should write like one.

          The fact that such low quality writing skills go unnoticed (and infact defended by ignorant guys like sherrodmcclease) is scary. It’s as if MMA is only followed by uneducated adults and academically challenged kids.

          • frumps

            Just so everyone knows, TKD and Lesnardo are the same person.

        • RubeKegal

          TKD how many gallons of semen do you chug a day?

    • Lesnardo, you also made a few mistakes in your critique of Mr. Martin’s writing.
      “Through out” is actually throughout.
      You obviously know a lot, or think you know a lot, about writing, and the process of writing an article.
      After Damon writes his pieces, they should go through the editing process. In fact, after he submits his article to his editor, he probably doesn’t see it again until it’s posted online. It all depends how this particular newsroom works.
      Also, he probably never even wrote that headline, which, I agree, isn’t that great.
      Also, since you nitpick, you mentioned “Damon Martin” twice. As any writer would tell you, the full name is mentioned in the first reference only, and then it’s followed by either Martin or Mr. Martin, depending on the publication.
      HOWEVER, my personal favourite (I’m in Canada, so it is spelled favourite and not favorite) is your sentence, “That makes no sense.” It should read, “It does not make any sense,” or “It makes no sense.”
      You can find a good writer’s guide for about $40, Lesnardo. I suggest you pick one up.

      • Lesnardo

        While you did a fine job critiquing my critique of Damon Martin’s article, I think you missed the picture here.

        Damon Martin is a professional writer. I am a casual reader. As such, I have neither the time nor luxury to write perfect English on this site.

        You sound dumb.

        • MrAdidas

          BAHAHAHAHAHA – NO, NO SIR, you sound STOOPID! (stupid)

  • Lesnardo

    Is English Damon Martin’s first language?

    • elguapo

      Seriously man, what’s your point? Appreciate the article for the content rather than the grammar, you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

      • Lesnardo

        elguapo…just lol.

      • Lesnardo

        The point is this. People can’t be taken seriously in real life unless they have the credentials. I don’t expect writers on this site to hold degrees in English from prestigious colleges.

        But you are either a journalist who is serious about your job or an MMA groupie that can’t get hired by reputable newspaper or magazine publishers.

  • markronin

    I don’t see it that way. I don’t see that he broke Silva, though he did dominate him the entire first round.

    I see that Dolce’s recommendation of dropping 20 lbs of water weight in 24 hours prior to the fight ruined Sonnen’s cardio in the second round, and Sonnen tripped himself up with the spinning backfist, then sat on his ass against the cage waiting for something from Silva. Then Sonnen just gave up.

    It’s Sonnen that has the problem, Sonnen beat himself.

    • Great point, i used to compete a while back and stayed within a weight where i did not have to cut huge amount of weight. The Dolce diet is simply stupid and dangerous but yes it will work. Cutting that much weight is that amount of time is also very stupid and dangerous.

      I understand that a guy who is a natural 220 pounder might have issues fighting at heavyweight against guys that are 260. But most fighters walk around 210 pounds or so that compete at 185, and worst some at 170, that is just insane. Look at what a 15 pounds difference makes Jack Shields was amazing at 185 pounds, he been sucking like hell at 170, its just not is weight class.

      I guess that UFC should be looking into theses sick weight cuts and how it affect the fighters health and also is fight performance.

  • Silva needs to move to 205, there is nothing more he can do at 185, same has for GSP. Theses guys need to move on or simply retire.

    At 185 Silva has no treat is biggest was Sonnen, maybe give Biseping is chance he always puts on a great fight but even then.

    Most people that fight Silva are scared and very conscious, the never go for the flurry and he fools around with them. Sonnen went straight for the takedown each time.

  • I’m always happy to hear criticism on my writing and after re-reading the article there were some confusing statements in there so happy to edit those.

    Never above admitting mistakes and fixing them. Sometimes writing at 3am right before bed isn’t the best idea!

    • shereko

      I enjoy your articles and perspective. Keep it up.

      • MaritalArtist

        I loved the article

    • AdamBianski

      Don’t worry bout that clown. He is just miserable with the way his life turned out. He really wanted to be an English teacher, but after failing to get through a four year degree he has fallen into a sad and dark place, where the closet thing he has to happiness is to point out errors on web posts.
      Go ahead buddy point out mine errors that way you can sleep tonight.

      • Lesnardo

        lol @ you!

    • Lesnardo

      Ken Pishna uses that excuse as well.

    • Hey Damon.
      I got your back, bro. You NEED to remember, that guy who critiques your work believes “throughout” is two words and not one.
      That’s all that needs to be said.
      You do a fine job. It’s just too bad that certain people believe journalists and writers are not allowed to make mistakes.
      All the best!

  • anderson still has lombard who i have not seen anyone talk about in any mma sites saying munoz or weidman yeah right look anderson is on like a 16 or 15 fight win streak lombard is on a 25 fight win streak the man is a beast and he will take anderson down like sonnon did and he has the gas to hold cause he is a natural 185 and then there is sonnon again i think down the road it makes sense sonnon is tough and vitor i mean he just got caught no one knows what if they had exchanged belfort has speed that no man can dunk and dodge but i think anderson should fight gsp if gsp is not afraid to take it this time and then maybe jones for a finale to his career

    • MaritalArtist

      Good points. I also want to say that silva should take on GSP before he moves up to LHW.

  • TKD

    Chael felt as if he broke Silva? At what point in this fight did that actually seem to happen? Sonnen did very little damage to Anderson in the first, so I am not sure where he broke anyone.
    It appears as though Sonnen really DOES live on another planet!

    • dathump

      Silva’s corner also said, “ok, your warmed up, now the fight starts” and that always seems to be Andersons MO. the first round is almost always a feeling out sort or round. Lying ontop of someone like Silva won’t break him. I think Sonnen has no options but to be humble. he has lost twice, crying fowl in any sort would close more doors then it would open.

  • Sonnen is delusional. Silva never broke.

  • Every day there is another middle weight fighter stepping in the cage and kicking ass. Every day another fighter gets older and yet another fighter is hitting his stride. Every Day Anderson Silva has the opportunity to fight another great fighter and prove why he is the best ever. Anderson Silva is a true Martial Artist. That means he is his only true opponent. Whoever is standing across from him in the octagon is just puzzle for him to solve in any way he sees fit. To be the best is one thing. To stay the best is quite another. I look forward to Anderson Silva owning and dominating every single 185er the believes he is the best and Silva is done…I look forward to every one of those fights. Have a wonderful day.

    • TKD

      Well said!

      • RubeKegal

        Well nuthugged!!

  • samflchr

    I think the fight was rigged and sonnen was paid to lose he didnt get hit that hard and when he was on the ground was getting hit in the arms bullshit fight and all these idiots saying it was a good one or even a good card are crazy what a waste of money should give a refund to us hard working people who paid $50 to watch or the crazy prices in person UFC gets rich off us?one big scam it’s no different then gambling I’m sure Dana. White is happy either way he makes a lot of money bald headed geek?

    • elguapo

      Hahaha, that was priceless! Why would the fight be rigged you utter bellend? Why would Sonnen be paid to lose? For starters it’s not like Anderson couldn’t beat him anyway, and also Anderson was an overwhelming favourite so the financial implications gambling-wise wouldn’t have been that significant. And he wasn’t punching him on the arms, Sonnen was protecting his face with his arms. And why would they rig the fight to finish so soon? You just make yourself look like a simpleton with comments like that.

    • Perhaps the most stupid thing I have ever read. SMFH

    • TKD

      Seriously, is there anyone more stupid and ignorant than samflchr? Why do we waste or time responding to this brainless fool?

      • RubeKegal

        TKD how many gallons of semen do you chug on a daily basis?

  • soboc1

    Sam, it is evident that you don’t even believe the things you type by the fact that a large percentage of your sentences end in question marks, lol. As far as Hector Lombard goes, he’s not even in AS’s league, literally.

  • b-soc

    All you critics of Damon Martin……you have no idea what this guy has done to contribute to MMA journalism in this sport. He covered the sport before all you guys jumped on the band wagon. He’s delivered quality articles and quality radio for many years – which is much more than you haters have delivered from your mom’s basement. Before you criticize, show me everything you’ve written on the internet that doesn’t have a grammatical error, and show me your Journalism degree…………..turds!

    • elguapo

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s funny that all those who feel the need to critique the quality of Damon’s articles haven’t been able to man up and respond to his earlier posting on this thread.

    • TKD

      So, just because he has contributed to MMA articles in the past means he can write like he is in grammar school?? He has an obligation to have someone proofread what he writes, just as any other journalist should.

      • Lesnardo

        lol!!! TKD, just ignore these fools. Pretty much you are dealing with people with below average IQ on this site.

        All they can do is resort to the following arguments. Notice how all of the following comments have nothing to do with Damon’s writing skills. Rather, they are all weird personal attacks against anyone who criticizes Damon’s article.

        (1) “You criticize Damon Martin. But he is a sportswriter. You are just a keyboard warrior! Therefore, your criticisms are groundless!”

        (2) “Don’t you make mistakes in life. In fact, you made two mistakes in your comment. Therefore, you are being a hypocrit.”

        (3) “Who cares about grammar! Who cares about idioms! Who cares about writing style! Read the content you grammar police!”

      • b-soc

        My apologies. You misunderstood my comment. It was supposed to be more of an insult to you than you realize. What I meant was what have you done in the world of Journalism to think you are important enough to correct spelling errors on accomplished journalist.

        In other words……….get a life! The point of this comment section is to debate the articles and points made, not to make yourself look like a fool by saying: Uh, that word is spelled wrong. Doesn’t matter that it is a great article, I need to correct his grammar. Really?!?!

        • TKD

          @ b-soc: I won’t speak for anyone else, but I will for myself. When reading an article it helps the reader when proper punctuation/grammar is used. I don’t want to read something several times to try and gain the meaning of the article. Does a comma, semi colon, or period help you when reading a passage? Always. Well, at least it should.

          I am not bashing anyone for attention or for fun. I do it because it is annoying when you have to read something twice (or more) to understand the what message or thought the writer is trying to convey.

          I make mistakes all of the time, but not in my job. I perform my best for my bosses, and I would think a writer would do the same.

  • samflchr

    They wouldn’t put what I said but guess what little internet nerds don’t know jack

    • TKD

      Again, retard, are you speaking English???

      • Lesnardo

        No! That is NOT ENGLISH!!!

        They wouldn’t put what I said but guess what little internet nerds don’t know jack?????? <–Is this English???

        They wouldn't put what I said. But guess what? Little internet nerds don't know jack! <–I think (I THINK) I think I think this is what he was trying to say.

      • macgrubber

        bad troll iz bad broseph. Your not even being a good troll just a lame one get something new other than grammer errors plz.

        • RubeKegal

          macgrubber still think GSP and Rory are dating? fool

  • Towers66 is by far the best site for MMA news, who gives a shit about a fricken typo or a sentence that is worded incorrectly. The articles are true and they get the message out. Damon and the rest of the MMAWeekly journalists and crew are very appreciated by my friends and myself. Although I did feel a tad bit of bias towards Nick Diaz from some of the writers on this site( I just started WWIII with that said), but everyone has to have an opinion and have a way to vent it. Two thumbs up to this site and the people that make it happen. Thank you!

  • samflchr

    Who evers not posting my comments on mma weekly is a idiot I’m not saying anything wrong must be scared of the truth

  • dathump

    I just read on fox sports site that Chael’s coach is appealing the result. He wants it ruled as a no contest due to, as he puts it “illegal knee”. Is this guy serious? I watched the replay over and over and even in slow motion. The knee clearly hit him in the chest. The only reason his face got touched is he folded after he was hit. He also brought up the holding of the shorts but at the same time stated Chael also grabbed andersons shorts as well. So deduct a point from both of them then if that makes you feel better, but I hate to tell him the outcome would still be the same. Not sure what these Oregon Gangsta’s are smoking but sonnen’s whole team are the worst losers in the sport and with a 6 and 5 record you would think they would be better at it.

    • kennypowers

      Haha totally agree with you on that. I can’t believe peoe are still saying the shorts grabbing affected the outcome in anyway. Anderson grabbed his shorts once, like fighters do in every UFC fight, it’s just cuz it was such a huge fight AS haters are looking for every possible way to say he cheated. Like you said, Chael grabbed his too, and who cares, Chael went for two takedowns after that and Anderson didn’t grab his shorts and still stuffed both with ease. As for the knee, if it had hit chaels face flush he would have been out cold, and the replay showed it went directly to the body, so anyone who said it hit his face is delusional and didn’t see the replay. The problem is that andersons strikes are so precise that it grazed right passed his chin and landed perfectly to the chest. And the craziest thing ppl are saying is about the Vaseline? Who cares? The ref wiped it off and regardless, Chael did get him down in the first, so everything that happened in the second was totally fair. And if u wanna talk cheating, let’s not forget Chael was on roids the first time….and still lost. I’m glad he humbled himself after the fight tho and he knows he got beat fair and square and realizes andersons better than him and is the best ever, but yeah his camp are a bunch of salty whiners who should have been a custom to loss since his WEC days.

  • kennypowers

    And also, even if you are that stupid to believe that knee got him in the face, Chael did get up after that and was ok for the time being. It was when he tried to take Anderson down again after that, Anderson stuffed it then started striking, then he landed a straight right that dropped Chael to the mat and finished him on the ground. And if you think it was an early stoppage, had the ref let it go for about ten more seconds Chael would have been sleeping. So all in all, Anderson beat Chael again and no more questions should be asked, had his shot, twice, couldn’t pull it off, end of story.

  • somecokehead

    Chael defintely smokes crack. Him and Rogan all the time.
    It is not just this website… grammar and spelling collectively are getting worse with each generation. Spell check has a lot to do with it. w/e there are so many rules, who cares? Half of all people use ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ wrong… Some make 7 figures a year, some make 5. I agree it should be right but half the comments are about the grammar here… that is insane people.
    Usually when a fighter breaks you beat them. You submit them or pound them out til the ref stops it. If Chael fights a top ten fighter in his next fight… he will lose

  • Dayrelphareal

    You can clearly see that Sivla’s knee hit Sonnen in the chin then glance down to his chest no shot before or after seem (to me) to be significant that’s the one that did the damage. Sivla holded on to Sonnen shorts bluntly, toltally disrespecting UFC rules and tried to sneak vasaline off his face and rub it on his body wow this guy is fukking cheater and can’t be trusted. Also His post fight speech and interview was very condescending.

    • [IMG][/IMG]

      Where is the knee hitting Chael in the face? I see that maybe Anderson’s thigh may hit chael in the face but that is incidental contact. I am sure that the thigh is not what caused the damage, it would be the knee to the chest plate of the ribs that hurt Chael.

    • kennypowers

      Yeah andersons such a dirty cheater for holding chaels shorts for 5 seconds and wiping a fingertip of Vaseline on his body that the ref wiped off anyway. Chaels way more of a sportsman like how he used roids in the first fight, how he complained for a rematch after he lost fair and square, and how he talked sh!t about Anderson, his wife and his country for 3 years. and yeah it was that knee to the body, oops I mean “chin” that did it, not the fact that Chael got up after that, tried to take Anderson down, couldn’t, then got caught with a solid right hand that dropped him then didn’t fight back after 8 unanswered punches. Yup Anderson sucks, chaels the man, hopefully they can rematch when they’re both in their 40’s, then Chael will have a better chance, you know with the TRT and all.

      • johnt

        number 1 – he didnt “use roids”. he had medically prescribed TRT. this is perfectly legal and no different than a person that suffers from migraine’s taking migraine medication.
        number 2 – it was a bit more than a fingertip of vaseline douche. and he did more than tap it to the skin. that is why the ref wiped it off. it was a real advantage to have. not that it had anything to do with the end result. just stating a fact, not a viewpoint as you did.
        number 3 – he hype a fight. amazing that you still cant get that. as i said before the main card guys get a percentage of the PPV gate. the more fans buy the more money they make. id bet he walked with will over $100,000 in PPV money alone.
        number 4 – every fighter that loses a big fight wants a rematch. including frankie edgar who is widely known as one of the most respectable fighters in the game. its natural.
        number 5 – they were NT 8 unanswered punches. watch the fight dude. only one of those shots even landed. and that wasnt even that big of a punch. the rest were glancing off his hands and forearms.

        anderson was the better fighter that night. but be careful when stating what you consider points in your own opinion. you make it sound like a one sided pounding where chael got destroyed when in reality he got caught with a great knee to the solar plexis area and he got stopped. anderson did a fantstic job and fought a great fight. but that doesnt make chael such a horrible person for losing either.
        interesting though, anderson spoke pretty good english for a guy that “speaks no english”. hmmmm

        • RubeKegal

          well said johnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • B-rok

          Yes he did use roids! Trt is steroids and is nothing like migrane meds. if you don’t know what you are talking about don’t speak. The commissions and the ufc are on the verge of ending this. Keith Kizer was close to putting restrictions on chael for this fight. No other major sport allows this. If the ufc wants to be taken seriously they wil end trt.

  • dathump

    Don’t forget all the illegal hits to the back of the head Sonnen was hitting Silva with in the 1st round if all you Sonnen lovers want to bring stuff up. Silva actually paused, noted it to the ref, then casually went about defending. Didn’t hurt AS, but not legal on Sonnens part non the less. Once again a point, or pointless matter, cause points don’t mean anything when you get knocked out. end of story

  • johnt

    Here is a simple tip, read the f’n article and stop worrying about stupid ass things like grammar or punctuation. Did you get the point of what he was writing? Yes. Does your world suddenly seem less complete if the sentence structure is improper? Please. Give me an f’n break. Oh, oops, I wrote f’n which isnt a proper word. Oh ****, and I didnt put my punctuation in my words isnt and didnt. oops, **** i did it again. oh damn, i didnt capitalize my i.

    oh well, i had a point but since i didnt capitalize and punctuate properly i suppose it is moot now.

    i cant stand ******* ******** that do **** like that. if you are that worried about the writing then go to a scholastic website and get your rocks off *****.