Chael Sonnen Declares Jon Jones a “Selfish, Entitled Brat” (Video)

August 25, 2012
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Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones UFCFollowing the cancellation of UFC 151, Chael Sonnen has blasted UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at every turn for not accepting the fight with him.

Sonnen took to Fuel TV for a special edition of UFC Tonight on Thursday, spewing his venom at Jones.

Check out the Chael Sonnen video clip below…

  • obuchons

    Self Entitled Brat? Sound funny coming out of the mouth of the guy who has lost 3 of his last 4 fights! And yes I am counting the fight against Bisping as a loss! We all watched that fight and we know what happened. This guy did NOT deserve to fight Jon Jones! I am not on board with Jones declining the fight.He should have taken it and kicked his ass! But I guess Sonnen is doing the only thing he can which is run his mouth!

    • RubeKegal

      He beat Bisping by unanimous decision.

      • Lesnardo

        Yeah, although I thought it was a close fight, Chael did enough to eek out a decision.

        Chael doesn’t have KO power so the moment a 205er (naturally bigger opponents) stuff his takedowns, he would be in a world of trouble.

  • Jmoney

    Countless posts saying sonnen didn’t deserve a shot at the title… Haven’t heard 1 jones fan say that vitor doesn’t deserve a shot either… Point blank.. jones should have grabbed his nuts and manned the eff up and fought sonnen. Fight would have sold better that jones vs hendo or belfort. So he could stf up about selling ppv’s. Putting 200 on belfort in this fight and hoping he puts hands on that jaw of jones!

    • RubeKegal

      Jones also has more than a month to prep for Vitor, only had 3 days for Sonnen.

  • Jones is a selfish entitled brat, but lets be honest: Chael Sonnen will forever be the Dicky Eklund of MMA. If you’ve seen the movie The Fighter then you know what I’m talking about.

  • greaseygranny

    Jmoney, perfectly said bro. Sonnen is a huge threat to Jones. The ONLY reason he didn’t take this fight. Jackson’s camp said that one of the main reasons was that Sonnen is a southpaw and that they didn’t have time to train for a southpaw. Um…. Last time I checked, Vitor is a southpaw. How people are still defending this kid is beyond me.

    • MaritalArtist

      Totally agree. Why didn’t jones say to Dana “since vitor and Chael are equally undeserving, I’d rather fight Chael”. ??

      • Lesnardo

        Jones agreed to fight Vitor on the condition that the fight takes place months from now.

  • TKD

    I am a bit puzzled by the Vitor fight announcement as well. If we go by who deserves a title shot, it looks like they picked the wrong guy in Vitor. It also seems as though Jones is starting to feel the heat as far as screwing everyone out of next week’s event. He will now have to deal with all of the fallout from his seemingly meaningless decision to not fight Sonnen…especially since he has now decided to give the chance to someone that has no business getting that next shot at his title.

    Jones is a big boy, so let’s see how he handles all of this.

    • greaseygranny

      Agree. Except for the meaningless decision to not fight Sonnen. And he’s fighting a southpaw after all. Crazy…

      • TKD

        My initial thought when all of this went down was that Jones was trying to screw Chael out of getting a chance at his title because he was irritated with Chael tweeting sh*t about him just a week or so earlier. I thiought he was being immature and trying to show him, “Hey, I am the champ. You won’t get this shot because you pissed me off and I am the man…” Now I question what the hell his motives really were. None of his next moves have made much sense. In fact, I am completely baffled at all of this. I guarantee you Nike is not happy with the way this is backfiring on him.

        • dathump

          I think Jones got asked, and when he a jackson discussed it, thought no, not on that short of notice was the best answer, I doubt they ever thought 151 would be cancelled entirely, its not like it is the first time a fighter withdrew just before a fight. And knowing the way Dana gets, chances are they didn’t sit down with Jones and his team and explain the whole situation. Hard to say if Jones knew it would have evolved into this big of an ordeal if he would have given the same answer.

  • garyfredericks

    Let’s see….

    Evans gets hurt during training for Title bout with then champion Shogun Rua. Jones gets asked for the bout on short notice and Shogun accepts, being the fighting champion he was/would be again. Jones wins title and becomes primadonna, buying Bentley’s and getting Nike endorsements, and even getting $hitfaced while driving. All along the way, he is following directions on everything from wiping his ass to checking on downed opponents in the cage to get fans…from the most BORING trainer/fight camp, Greg Jackson. Now comes the time for him to save a card in the same way Shogun did by giving Jones a chance, with a presumably/probably FAR easier short notice/smaller opponent in Chael Sonnen and he PUSSES OUT COMPLETELY!!!! This is NOT what a CHAMPION does! Jones is a FAKE, SELFISH, and should be banned from ANY and ALL talk of “Pound 4 Pound GOAT” talk forever.

    • RubeKegal

      Not even close. Bones beat Bader on Feb 5th, it was that day they announced he would face Shogun 1 MONTH AND A HALF LATER ON MARCH 19TH. How can you compare the 2? A full 6 week training camp vs. 3 days.

  • Jmoney

    Come on guys… Duh, you only take fights on short notice when you have everything to gain and nothing to lose… Proving you can beat sonnen and saving an entire fight card just isn’t reason enough. (spoken with extreme sarcasm)

  • shaman

    From what it sounds like, Jon Jones calls all the shots in the UFC and handles all administrative responsibilities

    That revealed, it probably wouldn’t be wise for Chael to talk about his boss like that

  • BlackDog2009

    Jones can take his phony apology and show up his *&^$$! This guy is a douchebag and there is nothing legitimate about him. He is a great athlete and a shiitbag of a human being from what I can gather. And for those here in denial, JONES FEARS SONNEN!! Look you can come here and hate Sonnen all you want but this guy is the only man that has made Anderson Silva nervous and afraid in that octagon. Anderson Silva dances, slaps the mat, runs around and clowns with opponents… but not with Sonnen, hell now! He knows that Sonnen will not for one moment let him posture or do the arrogant routines and that is what any fighter out there should keep in mind. Always let the other guy acroos from you realize that you’re fighting a man that is in there to fight you not to out gameplan you. Jackson and Jones both knew that even an unprepared Sonnen is a Sonnen that could very well take your belt away in a matter of seconds! All of you with Jones’ (ock in your mouths know this and will not admit it! Cheers.

  • I’m not sure how Vitor – a guy that has been fighting at 185 – with no plans or announcement on moving up to 205 – is more deserving than any other top 10 guy at 205. We keep hearing about Chael and Frankie needing to get a fight or 2 under there belt to even be considered for a title shot in their new found weight classes but somehow Vitor deserves to jump to the front of the line in another another weight class? I might understand it if the card was set in Brazil but common?

  • dathump

    I will defend Jones all day long, and I don’t think it is fair for the UFC to put Jones in that position, yet alone put the blame on him.
    I don’t think he has the right to pick and choose his opponents, but the terms of the fight, yes. Thats a perk of being the champ. Sonnen should take that as a compliment that Jones thinks he is a threat, say thank you and go back to his own fight preperations. Sonnen is what 11/5 ufc or 27/12 lifetime, hardly a record that backs up his mouth. Of course Sonnen can take a fight short notice, how much training does he need for takedown, hold and rabbit punch. (seriously, 76 strikes to silva in one round and no signifigant damage) I really hope Forest chokes him out and shuts this guy up.

    • johnt

      you will defend Jones all day long? really?
      ok, so in YOUR world then it makes total sense for the WORLD CHAMPION and P4P top 5 best to say he will not fight a guy AFTER HAVING A FULL TRAINING CAMP when the opponent has had NO TRAINING CAMP solely because Chael is a lefty?

      Ok, lets break it down.
      JBJ- “yeah man im da best ever Dawg. Yo Yo Yo I will beat anybody’s ass. Oh shit, hold up snoop, did you say he was a lefty? Awww Shiiiiiiit. Now you know a brotha cant be fightin no leftys!!! Yo Greg, tell a homie what to be doin!” (obvious sarcasm thrown in for my own amusement since the point here is so blatantly obvious)
      Greg Jackson – yeah um, Jon, this is a bad fight. I mean, I know Chael hasnt trained and I know he has lost 3 of his last 4 fights and I know he talks more than he punches. But wow, JB we just didnt teach you how to get punched from the left side. So I say lets walk!”

      • dathump

        Jones did not say he wouldn’t fight Sonnen, just said he wouldn’t fight him on 8 days notice. He welcomed the fight with Sonnen at UFC152.(3 weeks out) and I would imagine he never thought or was never told that the UFC was going to cancel the event outright. Fighters get injured and fights cards get changed all the time. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, 8 days isn’t enough time to get Sonnen’s test levels back in check, so even if the cheating, loudmouth, theif POS could manage to hold down Jones and dry hump his leg to a decision, it would be taken away when he fails the drug test.