Chael Sonnen Believes He’ll Fight Jon Jones at UFC 152, Expects Vitor Belfort to Bow Out

August 27, 2012
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Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones UFCUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones turned down a last-minute offer to fight Chael Sonnen, which eventually lead to the collapse of UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson. He is instead rescheduled to headline UFC 152 in Toronto, facing former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort.

Sonnen, however, isn’t buying. He believes that Belfort’s history indicates that the Brazilian will eventually drop out of the fight and he, the American Gangsta, will be asked once again to step in and save the day.

“I’ve got an agreement to fight a gentleman named Forrest Griffin on Dec. 29, but I don’t know,” Sonnen said Monday on ESPN Radio in Los Angeles. “Jon Jones has a date on Sept. 22 and right now he’s fighting Vitor Belfort. Vitor never shows up, Vitor has pulled out of way more fights than he has ever shown up for, so if I had to guess, you’ll be seeing me fight Jon Jones on Sept. 22.”

Belfort has had to withdraw from several bouts throughout his career due to injury, the most recent being a planned rematch with Wanderlei Silva at UFC 147 after the two served a stint as coaches on the first Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. Belfort pulled out of that bout, citing a broken hand.

If Belfort can’t make it to fight time, Sonnen says he’s ready to go, just like he was when asked to save the day for UFC 151. He wasn’t, however, as hypercritical of Jones as he was immediately following the UFC 151 cancellation.

“I hear what their side said and it was just mindboggling for me because it has never happened. He was within his rights to do it. Let’s not forget Jones had an agreement and he was ready to honor his side of the agreement, but the agreement changed. The new deal he was presented with he didn’t agree to,” recounted Sonnen.

“That was still a surprise though. That’s just simply never happened, especially when you’re the champion. This whole short notice routine, that doesn’t apply to a guy that is coming off a 10-week training camp. The short notice routine is for the guy that was sitting at home or had no idea there was a fight coming up.

“It didn’t make sense. Nothing added up that he pulled out. I don’t know. He doesn’t need to be scared of anybody.”

If you think that means Sonnen is mellowing over time, think again. He still had a few pointed words for the champ if he does get the call to fight him in Toronto.

“If I was to tell Jon Jones something, I would tell him I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. Good news Jon, the first punch that I throw at you might not land. The bad news is there are going to be five more coming right after it.”

Stay tuned to for more UFC 151 cancellation fallout as the situation develops.

  • dathump

    I think Sonnen is scared to fight Griffin again, knowing Forest has been lackluster as of late and if Forest submits him again his UFC career is over.

    • MaritalArtist

      Yeah, because Jones will be that much easier!

      • dathump

        not saying Jones will be easier, but his career will recover from a loss to Jones easier then to Griffin, How bad would it be to lose to a guy Dana said should just retire.

  • gnodeb

    Sonnen should fight for the title as soon as he wins 4 in a row and two of them are finishes in first 2 rounds and 2 are against ex champs.
    That is how real fighter is hyping his title shot, not with talk about Halloween candies.

    • johnnylopes

      funny you say that…. Jon Jones never fought 2 ex champs to get a shot… he didnt even fight 1 ex champ…. He also didnt win 4 ina row… and let me add he never beat a top 5 fighter to get a shot, he finished a Brandon Vera who you can consider a top 10 at that time but not top 5, he got his shot by beatin a rookie Ryan Bader (who stil sucks) so get your story staight… CHael should fight him cause Jones was talkin shit before Hendo got hurt… said he wanted to and got the chance and backed out… JONES IS A PUSSY

      • johnnylopes

        and btw… Shogun fought Jon Jones on “short notice” for the title and Jons wont do it for CHael? pusssy…. Bisbing for Chael on 8 days notice, Learn your UFC history before you talk….. Its this simple… Jones talked shit to Chael had a chance to fight him and turned it down, on sum pussy shit

        • youdosuck

          So talking s$#t gets you a title shot. Really!!!! This is becoming WWE if you go that route and btw shogun had over a month to prepare for jones. Learn your history first.

        • rsnowbass

          Jones got the title shot because he was finishing fights…and making it look easy. I don’t support Jones, especially after this clusterfunk, but to sit back behind the comfort of your keyboard, and call someone a PUSSY is quite COWARDLY.

        • rsnowbass

          Jones got the title shot because he was finishing fights…and making it look easy. I don’t support Jones, especially after this clusterfunk, but to sit back behind the comfort of your keyboard, and call someone a P**** is quite COWARDLY.

        • dathump

          learn yours too, Jones fought Rua on 6 weeks notice, Jones turned down the fight with Sonnen with 9 days notice, but offered to fight him at 152, 3 weeks notice. If Sonnen was so worthy, the UFC wouldn’t have went looking for another opponent. Hey all the power to Sonnen for stepping up and his willingness, but the irony is, the same reason he will get a title shot, is the same reason he will never win a title, no self control.

          • johnnylopes

            never said Chael deserved it… jus correctin the idiot in the beginning… i know my history i said Shogun took the fight in short notice… never said 8 days moron… everything i said was still true correcting the hypacrit uptop, and thats cool that Jones finishs fight but i was talkin about before his title shot and what he did to earn it so mind your buisness

        • rsnowbass

          Obviously I’m responding to a teenager…No worries, keep posting.

          • macgrubber

            shutup old man

        • jamin

          All you chat is pure fiction, Shogun did not take a fight in 3 days, he had 5 weeks, that’s a big difference, and Jones took Shogun on short notice too you jack donkey, don’t you remember when he was offered it right after the Bader fight because Shogun’s original opponent dropped out? get your facts straight you couch rat.

      • gnodeb

        You can call Jonas names all day long. But Sonnen has 0-1 record in UFC LHW division. A single submission loss to Renato Sobral. After that he drop to MW…

        I never said JJ didn’t get an early title shot. But at least he had 6-1 record in UFC LHW division with two TKOs and two SUBs. He got title shot after he stopped Ryan Bader who at that time had perfect record 12-0 with 5-0 in UFC LHW division. He was ranked and he had wins against ranked people (like Antônio Rogério Nogueira).

        You can not compare these two.

      • BizzleZX10R

        Dude he’s been unbeaten and ran thru 7 people (INCLUDING HAMILL) to earn the shot. Was the first person to beat/submit/finish Bader and to my knowledge i believe Bader was a Top 5 LHW..

  • bajafox

    Griffin looked like he was fighting in slow motion that last night, if Sonnen can deal with the Spiders speed, he should have no issue with Slow Moe Griffin

    • gnodeb

      Can Sonnen deal with Spider speed? Tapping in first fight and quitting in second doesn’t look like dealing to me. I think Silva can deal with Sonnen laying.

      • bajafox

        Apparently you are the only one on this site that didn’t watch those fights

  • isaiasnavarro

    OMFG ! How many times do we have to hear that he Doesnt deserve a title shot? Yes we all know he Doesnt but dam give the man some credit ! Hes willing to step up and challenge himself ,if anything we all know thats a big challenge for jbj ! Everyone praises jbj like hes unbeatable then let the fight happen ! I think theres alot of ppl worried about jbj losing his streak, there will be a time when hes gonna lose regardless ! so cut the shit about he Doesnt deserve it ! I dont see any other lhw willing to step up other than Vitor! So come on sonnen haters cut the crap already ….

  • BlackDog2009

    agree, jones a big pussy and his defenders seem worried that sonnen will beat him, despite claiming it will never happen. there was a time when fighters challenged the champ, seems like very few men like that exist today, except for sonnen and nick diaz

  • OMG are you serious! Who cares if Sonnen gets a title shot by talking shit. The guy is a world class fighter. And by fighter I mean a guy who is willing to step up anytime and take a fight against whoever. He’s begging to fight and promoting himself in good business fashion. If his trash talk presentation works then he’s done a good job as a business man and stepped up as a fighter. I’m pretty sure he’s not afraid of Griffin or anyone. He’s as game as they come. If you wanted a promotion at your job wouldn’t you go above and beyond to get it. You guys complain about guys who don’t fight the style you want or has a certain game plan and when a guy does beg to fight you complain. Get the hell out of here.

  • spidersilva

    Jones didnt win 5 in a row??? His only loss ever was his destruction of hamill…bullshit illegal elbow ruling. Hamill was done before he even dropped the first elbow. SO if u wanna pass off that fight as a loss ill pass off ur opinion as wrong.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    Sonnen will get finished! So great, throw em in there we all like finishes right Diaz nutties?

  • obuchons

    Even if Vitor does get hurt which does happen a bit! If I am Jones I still don’t take the fight with Sonnen! Make him earn his shot by ACTUALLY fighting for a title shot and not just handing it to him because he asks! If I call Jones a bitch do I get a title shot?

    • If he doesn’t take the fight and Belfort can’t fight. He will be the first champion ever to get cut. Dana is the real deal, he is not going to let Jone run the show.

      • obuchons

        Real deal or not! Dana is NOT cutting Jon Jones! He didn’t cut Overeem for using roids so I doubt he would cut Jones for making a point!

        • macgrubber

          But overeem is half man half god. Jones is just an alcoholic.

        • billsboss

          Overreem never tested positive for roids of any kind. He had one test come back with elevated testosterone levels. He has since and before never tested positive for anything.

      • MaritalArtist

        Can’t help but agree. He already took a mulligan this year.

    • stak

      So Sonnen has to earn his title shot but you’re cool with Vitor being given a title shot without earning it?

      • youdosuck

        Vitor has won 2 in a row and 7 of last 8. Chael is 5 and 3. You take a pick who of the two deserve it. I don’t like either of them but Vitor is a better choice.

        • obuchons

          Sonnen should be 1 win 3 losses in his last 4! Lucky for him the judges forgot how to score during the Bisping fight!

  • pooby

    It is truly incredible just how fast Sonnen’s mouth can change things in the UFC. Just a couple weeks ago it was announced he would move to LHW.

    Now, all of a sudden, Jones is “ducking” Sonnen.


    • dathump

      and just a couple weeks before that Sonnen said he would retire if Silve beat him, wonder what happened to that promise?

      • stak

        that stipulation was pulled long before the fight was even signed. try to stay up on things.

        • dathump

          my bad, can’t keep track of all the garbage coming out of Sonnen’s mouth.

          on another note Sonnen should be carefull about hyping him fighting Jones in Toronto. He can’t go, he’s on probation still. Wouldn’t he look like an idiot accepting a fight and not being allowed to leave the States. Ignorant prick likely doesn’t know Toronto is in another country.

  • Triggerman99

    So what if Jones wins his fight and Sonnen beats Forrest? Is Sonnen going to get a title shot?
    That would be ridiculous. I hope Dana doesn’t forget that Sonnen was only going to be a replacement challenger. Sonnen likely helped his company stock greatly by agreeing to step in (and rightfully so), but once all this craziness is over with, Sonnen’s rightful place is back in line with everybody else.
    If he were to get the next crack at Jones, it would be the most literal case of a fighter talking his way into a title shot ever.

    • obuchons

      Lucky for these guys that is all you have to do now! You talk some smack and then get a title shot! I agree he helps his stock by offering to take these fights on short notice.But beat 2 or 3 LHWs then run your mouth about your title shot!

  • Jmoney

    No one really gives a rats a$$ who is most deserving of a title shot. What LHW fight will make the most money right now? Put urself in DW’s shoes… Jones vs Sonnen will net the UFC the most money… It’s just a fact.. Get over it!

    • obuchons

      Fight fans care about guys deserving title shots! And if Dana has lost sight of that he should explore a different business venture!I get you have to make money but lets not turn MMA into the WWE or even worse boxing!

      • Triggerman99

        100% agree!
        As a fan, I want to see the most deserving fighter fight the champ.
        I love to hear “fans” of MMA say that it doesn’t matter who is the most deserving.
        Calling yourself a fan when you have that mindset is a complete contradiction. That’s the mentality of a WWE fan or reality TV fan.

        • macgrubber

          ur an idiot. Im a fan of mma because i like to see fights. I dont care who fights who or if their even are champs i just want to see fights.

          • Triggerman99

            You don’t care who fights who? So anybody vs anybody regardless of skillset?

            Yeah, and I’m the idiot….

  • samflchr

    Jon jones fans are pricks just like he is they have to tell everybody how great he is who cares how many fights he won if he’s a true fighter he’ll step up and grow a sack and pull that nike check out of his a## and do his JOB 🙂

    • rsnowbass

      Learn how to write…none of us get your point.

      • TKD

        Don’t waste your time, rsnowbass. For a while now I’ve been begging this idiot to throw a comma or period ANYWHERE in his posts, but he refuses. Thankfully, stupidity isn’t contagious!

  • voltaire

    Are the writers of MMA sites retarded? Can they not tell when they are being trolled? Sonnen’s schtick is about as entertaining as a hemorrhoid. I am so sick of this dude in the news. Report on him when he does something significant in MMA, like getting tko’d or submitted. Until then enough already.

    • Triggerman99

      Yeah I gotta agree with that.
      If I wasn’t already pissed enough that Jones didn’t take the fight, I am now because Jones has given Sonnen enough ammunition to continually run his mouth for the foreseeable future.
      Thanks Jon! I appreciate it!!

      • dathump

        Yea, Sonnen is the Paris Hilton of mma,
        Has done nothing of any significance but somehow manages to be in the news every day. Actually I seen he made the jump to TMZ sandwiched between an artical about Snooki and another about Lohan. I hope Dana soon realizes this clown is screwing up all the work they have done to turn MMA into a ligitimate sport.

  • jpgagne

    Just a thought: Sonnen had nothing to loose “stepping in” to fight Jon Jones. Guys like Machida, Gustafson, …they are already on top of the LHW ladder. Why wasting a chance to fight one of the best fighter in the UFC unprepared, when you know that you will get a shot very soon, maybe after just another fight? Sonnen was to face Forrest Griffin… so getting destroyed by JBJ does not make him restart his quest to the champion… he already is at the end of the line.

    • Ememay

      Because Sonnen believed he will win. Jones has shown he doesn’t feel the same about himself. He’s gotta watch hours of tape and listen to Greg Jackson’s game plan.

  • mma fanatic1982

    im cool with fighters that deserve a shot getting it, but they not giving fighters that earn them shots nomore. so if im going to watch ppl i dont think earned a shot, id rather it be someone who can make it entertaining and is a man. my opinion is gust or glover shouldve got the nxt shot! vitor cmon mw whos hasnt beaten in legit lwh in a really really longtime, machida just fought him ( i like machida and think it will be close) but he doesnt deserve the nxt shot. glover n gust r the up in comers who havent been beat by jbj yet so pick one, prev glover! weidman deserves his shot, there is nobody left silva hasnt beaten, and he just destroued the guy everybody thought was the. num 1 contender. if u beat the champ they call u the new champ, if u beat the num 1 contender guess what u should be, NUM 1 CONTENDER. jbj didnt fight any top fighters to get his shot, lol silva def didnt, he only fought 1 against leban sooo. ppl need to quit saying some ppl dont earn they shot. weidman is a contender but so was silva n jones at once before. mu thoughts, winner of pettis vs cerrone gets the nxt shot, wedman gets his shot, glov if he beats rampage should get his, rua ducked glover so who cares about rua, hw looking a lil thin on a clear one, but if i had to choose, i want to see werdum. just my thoughts for fun lol. only reason i say jbj is a wuss is cuz he talked trash but wouldnt back it up. he shouldve just said u not worth my time and ignored it, but when u tell someone to not be a coward and come to your face then u need to be prepared they might actually do it lol. jbj is not scared of a fight cause pain or getting hit, but he and def silva r afraid of LOSING. that would ruin everything they worked so hard for. silva though is the real one mostly scared, he clearly ducking weidman. but god bless have fun .

    • macgrubber

      blah blah blah post is to long to read.

  • TKD

    Honestly…Who cares at this point? Jones made himself look foolish by not taking the fight with Chael. Not a huge Jones fan, but not a Sonnen fan at all. He has, ONCE AGAIN, talked himself into a title fight. Dana is a joke, and should never make this fight happen (for many reasons). But we know that money talks, so ecpect to see Jones vs. Sonnen very soon!

    Let’s demand this fight be next so we can see Jones mop the floor with Sonnen, and then Chael can finally retire.

    • gnodeb

      Jones just exposed MMA community. UFC is basicly an WWE organisation and MMA “fans” like circus and cheep stand up comedy.
      JJ was a fool to think this is a serious competition…

  • juninhoqq

    Sonnen got serious mental problems, man.

  • diazfan209

    if Vitor steps down or gets hurt and there’s no other fighter willing to step up, then it makes sense to give Sonnen the fight

    it would have made much more sense to scrap the Jones bout all-together and give the no.1 contender the next fight with both fighters getting a full camp, but that doesn’t make any business sense considering Jon Jones draws very high numbers so at this point it’s all about the draw

  • I dunno who put it up the top…but I think there is something to Sonnen not wanting to fight Griffen again(or anyone with a strong BJJ game, look at all his losses but 2 of the 12 in his career, all by submission)

    Sonnen is 2-2 in his last 4 fights…I think him running his mouth and keeping eyes on him is going to save his butt. If he takes another bad loss…He’s going to have to challenge JBJ & JDS to a handicap tag match to save his butt.

  • Sonnen could be right about Belfort. I don’t think Belfort is a coward or a fighter that fakes injuries but he could get injured. And if Sonnen is ready when that happens, he could easily step in for Belfort. Stranger things have happened and this year, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

  • mike

    WHAT A LOSER!!!!!