Chael Sonnen Exposes Liars In The UFC

April 4, 2012
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Chael Sonnen never pulls any punches and that extends to his fellow fighters when it comes to the interviews they give to the media.

On the latest edition of ‘Chael’s Corner’ from Fuel TV’s UFC Tongiht, Sonnen tackles that very subject about honesty and the liars in the world of MMA.

Check out what Chael had to say below:

  • Chael is just flat-out entertaining. Cool video, as always.

  • mmachoman

    Ironically, the best puncher to learn from is arguably Anderson Silva.

  • insane187288

    however at the end of their last fight he asked the ref if he tapped. it will be a great show and sonnen has been the best test yet.

  • pooby

    Sonnen lies. In an ESPN interview he claimed he’d never lost a fight as a middleweight. In a radio interview he said something contraversial about Lance Armstrong, then later denied saying it.

    Chael is funny, he’s smart, but he’s also a hypocrite.

    • Lesnardo

      Chael is not funny, dumb, but definitely a hypocrite.

      • phrankthetank

        You’re right, the guy who’s managed to shit talk his way into 2 of the most anticipated fights in MMA is dumb. Face it, the guy is hilarious and smart enough to manipulate the game to get exposure and get the fights he wants. He’s a much more successful version of the jackass you try to be.

  • rsnowbass

    This was the best one on one with Chael yet. I don’t think he’s ever made more sense. “I needed to train in seclusion” = My wife and kids are driving me nuts! Hahahaha. I can relate. If I were a professional fighter I’m thinking I’d have to do that for AT LEAST one or two fights.


  • LongDongSilver

    Chaels the biggest liar. Maybe people will believe him if he can actually beat Silva. Right now he’s a clown that was 2 minutes short of winning that cannot shut his mouth.

  • kevstinx

    bored of his shit, won’t even watch the video.

    We live in a world filled with scum and liars, fraudsters when I watch UFC I do not watch it for hyped up shit, like loser leaves town, what is next a ****ing ladder match?

    This is getting pathetic, how about sell fights on the basis of the 2 most skilled guys in that division, rather than make some shit up and try to be funny with it, you are funny looking, what makes it even funnier is, even if you had managed to take away the title, the title would have been taken away for your lack of honour, winnner’s don’t come second, cheaters tap and lie.

  • pooby

    Where is this bold honesty when the subject of taking roids before fighting Anderson comes up?

    • TKD


  • jpgagne

    Funny? Sure! Entertaining? Maybe for WWE lovers! Honnest? …? If Chael Sonnen is honnest, he needs a reality check! Hopefully, come June 23rd, he will get that fixed in front of 60.000 brazilians by Dr. Silva!

  • Sonnen is a blowhard. Silva beat him, made him tap out, that is a fact. He got his ass beat fair and square, needs to accept that. No one cares about his ignorant remarks except himself. Boring ignorant boor. No class. All he does is talk while real fighters prove it in the ring. Reminds me of that idiot blowhard Rush Limbaugh, so full of himself and too stupid to realize how stupid he is. Sonnen sucks, and we will leave it to the imagination just what he sucks.

  • shereko

    What I think is funny, is the amount of people that really don’t like Anderson, yet people are still sick of Chael… So that shows a lot, and there is a difference between promotion and just saying non-sense, he craves attention more than an 8th grade girl. Just come out and say, “I got beat in the first fight, I don’t like Anderson and this time I’ll do my best to make it a different outcome”

  • TKD

    He is so ****ing honest that he can’t admit to taking PED’s before his last fight with Silva. Or what about his illegal business deals??? He is a douche bag, and will always be one.

    I hope Silva takes away more than just a win from this loser at their next fight!

  • collideoverme

    Love it!

  • Mario

    Chael Sonnen would be a great WWE champion

    LOL 🙂

    • TKD

      He’s be equally as annoying there too.