Chael Sonnen Can Do “Whatever the Hell He Wants” (UFC Video)

November 27, 2013
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Chael Sonnen UFC 167 Post_9376Chael Sonnen has rocketed to the top of the UFC heap, as one of the highest profile, highest paid fighters in the promotion, and yet, he’s never become the promotion’s champion.

Despite successes against the likes of Nate Marquardt, Shogun Rua, Michael Bisping, Yushin Okami, and Brian Stann, he was unable to dethrone Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. Following his victory over Shogun Rua at 205 pounds, Sonnen accepted an unexpected offer to face friend and co-worker Rashad Evans at UFC 167, the promotion’s 20th Anniversary event… he lost.

The loss doesn’t sit well, and left Sonnen saying that he is likely to go back down to 185 pounds.

Of course, his next few months in the company are already determined, as he is headed to Brazil to coach opposite his nemesis, Wanderlei Silva, on the third season of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil, and then the two will fight following the show’s televised run.

But following Sonnen’s loss to Evans, when UFC president Dana White was asked if he felt Sonnen should go back down to middleweight, he left the door wide open for one of his favorite employees.

“Chael’s in a position where Chael can do whatever the hell Chael wants to do.”

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  • Big Tuna

    Sonnen quits in the cage. He is a manufactured challenger that has never beat a top three opponent in any weight class.

    We should all be embarrased that he is an American, he represents nothing that this country stands for. What an weasel!

    • wacks


    • Adam Coffland

      I would have to disagree. Chael beat both Marquardt and Okami at 185, in order to earn his title shot against Silva the 1st time around.

      • Ian Price

        Agreed. Chael has beaten a lot of guys, and really gave Anderson a run for his money. The only 3 guys that have beaten him in the last half decade have been at 205. Ok so his wrestling-based GnP fighting style is better suited to fights where he’s not undersized. He’s not a big underdog to ANYONE at 85, including Anderson (+150), Jacare (-150), Weidman (+200), or Vitor (-125).

        • Adam Coffland

          With the exception of the two losses to Anderson, of course!

    • Kris-tyahn

      Bisping wasn’t a top 3?!? When he beat him? That’s why had Bisping won, he would have gotten a title shot. Submitting Rua in the 1st round at LHW was more impressive than what Jones did to Rua. Took Jones 2.5 rounds to finish Rua (3 rounds), while Sonnen only needed one round.
      Sonnen’s last 4 losses have only been to World Champs or Former World Champs…. man he sucks, losing to Anderson Silva twice, eventhough he’s the only fighter to have won 6 of 7 rounds from Silva, how pathetic Sonnen is. Then he lost to current Champ Jon Jones & to Rashad Evans who was a former LHW Champ.
      I’m sure you could do so much better…. wink wink – BAHAHAHAHAHAHA dummy!

      • Big Tuna

        Matt Hamill was top three then they gave the decision to Bisping so lets not build up that bum. Sonnen taped out against silva and lost every fight you listed like a loser kind of like how you almost went to school and became educated

        • taylor2008

          I saw that fight. Bisping lost. Hamill took 2 out of 3 rounds. VERY poorly judged fight!

      • Ian Price

        Kris-Tyahn for president! Chael for VP.

      • julian moran

        Bisping beat Sonnen, Sonnen just got the decision.

    • taylor2008

      He Beat Paulo Filho when he was a number 1 ranked middleweight.

    • Jason Renner

      I liked the beginning of your post. The second paragraph makes you sound like an idiot.

  • wacks

    If you’re an American you’d understand in the english vocabulary you only use the article “an” before a word that starts with a vowel. Last time I checked a “w” isn’t a vowel.

    • donlyrick

      And no one gives a s***

    • Usmc8408

      Damn those Brits for putting “an” before a word that starts with “h!” An historic nothing! Haha

    • Lessonerer

      looks like a simple typo bro.

      And here is a lesson for your lesson.
      One should also use ‘an’ infront of words that start with a vowel sound. Such as ‘hour’. And not all instances where a word starts with a consonant is it proper to use ‘a’.
      Look it up Professor.

    • Jason Renner

      Who cares? Do you even care about the ufc at all or are you just too busy being a f****** nazi?

  • Wolf Ticket

    Too bad GSP was not working on his position and was instead focusing on his fighting abilities. As a result, he cannot even answer questions at a press conference, or take some time off, if Dana doesn’t approve. God forbid he would want to retire for whatever selfish personal health reasons…he owes Dana a rematch!

    • XIRand0mHeroIX

      What does this article have to do with GSP?

      • Wolf Ticket

        I was writing about Dana White, is it so difficult to understand?

  • Mr Pete

    Entertainers such as Chael is hard to come by. He has WWF charisma but is an actual warrior, very hard to replace. It’s unfortunate MMA has gotten to the point of such seriousness that we have forgotten why the sport was even successful in the first place. We need more Diaz, Chael and yes, even the Villain Jon Jones, which by the way is a true Villian as he pretends to be the “good guy” as all villains do.