Chael Sonnen Calls Jon Jones a Mental Midget; Dana White Blasts Greg Jackson (UFC 151 Audio)

August 23, 2012
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Dana White and Greg Jackson UFC

UFC president Dana White on Thursday announced that UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson in Las Vegas is cancelled due to a Dan Henderson knee injury.

He didn’t stop there, however, going on to explain that although Chael Sonnen agreed to step in and fight Jon Jones, the champ wouldn’t return the favor, saying he would not fight Sonnen on eight days notice.

Amidst questions from the media, the conversation went all over the place, with White saying that Sonnen called Jones a “mental midget,” and White himself laying into Jones’ coach, Greg Jackson, who counseled Jones to not accept the fight.

Check out what White had to say about Sonnen, Jones and Jackson and the special UFC 151 cancellation announcement media conference call…

  • VRBorg

    LoL at comment on Jackson, one of Dana’s special moments^^

    • KBEsq

      That was hilarious. “The only interview Greg Jackson should give is to a F&*(*(# psychiatrist.”

  • jonnypatrick

    Jones is a punk.. what a B*tch move, if he is the p4p best ever at 205 he should smash Sonnen. This proves once again how fake this punk is. The UFC backs him and he hangs them out to dry. Love or hate Sonnen you have to respect the fact that he would take this fight on 8 days notice without training. Hey Nike I bet you are glad you signed this yellow belly, chicken sh*t. You are the champ, act like it.

  • jonnypatrick

    I bet the UFC wont be sponsoring Jones in the near future! I love it when Dana goes off! Greg Jackson is a f**king douchebag!!!

  • Brass Monkey

    Nike should change their slogan to

    “Don’t Do It!”

  • What’s the big deal about Chael hyping up a fight and stepping up?? It’s his job and his passion. The guy brings the fight every time. Should he shut his mouth and not offer to step up for an injured Henderson? The guys a true fighter, big deal he got beat by Silva and submitted by a bunch of high level BJJ fighters. It happens. And much respect to Machida stepping in last minute. Who cares about Jones being cocky or disrespectful at this point; he has to defend that title to whoever Dana sees fit to step in. Silva didn’t complain about fighting Franklin the second time. Franklin earned his shot and so did Machida. No argument.

    • collideoverme

      The big deal is Jones backed out. Just as it was Sonnen’s job to step up, it was also Jones’ job to fight who got put across from him. Jones pussed out. Simple as that.

  • Jackson should join the M-1 management team that trashed Fedor’s career. His “dont give the fans what they want, give me what I want” management style would fit perfectly with that crew.

  • atmosphere

    once again, fighting Chael is high risk/low reward for Jones. Chael hasn’t even fought ONCE since moving back to LHW, so how does he deserve a fight for the belt? Machida earned his title (re)match, so if Chael got it, it’d be a slap in the face to Machida, Shogun, and every other LHW who has been trying to climb that ladder.

    if not wanting to fight him on 8 days notice is true, i believe that it’s a smart move. Jones has been training for Hendo, and fighting Machida is a smoother transition than a fight against Chael. it’s a title fight, not a fight for money.

    • bajafox

      Try explaining your reasoning for Jones turning down a fight with Chael to the families of the fighters on the under cards who will no longer be receiving a pay check next week.

      This is much bigger than who deserves to fight Jones and who doesn’t, this is about a ton of money and resources being wasted because of one selfish asshole.

      • jonnypatrick

        Amen to that! I have always felt as if Jones was fake and this shows his true colors. “Company man” my a$$, I think Dana should make an example out of Jones. I’d take his f**king belt and tell all the fighters that this is what happens when we back you 100% and you tell me to f**k off when we come to you for help. Dana I know you have big balls but you need to grow some ginormous balls and strip Jones of his belt. I have watched every UFC event since TUF 1 and I will never purchase a Jones ppv event ever again.

      • High risk/low reward? That’s like saying I shouldn’t drive a couple blocks to get eggs cuz I’m only gonna get eggs but I might get hit by a bus and die. Sonnen isn’t known for flash KOs. There is like one million to one odds that no-fight-camp middleweight Chael Sonnen is going to beat full-fight-camp light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Jones is such a pussy that those odds aren’t good enough for him.

        And it isn’t a smack in the face to other contenders because I guarantee the offer is on the table for them too.

        This is just a case of Greg Jackson being too afraid to let his daughter Jon “No Spine-Bones” Jones fight.

      • collideoverme

        Agreed. If jones had any friends in the back, I bet he doesn’t now. Rashad Evans was right all along about jones. He’s nothing but a selfish baby.

      • atmosphere

        don’t get me wrong, i’m not a huge fan of Jones, but other people’s paychecks are not his responsibility. this isn’t a new scenario; Dana White and the UFC should’ve learned from from instances like what happened to Nate Mardquardt and should’ve created a contingent plan.

        being the loudest voice in the room might get you places in politics, but it shouldn’t in professional sports.

    • jonnypatrick

      Apparently you didn’t read the article earlier where Jones was defending his stance on not wanting to fight Machida. He said it was the lowest ppv buy of any of his fights and he is a businessman, he fights for money. News flash….. Sonnen f**king sells fights. He is the f**king champ, you fight whoever they throw at you and if you are good as you and everyone else says it doesn’t matter how long you had to train. Sonnen is in his head and Jones and Jackson know it and they don’t want to lose that belt. I am a huge Sonnen fan but I really don’t see how he would beat Jones so why is Jones f**king the UFC and all the fans? Must be scared

      • Good glad jones didnt take the fight! Who wants to see Sonnen hold Jones down and rabbit punch him the whole damn fight?? Can’t stand to see Sonnen’s fights! All the same.

    • KBEsq

      Atmosphere, the issue is NOT whether or not what Jones is doing is the ‘smart move.’ In fact, it’s the fact that Jones is making his decisions based upon some kind of analysis of what’s the ‘smart move’ is what’s making people justifiably angry in the first place.

      I don’t think anyone agrees with that anyway (that it’s the smart move). I could give you a list of reasons why it would be smart to fight Sonnen, but to argue that point would give the impression that that is the issue.

      The issue is simple: Jones is the champ; his opponent got injured; without that fight, the card gets cancelled; Sonnen stepped up to take the fight, and it’s approved by the UFC.


      • atmosphere

        yeah, i do see that point and agree (to an extent) that champions should fight whomever, whenever. however on the flip side, i also believe that (again, to an extent) fighters shouldn’t take just anything that comes their way. they only fight a few times a year and would be lucky to do it for a decade. would you feel the same if he turned down a fight against, say, Forrest Griffin or Brian Stann?

    • jonnypatrick

      It isn’t about Chael deserving the shot, Dana White called him and Chael being a real man accepted the fight on 8 days notice. He was willing to take the fight w/out a training camp and Jones is coming off a full training camp and fighting someone with a similar style. Like Bajafox said, it is not only f**cking the UFC out of money he is f**king the families of all the fighters on that card.I wish Dana could make an example of Jones and strip him of his belt and fine him half of his purse on his next fight. I bet that would solve this problem for ever happening again! I have watched almost every UFC event since TUF 1 and I will never buy a Jones ppv event again. I always argued with my friends that liked Jones about him being fake. I think between his comments about being a “company man” and never letting the UFC down and then causing them to cancel an event for the 1st time in 11 years and his comments about them sponsoring him because the know that they don’t have to worry about me doing anything like getting a DWI and then getting a DWI less than 3 months later proves my point. He is a fake a$$ punk b*tch.

  • collideoverme

    As champion, jones has a responsibility to fight whomever they put across from him. Happens all of the time with People getting hurt and someone steps up. Regardless of the high risk/low reward for jones, he should have manned up. But no. He crawled into the lap of his coach and hid. Chael was at the hospital with his girlfriend who’s father had just had a stroke and without calling his coaches or anything, he said yes. Now who’s the real man here. Jones is talented, but he’s nothing more than a bitch.

  • collideoverme

    The big deal is Jones backed out. Just as it was Sonnen’s job to step up, it was also Jones’ job to fight who got put across from him. Jones pussed out. Simple as that. Machida was on a flight and unavailable. How many times do fighters change weight classes and get title shots? Regardless of who was put across from Jones, he should have fought.

  • rsnowbass

    As a former big fan of Bones Jones, he’s a 12 year old girl, and Greg Jackson is not only a “sport killer” but his so called “game plans” ruin the excitment of fights.

    Now…that being said. I support Chael in stepping up the way he did.

    But in no way does Chael deserve a title shot.

  • rsnowbass

    Also, Dana shouldn’t have created such a ****** card that one fighter getting injured with no replacement would cancel a entire PPV event. He and the UFC are as much to blame as Jones bitching out.

  • rsnowbass

    Also, Dana shouldn’t have created such a horrible card that one fighter getting injured with no replacement would cancel a entire PPV event. He and the UFC are as much to blame as Jones bitching out.

  • muleyaddict

    Go to to sign a petition for Jon Jones to lose his Nike Sponsorship for refusing to fight Chael Sonnen and cancelling UFC 151.

  • I think Dana White realized that the UFC151 wasn’t being atractive, i mean nobody would bet Henderson to win that fight, perhaps Dana White called Dan Henderson telling him, you know what you’d bether say you are injured ’cause I want to cancel this card i’m not selling enough ppvs and tickets nobody want to see how jones defeat you jejeje 😛

    • tomkevill

      can you actually believe that? lol some of the out there shit on these comments is hilarious. jj knew what would happen and chose to screw over his employer, the fighters and the fans. he just beat how many former world champs? and cant fight a 185er whose never been champ when hes had a full training camp and the opponent has 8 days notice to fight what alot of idiots are calling the goat. lol is all i can say

  • mike