Chael Sonnen Dishes the Dirt on Wanderlei Silva: “Wanderlei is Out? Wanderlei was Never In” (Video)

June 4, 2014
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(Video courtesy of Sexto Round)

Everyone is pretty much moving on to whether or not Vitor Belfort will get licensed on June 17 so that he can fight Chael Sonnen on July 5. But there are still a lot of questions circling around Wanderlei Silva and why he isn’t fighting Sonnen at UFC 175 in Las Vegas.

Sonnen, never one to hold back, stood before the media in Brazil recently and answered their questions, giving his honest assessment of the situation with Silva, Belfort, and much of the behind the scenes goings on at The Ultimate Fighter Brazil filming, where he and Silva were coaches.

Often chastised for his WWE-esque schtick in interviews, Sonnen held the reigns on that part of his personality and openly answered the questions thrown at him, including what he hopes for Silva’s career, now that the Brazilian is mired in a quagmire of controversy.

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  • Mark McDowall

    All Sonnen is at this point is a mouth piece. He is 1-3 in his last 4…and if Vitor is granted a license…chances are he will be 1-4. What purpose does he serve in the cage?? He needs to go be a commentator…he does that a hell of alot better than he fights. His knowledge of the game makes him a great coach, as seen on TUF, and he is always interesting and fun to watch when he is an analyst…I think they should replace that annoying Anik guy with Sonnen.

    • Joe

      3 losses in his last 4 fights make him sound like a has been, but those 4 fights were against Anderson (only one man has beat him in his long UFC tenure), Jones (who has beat him, Gus maybe), Shogun(past his prime but no easy fight), and Rashad. I can’t think of anyone who has had a tougher last 4 fights in the ufc

      • Mark McDowall

        He isn’t really a has been…he’s a never was in my opinion. He has been all talk for most of his career. He’s never won a belt in a major organization…the only hype that has ever come around him is because he runs his mouth then hasn’t once delivered.

        IF he fights Vitor…chances are he will loose. Lets be real. That will make him 6-6 since he came to the UFC…not exactly a great record regardless. And if he looses to vitor that means 1-4 in his last 5…that’s a horrible record…I don’t care who you are.

        He is a great talker…so let him talk…give him as much camera time as they can and get him more involved in the broadcasting.

        • Seth

          Hendo is 1-4. Come on, tell me how much Hendo sucks and how he didn’t deliver.

          • Mark McDowall

            Maybe you missed his last couple fights? He got rag dolled by DC…was getting his ass handed to him by Shogun until he landed a lucky punch…Vitor kicked his head off…

            So no he didn’t deliver…

          • Mike d’king

            hendo has been a world champion. chael has never won a title. he talked his way into fights and lost them. wanderlei is a world champion. chael never has been.

          • orly

            So, pride doesn’t count? You’re showing your age.

          • Seth

            “wanderlei is a world champion.” <— Wandarlei is what? Lol

          • putz

            Chael held the WEC title. SO I would disagree as we know the WEC was a good organization.

          • Mark McDowall


    • putz

      1-3 are you serious. This is where stats distort the facts.

      • Mark McDowall

        ummm…stats are facts so saying he is 1-3 is a fact.

        • Tom

          yes, but you’re not saying he lost to Anderson Silva, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Rashad Evans… 4 of the best fighters in the world… A lot of people lose to those guys lol

          • Mark McDowall

            ok those are big names…but the fact that he lost by submission, KO, TKO, TKO…the first silva fight was close I’ll give you that…but the rest of them he got beat down.

  • Mike d’king

    so wait chael says wandy is a cheater….this coming from a guy who failed for PEDs once and was recently on TRT suggesting he was doing on PEDs for longer than just a bit….yeah, chael. the pot calling the kettle black. lol

    • Rick Ricky

      If you had half a brain you’d know he never tested positive for PEDs…Go look up the facts.

  • greaseygranny

    How can people not like Sonnen? That’s the real Sonnen right there. Great promoter of fights and has a hell of a sense of humor to boot. Best fighter on the planet? No. But still fun to watch in and out of the cage.

    • putz

      I could not agree more. This was a great Q&A with him

    • Bruno

      I’m brazilian and i love Chael. He is a genius.

  • MMA Fans are dumb

    Wansy sucks the big one, as do most MMA fans.

  • Intelligent Hoodlum

    Sonnen is awesome! He needs to have his own TV show.

  • thb

    I love when people who pretend to know what they are talking about use the saying “Lucky punch”. Lucky would be swinging at Machida and knocking Shogun out lol. Does everything have to come out perfect for the KO punch to be landed? Yes there are many factors involved. By your logic every KO would be luck because fist and chin must meet with many variables in place.