Chael Sonnen Faces Stipulations Related to TRT to Fight in Boston; Union Files Complaint to Deny Him

August 7, 2013
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Chael Sonnen UFC 162UFC Fight Night 26 main eventer Chael Sonnen has yet to be granted a fight license for the Aug. 17 event, which serves as prime time launch programming for the new Fox Sports 1 network.

Sonnen is slated to face Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in a five-round lightweight bout to top the fight card.

The Massachusetts State Athletic Commission has, however, preliminarily agreed to allow Sonnen to fight.

The debate swirling around Sonnen stems from his testosterone replacement therapy regimen, and the MSAC’s lack of experience dealing with the issue.

“The Massachusetts State Athletic Commission has not issued a license to Chael Sonnen to participate in the August MMA event scheduled in Boston, but has preliminarily agreed to allow him to fight,” said Department of Public Safety spokesperson Terrel Harris. “Sonnen, however, would be required to undergo testing to determine his testosterone levels both before and after the contest.

“TUE (therapeutic use exemption) for testosterone is uncharted territory for the Commission which has sent the issue to its Medical Advisory Board to determine allowable ratios prior to the fight and issuing Mr. Sonnen a fight license.”

There is an athletic commission meeting on Thursday that will delve further into the topic, as well as a sidebar issue of an official complaint against Sonnen’s participation filed by Unite Here Local 226, better known as the Culinary Union.

Unite Here filed a complaint requesting that Sonnen be denied a license to fight “because Mr. Sonnen has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.”

The MSAC has the right to decline to license or suspend an issued license if an applicant or licensee “is arrested or convicted on a charge involving moral turpitude.”

The complaint cites Sonnen’s 2011 conviction of a federal money laundering charge related to mortgage fraud. He was fined $10,000 and sentenced to two years of probation.

The Culinary Union and the UFC have been butting heads for years, primarily in New York, where the UFC continues to lobby for sanctioning of mixed martial arts. The Culinary Union continues to fight against the sport’s legalization in New York, and has been using the might of its political influence to wage the war.

Despite tremendous support from New York senators and assembly members, sanctioning of MMA on the professional level continues to stall out before coming to a vote on the Assembly floor, as it did this year.

The MSAC will address the UFC complaints in an executive session at Thursday’s meeting.

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  • robc

    So the union that is trying to blackmail the UFC into allowing union workers into it’s casino’s is now trying to blackmail the UFC with a legal complaint that let’s face it under any other circumstances they could care less about?

    Goddamn unions will be the death of the United States…

    • dgs

      “Goddamn unions will be the death of the United States…”

      I think they already have my friend. At one point in time, unions were a good thing, now they are as corrupt as any mafioso organization in America.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Kind of like banking regulations were a good thing at one time and then bankers decided they weren’t needed anymore. Next we should get rid of those checks and balances in government. Nothing gets done because of them. The drones that buy the crap that Fox news spews will be the death of this country.

    • Mark McDowall

      Spell check…will be=already are

  • Reid

    They both must’ve lost a lot of weight of they are now competing at lightweight !

  • Mark Bazid

    If he is blocked from the fight he should sue the union for limiting his ability to make a living.

    • Frank


    • You can sue for anything. And win or lose the fact that it brings attention to the media and the public makes it a win one way or another. I like the way you think.

      • MuayThaiFood

        “I like the way you think.”

        Not as much as the attorneys!

    • Mark McDowall

      Thats like suing McDonalds for “making” you fat. The unions are soooooo deep in the political game that a case like that wont get the time of day. As long as our government allows politicians on all levels to take “donations” from various lobbyists things like this will always happen. As big as the UFC is…they are a fly on the ass of the elephant that is the Culinary union!!

      • Mike mckinney

        Actually it’s worse than that. It’s like someone sueing McDonald’s. McDonalds loses, and closes its doors. And then someone else sues that someone for going hungry.
        Sonnen couldn’t sue the union. The union wouldn’t be the one stopping him fom fighting. It’s the msac. Union could only be in trouble if they provided the msac with something fraudulent.

        • Mark McDowall

          Every one knows the unions are crooked as hell…but because they have the politicians in their pockets then no one ever does anything about it. But I guess when you are bribing all the pubic officials in some way, shape or form then I guess its not shady anymore?

  • KungFuPanda

    Looks like organized crime (aka ‘unions’) is still alive and well in this country. On a side note, I have 0 sympathy if he is not allowed to fight. Him and all the other TRT cheaters should be booted from MMA. Or, they should start up a TRT/roids league and just let all these cheaters go for broke and try to kill each other.

    • Ian Price

      I have no sympathy for cheating, but as long as fighters do it by the rules, I’m ok with it. I do think there should be an age restriction though. Maybe 35.

  • Ismael Vergara

    just let the man take his roids

    • Darin


  • JRod

    Of course this couldn’t have been addressed a month ago… they have to bring it up right before the fights. Must be slow around the MSAC offices! This is public knowledge he is a TRT participant, idiots! He’s getting tested already!

    • Ian Price

      Yeah if they wanted to be fair, they should temporarily adopt other states’ regulations regarding TRT, and AFTER the fight, they can mull over what a long-term legislation would look like in their state. Idiots.

  • This is the type of stuff that gives unions a bad name. I’m a union rep locally and city/statewide and I can say we would not waste all the money needed to help our brethen on tryn to block a fighter from fighting. Its embarrassing and the reason why unions are gettn a bad rap. I’m still floored its a bunch of kitchen heads doing this (and yes I was even once a cook in the military so I can say it) just let the fight happen and stop wasting time and money.

  • Nice to see all the real down to earth fans with common sense stand up for Sonnen and the sport itself.

    • Mark McDowall

      As much as I am not a great fan of Sonnen this is such a BS way to mess with the UFC. Go after Lorenzo directly…don’t mess with Sonnen just to prove a point!

      • It makes me very happy to see all fans come together to support the sport minus who’s involved. As long as they are not some sort of sex offender or convicted of mugging old women you know lol. I’ve heard Sonnen’s side of the story on top of every issue from TRT to money laundering.

        • Mark McDowall

          Yeah its a great thing to see for sure. I think the UFC just needs to give up on the NY thing honestly. They will never get past the unions out there…

  • Mark McDowall

    If Sonnen doesn’t get licensed then the UFC needs to give a GIANT middle finger to NY/NJ and Mass. They had a huge press conference in NY, a state that they will NEVER have an event in as long as the unions are still active. I don’t know why they keep on going out there. Pretty pointless and a big waste of money if you ask me.

    • Ian Price

      I think it’s just a big FU by Dana and Fertitta brothers

  • Ian Price

    Chael is a Republican and therefore doesn’t subscribe to unions.

    • james j

      This country is defined by unions. Trust me just look at China. They are union free.

      • Ian Price

        I thought unions = democrat = more legislation to protect little guy so he can be free = bigger government = socialism = communism = totalitarianism = little guy THOUGHT he would be free but instead he’s now an even littler guy

        • MuayThaiFood

          You’re not a big student of history are you? You get all that from Hannity? Hitler attacked the trade unions in Germany and if his wasn’t a totalitarian government then you got me. Unions are very weak now in this country and the middle class is shrinking. It’s not coincidence. Don’t condemn all Unions for the frivolous actions of one. It would be nice if they weren’t necessary but history has proven otherwise. Most corporations care more about the bottom line and shareholders more than the workers who made their fortunes possible.

          • Ian Price

            I’m not necessarily saying unions are bad. I really don’t know enough about them….. But i do know that the little union guy voting democrat is often hurting himself. I wish more people voted independent or libertarian sober can do away with the 2 party system.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I agree with you on that. The two parties have become keepers of the status quo after the elections are over. Without money they don’t get elected and big corporations give to both parties and it’s not out of the goodness of their corporate hearts.

  • Jason

    Jesus, he’s gonna have to lose a lot of weight to fight at lightweight!

  • King_DG

    Sonnen is slated to face Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in a five-round lightweight bout to top the fight card.
    When did Sonnen and Shogun decide to cut down to lightweight?! lol

  • james j

    These fighters should be embarrassed to that they are young men taking TRT. Everyone knows it is a farce and a crutch used by fighters and athletes. Randy Couture is chuckling at all these articles. Chael just retire and stop this insanity.